Hunger in the Darkness - Expedition to the Mines of Zolurket (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

A desperate attempt to reclaim the ancestral Dwarvish mine of Tar-Urkatha from the darkness that has engulfed it....

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I’ve concealed my festering wounds, but must answer the cold, gnawing hunger. The pain in my belly is worse than before. The corpses of my brethren are all that remain.
Cave Script, Collapsed Marrowstone Shaft Number 6

Tar-Urkatha. It is an old name that is seldom used by those that are still living. The living know the halls instead as Zolurket – or Dark Death. It has been almost six centuries since the mines succumbed to darkness during the Ghoulwar. Though the upper levels have been long plundered and robbed of their value by petty thieves and raiders, there are still dark pits and tunnels that have not seen light in hundreds of years. There are things in the dark that hunger still.

Campaign Summary:
An expedition to reclaim the halls of Zolurket and return Tar-Urkatha to its former glory has begun. Funded by an elderly dwarf whose father was but a boy when the mines were lost, he promised his forebear on his deathbed that he would fire the forges before he passed to the Boneyard.

The campaign will involve two parts:
The first will be the reclaiming of the mines, one bloodied room at a time. I fully intend this to be a dark, bloody and merciless campaign. You will be beset by overwhelming foes, shed blood and face unspeakable horrors and darkness. However the rewards that one may gain are commensurate with the risk.

The second will involve the burgeoning dwarven kingdom that you seek to restore. Initially vulnerable and forced to remain outwith the mine, your camp will need to fend the predations of the desert as well as other factions that will challenge your claim. After you reclaim some of the halls, you will move within and begin to restore one of the great dwarven kingdoms of yore.

The kingdom will be managed initially along the same vein as Serpent Skull, before transforming into a Kingmaker build after you’ve cleared out the upper levels.

Background for Applicants:
Zolurket is located in the Western mountains of Katapesh. It was originally a very profitable platinum mine, until the dwarves delved too deep and found a vein of an interesting substance. Some of the miners were turned to ghouls and began a war of attrition with the dwarves who dwelled there. As the burgeoning tide of undead grew, the dwarves had to abandon the halls to them.

So you can expect lots of undead, lots of darkness and lots of treasures locked away in ancient vaults as yet unclaimed.

Posting Requirements:
I am looking for people that can check in on the thread at least a couple of times a day, and post at least 1/day on weekdays. Weekends are more relaxed.

Feel free to pop into my profile and take a peek at the campaigns that I currently DM if you’d like to get a feel for how I go about things.

Crunch Application Guidelines:
1. 3rd Level start
2. 20 point buy
3. Good to Neutral alignment – no Evil
4. HP Max @ 1st, then your choice of roll or average +1
5. Core Races – though I will be taking at least a couple of dwarves
6. Classes - no restrictions
7. Standard WBL
8. Two traits
9. All Paizo content is fine (just give me a book reference), and 3PP may be considered.
10. Goes without saying that mounted characters may find the tight environs somewhat challenging…

Fluff Application Guidelines:
I want for each character to have a physical tie to a Golarion society / group of some kind that would have a vested interest in seeing Zolurket either purified or reclaimed. This tie will be the motivation for your character and will affect the game in tangible ways. You will be granted specific boons, as well as tasked with individual quests by your group.

These can be an established society (such as the Voices of the Spire), representatives of a deity (such as The Church of Dranngvit The Debt Minder), leaders of a city (Council of Highhelm), or something of your own fabrication.

Please provide the following on your motivation:
What: name of the society and their basic agenda
Where: where is the group located. If it is a larger group spanning Golarion, this can refer to your local chapter.
Who: name and role of your mentor / primary contact within the group
Why: why does the group want Zolurket reclaimed. Some detail on both their present interest and what intentions they would have towards the future would be useful here.

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:
1. Stat breakdown
2. Class and Level breakdown
3. Skills, Feats and traits summary
4. Basic backstory / personality
5. Details on your Motivation

I don’t need full sheets or profiles at this point, they can come post selection.

Recruitment Timeline:
Recruitment will be up for as long as it takes to get a decent list of applicants together, though at least 4-5 days minimum.

I will be looking at a party of roughly 5 for this PbP.

Fire away with any questions that you might have and I shall endeavour to answer them.

The scrabble of claws on the smooth worked stone tells you that they are close behind, desperately running you try to make daylight before getting caught and dragged down. The light is nearing, though the sound is growing louder... and louder...

Shadow Lodge

DM VoV: How do you feel about the Magus class? I'm kicking around 3 ideas for this PbP and that's one of them, figured I'd check before making a decision.

Balodek - no restrictions on classes. Magus is fine.

Shadow Lodge

I think I will whip up a Bladebound Magus for my application. Basic idea is he found his black blade in his family home and it has lead him to reclaim others like it from Zolurket. I'll have to spend some time looking up factions and areas and information before getting a solid back story together, but the basics are coming together in my head now.

I've a question, anything against stats beneath 10? Thinking of a human ranger with the adopted trait, essentially raised by dwarves that have ties to the mines. Maybe lost "nobility" of the mines? Obviously, less than 10 charisma would reflect the gruff sort of behavior she learned from her adoptive family.

Hu5tru - no problems as long as it's not overdone and reasonably roleplayed.

A single 8 stat is no problem - though I'd raise an eyebrow at a Fighter with an Int and Cha of 7.

I have this character ready. I think he could be part of the original dwarf clan, and wants to reclaim the mines to honor his ancestors and give his father a proper grave in the clan's hall. I could have some tie with Hu5tru character if you want. Will update him to level 3 soon.

Human Female Ranger/3
NG Medium Humanoid (Osirani)

Abreviated Crunch:


Str 17 (7)
Dex 14 (5)
Con 14 (5)
Int 10 (0)
Wis 13 (3)
Cha 10 (0)


Adopted - Child of Zourket: You gain a +1 trait bonus to weapon damage against undead.
Jaded - You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against Fear.


Quick Draw
Power Attack
Point Blank Shot* (Ranger Combat Feat)
*Endurance (Ranger Bonus Feat)
Precise Shot

Favored Enemy Undead
Favored Terrain Underground

Trained Skills

Climb +9, Handle Animal +5, Heal +5, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (Geography) +4(6 underground), Knowledge (Nature) +4 Perception +7(9 underground), Stealth +8 (10 underground), Survival +7(9 underground), Swim +7


Rana is what one might call a classical beauty, her face and figure, when not encased in armor, belong on an ancient Osirani temple wall. Her demeanor, however, is quite the opposite. Rana was the sole survivor of a raid upon a annual caravan by gnolls. The infant Rana's cries were muffled by debris, but her new mother Yangrit, a priestess of Folgrit was able to determine that she was not quite near death. Yangrit and her husband, Hrask, unable to leave a babe to the elements, took her instead into their family and raised Rana as if she were their own. There was some objection from the clan, of course, as a human child lacked every advantage a dwarven one had, such as darkvision and the inherent hardiness required to contribute to her upkeep. Yangrit, and especially Hrask encouraged Rana to persevere despite the disadvantages, however, instilling in her a certain amount of pride to bear the derision, and that through effort she could prove herself as valuable a contribution as she ought.

