Hunger in the Darkness - Expedition to the Mines of Zolurket (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

A desperate attempt to reclaim the ancestral Dwarvish mine of Tar-Urkatha from the darkness that has engulfed it....

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Mr Lowfield - got it, sounds good and nothing more required at this stage.

DM Voice of the Voiceless:

After checking through the traits, I decided upon Courageous, gives the same mechanical effect as Jaded, but would reflect that Rana's time among the clan was more of a formative experience than one which she ever felt she had cause to fear. They made her who she is, and she feels bound to their culture and their code of duty.

I will be fleshing out the history/character and have another bit up this evening. This is my time with my husband after he gets home from work and I don't prefer to build characters while we're talking.

Hu5tru - no problems. You've time to tinker with your characters for a while yet :)

I'm tempted into using godling material, but may not use it.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless:

Races I am considering(Alphabetical list):
Drow (Reg and Is noble open? (not likely, but checking))
Dhampir (I'll use some 3pp racial alternates)
Tiefling (Looking at racial varients from COT and 3pp)

If you dislike any of the above, tell me and I'll remove it from the randomization process I use.

I'd like to try and change up a druid I already have to be appropriate for this campaign... this druid was made with access to 3.5e rules, and some stuff was updated to fit Pathfinder rules. The Druid is a female Human druid, focused on Wild Shape, buffing, mauling face in melee, and a high quality animal companion who also focuses on mauling face in melee. The character has a dinosaur theme. Would that fit for this campaign?

Greetings VoV. Here is a submission for you.

Morkeleb, hoping to earn the "the Mighty" moniker but not presumptuous enough to give it to himself yet!

Human Wizard (Evoker)


Str - 8
Int - 19
Wis - 12
Dex - 14
Con - 12
Cha - 10

Human Evoker
Opposed schools: Enchantment, Illusion

Scribe Scroll (wiz)
Eschew Materials (lvl 1)
Spell Focus: Evocation (human)
Lvl 3 feat: TBD (possibly Greater Spell Focus or Spell Penetration)


Class Specials
Bonded Object (staff)
Intense Spells (1/2 lvl as bonus to damage on evocation spells)
Force Missile: force effect, medium range, 1d4+1 7/day

Focus on knowledge skills.


My "backstory?" I am a wizard, that is all the backstory you need. The rest are inconsequential details.

Morkeleb isn't this man's given name; he chose it years ago upon choosing the raw power of evocation as his specialty. From that moment to this, 4 years hence, he has eschewed and all but forgotten his previous life; if pressed, he'll insist he's an orphan. He is not concerned with the trivial emotional ties that hold most mortals bound to mediocrity and petty squabbling. He is interested in the pursuit of pure arcane power, understanding and enlightenment--enlightenment through magic.

He is certainly not evil. He holds no desire to actively destroy the living or the goodly. Nor is he good; he desires no grand campaign of destroying evil. Nonetheless, his motivation is pure: it is power. He understands that good and evil exist, and are in epic and eternal conflict, but this conflict concerns him not a whit. He will not go out of his way to seek evil means to further his Cause, nor will he spurn them out of hand if there is no clear alternative. He holds no interest in "typical mortal morality."Perfection of the Self through the use of magic, and adding to the body of arcane knowledge: these are his goals, his morality. These are his reasons for wishing to delve the depths of Zolurket. He's fully aware that there will be crusaders aplenty, those who wish to eradicate the evil that has inundated the depths of that place. He is completely ready to join them, to cooperate with them, in order to get the knowledge and power he craves.

DMVoV: Since Morkeleb has purposefully forgotten his "roots" I don't have any desire to know about them either (including his given name!). :-) I'm perfectly willing to fill in those details if you want, or let you do it for future hooks--or leave them blank. As far as a specific organization, I envision something similar to the Osirion faction in Pathfinder Society play--again, details can be worked out later, at your descretion.

NOTE: I have sufficient time and opportunity to check the boards frequently during the week, less so during the weekends. One thing, though, if you do use battlemats (I noticed in other games you don't), I cannot view those from work and would need them emailed to me. If you don't use em . . . cool, that doesnt' affect my submission any!

DM Voice:
Thanks for noticing what the sing rank was for. I too hope Alk lives to craft mighty weapons.
“The Summer Axe of Kotzranj Yar.” “To the Front, to the Front!” and “The Grave Dance.” All seem appropriate songs for the expedition, but initially I think Alk will sing The Summer Axe. It sounds upbeat and crusading, just the song for a young dwarf. Will you be implementing the resources from Faction Guide? You mentioned making up my own song, any suggestions/useful resources to consider? Anything else you would like me expand on/clarify


DM, any background changes you desire would be no problem for me. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me. Thanks for considering the character.

May I present Frakdar Stonefist - Tirion' submission.

DM-Voice of the Voiceless:

Frakdar Stonefist - LN Dwarven Monk-3

What: Global group - The Return -- loosely affiliated group of exiled dwarves who previously lived in Zolurket (or Tar-Urkatha as they continue to think of it.) Frakdar is affiliated with the part of The Return called the Fire Hammers which are the ancestors of the dwarves who emigrated to the southern mountains of Osirian. Other parts of the exiled dwarves are in the Five Kings Mountains, The Shattered Range, and other dwarven lands.

Where: The Fire Hammers are from southern Osirian. The other chapters, if you will, are spread throughout the Inner Sea lands. These separate groups convene every ten years to maintain the close bonds connecting them to Tar-Urkatha and to maintain the hope of someday retaking the dwarven city.

Who: Frakdar's contact with this group is through his grandfather, Ranfkan, who is an elder member of The Return. In addition, fifteen years ago, Frakdar met an ancient dwarf at one of the decennial meetings of the Return who Frakdar believes to be the dwarf sponsoring this expedition. At that meeting, Frakdar vowed to assist the old dwarf should he ever assemble and expedition to return to Tar-Urkatha.

Why: This is the dwarves home. Any dwarf tracing his or her ancestry back to Tar-Urkatha desires to retake their ancestral home. Furthermore, it is an embarrassment to admit that your forefathers lost their home. Retaking the mines is the goal of all descendants of the Tar-Urkatha emigrants, and the sole purpose for The Return and the Fire Hammers.

This character has all information in his character sheet except for equipment.

Please allow me to submit Tagal Morith, halfling sorcerer. I think I have everything you asked for, but please ask if there's anything you'd like me to expand on at further length.

