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The worst criminals in Talingarde have been thrown in Branderscar Prison. Can they escape, and if so, what will they do next?

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In the kingdom of Talingarde, many crimes may send you to Branderscar Prison, but the sentence has but one meaning: you are wicked and irredeemable. Each of you received the same greeting when you arrived. You were held down by rough hands and branded upon the arm with a runic F. The mark signifies ‘forsaken’ and the painful scar is indelible proof that each of you has betrayed the great and eternal love of Mitra and his chosen mortal vassals.

Condemned, you face at best a life of shackles and servitude in the nearby salt mines. Others might await the “gentle” ministrations of the inquisitors so that co-conspirators may be revealed and confessions extracted. Perhaps some of you will be spared this ordeal. Perhaps instead you have come to Branderscar to face the final judgment. In three days, the executioner arrives and the axe falls or the pyre will be lit. Through fire or steel, your crimes will be answered.

This campaign is a run-through of the Way of the Wicked Adventure Path from Fire Mountain Games that will hopefully go fully from levels 1-20. Every one of the PCs is a criminal, the worst of the worst. You’ve all been caught, and you’ve all been sentenced for your crimes. Your only hope is to escape from a prison no one has ever escaped from before. Who knows? Perhaps you will be the first - or perhaps you will fail and meet naught but a just and righteous punishment for your crimes - after all, what else could you possibly deserve? You definitely committed the crime you are charged with - there are no innocents here.

I will be accepting 4-6 PCs for this campaign. I’m looking for minimum 1 post a day on weekdays. Weekends are optional, but it’s always nice to see when you do. Recruitment will be open until 11:59 pm EST October 31st, and I will make decisions a day or two later. We’ll hopefully be under way by the first weekend of November - unless you all make it hard for me to choose. Character Creation details are below.

Note this is an EVIL campaign, and plan accordingly.

The Makings of a A Villain:

Ability Scores: 25 Point Buy, no score above 18 after racial modifiers. No score below 8 before racial modifiers, and try to limit yourself to only 1 such score.

Races: Any Paizo 15 RP or below, however, part of this campaign involves moving discretely and without drawing attention to yourselves. The more monstrous races might have a hard time doing so, which could result in certain difficulties during portions of the campaign, so choose carefully. Aasimar and Tieflings can roll once each on their respective Variant Ability tables (Tieflings do not need the Fiendish Heritage feat) and choose between the result of the roll and keeping their SLA. Alternatively, they may roll twice, but must choose the results of one of the two rolls. Variant heritages are allowed. They may roll as many times as they wish on their respective alternate physical features charts

Classes: Any Paizo except Paladins and Gunslingers (Bolt Ace is okay). Unchained Summoner must be used, Unchained Barbarian, Monk, and Rogue may be used. Antipaladins may be played, with their alignment changed to Any Evil (Fire Mountain Games has an antipaladin archetype specifically for this campaign). I will consider third party content on a case-by-case basis, but since I am unfamiliar with much of it, I will have to review it before coming to a decision. Archetypes by Fire Mountain Games specifically for this campaign are automatically approved. Maximum possible Hit Points at 1st level.

Please note that classes with animal companions will not have their companions available to them at the start of the campaign. If your class has a familiar, you don’t have that either. Divine casters start with no holy symbol, wizards no spell books or bonded item. No one has any spell component pouches, either. Prepared casters start with their spells prepared, but nothing else. The campaign assumes that firearms have not reached Talingarde, so no archetypes that replace class features with firearms, please.

Skills: Background Skills will be used. In addition, every class gets an extra 2 skill ranks per level. You will be lacking a lot of the support that a traditional adventuring party would have access to, so you’ll need a few extra tricks. Regular Skill unlocks and Occult Skill unlocks are both okay as well.

Feats: We will be using feat taxes, as described here. Combat Stamina is free for Fighters, and everyone can spend a feat for it.

Traits: Any two traits, plus one of the Crime traits below. This serves as your campaign trait.

Alignment: Your only alignment choices are lawful neutral, neutral, lawful evil, and neutral evil. Good alignments will not work with the campaign (since you are supposed to be the villains), and chaotic alignments tend to be poor choices as well. This is not the campaign for rebellious loners. If there is a class you want to play that requires a chaotic alignment, you may consider that requirement waived. Lawful Evil is STRONGLY encouraged.

Deities: Worshipping Asmodeus is STRONGLY encouraged for everyone, especially divine casters. I will not make it mandatory, but it is important enough that if I have two similar characters I like equally, one who worships Asmodeus and one who worships another deity, that may end up being the tiebreaker between them. The only other deity that figures into the adventure is Mitra, who is Lawful Good. Obviously, all good-aligned deities are inappropriate for this campaign. If you want to worship a deity who isn’t Asmodeus, any non-good Golarion deity is acceptable, although some may be harder to justify than others.

Starting Gold: 0 gp. Zip, nada, nothing. You’re prisoners. You don’t get nice things. You only have the ragged remnants of whatever clothing you were wearing when you were arrested.

Villain Points: At certain points, I will award the players Villain Points. These function similarly to Hero points, and have similar uses. Everyone can start with 1.

Background: Tell me who you were, what your crime was, and how you were caught. How did your family and friends react? Did they spurn you? Cast you aside? Did they plead with the magistrate who handled your trial - if it could be called such - to grant you leniency? What does your character look like? What sort of personality do they have? 1 - 3 paragraphs is perfectly acceptable, but more will not hurt your case, and I will read it. If you have a class that has an animal companion, bonded mount, or familiar, tell me if they were killed in your arrest, taken from you, or if they escaped and may be waiting nearby. If your companion has been killed, you may consider the appropriate mourning period to have passed by the start of the game.