Rana's formative years were difficult, but she persevered, becoming a capable archer and warrior. On what the clan agreed would be her name day, Rana, after some consultation with Yangrit took as her divine patron Thrudd, Torag's son and the god of strength. Having proved herself to the clan, Rana was brought into their confidence. They were among those who had fled Tar-Urkatha when the undead rose. Hrask, who espoused the virtues of Kols, the god of duty, impressed upon Rana their duty to reclaim the mines, and their former home. Rana recognized that this was a method that she could finally prove her worth to her family, and repay the kindness and love that they had afforded her.


Rana is a woman of few words, preferring to demonstrate her resolve through action. This does not mean, however, that if she is unable to express herself should she feel the need. She knows the value of loyalty and companionship, particularly of companionship.


I intend for Rana to act as a type of scout in the mines, using her bonuses to stealth. The lack of darkvision might be a bit of a problem, however.


What: Rana's Dwarven clan (I will leave the name to you, unless you wish me to make something up)

Where: Rana's clan is in the mountains bordering Osiron and Mwangi.

Who: Rana's primary contact with her clan is her mother, Yangrit, priestess of Folgrit. Her kindness and love have always supported Rana, and helped define her person. Hrask's gruff influence inspired her to persevere and she does not wish to disappoint either of her parents.

Why: As far as Rana can divine, her clan wishes to reclaim their ancestral home from the evil that has claimed it, as it is their duty. Whether or not this is the primary motivation for all of them, however, cannot be known. Each dwarf, like every organization, may have their own motivations.

Hope that this is enough...

I am putting together a Dwarf Cleric.. will post as soon as complete.

This sounds great I'll get to work on my cleric / Inquisitor this afternoon:-).

oOOooo I should apply with an undead bloodline sorcerer whose master is a necromancer seeking lichdom..

I'd like to submit a NG, half-elf, of Pharasma who is a member of the Voices of the Spire, a militant wing of the priesthood devoted to the extermination of undead.

All 3 level are of cleric and plan on staying with cleric as I level.


str: 13
dex: 12
con: 10
int: 14
wis: 16
chr: 14

20pt breakdown
5pt wis
5pt chr
5pt int
3pt str
2pt dex
+2 from race to wis

Skills, Feats & Traits:

Knowledge Religion [3ranks+2int+3inclass] +8
Knowledge History [3ranks+2int+3inclass] +8
Knowledge Arcana [3ranks+2int+3inclass] +8
Heal [3ranks+3wis+3inclass] +9
Diplomacy [3ranks+2chr+3inclass] +8
Sense Motive [3ranks+3wis+3inclass] +9

Selective Channeling

Sacred Conduit: Your birth was particularly painful and difficult for your mother, who needed potent divine magic to ensure that you survived (your mother may or may not have). In any event, that magic infused you from an early age, and you now channel divine energy with greater ease than most. Whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.

Undead Slayer (N): Instructed at a young age in the tenets of your faith, you view the undead as abominations that must be destroyed, so their souls can journey beyond to be judged. You gain a +1 trait bonus on weapon damage against undead.

Personality & Motivation:

As a member of the Voices of the Spire, she has a strong desire to see all undead eradicated. Adding to that desire was the death of her father, a paladin Pharasma and also a member of the Voices of the Spire who killed while fighting a vampire lord while she was a young child. She still has nightmares of that and since his body was never recovered fears that one day she may end up facing off against her own father as a vampire.

She is rather singleminded in her desire to see all undead wiped off the face of Galorian and cares little for the treasures that are supposedly lost in the mines.

Unsure right now who her primary contact within the group would be. Perhaps the elderly dwarf funding the expedition would have approached the priesthood in search of a suitable cleric to heal for his group.

Looks like I may have found a new home.

Introducing Ernst 'love' Lowfield. He has great respect for both the locksmith's and the tomb breakers art. He is currently working for the Pathfinders following a little incident involving the exact ownership of some items left in a vault in a Katapeshi safe-house. Note Ernest was originally made for a campaign that died but I feel he will fit perfectly into this one.

Please provide the following on your motivation:

The pathfinders want to know what caused the mine to fall. They want samples of that most interesting substance the dwarves found. The fact that there may be untold knowledge and riches in the mine is really just a happy side effect from their point of view.

City of katapesh, twilight gate district. Thought Love Meets with his contact in a safe house on the border of the Smoking Ruin.

Eidelbrecht Rimegold, or at least that is the name the person is using at the moment. Eidelbrecht is somehow associated with the pathfinders because when Love at first declined her generous offer to go die in a ghoul filled hole it was the Pathfinders who brought pressure to bear. She does not appear to be a full venture captain though and she has taken pains to never meet Love on the street and only rarely above ground.

They do not care if Zolurket is reclaimed. Mind you they are far from opposed to having another friendly bit of civilization in the area but they only care about the 'interesting substance'. If we succeed and a viable community grows then the pathfinders will be much more interested. A strong friendly kingdom would provide a nice balance against the Pactmasters and give them a leg up on consortium efforts in the area.

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:

Stat breakdown.:
Please see alias. Will double check build and level to 3rd asap

Class and Level breakdown:
Trapsmith rogue levels 1-3. I do not expect this to change.

Skills, Feats and traits summary:
Not sure what you want here but Love will focus on the classic thief skills acrobatics, climb, perception, disable device, stealth, and kn engineering. Traits and feats will largely compliment his goal to be a great tomb-breaker. Alertness, steel soul, deepsight, those sorts of things. Traits are likely to be one urban background trait and one regional. Love is not much of a fighter but he can get in anywhere.

Basic backstory / personality:
"Love" is based on Albert Campion's manservant 'Lugg' in the novels by Margrey Allingham with a good bit of the Italian Job and The Timson clan from the Rumpole stories thrown in. Basically he seen himself as a craftsman, it is just that his craft is largely frowned on by the law. There is also a good strain of hacker in him. He loves seeing how a trap or lock works and takes real pride in the skill of the original lock or trapsmith even as he is circumventing their work.