Tagal Morith
CG male halfling Sorcerer 3 (Shaitan bloodline)
Str 11, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 19
Traits: Mathematical Prodigy, Freedom Fighter
Feats: Elemental Focus (acid), Greater Elemental Focus (acid)
Skills: Appraise, Craft (stone masonry), Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (engineering)

Though Tagal was never a slave himself, as a native to Katapesh he's seen first hand how his race labors in the service of the tall people. Some masters are petty and cruel, others are generous and benevolent, but all of them are masters and the halflings only servants. Freedom is a luxury for only the cleverest and most powerful halflings. In this Tagal was born blessed for the Morith family has both traits in abundance. Two centuries ago their progenitor did a great service for a noble Shaitan, who as thanks swore that her children and her children's children would share the power of stone.

In Tagal's case this manifests as a logical mind that delights in the construction of physical things and intuitively shapes the magical energies of the earth to his desires. With his personal fortune rarely in doubt he's been free to turn his attention to the plight of others. And the state of his people nags like a poorly built wall made of cheap stone and badly laid foundations. The flaws in society are everywhere and it feels like a catastrophic collapse is inevitable. His only choice, obviously, is to fix things. After a few false starts on his own, Tagal has fallen in with the Cactus Rose Consortium. At their suggestion he's signed on with the expedition to retake Zolurket.

What: The Cactus Rose Consortium is a spin off of the Bellflower Network. The Bellflowers are the largest halfling organization dedicated to the liberation of halfling slaves and enfranchisement of the halfling people, but their efforts are heavily based in Cheliax. Secrecy limits their organizational oversight to limited geographical areas, so instead of expanding the Bellflower they've begun to seed new organizations elsewhere. The Cactus Rose is one of the first and seeks to curb the abuse of halflings in Katapesh and the surroundings nations though efforts both open and hidden.

Where: The Cactus Rose is centered in Katapesh with some efforts spilling into Qadira and Osirion. Through contacts with the Bellflower they have some connections in the north, but those are kept limited for security reasons.

Who: Tagal's contact goes by Griana, a halfling woman of middle age, though that's likely not her real name. She recruited him after his failed attempt to forward a petition to Katapesh's ruling Pactmasters requesting stricter regulation on the treatment of slaves and indentured servants. So far she's limited his interaction with the larger conspiracy, but he can tell that she stands in the middle ranks. Besides him there are maybe half a dozen others who report to her, and she gets her orders from somewhere higher up.

Why: The Cactus Rose is in need of power bases. Safe havens for escaped slaves to find new homes, way stations when transporting men or materials, fresh opportunities to build economic power in a country that respects money more than anything else. The inner circle believes that Zolurket could be all these things if one of their agents is a member of the group that reclaims and rebuilds it. Tagal has the right combination of skills to survive the reclamation and direct the rebuilding, they hope.

I would like to present Morthos von Janderhoff, a NG Dwarven Barbarian(Armored Hulk) 3, for consideration.

Morthos is a Dwarf's Dwarf, dressing in a well-crafted suit of Dwarven stoneplate when he expects trouble, with a large axe strapped across his back, which although clearly of great antiquity, is obviously well cared for, with a wickedly sharp edge. He also possesses a long, bushy brown beard, which he usually weaves into a series of plaits, separated by iron beard-rings emblazoned with glowing Dwarven runes (Arcane Marks). Although he has a fiery temper, and a boisterous laugh, Morthos typically forms fast friendships, and greets foes and betrayals alike with swift destruction.

Morthos comes from a long line of stalwart platinum miners, who made a comfortable life in the mines of Zolurket. However, in the time when his father was but a stripling, the family was forced to flee after a nameless evil came to their Halls. Upon leaving their ancestral home, the clan fragmented; some sought refuge in one or more of the Dwarven Skycities; others took-up a more nomadic lifestyle, continually working the caravan trails as itinerant metallurgical experts. Morthos grandparents' families, however, were amongst those who settled in Katapesh, adopting a more sedentary existence as smelters, smiths, and jewelers.

As a young Dwarf, Morthos was told tales of the wonders of his families ancestral home, but on the topic of what drove them forth, his parents were strangely tight-lipped. They preferred to not dwell on certain aspects of the past, cherishing what they had.

Although he tried, Morthos discovered that he had no aptitude for his parents crafts, and so he instead decided to focus on learning what he could of his antecedents, and somehow, reclaiming his heritage. To that end, when he came of age, he signed-on as a caravan guard and some-time bounty hunter, both tasks that gave him an excuse to explore the hinterland of Katapesh...

What: The Children of Tar-Urkatha.
The Children are the descendants of those who fled Tar-Urkatha before it became Zolurket, but nonetheless refused to abandon their ancestral home entirely. They seek to cleanse the mines of the evil which now inhabits it, and to re-establish the Dwarven colony as a viable concern.

The Children are a fairly loosely-organised group, spread haphazardly over much of the Inner Sea, although the greatest density of their supporters/members are in and around Katapesh, where a semi-informal Council formulates policy, and attempts to organise expeditions.

Morthos' mentor within the organisation is his uncle, Tarnek von Janderhoff, a minor Council-member. A weaponsmith by trade, he does his best to outfit any expeditions that seek to explore the ruins of Tar-Urkatha.

The Children want to make the Mines safe for habitation again. In order to do so, they need to: Establish a reliable system of travel and supply, to allow expeditionary forces to insert into the city with relative ease; clear the undead from the halls; and either destroy or wall-away the mineral which caused the problem in the first place.

Once this is done, they want to rebuild, allowing all of the dispossessed to return 'home', and to re-open the mines...

Initiative: +3 [+1 Dex, +2 Trait]
Senses: 60' Darkvision, Perception +8
Speed: 20 ft (25 ft in Armor)

AC: 20 (10 + 9 (Stone Plate) + 1 Dex)
Touch: 11 (10 + 1 Dex)
Flat-footed: 19 (10 + 9 (Stone Plate))

+1 bonus to AC against charge attacks.
While wearing heavy armor, +1 bonus to AC that applies only on critical hit confirmation rolls.

Hit Points: 35/35

Fort: +6 Ref: +2 Will: +3

Base Atk: +3; CMB: +6; CMD: 17

MW Cold Iron Greataxe (Power Attack, Furious Focus): +7 to Hit; Dmg 1d12+8; crit 20/x3; Type S

MW Alchemical Silver Lucerne Hammer (Power Attack, Furious Focus): +7 to Hit; Dmg 1d12+8; crit 20/x2; Type P/B; Brace, Reach

+1 bonus on attack and damage rolls against charging creatures.

