Hunger in the Darkness - Expedition to the Mines of Zolurket (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

A desperate attempt to reclaim the ancestral Dwarvish mine of Tar-Urkatha from the darkness that has engulfed it....

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Seeing the riffraff that the insane old dwarf chose, Frackdar shakes his head. Well, guess when I get the chance to enter those hallowed halls, there will be six more undead to wage war against.
And with that, Frakdar gathers his robes around himself and begins the long trek back to his home to find another useless Osirian mage to protect.

Wasn't following PbP back when you started this.Just wanted to commend you on a GREAT idea. I was part of a dwarf pack in a Neverwinter Nights persisent world and dwarves together is a pretty cool experience.

Pathfinder is sadly lacking in dwarven group opportunities (how about an adventure path?). I've got the only dwarf in the two PbPs I'm playing.

Hope you have a fantastic game.

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