Details on your Motivation:
At first pressured into this job he may be resentful. But once he gets involved in the project he will become more and more interested in repairing the mines and putting down roots in the new community.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:
1. Stat breakdown
2. Class and Level breakdown
3. Skills, Feats and traits summary
4. Basic backstory / personality
5. Details on your Motivation

Hasaan of the Dawn, Paladin of Sarenrae

Stat Breakdown:

STR 16 (10 Points)
DEX 13 (3 Points)
CON 14 (5 Points)
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 15+2=17 (7 Points)

Class and Level:

Human Paladin of Sarenrae(Undead Scourge/Warrior of the Holy Light) 3 [APG]

Alternate Human Paladin Favored Class Option - +3 to Fire Resistance [APG]

Mercy Chosen at 3rd Level - Sickened

Skills, Feats, Traits:

Skills Diplomacy +10 [3+3CS+4CHA]Heal +6 [3+3CS]Knowledge (Religion) +6 [3+3CS],
FeatsPower Attack [H], Cleave[1st], Greater Mercy (+1d6 to lay on hands if mercy isn't used-UM)[3rd]
Traits Flame of the Dawnflower (+2 Fire Damage when scimitar Criticals)[Qadira Page 23]
Traits Anatomist +1 to confirm criticals [APG]


(General Background - Change as needed)

Lady Chanar Cynore of Solku, priestess of Sarenrae's Bastion in Solku called for Hasaan. Lady Chanar and Lord Hezik Kel-Kelaar, leader of Solku in alliance with the swarves plan to cleanse the Mines of Zol-Kolurket. Solku's battle with the gnolls have left the city in dire straights and they need new sources of income as well as allies. The dwarves have promised to ally themselves for aid, money and gear for assistance. Lady Chanar is sending him to aid against the undead in the mine.


Hasaan has been training for battling undead all his life and now is his time to put it to use. Hasaan is also on the verge of obtaining a special gift of Sarenrae, the aura of light. He is confident taking the fight to the undead will allow his inner light to manifest.

He is also motivated in restoring the mines to bolster hope in the region. Solku was be strengthened against their battle with the gnolls. The dwarves of the region would once again be able to call Zolurket home.

Human female fighter: Mercenary. I'm working on the background now...

Ragrim the Cold

What: Alastor the Necromancer
Where: Alastor keeps his home in the city of Katapesh
Who: Alastor is the 'leader', a man obsessed with the undead and the power he seeks beyond the grave, using a small network of thieves and thugs coupled with his undead experiments, he seeks out local secrets and sources of power to further his research.
Why: Alastor seeks to find the secret which created multiple undead out of a living workforce so quickly and to co-opt it to his own ends and eventually create more of an undead force to aid him in his quest.

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:
1. Stat breakdown
Lawful Neutral
con-13 +2 15
wis- 9 +2 11
cha-17 -2 15

2. Class and Level breakdown Sorcerer 3
3. Skills:
1 Bluff
1 Knowledge Arana
1 Knowledge Dungeoneering
1 Perception
1 Spellcraft

Combat casting

Ghost Sight: +2 perception to locate undead/ethereals
Resilient: +1 to fort saves

4. Basic backstory / personality - Taken as a slave by desert tribes, Ragrim was an anomaly before he met Alastor. His family split by the raid on his home (which was actually close to the mines) he had given up hope of returning home. Inborn magical talent seemed to draw the wizard in and buy him from the slavers, and straight away the wizard began his experiments. Ragrim is pessimistic and submits to authority, but wishes to gain freedom from the magical control his master has.

5. Details on your Motivation - Alastor wills that I do this, to search out the source of power that lies beneath. I have been experimented on for years, Alastor thinking my heritage and natural hardiness would provide a great resource against his magical intrusions. After hearing of the expedition, he leapt at the chance to use my racial background to get a chance to be his eyes and ears underground.

Bantrim the Believer, formerly Bantrim Stonecracker

Dwarf Male Cleric 3


STR 14 (5)
DEX 12 (2)
Con 13 (3) +2 racial = 15
INT 10 (0)
WIS 16 (10) +2 racial = 18
CHA 10 (0) -2 racial = 8

Tunnel Fighter: While underground, you receive a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks and a +1 trait bonus on weapon damage rolls for critical hits (this damage is multiplied on a critical hit).

Missionary: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks, and Knowledge (religion) is a class skill for you. If you cast divine spells, pick three spells on your spell list. You are particularly adept at casting these spells, so they function at +1 caster level when you cast them, and their save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus.

Shield Focus
Weapon Focus

Clerical Powers
Good Domain: You can touch a creature as a standard action, granting a sacred bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal to half your cleric level (minimum 1) for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Domain Spells: 1st—protection from evil, 2nd—align weapon (good only), 3rd—magic circle against evil,

Trained Skills
Heal +11, Perception +4, Sense Motive +4, Track +4, Spellcraft +5


Three weeks short of his 35th name-day, Bantrim Stonecracker lay dying deep within the Mindspin Mountains. His fellows, the battle lust full upon them, rushed deeper into the lair of Cragjaw, king of giants. Weapons flashed in the dim.

His lips trembled, his mind strained to recall the words, to pray for one last boon from Torag, god of the forge. But he'd not been the most devout of clerics in those days, and had blustered and faked his way through most of the rituals. He slipped away while still at the trying.

He dreamt of a land, rolling and wide and green. Before his eyes, shadows spilled from a fissure in the land. The inky black waves crashed against the land, smothering all.

Bantrim found himself floating in the air. The darkened land flew past in a blur of silouetes. He came to rest upon a mountain, standing before a cave. Though he could not see nor hear anything, he felt certain eyes watched him from within. Dead eyes. Hungry eyes. Something immense stirred. Pebbles rolled down the face of the mountain. It was coming for him.

He reached for his axe but found it gone. His fingers closed around his holy symbol instead. A flare of light shot into the cave, white light, brighter than the sun. Bantrim instinctively closed his eyes to it.

When his eyes flickered open again, he was back inside the giant's lair. Grombli, his cousin, peered closely into his face. The battle was won, though there was no sight of Cragjaw.

The giant's maul had caved his helm in, shattering the steel at the point of impact and lacerating his skull. They would never completely remove all of the shards.

He shared his vision with Hrotin Stonefist, the elder cleric. Hrotin attributed the visions to his grevious wounds, noting that it was fortunate that Bantrim had even survived the blow, much less recovered. Bantrim wasn't so sure, however.

Nearly two years after the battle, Bantrim shouldered his few possessions and turned his back to his home. He wanted to find answers, but there were none for him within his clan's holdfast.

He walked aimlessly. He wasn't looking for divine intervention to lead him - he'd only been to the surface on a few rare occassions, and had no bloody clue where to go next. His feet pointed him to Janderhoff, the dwarven trading town. The clerics of Torag there greeted his story with equal parts derision and disbelief. He was bid to return to the mountains, and to lay off the ale.

Discouraged, he chanced upon a small shrine to Desna, the goddess of dreams. The cleric there sent him to Korvosa, where he learned at the Temple of Stars from an elderly human priest simply called Teacher. And so again he had to re-learn what he'd already known.

Teacher instructed Bantrim then to travel the world, to seek out the source of his dream, to bring light into dark places. And so Bantrim has, chasing rumors of evil and rooting them out where they grow. The rumors are, as oft as not, just that. Over the years he has grown a bit jaded, though he still believes strongly in his mandate, and sees all tasks - rumors or no - to their ends.

His faith keeps him on the path. The dream as well, which has not faded the past ten years. He keeps in contact with Teacher by letter, and wonders openly in the text if the old human knows of some secret to longevity that his ilk do not. Hidden in the jest is his fear that his one and true friend will die before Bantrim sees this task done and can return to Korvosa.