Sling: +4 to Hit; Dmg 1d4+3; crit 20/x2; range 50 ft; Type B

Skill Points per level: 4 (Class) + 0 (Intelligence)
Acrobatics +2 (+1 Dexterity + 3 ranks + 3 class skill - 5 ACP)
Appraise +0
Bluff -2
Climb +4 (+3 Strength + 3 ranks + 3 class skill - 5 ACP)
Diplomacy -2
Disguise -2
Escape Artist -4 (+1 Dexterity - 5 ACP)
Heal +2
Intimidate -2
Perception +8 (+2 Wisdom + 3 ranks + 3 class skill)
Ride -4 (+1 Dexterity - 5 ACP)
Sense Motive -2
Stealth -4 (+1 Dexterity - 5 ACP)
Survival +8 (+2 Wisdom + 3 ranks + 3 class skill)
Swim -2 (+3 Strength - 5 ACP)

1st: Power Attack
3rd: Furious Focus

Source Pathfinder RPG Character Traits 4
You were bullied often as a child, but never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus to Initiative checks.

Child of Zolurket (Dwarf)
Source Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 7
You come from a family whose ancestors worked in the platinum mines near Tar Urkatka, now known as Zolurket. Your parents never explained why they’ve never returned to Zolurket, but they did make sure that you knew your way around a fight against undead foes.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to weapon damage against undead.

Racial Abilities:
Slow and Steady:
Dwarves have a base speed of 20 feet, but their speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance.
Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet. See Vision and Light.
Defensive Training:
Dwarves get a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.
Dwarves keep extensive records about their history and the world around them. Dwarves with this racial trait receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) skill checks that pertain to dwarves or their enemies. They can make such skill checks untrained. This racial trait replaces the greed racial trait.
Dwarves receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the orc and goblinoid subtypes due to special training against these hated foes.
Dwarves receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
Dwarves receive a +4 racial bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.
Dwarves receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks to potentially notice unusual stonework, such as traps and hidden doors located in stone walls or floors. They receive a check to notice such features whenever they pass within 10 feet of them, whether or not they are actively looking.
Weapon Familiarity:
Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word 'dwarven' in its name as a martial weapon.

Favored Class Alternative: Add 1 to the dwarf’s total number of rage rounds per day (+3 total).

Class Features:
Indomitable Stance (Ex):
An armored hulk gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to CMD for overrun combat maneuvers, and on Reflex saves against trample attacks. She also gains a +1 bonus to her AC against charge attacks and on attack and damage rolls against charging creatures.

This ability replaces fast movement.

Rage (Ex):
A barbarian can call upon inner reserves of strength and ferocity, granting her additional combat prowess. Starting at 1st level, a barbarian can rage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, she can rage for 2 additional rounds. Temporary increases to Constitution, such as those gained from rage and spells like bear's endurance, do not increase the total number of rounds that a barbarian can rage per day. A barbarian can enter rage as a free action. The total number of rounds of rage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours do not need to be consecutive (14/day, including FC bonus).

While in rage, a barbarian gains a +4 morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on Will saves. In addition, she takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class. The increase to Constitution grants the barbarian 2 hit points per Hit Dice, but these disappear when the rage ends and are not lost first like temporary hit points. While in rage, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.

A barbarian can end her rage as a free action and is fatigued after rage for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the rage. A barbarian cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat. If a barbarian falls unconscious, her rage immediately ends, placing her in peril of death.

Armored Swiftness (Ex):
At 2nd level, an armored hulk moves faster in medium and heavy armor. When wearing medium or heavy armor, an armored hulk can move 5 feet faster than normal, to a maximum of her speed.

This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Resilience of Steel (Ex):
At 3rd level, an armored hulk is able to use her armor to help avoid deadly hits. While wearing heavy armor, she gains a +1 bonus to AC that applies only on critical hit confirmation rolls. This bonus increases by +1 every 3 levels beyond 3rd (maximum +6 at 18th level).

This ability replaces trap sense.

Rage Powers:
Guarded Life (Ex):
Benefit: While raging, if the barbarian is reduced below 0 hit points, 1 hit point of lethal damage per barbarian level is converted to nonlethal damage. If the barbarian is at negative hit points due to lethal damage, she immediately stabilizes.


Explorer's Outfit
MW Stoneplate (1,950gp)
MW Cold Iron Greatsword (400gp)
MW Alchemical Silver Lucerne Hammer (495gp)
Silver Holy Symbol (25gp)
Sling (-)

Waterskin (1gp)

MW Backpack (50gp)
Bedroll (0.1gp)
Crowbar (2gp)
Grappling Hook (1gp)
100' Silk Rope (20gp)
Hammer (0.5gp)
Piton [x10] (1gp)
10' Pole (0.05gp)

Belt Pouch (1gp)
Whetstone (0.02gp)
Chalk [x3] (0.03gp)
Iron Vial [x3] (0.3gp)
Flint and Steel (1gp)
Small Steel Mirror (10gp)

Coin = 42gp, 0sp, 0cp

Rana History:

Evidence recalled from the scene of the raid suggests that Rana's people were traveling merchants. There was an excess of the remains of luxury items scattered about the area, spices and silks that lost their value when they were ground into bloody mud. Yangrit recalls with some fondness how Rana's cries were what alerted them to the scene, but Hrask and the others on the journey tell it differently. It was the stench that drew their ranger from his scouting, and her spells which allowed her to determine that a single lifeform amid the carnage yet lived. The ranger, Dolgrin recalls with some fondness, at least when in his cups that Rana was an agreeable enough babe, quiet even when not upon Yangrit's teet, allowing the troupe to navigate through gnoll infested lands with very little trouble.

Dolgrin, who was scarcely the youngest of the clan's rangers was among Rana's harshest critics when she was growing. He saw that Yangrit's care for her, so like a mother, was stifling not only her and Hrask's marriage, but Rana's progress. Without employment, Rana would never progress. A human child, she had none of the advantages of her "contemporaries," specifically darkvision. In physical contests, however, Rana appeared to excel, and her talent with a bow was also noted. Dolgrin asked and received permission to take Rana ranging, to develop her talents.

Dolgrin was by no means a kind instructor, in fact, he pushed her much harder than his dwarven charges so as not to seem to favor her unduly. There were weeks that Rana could have sworn the man desired to drive her to her death. Her competition took every chance to beat upon her, as well. Rana's body and her mind changed as she responded to the challenges, meeting them, and exceeding expectations.

On what was determined to be Rana's name day, she was brought before the council. With Dolgrin's unbiased recommendation, it was determined that she, an outsider, should be formally inducted into the clan, and was informed of its history. Their ancestors were among the survivors of the mines at Zolurket, and had lost the battle against the undead there and were forced to flee. Since, it had been considered a point of honor and duty to return and reclaim their home.

Busy morning for me - but individual responses to come.

