Hunger in the Darkness - Expedition to the Mines of Zolurket (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

A desperate attempt to reclaim the ancestral Dwarvish mine of Tar-Urkatha from the darkness that has engulfed it....

Tar-Urkatha and Surrounds

Watch and Marching Order:
Feigr and Khepri
Padrym and Dolgrym
Cynara and Lowfield
Cynara leading camels where appropriate

Sangvit Stonebrow-slagsun: the aged leader of the expedition and descendant of those that fled the mines as they fell.
Gaelthrin Hornspur: Sangvit's second, a capable female fighter. Her face is crossed by a large scar that traces from her mouth to her left ear.

The Beehive: smuggler / bandit den to the NE of Tar-Urkatha in the mountains.
Solku: second largest city of Katapesh and stands as a bastion of safety before the Barrier Wall mountains.
Archive of Eminent Tomes: repository of ancient knowledge in Solku.

Dhabba: jackal-like creatures with the tail of a scorpion.
Jackalwere: jackal-headed humanoids with a sleep inducing gaze and a weakness to cold iron.

Dwarven Pantheon: (Name, Title, Area of Concern)
Angradd – The Forge-Fire - fire and war
Bolka – The Golden Gift - love and beauty
Dranngvit – The Debt Minder - vengeance
Droskar – The Dark Smith - toil, slavery and cheating
Folgrit – The Watchful Mother - mothers, children and the hearth
Grundinnar – The Peacemaker - friendship and loyalty
Kols – Oath-Keeper - duty
Magrim – The Taskmaster - the underworld
Torag – Father of Creation - the forge, protection and strategy
Trudd – The Mighty - strength