Bantrim is not quite as rotund as his brethren, a result of long days on the road, and his long beard is now streaked with traces of gold. He travels by cart when he can, but abhors horses and fears water, so many of the miles are passed one step at a time. Though no harm came to his legs all those years ago in the giant's lair, he walks with a slight limp. The tip of his left boot is prone to drag slightly.

Sometimes he shield hand tingles for no good reason at all, though Bantrim swears it works just fine. He shakes it as though to awaken it from some slumber. He keeps his head shaven, plainly baring the scars of long ago. Though mostly invisible to the eye, Bantrim can feel the tiny bits of steel still buried under his skin, and he rubs at them when deep in thought.

His speech is slurred, especially when he isn't mindful to talk slowly. This, coupled with his heavy dwarven accent, makes him hard to understand at times. If he's been drinking, forget it.


Bantrim's immediate motivation is to get to the next town, village, outpost - wherever the next rumor pointed - and investigate. He is always on the look-out for credible leads that may reveal his vision as truth. As such, he often will travel to far-to-reach mountains and caves and ignore more obvious threats closer by.

Long-term, he simply wishes to find this blasted cave, put an end to the darkness within, and return to Korvosa to have a pint with Teacher, provided the old man is not dead by then. Simple.

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I am interested in this, but do not have the time right now to get a character together. Will try to assemble one tonight or tomorrow.

Makes me happy to see the interest thus far and looking forward to more!

I'll start casting an eye over the apps thus far and let you know if I have any questions in due course.

DM Voice of the Voiceless:

1. Stat breakdown
Str 12(2)
Dex 12(2)
Con 14(2)
Int 15(7)
Wis 16(5)
Cha 10(2)

2. Class and Level breakdown
LG Cleric of Torag 3
Domains: Earth(cave), Artifice

3. Skills, Feats and traits summary
Feats: Gunsmithing, Craft Wondrous Item
Craft (Alchemy) 2R
Craft (Weapon) 3R
Knowledge (Religion) 3R
Knowledge (Engineering) 3R
Spellcraft 3R
Perform (sing) 1R
Traits: Eldritch Smith, Warsmith

4. Basic backstory / personality
Alk grew up in the Sky Citadel of Dongun Hold in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. He is the descendant of survivors who fled the mines when they were overrun. When he learned of expedition, he volunteered to represent his clan, city, and nation. Alk is quite spiritual and believes that if the dwarves are smart and determined Torag will bless them with the fortitude and strength to retake their home. He is also eager, and slightly apprehensions, to prove the worth of his clan and that the firearms they produce are worthy inventions. The eagerness and anxiety are in part due to a lack of personal experience. He is a young engineer, not a hardened explorer. I am intending to multiclass into wizard for a mystic theurge, with a focus on item creation and logistical support. Particularly when the party gets to the camp/kingdom stage, I see him taking on the role of Magister/engineer and overseeing the construction and fortification of the mines.

5. Details on your Motivation
What: Ninth Battalion (As found in the Faction Guide book)
Where: HQ is Earth Axle in the Five Kings Mountains with smaller chapters throughout Avistan
Who: Primary contact with the group is a local chapter in Dongun Hold of Alkenstar composed, in part, by the descendants of Zolurket Miners
Why: The defense and reclamation of dwarven settlements is one of the primary goals of the Ninth Battalion organization. This particular chapter also has a personal connection to the mines as it was their families who were decimated. The present concern of the group is vengeance. They would like to see the undead dwarves put to rest. Ultimately, the reopening of the settlement would be a great boon to reclaiming the glories of old.

DM - Given the number of good cleric submissions, I believe that I will alter my character a bit and change her to a Paladin of Pharasma. She will still be a member of the Voices of the Spires.

Altered Stats:
str: 16
dex: 14
con: 14
int: 10
wis: 10
chr: 14

20pt breakdown
5pt str
5pt chr
5pt con
5pt dex
+2 from race to str

DM, I am in the process of creating my application, a Dwarven Transmuter who loves to get up close with his battleaxe. I'll get a sheet up sometime this evening.

@joy I don't think Pharasma can have paladins, as she is N, or am I missing something. Cool concept though.

Shadow Lodge

Basic sheet and concept, let me know if you have any questions.


Corporal Padyrm Steelribs reporting as ordered sir!

Corporal, have a seat. I understand you want permission to go to Tar-Urkatha and fight against the plague there, is that correct?

Yes sir!

Am I to further understand that you are doing so because of the urgings of that waraxe you found in the last ruins we cleared out?

Yes sir, Magatha here tells me she was created long ago in Tar-Urkatha, and that she'd like nothing better than to reclaim it.

I see. Permission denied soldier. Return to your bunk and pack your gear, Lieutenant Rockhammer's platoon leaves for Tar-Urkatha in the morning.

Life was good for Padrym growing up. A young dwarf with the future before him, he was given the choice between his mother's arcane heritage working with rock, or his father's life as a defender of the dwarven strongholds of the Five Kings Mountains. Deciding that both paths held honor and glory, he picked them both and embarked upon the difficult task of learning both the ways of magic and blade, stone and metal.

Of average height for a dwarf, Padrym has arms of solid muscle packed in a layer of protective brown hair over his entire body. Believing his hair to be the source of his power he refuses to shave it, though he keeps it meticulously clean.

After a long day of training, while at the bar enjoying a much deserved beer, Padrym's life was changed forever. A group of soldiers in the Ninth Battalion was passing through, and their hard bitten eyes and well worn weapons told a story Padrym very much wanted to hear. Approaching the group and questioning them, he found a cause he could believe in, a calling he felt worthy of. Taking his leave of his parents he journeyed with his new company and learned of their ways.

A month ago, after a brutal war against a tribe of drow who had taken over a dwarven fortress from days long past, Padrym uncovered a strange black dwarven battleaxe. The weapon spoke to him, and told him of its past glories. After researching the axe and its history, Padrym requested permission to leave the company and go to Tar-Urkatha, there to find a group of adventurers and purge the evil from the halls. He was denied his discharge, and then told an entire platoon of dwarves would accompany him, to support the community and provide aid to those fighting to retake the ancient dwarven stronghold.