Updated App List Thus Far (Apologies if anything is mis-represented):
Balodek - Dwarf Magus (Bladebound) - Ninth Battalion / Blackblade Influence
Hu5tru - Human Ranger - Adopted by Zolurket Descendants
ewpierce - Dwarf Cleric - Church of Desna / Vision Quest
scranford - ?Cleric / Inquisitor
Ghastlee - ?Necromancer
Joy - Half-Elf Paladin - Voices of the Spire
Ernst "Love" Lowfield - Dwarf Rogue (Trapsmith) - Pathfinder Society
David James Olsen - Human Paladin (Undead Scourge / Warrior of the Holy Light) - Church of Sarenrae
Salla Q'urtali - Human Fighter - Seven Swords (Mercenaries)
Frakdar Stonefist - Dwarf Monk - Zolurket Descendant
Alk Loskgun - Dwarf Cleric (going Mystic Theurge) - Ninth Battalion
Dolgrym Sharpaxe - Dwarf Transmuter - Highhelm Council
Azure_Zero - ?
Gavinfoxx - ?Druid
Morkeleb the Mighty - Human Evoker - ?
Groth - Halfling Sorcerer - Cactus Rose (Bellflower Network)
Morthos von Janderhoff - Dwarf Barbarian (Armored Hulk) - Zolurket Descendant

Just for clarity, I've lumped those that have a backstory of being the descendant of Zolurket refugees as 'Zolurket Descendants'. This is just for my reference and ease of summary.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hope I've enough time to put in a character. Placing for expressing interest. Concept coming soon.

randall793 - please do, recruitment is still open and will be for at least a couple of days yet.

Put forward the character that you would like to play in line with the guidelines that I placed in my first post.

If you think that the concept you want to play is in line with the original campaign post, then go for it.

Crunch is fine. Can you give me some details on the society the character is involved with, or are you suggesting he's acting solely on his own?

Don't need anything more right now. If you're selected then we'll work on nitty gritty in the Discussion thread.

Noted and no more details required right now.

Crunch looks fine. Fluff looks fine too. Would likely be a few minor modifications if you're selected, but nothing major.
Do the Fire Hammers use hammers?

Crunch looks fine. I like the motivation as well, nice play on the Bellflower Network. Nothing more needed right now.

Crunch and fluff both look fine, nothing more needed right now.

Noted on the updated background.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **


Generally yes - Frakdar viewes his hands as his hammers, although he could use one as a monk if he took a level as a cleric in a dwarven god who's main weapon was the hammer, and then took Weapon Focus(hammer) and Crusader's Flurry feat - this would require 2 feats that would be relatively useless, but would be pretty cool for role playing.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My submission:

STR 12 DEX 15 CON 12 INT 18 WIS 10 CHA 10

Elf, Wizard 3, Transmuter (Enchancement) vs (Necromancy, Enchantment)
Feats Point-blank shot, Precise Shot
Magical Lineage(Magic Missile), Warrior of Old

Name Daeron Gwadestael

Origin Kyonin, Greengold, member of the Seara-Kaleanae, mercenary organization of mainly elves and to a certain extent half elves. The group headquarters is mainly in the nation of Kyonin. Its basic agenda is to take observations of non-elven civilizations and explore suitability of co-habilitation with non-elves. The group mainly takes a visage of being a mercenary outfit as to facilitate movement far away from the nation and to make the illusion of non-state involvement. Mostly the group consists of arcane able users as they have easy abscess to magical forms of communication and to a lesser extent, rogues and bards.

The character was mainly trained by Tegalad Gwadestael, his great uncle, an elderly elf who introduced Daeron to the group. Currently his great uncle serves as chapter leader for the organization arm responsible for the area Zolurket is located.

The group sees the attempt at reclaiming Zolurket as something for the long-term. It gives the group information on historical dwarven civilization and how do dwarves handle the actions of non-dwarves. Should the reclamation prove successful, then they would have established a good position within as to foster peaceful diplomatic relations with the elven nation. There is also the interesting hidden fun stuff that the group wishes to investigate, from a higher order from Kyonin itself for reasons unknown.

Hailing from Greengold, the character has dealt with non-elves before, mainly humans. But born of fertile parents leave the character in obscurity. But bookish in pursuit of his arcane studies, he lacks the experience on extensive co-habilitation with non-elves which his great-uncle hopes to remedy by sending him on the current mission, which as his parents would theorize be a baptism of fire where the experience gained during the time would out-pace the time spent learning poring over books.

Good natured, so far the character has led a non-violent life although his years spent training in the use of weapons of war is eagerly anticipated to be put to use as well as his utility in use of spells in battle. He hopes to gain fame and power and earn a reputation as a benign hero that would make his elven clan proud.

There are ways and means without burning feats and levels, but that sort of discussion is post selection ;)

Crunch is good enough for now. Fluff looks interesting as well.
Is this Daeron's first assignment out of Kyonin, or has he been in Katapesh before?
Also, how do you see the long play for Daeron? - would he act as an ambassador - or would you potentially see a contingent of elves living in or near Zolurket?

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **


Actually, my initial thought was to have tattoos on his hands. One with Torag's Axe and the other with a flaming hammer. This would probably be an easier way to accomplish this. In reality, as a monk, his hands pretty much are hammers anyway.

Also, I could always take Elemental Fist(fire), but not for several levels. However, a Monk of the Four Winds gains Elemental Fist in place of stunning fist. The only issue is looking WAY into the future, I really am not too keen on any of the aspects except the Kirin and that requires being LG - will have to think about it (dwarf monkey/tiger/owl/carp all seem rather odd). If you are open to a slightly hybrid monk, I could take Elemental Fist now in place of one of my other feats or replace stunning fist with it and then take stunning fist as a bonus feat. - If I had the choice, I would drop Scorpion Style and take Elemental Fist, but that would obviously be up to you since I do not really have the BAB for Elemental Fist yet.

I'm generally pretty free and open when it comes to tinkering with things and applying the rule of cool - but, I'd prefer to do the fine tuning once I've decided on the final group ;)

As I'm completing the prep work on the start of the PbP, I thought it might be useful to introduce you to the dwarf that will be leading this ill-fated expedition back to the Halls of Tar-Urkatha.

Sangvit Stonebrow-slagsun:
The dwarf before you is old. His ruddy face shows deep lines etched into its surface, and his eyes betray a weariness that only centuries of life could generate. He is garbed for battle, burnished chainmail sitting heavy atop his breast and war-pick hanging from a belt-loop – though it is clear that his days of standing fast in a shield-wall are long past.

The grey doublet that sits atop his mail bears a motif of an eye – though instead of a pupil there sits a stylised flame. You know this to be the sign of Dranngvit, the Debt-Minder, dwarven goddess of vengeance. The round wooden shield across his back has a second motif – the hammer of Kols, the Oath-Keeper.

Despite his frailty, you can sense the strength of his character and steeliness of his soul. As he walks there is a pronounced limp, though he does not seek to hide the weakness. Indeed he would cut the very figure of a revered dwarven elder, if not for one blemish…. he is clean shaven.