Male Dwarf Magus (Bladebound) 3
LG Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +1; Senses Darkvision (60 feet); Perception +3
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 30 (3d8+9)
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +3
Defensive Abilities Defensive Training
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Magatha +6 (1d10+4/20/x3) and
. . Unarmed Strike +5 (1d3+3/20/x2)
Special Attacks Spellstrike
Magus (Bladebound) Spells Known (CL 3, 5 melee touch, 3 ranged touch):
1 (4/day) Shocking Grasp (x2), Shield (DC 13), True Strike (DC 13)
0 (at will) Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation (DC 12), Light
Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +2; CMB +5; CMD 16
Feats Power Attack -1/+2, Toughness +3
Traits Magical Lineage: Shocking Grasp, Tunnel Fighter
Skills Acrobatics -2, Climb +0, Escape Artist -2, Fly +2, Knowledge (Arcana) +7, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (Religion) +3, Perception +3, Ride -2, Spellcraft +8, Stealth -2, Swim +0, Use Magic Device +3
Languages Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Terran
SQ Arcane Pool (+1) (3/day) (Su), Black Blade (Ex), Black Blade Abiliites (Ex), Compass, Greed, Hardy, Hatred, Slow and Steady, Spell Combat (Ex), Stability, Stonecunning +2
Combat Gear Chain Shirt, Magatha; Other Gear Backpack (17 @ 13 lbs), Bag of Holding, Minor (16 @ 50 lbs), Bedroll, Blanket, Compass, Crowbar, Flint and steel, Iron Spike (5), Mirror, small steel, Mug/Tankard, clay, Rations, trail (per day) (10), Rope, silk (50 ft.), Spade or shovel, Waterskin (5), Weapon Blanch, Silver (2), Whetstone, Whistle, Signal
Arcane Pool (+1) (3/day) (Su) At 1st level, the magus gains a reservoir of mystical arcane energy that he can draw upon to fuel his powers and enhance his weapon. This arcane pool has a number of points equal to 1/2 his magus level (minimum 1) + his Intelligence modifier.
Black Blade (Ex) At 3rd level, the bladebound magus' gains a powerful sentient weapon called a black blade, whose weapon type is chosen by the magus (see sidebar).
Black Blade Abiliites (Ex) A black blade has special abilities (or imparts abilities to its wielder) depending on the wielder's magus level. The abilities are cumulative.
Compass +2 circumstance for Survival or Knowledge (Dungeoneering) to avoid becoming lost.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defensive Training (+4) +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the Giant type.
Greed +2 to Appraise checks to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals or gemstones.
Hardy +2 racial bonus to Poison, Spells and Spell-Like effects.
Hatred +1 racial bonus to attacks against Orcs and Goblinoids.
Magical Lineage: Shocking Grasp A chosen spell counts as 1 level lower when metamagic feats are applied to it.
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Slow and Steady Your base speed is never modified by encumbrance.
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other.
Spellstrike (Su) Deliver touch spells as part of a melee attack.
Stability +4 to avoid being bull rushed or tripped while standing.
Stonecunning +2 +2 bonus to Perception vs unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.
Tunnel Fighter +2 Initiative and +1 critical damage while underground.

DM, here is Gerald's wizard submission. I answered your questions in the background section in my profile. I have yet to select equipment, but I could do that very quickly if accepted. Thank you very much for the consideration, sound like a great game.


DM - Voice of the Voiceless:
Do you have a 3PP list that you approve or is it a case by case base?

I have a fair amount of 3PP stuff, and would like to know if it gets an OK.

Monstrous Races 1 & 2
Dhampir: Scions of the Night
Demon Hunter
In the Company of Giants <- Would like to test run it.
Monk Archetypes
The Secrets of the Taskshaper
Godling + Mystic Godling

I'll come up with a concept after a reply and some thought tonight.

Keep 'em coming - when I get a chance later today I'll collate a list and give individual feedback and questions. The comments below (spoilered more for length) are just the easy ones that pop out at me right now.

I'll be forthright and say that a Necromancer would not be a good fit for the campaign. While some inner-party conflict can be good - an undead sympathetic character would be too much to handle.

Alk is correct in stating that Pharasma does not directly have any Paladins in her service. You could still be a Paladin associated with the Voices of the Spire - so please don't feel the need to change that part. But you'd need to 'technically' be in service of a 'philosophy' or another god.

Case by case - I don't actually own much 3PP stuff outside of Dreamscarred Press' Psionics, so would need spoiler details for anything that you proposed.

In the Company of Giants: Race:

Jotun Racial Traits
• The Jotunnar’s massive physique grants them
prodigious Strength and Constitution. They
enjoy choosing to focus on their physique
granting a single +2 racial bonus to Strength; or
focusing on physical and mental fortitude
granting a +2 racial bonus to Constitution, a +2
racial bonus to Wisdom, and a -2 penalty to
Intelligence. (+2 STR or +2CON +2WIS -2INT)
• Medium: As Medium creatures, Jotunnar
have no special bonuses or penalties due to their
size. Jotunnar can grow to even greater size.
• Low-Light Vision: Jotunnar can see twice as
far as humans in conditions of dim light.
• Jotun base speed is 30 feet
• Jotunnar are use to lording their size over
those around them and possess a +2 racial
bonus to Intimidate and Sense Motive skill
• Jotunnar enjoy a +2 racial bonus to all Craft
skill checks.
• Jotunnar are humanoids with the giant
• Automatic Languages: Common and Giant.
• Bonus Languages: Any.

The Paragon class is too hard to post, And it has some very nasty rules and limits (no weapons or armour proficencies and if you start you have to take a level in it every time you level up and it's fair and not broken in that regard).

Jotun Paragon fragments:

Jotun Paragon
Jotun can take up to twenty levels in “jotun
paragon,” each level represents the character
growing in elemental and giantish might and
reaching a growth cycle of her giantish heritage.
Still not all jotun choose to take paragon levels
instead becoming one of the stunted.
Jotun Paragon Class
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d8.
Class Skills
The giant paragon's class skills are
Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha),
Perception (Wis), Perform (Cha), Sense Motive
(Wis), Stealth (Dex) and Swim (Str).
Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A jotun
paragon is proficient with all simple weapons
and no armor, or shields.

Giant Paragon Class Table
--Base Attack Bonus
----Fort Save
-------Ref Save
----------Will Save
-----------------(Natural Armor)
1st +0 +2 +0 +0 1d6 (+4) Elemental Power, Slam Attacks
2nd +1 +3 +0 +0 1d6 (+4) +2 Strength and Constitution
3rd +2 +3 +1 +1 1d8 (+5) Large Size, Elemental Power
4th +3 +4 +1 +1 1d8 (+5) Rock Throwing
5th +3 +4 +1 +1 1d8 (+6) +2 Strength or Constitution, Rock Catching,
6th +4 +5 +2 +2 1d8 (+6) Elemental Power
7th +5 +5 +2 +2 1d8 (+7) Improved Rock Catching,
8th +6/+1 +6 +2 +2 1d8 (+7) +2 Strength and Constitution,
9th +6/+1 +6 +3 +3 1d8 (+8) Elemental Power
10th +7/+2 +7 +3 +3 2d6 (+8) Huge
11th +8/+3 +7 +3 +3 2d6 (+9) +2 Strength or Constitution
12th +9/+4 +8 +4 +4 2d6 (+9) Elemental Power,
13th +9/+4 +8 +4 +4 2d6 (+10) Oversized Weapon
14th +10/+5 +9 +4 +4 2d6 (+10) +2 Strength and Constitution
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +5 +5 2d6 (+11) Elemental Power
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +5 3d6 (+11) Gargantuan,
17th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +5 3d6 +12 +2 Strength or Constitution
18th +13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +6 3d6 +12 Elemental Power
19th +14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +6 3d6 +13 Militant
20th +15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +6 4d6 +13 +2 Strength and Constitution,Colossal

Gut feel is that it probably isn't a great fit. Regardless of any discussion on class balance, the majority of the tunnels and halls are built for dwarves - so you'll have a lot of trouble maneuvering at higher levels.

App List Thus Far (Apologies if anything is mis-represented):
Balodek - Dwarf Magus (Bladebound) - Ninth Battalion / Blackblade Influence
Hu5tru - Human Ranger - Adopted by Zolurket Descendants
Snorri Durmthad - Dwarf Rogue - ?Zolurket Descendant
ewpierce - Dwarf Cleric - Church of Desna / Vision Quest
scranford - ?Cleric / Inquisitor
Ghastlee - ?Necromancer
Joy - Half-Elf Paladin - Voices of the Spire
Ernst "Love" Lowfield - Dwarf Rogue (Trapsmith) - Pathfinder Society
David James Olsen - Human Paladin (Undead Scourge / Warrior of the Holy Light) - Church of Sarenrae
Salla Q'urtali - Human Fighter - ?
Tirion Jörðhár - ?
Alk Loskgun - Dwarf Cleric (going Mystic Theurge) - Ninth Battalion
Dolgrym Sharpaxe - Dwarf Transmuter - Highhelm Council
Azure_Zero - ?Jotun

Questions to follow....

Here's for Salla. The Seven Swords is her organization. Her profile is also complete.

Salla grew up on the streets, never knowing where she came from or who her parents were. She was raised by older street urchins, and had to fight for to survive. She was a tough and scrappy girl, and made friends as easily as enemies.She was always strong, and quick to boot. She stole what she needed and lived by hiding and fighting constantly. She picked pockets on the streets and broke into houses and cellars at night.

One day, she broke into a manor house with a boy with plans to clean them out while they were at market. They had been watching the man from nearby alleys and had figured out his schedule. They were going to break into the basement, enter the house and take whatever valuables were inside. The plan went smoothly, and they found a small chest full of gold and jewels and some strange papers, as well as a small silver necklace with a strange symbol as the pendant. As they were raiding the kitchen, the owner of the house returned and nearly caught them both, but they were able to slip out the window and they disappeared into the city. They later split the loot and hid it in their secret caches. Salla traded the boy a gold coin to keep the necklace, and wore it everywhere she went.

She forgot about the man and his manor house, and relished in her new-found wealth. She bought clean clothes and hid her urchin's rags in her cache along with most of her gold. She became careless and started exploring the city masquerading as a little noble girl, and always with the necklace. One day, she ventured to the marketplace and was buying an apple, when she heard a voice behind her.

So you're the one who robbed me! he said, lifting her into the air by her hair. Seeing the necklace, he ripped it from her neck. She screamed and sunk her teeth into his arm, then scrambled up and slammed her heel into his nose. He dropped her, but quickly recovered and sent her flying across the cobblestones with a punch to the stomach. He approached her limp form but she raised her foot into his groin from lying down and then as he doubled over, she kneed him once more in the face and snatched the necklace back.
NNNOOO! You don't understand! The man cried as she ran into the crowd and into an alley, out of sight.
Crying, she took a breath and replaced her necklace carefully.
It was then that she noticed a well-dressed man at the end of the alley, simply standing there. He did not move or speak, but simply watched her.
What do YOU want!? she screamed at him, enraged, but he only smiled. He stood quietly, then spoke.
I am Khantos Dieliar. You may call me Khantos. Follow me. And with that he turned on his heel and began walking away quickly. Perplexed and curious, she followed at a distance, darting from cover to cover, but he never looked back. He led her to the outskirts of the city, to a small castle. From the tower flew a red banner with seven golden swords on it.

She followed him inside through the noisy courtyard, past men training and drilling with blunted weapons, to an entry hall with a desk. Here, he sat down. She stood there perplexed and waited for him to speak. Finally, he did.
What do you want most in the world? he asked.
Flustered as she was, she could not come up with an answer.
Listen to me, he said slowly, I know that you are a thief.
I am not! she cried indignantly.
And a liar. Those are not your clothes. And that is not your necklace.
Shut up! I'll beat you up like I did that stupid man in the square!
Oh? he asked, raising his eyebrows. You scored a hit or two, but in the end, you had to flee, didn't you? How would it ahve ended had you stayed, do you think? He would have recovered, and beaten you. Then, the city guards would have taken your stolen clothes, and your stolen necklace, and they would have thrown you in prison.
I...I don't care! Why do you ask such stupid questions?
He looked at her again, pensively. How old are you, girl?
I'm... ah... I don't know... said Salla, frowning. Why does it matter!? What do you want? What is this place!? She asked, her anger rising.
One question at a time! he said loudly, causing her to step back in fear. Now. he said, returning to his quiet manner of speaking. What is your name, girl? he said, dipping a quill in ink.
Salla...Why? she asked meekly.
The man named Khantos scribbled on his piece of parchment silently, then looked up. Salla, I would like to offer you a position in The Seven Swords. he said.
Um... what's that? she asked, frightened.
We are a company of mercenaries. We sell our swords for different reasons. Some for gold. Some for glory. Some for blood. I will warn you, this is a dangerous life. Many of us die terrible deaths, but for those who don't... he said, his eyes glittering, ...glory, gold, and blood...
I dunno... Salla said, biting her lip.
I will teach you to fight. I will teach you to live honorably. I offer you a profession, a lifestyle, a community, and the first step of that golden stair to glory.
Salla said nothing, and looked down at her feet.
Repeat after me, Salla:

Do not lead this one astray;
Tis glory, gold, and blood I crave;
I must away ’ere break of day
To rendezvous with early grave.


For ten years, Salla lived and trained with the Swords, with Khantos as her personal mentor. Though she had a hard time in the training, she grew stronger and quicker, and learned much. Khantos made good on all of his promises, and she learned to fight with sword, axe, mace, and hammer. She learned the martial arts and learned reading and writing. She grew from a scrawny, uneducated thief into a strong warrior, and she left her past behind her.

The Seven Swords:

The Seven Swords was founded by a group of seven retired adventurers and soldiers looking for security and constant income in their age. They have been training all races of people from all over Golarion for over a century, and the company is generally of good repute. The Seven Swords headquarters are located in Katapesh but there are now Swords working throughout Golarion.

A security company of professional mercenaries, The Seven Swords takes contracts ranging from personal security to guarding to supplementation of military forces. Some say they even contract assassinations, but the current heads of the society deny this rumor. In recent history, some have said that the Swords have been growing corrupt and partial to certain causes, but this is a reflection of diversity and differences of motives within the ranks and the authoritative sector. Certainly, there are Swords who bask in destruction and death, but many uphold high standards of morality and ethics, as did the founders.