His voice is resonant, though holds a weary undertone to it, as he addresses the Governing Council in Highhelm ”I am Stonebrow-slagsun, the gladdringgar of my father lies within the depths of Tar-Urkatha. This is the second time that my line has stood before the Elder-Moot and requested your blessing to re-take that which should be ours. This is the second time that we have been cast out in rejection.”

His voice grows more strident and there are threads of both melancholy and resolute anger ”The blood of the Stonebrow is dying, I am the last that bears it’s taint. As I have promised to my father upon his deathbed – I will live to see the forges of Tar-Urkatha fired once more.” his eyes are afire with passion and he pauses to cast his gaze across the members of the council.

Drawing a dagger from his belt, he continues ” Од крви и смрти – in the name of Kols and under the burning eye of Dranngvit I swear this.” clutching the blade of the dagger in his left hand with force so that blood runs freely from his fist and drips upon the floor. Jaw clenched with conviction, he does not outwardly show any pain. He maintains the hold and points accusingly at the council with his bloodied clenched fist – dagger still lodged within it ”When the halls are opened and the ways of our forebears cleared once more, Нека кукавице дошао пузећи за савет”

With that Sangvit is silent once more, daring a response from the assembled dwarven elders – and when none is forthcoming he turns and walks out slowly. His still bleeding hand leaving a trail of spilt blood in his wake.

Slagsun – is a dwarven name suffix that implies he is the son of a disgraced dwarf
Gladdringgar – dwarven runes that are typically carved in the deepest cave or tunnel that a dwarf has reached. For some dwarves it is a sport, for others re-visiting the gladdringgar of your ancestors is a way of honouring them.
Elder-Moot – a rare meeting of dwarven elders from across Golarion, occurs only once every two centuries.
Од крви и смрти – By the blood and to the death
Нека кукавице дошао пузећи за савет - Let the cowards come crawling for council

There are a couple of reasons that I'm throwing this up:
1. to give you a little insight into the character of the man who you will be casting in your lot with.
2. to provide some idea of the status of your expedition. This is a venture that does not have the blessing of the Dwarven leadership. You will be desperately underfunded, outnumbered and facing bleak odds. Help will not be forthcoming until you have established yourselves within the mine, and by that time you may not be willing to relinquish to others that which has been hard-won....

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Daeron's read about Katapesh, but excitingly it's his first foray out of Kyonin. If Daeron does survive, he'd act on as ambassador first, then later on establish an off Kyonin culture exchange program, with the goal of fostering good will and also to watch out for the hidden fun stuff. The higher ups at Kyonin thinks maybe there is an underdark connection from Zolurket and an outpost there would be beneficial.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Submitted (better late than never) for your approval: Cyanara, Elven Oracle of Life.

Cyanara is a member of the Lantern Bearers, a shadowy group of elves devoted to standing against the threat of the drow and their allies, and concealing their existence from the rest of the world. Because her Mystery is one favored by Sarenrae, she was sent to Katapesh by Swallowtail himself some forty years ago. Since then she has worked as a healer and otherwise kept her ears open for any sign of dark elves in the lands south of the Inner Sea. Few other Shin'Rakorath members are permanently stationed in the area (the closest are Aerel, a wizard in Quantium, and Shiriena, a ranger in Ipeq), and her primary contact in the organization is Indriel, a rogue who passes through every year or two.

Five years ago she sent a report that included mention of Zolurket as something to watch for; the possibility that the depths of Tar-Urkatha hide a way into the Underdark made it a potential conduit for drow activity. The Elder-moot's unwillingness to back the reclamation made it a low priority, or so she thought. Six months ago she received a directive to prepare to investigate Zolurket personally, since Sangvit had defied the Elder-moot and was about to return. Reestablishment of the dwarven stronghold there is thought by her superiors to reduce the possibility of a drow incursion; despite the risk of discovery of the dark elves, the Lantern Bearers have an interest in seeing the reclamation succeed. If it does, she has been ordered to remain there if at all possible, to discourage further exploration into the Underdark and keep watch for the drow. (Besides, potentially embarrassing the Governing Council is a little something extra--the Lantern Bearers are elves, after all!)

Cyanara herself was intending to be a scholar when her Mystery chose her; she is studious and clever, albeit more gregarious and outgoing than the stereotypical bookish recluse. For some time afterward she was despondent over the effect of the curse on her vision--it made reading fine script extremely difficult. She could no longer easily follow the tomes and scrolls she had loved, so the path of the scholar seemed to be closed to her. In addition, oracles of her sort are quite rare in elven society--the deities associated with her Mystery are not those typically worshipped with elves. So despite the generally positive reception given to elven oracles, she had very few peers. It was at that time that she was recruited into the Shin'Rakorath, as they needed an agent in Katapesh to (among other things) keep track of the flourishing trade in exotic items--anything that might betray drow origin needed to be reported. The Shin'Rakorath have given her a purpose she thought she'd lost with her vision, these many years ago, and she is a true believer in their mission.

Because of her curse she has trouble with direct examination of items, so she acts primarily as a point of contact for the network that Indriel set up and maintains. She cannot read or write well, but she can encode information in knitted or needlepointed pieces; the blind elf healer with her knitting needles has become a fixture of the Katapesh bazaars in the time that she's been there.


NG Female Elven Oracle of Life/3

S 10 D 14 C 11 I 15 W 12 C 16
HP 21 (NB: I took average + 1 after first level, along w/favored class bonus)

Curse: Clouded Vision

Revelations: Healing Hands, Channel

Healing 3 ranks
Knowledge (Religion) 3 ranks
Spellcraft 1 rank
Profession (Spy) 2 ranks
Perception 3 ranks
Knowledge (Nature) 1 rank
Sense Motive 2 ranks

Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, Undercommon (NB: Not a listed language for elves, but given her faction I think it makes sense.)

Weapon Finesse
Extra Channeling

Sacred Touch (stabilize dying creature with a standard action)
Sacred Conduit (+1 DC for saves vs. channeling)

To answer your question, I think I'm leaning toward more of an "independent study," or a loose fraternity-type deal, rather than a firm societal/religious/family affiliation or a formal organization. Something like . . .

more fluff:
The Seekers are a loose collective of arcane practitioners with one common thread: increasing the base of arcana. Their headquarters--such as it is--is located in the River Kingdoms, where they can study in relative peace, away from other organizations whose motives may be more complicated, politically charged, or emotional. These individuals welcome any into their fold who exercise magical aptitude and who share a hunger for arcane might and understanding, regardless of race, background, or any other "insignificant personal descriptor." Most of these people have completely foresaken their former lives, often to the extent of changing their names, in pursuit of what they percieve to be perfection of the self and of the body of arcane knowledge.

This way, Morkeleb is comfortable with cooperation, and with dealing with a variety of people of differing races, bents, etc--yet is truly beholden only to himself, and his Quest of Knowledge.

and in case it wasn't clear in my original submission, he's Neutral. :-)

"Oh grand a vengance job. I've done them before sometimes they work out. Mostly they end in death and blood and questions from the watch. My only peice of advice? Try to get paid in advance, People on a vengance kick rarely plan for an act two, if you get my meaning.
Pity that will not be an option here.

Sovereign Court

Will try and get my Dwarf Alchemist up tonight since I see Ernst "Love" Lowfield bidding you gotta have Keggan "Bottle" Brewhammer at his side.

randall793 - noted with thanks.

John Woodford:
Crunch is fine, fluff is also.
Connection to the darklands is something that I'm interested in eventually exploring - but it will be a ways in the future.
At any rate, that's good enough for now :)

Morkeleb - thanks for the confirmation

Updated App List Thus Far (Apologies if anything is mis-represented):
Balodek - Dwarf Magus (Bladebound) - Ninth Battalion / Blackblade Influence
Hu5tru - Human Ranger - Adopted by Zolurket Descendants
ewpierce - Dwarf Cleric - Church of Desna / Vision Quest
scranford - ?Cleric / Inquisitor
Ghastlee - ?Necromancer
Joy - Half-Elf Paladin - Voices of the Spire
Ernst "Love" Lowfield - Dwarf Rogue (Trapsmith) - Pathfinder Society
David James Olsen - Human Paladin (Undead Scourge / Warrior of the Holy Light) - Church of Sarenrae
Salla Q'urtali - Human Fighter - Seven Swords (Mercenaries)
Frakdar Stonefist - Dwarf Monk - Zolurket Descendant
Alk Loskgun - Dwarf Cleric (going Mystic Theurge) - Ninth Battalion
Dolgrym Sharpaxe - Dwarf Transmuter - Highhelm Council
Azure_Zero - ?
Gavinfoxx - ?Druid
Morkeleb the Mighty - Human Evoker - The Seekers
Groth - Halfling Sorcerer - Cactus Rose (Bellflower Network)
Morthos von Janderhoff - Dwarf Barbarian (Armored Hulk) - Zolurket Descendant
randall793 - Elven Transmuter - Seara-Kaleanae
John Woodford - Elven Oracle - Lantern Bearers
Roidrage - ?Dwarf Alchemist - ?

For those on the list - I don't need anything further at this point - unless you have a ? in the summary.

For all - recruitment is still up, but will be closing in roughly 24 hours from this post. So for those that have showed interest, but no solid concept yet - please throw up at least a basic character map and the motivation details so you can be in the running.


Can I use a sample race from the Advanced race Guide play test
looking at this one

Otherwise it's a Tiefling(variant) or Drow(Noble) Ninja.

If you check my first post on this thread it has the answer.
Core races only - which I consider to essentially be only those in the Core rulebook - so no bestiary races.

Ernst "Love" Lowfield wrote:

"Oh grand a vengance job. I've done them before sometimes they work out. Mostly they end in death and blood and questions from the watch. My only peice of advice? Try to get paid in advance, People on a vengance kick rarely plan for an act two, if you get my meaning.

Pity that will not be an option here.

*shrug* Vengeance, pride, hubris, call it what you will. It won't survive the individual, or perhaps his proginy if it is strong enough. The secrets buried, though . . . THOSE will endure! Just get me to them, I care not how.

I like you already. :-)

I seem to remember hearing something about a Morkeleb once...questionable ethics, I heard...

Is this character based off of the Morkeleb of the table days with the Harpwizard? (It's Thordak, by the way)

I'm going to bow out.

Since I follow a self-imposed rule of 50% or more human DNA and no Core races with human DNA (except half-orc, but I don't consider it human) have Darkvision for the underground environment.

I also asked earlier if you had any problems with the races I listed, but got no reply on it and though it was OK'ed.

The Drow was more of a poke at myself for following my own rule.

with that I'm going to bow out.

Jostled out of his meditation by the arrival of yet more northern adventurers unprepared for the heat and dangers of the south, Frakdar scans the other adventurers who have answered Sangvit Stonebrow-slagsun call.

Silently he thinks: Elves - bah, they do not belong below the ground in a hallowed dwarven mine; self serving mages out for their own self-interest; holy warriors seeking to spread their deities faith's under the auspices of fighting evil. What a sham group. This mine belonged to dwarves, and it is dwarves who should be the first to enter its great hall and defeat the creeping death therein.

Frakdar then goes back to calmly meditating while he watches the elderly dwarf in his misfitting chainmail peruse the applicants.

Not a problem, thanks for your interest.

Not long now before the door closes on recruitment, and I'm starting to get a picture for the party make-up. You have all made it very difficult indeed!

Grand reveal will follow in about 12 hours, after I formally close recruitment in line with the timing I posted this morning (my time).

Was the character you posted a prompt to follow, as others have been?

I've done so before, but with Rana, she wouldn't say much of anything, just have her bow slung over her shoulder and be ready to move.

Hu5tru - nope, was just a little flavour I worked up that I thought people might be interested to see to get a bit more of an idea of the tone that I'm looking for.

Replying (or not replying) to that post has no bearing on applications.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

Hu5tru - nope, was just a little flavour I worked up that I thought people might be interested to see to get a bit more of an idea of the tone that I'm looking for.

Replying (or not replying) to that post has no bearing on applications.

I was just playing around, getting into Love's skin so to speak. I did not intend or expect that little snippet to influence the application. Just having a bit of fun.

Salla Q'urtali wrote:
I seem to remember hearing something about a Morkeleb once...questionable ethics, I heard...

*shrug* There may have been someone of that name before, but there will be none after.

Salla & DMVoV if you wish:
This is the same player of that character you're referring to, yes. I recycled the name because i like it, but it is a different character. (and you'll know me better as Bofus ;-) ).

DMVoV, Salla is referring to a tabletop wizard I played who eventually became Lawful Evil. I have no such intentions with this Morkeleb! Amoral all the way.

Submitting Feigr Roarrgun for your consideration.


I hear them all the time. It is worst at night. Whispers in the dark. Fingernails rasping against cold stone. A scream out of nowhere. They are the spirits of Tar-Urkatha. Sometimes they help me…shield me from harm…deliver my family’s battleaxe from where it fell in the mines into my hands when I’m in need…but, most of the time, they’re there, begging to be released, telling me horrible tales of death in the mines, warning me of the doom that lays in Tar-Urkatha.

Three months ago an itinerant priest of Magrim came to Solku. Said he’d had a vision from the god that it was time for Tar-Urkatha, Zolurket they call it these days, to be restored. Something in the vision suggested that he needed to find a descendant of Tar-Urkatha in Solku…a descendant that knew the spirits of Tar-Urkatha…a descendant with the key to its secrets. Me.