The main agenda of the Swords is to profit and the company pays its employees well, both in stipend and in plunder. The individuals may have separate agendas from the company itself, but they all share the willingness and ability to fight for their livelihoods. The company accepts almost anyone into its training program, and makes a very efficient and well-functioning army, ready for almost any mission. Occasionally, slaves are purchased to augment the ranks. They may work off their debt and then are free to either continue working or to go on their own ways. A Sword, as they are called, generally works on a basis of contract to contract, and has much freedom in terms of when they work. This, of course is variable depending on the contract, and long-term contracts such as personal security may be taken over individually by Swords.

The Seven Swords currently employ over 5,000 Swords throughout the land and train new recruits constantly for a fickle business where people rise and fall quickly by the sword. Swords in the company are required to give 50% of their loot to the company in exchange for equipment, food, lodging, continued training, contracting services, and funeral arrangements. The rest they may keep, and Swords can become very wealthy, if they don’t die first.

Their motto is

Do not lead this one astray;
Tis glory, gold, and blood I crave;
I must away ’ere break of day
To rendezvous with early grave.

The Seven Swords headquarters are located in Katapesh but there are now Swords working throughout Golarion.

Salla has been trained almost exclusively by her mentor, Khantos Dieliar. In fact, he was the man who first invited her to join the Swords after seeing her fighting prowess as a child. When he heard that there were plans to re-take the ancient Dwarven hold of Zolurket, he immediately recommended her for the job and began teaching her more specific fighting techniques related to the mission.

The Seven Swords see the mission to reclaim Zolurket as another profitable enterprise. As a group of mercenaries, many are eager to ply their trade and be allowed the opportunity to plunder the once-rich mines and subterranean cities. As a company, the Swords will profit as well, and may gain power and new contracts through the glorification of their soldiers in the mission.

I've spoilered the questions below purely to make the post a little less lengthy. Please remember also that I'm open to questions being asked of me both on campaign and character issues.

By way of general feedback I'll state that while I'll look to build a competent party - I'm most interested in the motivation of your character and how that will influence the overall campaign.

Concept is sound, as is the present detail on the fluff. If accepted there would be some minor variations in the background to reflect the campaign, but nothing major.
Have you given any thought to the Ninth's tradition of battle songs?
Given that Magatha is sentient, how would you reflect that while RPing?

Concept is sound, fluff is sufficient for now.
Point of clarification, dwarven lifespan is max of about 450 years and Zolurket was abandoned 600 years ago. So your adopted clan can be descendents of those that fled - but no dwarf living today was alive when Tar-Urkatha was actually mined. Just wanted to make it clear.
Can you describe how the Jaded trait applies to your character? - what has caused her to feel that way?

Snorri Durmthad:
Crunch is ok, but need details on your character's motivation.

Crunch is fine, and fluff is intriguing.
What is the long play for Bantrim? - it seems that as soon as his 'vision' is fulfilled he'll pack up and head home. Given that this campaign is intended to eventually have some Kingmaker-ish elements, it would be nice to have a reason for him to want to see Zolurket returned to glory.

Crunch is fine, and I do like the Voices of the Spire as a group. I don't have a problem with you being a member of the group and a Paladin.
How does your character validate an LG outlook within a Neutral organisation? - I'm imagining there would be some friction on the fringes.

Ernst Lowfield:
Crunch and fluff are both sound.
I like the Pathfinder angle - how do you see that playing out over time? will he remain in the fold, seek to start his own chapter, etc.
Also, if you find that the substance is dangerous for spoileriffic reasons - would you still send some back to your Venture-Captain?

David James Olsen:
Crunch and fluff are fine.
If accepted I'll need to work on the background a bit with you to reflect the actual campaign.
Where has Hasaan been fighting the dead so far, and what is his opinion on dwarves?

Salla Q'urtali:
Crunch looks ok, and fluff has the required details.
I take it the Seven Swords are a custom? - given that they are mercenaries, would you character be in it solely for the gold?

Alk Loskgun:
Crunch look ok, and crafting will be possible assuming you live long enough :)
Given the interest in the Ninth, what battlesong is on your character's lips as they stride into battle? (feel free to make one up)

Dolgrym Sharpaxe:
Crunch and fluff look fine.
If selected there will be a few minor variations to the background required, but nothing major.

Applications still open!

I will change her deity to Iomedae.

There is some friction, which is why she prefers to take assignments that take her far from the main group for extended periods of time. The main goal of the eradication of undead is worthy enough for her to keep working with them though.

DM Voice of the Voiceless:

Ah, I meant to imply that they were descendants, but I gather I failed. And yes, the fluff I have there is more shallow than I typically submit for things, but I also like to clearer idea of the setting when I make my characters. for example, I read up quite a bit on Ustalav before I made my Carrion Crown character, so that she would seem more organic.

Now that I look at the fluff for the "Jaded" trait again, I am uncertain that it is a good fit for the Rana personality I submitted, to be honest. I typically base character on crunch. Rana will be a switch hitter ranger...

If you do not mind terribly, I will be considering the trait choice a little more carefully and expanding on the history over the next few days as well. I think if you page through my various aliases you can see that I typically have between 2-4 pages worth of text for my characters save for one I started several levels into the campaign and didn't wish to over specialize.

Hu5tru - no problems, just wanted to be clear on the descendents issue. Character tweaking is also fine.

DM Voice of the Voiceless:

Initially, the long play was that Bantrim would never see his quest fulfilled, as there will always be evil elements just over the horizon that need to be put down. But thinking a bit about this campaign, I think I can append something to the bottom to tie in Zolurket and point toward his future.

Bantrim returned from his latest expedition discouraged and weary. The townsfolk of Restov had mistaken the lair of a small group of gnolls for a hive of undead. Gnolls were nasty creatures certainly, but not as like to run ruin over the world entire.

His spirits brightened upon discovering a new missive from Teacher. He cracked the seal. His heart fell even before he read the first word. Teacher's normally smooth and tidy hand was largely absent, save in brief glimpses sandwiched between sudden, jagged lines of ink. An invisible hand clamped over his throat as he began to read.


Brother Bantrim -

I hope this finds you well and strong, in spirit as well as body. The work of the goddess is no easy thing to bear. Mine own frail shoulders should well know. And yet, you have carried a far greater weight than any I have ever known.

The long night is nigh upon me. I shall pass from this world, but fear not for me. I rush into the arms of Desna, to know at last of true peace. I can think of no greater reward for a faithful servant. I wish the same for you.

You have been more than a student to me. Yet I must play the teacher one final time. Do not rush home. I will be gone from this place long before you arrive. And there is one final task to put before your road-worn feet.

There is to be a great expedition to restore the hall of Zolurket from the lurking darkness. Clear the vile stain from this proud Dwarven fortress. And then stay your feet, I bid you. Help establish the great Tar-Urkatha once again.

You have done great things in the name of Desna. Yet a restless man knows no peace. Let your hands know something other than the heft of your weapon for a spell. Fit stone back into place. Help life to grow again.