It took him a month to learn of me. My brothers and sisters in Solku aren’t exactly proud of me. I understand why. To them, I’m a joke. Last descendant of a once-mighty clan that settled in Solku…right. I’m not proud either. But, if you had to live with the spirits all the time, you would understand too. You’d probably do a lot worse than drink. Drinking quiets them. Better than killing myself, right?

You know by now that he found me. Peg’s Pig..drinking of course. When he told me he was looking for me, I laughed. When he told me the god had sent him, I told him he was nuts. When he told me that I needed to go to Tar-Urkatha, I spit in his eye. There are things buried there that need to stay buried…dark things…evil. It didn’t matter. He said Magrim wants his souls back.


Not all of Tar-Urkatha’s clans left Katapesh. Feigr Roarrgun grew up in the Katapesh city of Solku, home of a proud, tight, dwarven community with many descended from the clans of Tar-Urkatha. But over the years the dwarves distanced themselves from their dark past. They embraced their new community and fought together against the gnolls of the Barrier Wall. A new future.

Feigr Roarrgun is an unpleasant reminder of that past. He was born to Roarr Brandrgun in 4656 AR, the fourth son of Roarr and Amma. From a young age, Feigr was a strange child. Imaginary friends are a rarity among the practical dwarves. Feigr didn’t have just one or two…he seemed to have hundreds. But, he also showed unusual gifts for battle and for a time his idiosyncrasies were overlooked. It didn’t last.

When Feigr began to learn the dwarven histories a torrent of questions spilled forth. Uncomfortable questions. Tar-Urkatha. Zolurket. These were things that the dwarves of Solku did not discuss. But Feigr wouldn’t stop asking. He couldn’t stop asking. Feigr paid the price.

In 4701 AR, when the White Canyon gnolls flooded forth to enslave Solku, the dwarves stood shoulder to shoulder with the humans and drove them back. Feigr lost his father, mother, and all three brothers in the climactic Battle of Red Hail. Feigr was savage that day. But something snapped.

Feigr should have been one of the heroes that day. Instead, he found himself spending more and more time in Peg’s Pig. Drinking to quiet the voices of the dead that haunted him worse than ever. Trying to forget. Until Bleyn Blackshield came to Solku.

Blackshield claims that the god has plans for me. That I’ll be freed from this nightmare if I help cleanse Zolurket and send the souls of my fallen ancestors back to Magrim. I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve never had anyone else believe in me. That this mad priest spent two months hounding me, completely convinced that I am the instrument of his god. That passion is infectious. I don’t know that I believe. But I will go to Tar-Urkatha. Magrim wants his souls back. And I want them gone.


Basically Feigr is motivated by the idea that he may be freed from the spirits if he can help Magrim free the spirits from Zolurket. But, I envision his motivation growing and evolving as the campaign progresses. I expect that Feigr’s relationship with Magrim will develop and grow from being a way out to being an instrument for the god’s plans for Tar-Urkatha. If selected, there are several ways we could take this development in story and crunch. Assuming success in part 1, Feigr would hopefully see redemption in part 2. Perhaps the spirits remain, but are now entirely benign. Perhaps he beats his drunkenness, but picks up a different curse, like haunted.

The Soul Guides:

What: name of the society and their basic agenda
The Soul Guides Magrim is the dwarven god of the underworld. He reforges dwarven souls to prepare them to return to the world. The Guides are tasked with making sure those souls are returned to Magrim. Undead and haunts are the bane of the organization. They seek them out and destroy them.

Where: where is the group located. If it is a larger group spanning Golarion, this can refer to your local chapter.
The Soul Guides are a significant sect within the church of Magrim. While many priests of Magrim look after dwarven funerals and tend to the needs of the living, The Soul Guides tend to the needs of the dead. These are the adventuring priests of Magrim. While they don’t have a chapter per se in western Katapesh, the local connection is Bleyn Blackshield. Bleyn would have access to both the resources of The Guides and the church of Magrim in Katapesh, though there are certainly conflicting interests between The Guides and the traditional arm of the church.

Who: name and role of your mentor / primary contact within the group
Feigr’s mentor is Bleyn Blackshield, a priest of Magrim recently come to the city of Solku. Bleyn is definitely a true believer. A strong advocate of Magrim and his mission and he is absolutely convinced that Feigr is destined to help return Tar-Urkatha to the dwarves and free the lost dwarven souls.

Why: why does the group want Zolurket reclaimed. Some detail on both their present interest and what intentions they would have towards the future would be useful here.
There are hundreds of dwarf souls trapped in Zorzuket. Magrim wants the souls back so his spirit dwarves can reforge them and return them to Golarion. What better way to bring them back than as the backbone of a newly reborn Tar-Urkatha?


Note, these aren’t quite done. I’ll be making some further tweaks based on the questions below.
Male Dwarf Oracle 3
LN Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +0; Senses Darkvision (60 feet); Perception -1
AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20. . (+7 armor, +3 shield)
hp 24 (3d8+6)
Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +2
Defensive Abilities Deep Warrior; SR 8
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Masterwork Waraxe, Dwarven +6 (1d10+3/20/x3) and
. . Shield, Heavy Steel +1 (1d4+3/20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +5 (1d3+3/20/x2)
Special Attacks Relentless
Oracle Spells Known (CL 3, +5 melee touch, +2 ranged touch):
1 (6/day) Shield of Faith (DC 13), Unseen Servant, Detect Undead, Cure Light Wounds (DC 13), Enhance Water (DC 13)
0 (at will) Purify Food and Drink (DC 12), Create Water, Read Magic (DC 12), Detect Magic, Guidance (DC 12)
Str 16, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 9, Cha 14
Base Atk +2; CMB +5; CMD 15
Feats Extra Revelation, Power Attack -1/+2
Traits Corpse Hunter, Magical Talent: Disrupt Undead (1/day) (Sp), Tunnel Fighter
Skills Acrobatics -4, Climb -1, Diplomacy +7, Escape Artist -4, Fly -4, Heal +3, Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (Engineering) +5, Knowledge (History) +7, Knowledge (Local) +5, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Ride -4, Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft +6, Stealth -4, Swim -1 Modifiers Lorekeeper
Languages Common, Dwarven, Kelish
SQ Ancestral Weapon (Masterwork) (3 minutes/day) (Su), Blood of Heroes (+1, 2r) (1/day) (Su), Hatred, Slow and Steady, Spirit Shield +4 (3 hours/day) (Su), Stonecunning +2
Combat Gear Magrim's Grace, Masterwork Waraxe, Dwarven, The Soulshield; 480 gp
Ancestral Weapon (Masterwork) (3 minutes/day) (Su) You can summon a simple or martial weapon from your family's history that is appropriate for your current size. You are considered proficient with this weapon. At 3rd level, the weapon is considered masterwork. At 7th level, 15th level, and 19th leve
Blood of Heroes (+1, 2r) (1/day) (Su) As a move action, you can call upon your ancestors to grant you extra bravery in battle. You gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and Will saves against fear for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus. At 7th level, this bon
Corpse Hunter You have dedicated yourself to the destruction of undead, and receive a +1 trait bonus on all attacks made against undead.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Deep Warrior +2 AC and +2 grapple vs. Aberrations.
Drunkard You have a weakness for alcohol in all its forms. At the start of each day, you are staggered until you consume at least one alcoholic drink. If you do not consume at least one drink per hour, you become shaken until you drink again. As long as you are not staggered or shaken, you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear and temporary hit points equal to your oracle level. You cannot regain temporary hit points that you have lost until 24 hours have passed. Once per day, you can consume an alcoholic drink as a swift action to grant yourself a saving throw against an enchantment or fear effect.
Hatred +1 racial bonus to attacks against Orcs and Goblinoids.
Lorekeeper +2 for Knowledge (History) checks relating to dwarves and their enemies. These checks can be made untrained.
Magical Talent: Disrupt Undead (1/day) (Sp) Choose one 0-level spell - it becomes a 1/day spell-like ability for you.
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Relentless +2 Bull Rush and Overrun if you and your opponent are standing on the ground.
Slow and Steady Your base speed is never modified by encumbrance.
Spell Resistance (8) You have Spell Resistance.
Spirit Shield +4 (3 hours/day) (Su) You can call upon the spirits of your ancestors to form a shield around you that blocks incoming attacks and grants you a +4 armor bonus. At 7th level, and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +2. At 13th level, this shield causes ar
Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.
Tunnel Fighter +2 Initiative and +1 critical damage while underground.

Questions for you:

1. Would you be willing to consider the 3PP curse Drunkard from Open Design’s Divine Favor; The Oracle? Basically my rationale is that I have played many of the handful of official Paizo curses (find it quite surprising they didn’t expand these in Ultimate Magic). I also think this has fantastic flavor for how I see Feigr. Here’s the crunch:

You have a weakness for alcohol in all its forms. At the start of each day, you are staggered until you consume at least one alcoholic drink. If you do not consume at least one drink per hour, you become shaken until you drink again. As long as you are not staggered or shaken, you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear and temporary hit points equal to your oracle level. You cannot regain temporary hit points that you have lost until 24 hours have passed. Once per day, you can consume an alcoholic drink as a swift action to grant yourself a saving throw against an enchantment or fear effect.

If you don’t care for this curse, I will play one of the standard ones – probably Haunted.

2. What is your feeling on the use of Speak with Dead on undead once they are killed. There is a sentence at the end of the spell that reads: “This spell does not affect a corpse that has been turned into an undead creature.” Some GMs interpret this to mean that once a creature is undead, it doesn’t work period. Others interpret it to mean that once you’ve killed them, it works, but only on information that they knew when they were alive, not while they were undead. There is an oracle revelation that provides the ability to speak with dead and I think this would be both flavorful and helpful for you as the GM to pass on information, but if it’s going to be mostly useless for this campaign, I’ll choose accordingly.

3. I would like to see If you would grant permission for the Corpse Hunter trait in Faiths of Balance (intended for Pharasma) to be used by Feigr as a worshipper of Magrim. I do have a backup if this is not your preference.

Corpse Hunter crunch is: You have dedicated yourself to the destruction of undead and receive a +1 trait bonus on all attacks made against undead.

4. Can I switch the dwarven hatred racial trait that is normally +1 attack versus orcs and goblinoids to be +1 attack versus gnolls. I think this is a better fit for a dwarf of Solku.

5. Also, a question on the Dwarven Warhammer or the Dwarven Dorn-Dergar and the Ancestral Weapon revelation. Both are exotic weapons, but martial for dwarves. The Ancestral Weapon revelation is limited to simple and martial weapons. So, for a dwarf, is it legitimate to summon these weapons?

Seeing yet more adventurers arriving to seek death in the ancient mines. Frakdar helps several of them - particularly the elves and mages - avoid their imminent destruction by tying their shoelaces together.

Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12
Sleight of Hand: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

A few minutes later several snobbish elves and two mages comically fall to the ground with their feet bound together.

Dropping interest.

Ok folks - recruitment officially closed. Selections will be up shortly.

Feigr - you made it in time, so you are on the big list of apps.

Good luck everyone

Ok folks, without further ado - here we go...

The confirmed list is as follows:
Balodek - Dwarf Magus (Bladebound) - Ninth Battalion / Sentient Weapon
Ernst "Love" Lowfield - Dwarf Rogue (Trapsmith) - Pathfinder Society
David James Olsen - Human Paladin (Undead Scourge / Warrior of the Holy Light) - Church of Sarenrae
Dolgrym Sharpaxe - Dwarf Transmuter - Highhelm Council
John Woodford - Elven Oracle - Lantern Bearers
Feigr Roarrgun – Dwarf Oracle – Soul Guides

The number of interesting characters has made me bump up from 5 players to 6, and I'm hoping we've an interesting mix for the PbP.

If anyone would like feedback on their characters then I am happy to provide. I'd like to thank you all for the interest that you showed and the varied characters put forward.

For those that made it in, please check in to the OOC thread from the campaign header.

Thanks for consideration, hope ya'll have fun.

DM Voice:
I think I overreached with Rana with only a tenuous understanding of dwarven culture. But, is just as well since I'm running two games and am in several more at this time. Reflected in the poor quality of her history, which I knew submitting it wasn't to my own standard.

There was nothing wrong with your app, was more of a personal opinion.
I'd figured that if I was going to take a Zolurket Descendent I would likely take an actual dwarf as there would be more opportunity for tying in elements from their ancestors, etc.

DM Voice:

Ah, it's cool. As a fellow GM I understand that. I think I might use an adapted form of Rana to replace Corax in the Kingmaker game I run. The way my party plays, he won't be a very good fit, and they can use a ranger type to supervise the bandits that they're hiring.

Thanks for considering. Good gaming all!

DM Voice:

Any comments on why I did not make it is appreciated. Thought the Dwarf monk was fun. May have to try to get him in some other campaign.

If anyone drops, please keep me in mind.

Thanks for the consideration.

You and a couple of others were on the shortlist of 9 before I had to make the final cull.
It essentially came down to a choice between yourself and the Human Pally from Solku for the last martial spot. I thought that having another non-dwarf and the good RP link into Solku through the temple of Sarenrae would help out.
You are definitely the next port of call if I get a martial dropout.

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