Best you are on your way. Zolurket is many miles and more, and your stubby legs can only carry so many in a day.

Until we meet again,
Progh Nasberil


The next day found Bantrim again on the road, like all the many days before. Teacher's final note was stowed safely inside his pack. He'd re-read the letter a dozen times. His mind lingered over the words as he walked.

At first he'd felt depressed and listless. But with each progressive pass over the note, his spirits restored some tiny portion. It'd been long since he'd been in a proper dwarven fortress. The prospect of cleansing the home of his dwarven brethren, and then making it to rights again, quickened his step.

Yes, the Swords are a custom. The company is mostly about gold, but each Sword also has individual agendas. For Salla, it is about gold, experience, and proving herself. She is also on an ongoing quest for self-identity, and she is still very young, so this is a chance for her to gain a lot of experience, respect, and renown. I am thinking that this will be her first major contract. Shall I add this to the background?

Would you allow Psionics Unleashed from Dreamscarred Press? It can be found on the PFSRD and is basically psionics from 3.5 updated to Pathfinder. Probably more balanced than most of Paizo's stuff. :P

ewpierce / Salla - thanks for the responses.

Jen - I am open to Psi Unleashed (it's actually the only 3PP Pathfinder stuff I own), but would reserve final judgement pending submission of concept.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

The Jotun Paragon fragments, was just part of the paragon

here's the size piece

Size fragment:
Size Increase (Ex): you continue to grow in
height and weight as you gain power at 3rd level
you become size Large, at 10th you become size
Huge, at 16th you become size Gargantuan, and
at 20th level you become size Colossal. No ability
score modifications arise as a result of the
growth, though you do gain all the other
associated penalties and benefits for the size
change listed in the table below, the table lists
the total bonus or penalty they are not
cumulative. Your equipment also resizes to fit
your new size as long as you possess it at the
time you gain the appropriate level. You can as
a full round action reduce your size back down
one category, it also takes a standard action
to increase your size back up one category.
(there is a table for size penalties and bonuses
applies to ATK/AC, CMB/CMD, fly and stealth skill,
and land speed)

It means I can stay medium size in the tunnels
and size up in more open area's

Shadow Lodge


If it fits with the character (which I think it will) I would probably end up putting a point in Perform (Sing) and learning some of their battle songs. A lot of that would end up depending on how the Ninth Battalion is setup and interacts with me (if chosen of course). As an alternative if that's something you're interested in seeing more of I could work some points around and change Padrym to a bard in order to provide a larger in-game presence of the Ninth, although I would have to rework a few things.

As for the intelligent weapon, I'm currently playing an Oracle with the Haunted Curse in another game (Shackled City (Finneas Glenn)) and usually what I do is Female voice: Orcs, kill them! or something similar to show there are thoughts in my head not my own. Sometimes I'll speak aloud my half of the conversation in order to give other characters a chance to speak up and explore that aspect of my character.

Unless you want to start two groups, I think we are a lot already, and you have another dwarf rogue, so I'm afraid I'll bail out on this one. Good game to everyone else!

My gut feel is the same, that it isn't a great RP fit - even without looking at the mechanics.
But if it is what you would like to propose, by all means put it forward as an application and it will be reviewed on the same level as any other.

Stick with your preferred proposal - don't change to a bard unless you want to. The battlesongs can always be worked in and around without needing bard levels.
If you do make it in, I'd reserve the right to occasionally provide a bit of NPC input to you from your weapon as you progress through.

Pixel Cube - I can state with certainty that I'm only looking at a single group.

But do not get discouraged if you are thinking of putting in an application. I don't go by first in best dressed so have made no decisions yet.

I'll come up with a few more character ideas.
I'll let you pick the one you like.
The list will be done tonight.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless:

I'll be looking at the bestiaries, other paizo content, and my 3pp content.

Do you allow 3.5 content?
Do you allow custom content?

Azure_Zero - I would ask that you put forward only a single character that you think would best fit with the campaign that I have proposed.

Shadow Lodge

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

My Shackled City GM does the same, so no worries from me about that. I think I'll keep Magus then, I've never played one and would really like to try them out, and I think I'll be a stronger candidate with the Magus.


The main thing about the background was that Sarenrae has a presence in Solku right next to Zolurket.

Hasaan trained against undead in Osirion ruins around the Junira river as well as with the Pahmet dwarves in the Northern Brazen Peaks. Working with the Pahmet Sand Dwarves in Osirion has taught him while they are fierce and protective, that they have great honor and dedication to tradition.

He looks forward to working with more dwarves, traditional or Pahmet dwarves. Reclaiming the mines is of great interest, not only in combating the undead, but in restoring the dwarven stronghold and bringing about redemption for the mistakes there in the past and restoring hope in the region.

One character concept, got it.

I'll be looking at the bestiaries, other paizo content, and my 3pp content.

Further inquiry

Do you allow 3.5 content (looking a few heritor feats)?
Is this campaign more RP or more Combat, or a balance of the two?

David - noted and thanks for the response.

Balodek - noted.

Azure_Zero - in general I'd be looking at Pathfinder ruleset content only. The early Paizo 3.5 stuff is ok and can be jury-rigged to compliance. I would say a general no to any other 3.5 content.

The campaign will hopefully have it's fair share of both combat and RP. The RP will be both interpersonal as well as eventually at a diplomatic level. Similarly the combat will be predominately mano a mano, but hopefully eventually have some larger scope.

Voice, spoilered for length:

DM - Voice wrote:
Crunch and fluff are both sound.

Sweet! I will need to level him up but that should be a doodle.

DM - Voice wrote:

I like the Pathfinder angle - how do you see that playing out over time? Will he remain in the fold, seek to start his own chapter, etc.
Also, if you find that the substance is dangerous for spoileriffic reasons - would you still send some back to your Venture-Captain?

Well technically I have no idea if Eidelbrecht is a venture captain at all. This could be a a powergrab or somone using the Pathfinders for their own ends, or even a con. Love may not be working for the Pathfinders at all. I an leaving that wide open on purpose.

Over time it depends on how things play out if the Pathfinders play hardball putting more pressure on Love or trying to micromanage him then he will resist. I could even see active opposition if things spiral out of control in a noirish fashion. It could become a personal war between Eidelbrecht and her faction in the Pathfinders and Love and his supporters in the mine. I see a Smiley/Karla war in the shadows more than a battle of five armies shaping up though. On the otherhand if they take a hands off approach and trust Loves judgement and provide help and assistance when needed then he will see no reason to oppose the group and may well become the local venture captain. Basicaly Love is a specialist. Right now he is focused on his craft over time his view will broaden and he will need to find a place for himself outstde the world of falling blocks and spring-loaded darts.

On the substance question. No he would not. If the stuff is nasty enough that Love feels the world would be better with out it then he would happily destroy it/cover it up/collapse the mine on it/lie like a presidential canidate to keep the stuff out of hands he did not trust. Mind you if they can convince him that their hands are a good place for the stuff then he will happily turn it over.

Sound good so far?

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