Though it doesn’t need to be included in your background, make sure your character is the kind of person who would be willing to sign an Infernal contract and join an evil organization bent on bringing the Kingdom of Talingarde to its knees. This aspect of your character is 100% non-negotiable.

Other Rules: We will not be using Automatic Bonus Progression. There are rules sub-systems specific to the AP we will use, which I will explain when we reach that point.

This campaign also offers the ability to become a vampire or a lich, and has created feat chains and methods for you to do so. The first feat in the Vampire chain is below. If there is another template’s abilities you would like to possibly replicate, we’ll see if we can create feats that will allow you to either replicate that template’s abilities or take the template.

Evil loves power, and these characters should be quite powerful. What’s that? You want a bit more power? Or perhaps a little extra versatility? Well then, my potential villains, make your character with a free Virtual Multi-Class. If we need to create one for a class that doesn’t have one yet, I’ll work with you to do that, using existing VMCs as a base. This means you cannot choose a VMC through the standard means (sacrificing feats).

Crime Traits:

These 20 traits are meant to provide sufficient variety in crimes committed that there are plenty of options, but are not meant to be an exhaustive list. If there is another you would like to add, I am willing to work with you to see if we can create an appropriate Crime trait.

Arson: You have willfully started a fire that destroyed property. To be sent to Branderscar, you didn’t start just a minor little trash fire. Your act of arson threatened a major town, city, church or castle and likely cost someone their life. You’ll be punished for your crime by facing the fire yourself.
-->Punishment: Death by burning
-->Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit with a fire attack, you receive a +2 fire damage bonus to your damage roll. This bonus is a trait bonus.

Attempted Murder: You tried to kill someone and botched the job. To be sent to Branderscar Prison, you did not try to kill just anyone. You likely assaulted someone of great importance and prominence.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.

Blasphemy: Either you have defamed the great god Mitra or you have been found guilty of worshipping one of the forbidden deities (who preeminent among them is Asmodeus).
-->Punishment: Death by burning
-->Benefit: +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (religion) is always a class skill for you.

Consorting with Dark Powers (Witchcraft): You have been found guilty of summoning an evil outsider. Likely you were captured by the famed witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld. The last thing he said to you was, “May Mitra have mercy upon your wretched, damned soul.” If only you could get a chance at revenge!
-->Punishment: Death by burning
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (planes) and Knowledge (arcana) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

Desecration: You have violated one of the churches, cathedrals or holy shrines of the great god Mitra. To be sent to Branderscar this was no minor act of vandalism. Instead you have done something flagrant and spectacular to dishonor the Shining Lord.
-->Punishment: Death by burning
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.

Desertion: You have deserted from the Talirean military and been recaptured. To get sent to Branderscar this was not some minor or routine dereliction of duty. Instead, you abandoned your post during a time of crisis -- perhaps battle or while defending the Watch Wall. Regardless of the exact circumstances, your laziness and cowardness must have caused loss of life.
-->Punishment: Death by hanging
-->Benefit: You receive one bonus skill point per level that must be spent on the Profession (Soldier) skill. Profession (Soldier) is always a class skill for you.

Dueling Unto Death: You have engaged in a duel to the death and mortally wounded an opponent. The opponent was honorable enough to say nothing before he expired. Alas that his family or companions were nowhere near so honorable. Dueling was once common in Talingarde before the House of Darius came to power. The House of Barca all but encouraged duels of honor. Now, dueling of any sort is punished severely. Dueling to the death is a sure way to be sent to Branderscar Prison.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Fortitude saves

Extortion: You have defrauded money from someone by holding information of their wrongdoing over their heads. To end up in Branderscar, this was no minor act of merely threatening to expose someone. Instead you have attempted extortion against someone of great prominence and for exorbitant stakes.
-->Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
-->Benefit: You receive a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.

Forgery: You have forged documents issued either by the crown or by the Church of Mitra. Alas, that your forgery while competent was not entirely undetectable. To be sent to Branderscar, this was no minor finagling of paperwork. This forged document could have cost lives, undermined the reputation of the Church or endangered the security of the realm.
-->Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
-->Benefit: You gain a +3 trait bonus to Linguistics skill checks to commit forgery and Linguistics is always a class skill for you.

Fraud: You tried to bilk someone out of their cash. To end up in Branderscar Prison, this was no petty con job or penny ante racket. Instead, you brazenly tried to defraud someone important of a huge sum of money. And it almost worked too!
-->Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
-->Benefit: You receive a +2 trait bonus to Bluff checks and Bluff is always a class kill for you.

Grave Robbery: It is forbidden by sacred law to dishonor a corpse after it is been sealed in its tomb by a clergy of the Mitran faith. Some may not honor this ban: necromancers, golem crafters, self-styled scientists, and alchemists delving into the forbidden secrets of life and death. These ghouls can expect no mercy from the Talirean Magistrates. And by sending you to Branderscar Prison, you have received none.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to confirm critical hits.

Heresy: You have denied the supremacy of Mitra and been condemned for it. For this to be a crime, you were not content to keep your heresy to yourself. You tried to sway others. Likely you were captured by the famed witch hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld. The last thing he said to you was: “Mitra may forgive you yet for your lies. Talingarde will not.” If only you could get a chance at revenge!
-->Punishment: Death by burning.
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against divine spells.

High Theft: You had a foolproof plan to steal some great treasure. Alas, the scheme had a fatal flaw and went horribly awry. To be sent to Branderscar prison, this was no ordinary robbery attempt. You tried to steal something of great value or religious significance.
-->Punishment: Life at hard labor in the salt mines
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Reflex saves.

High Treason: You have willfully worked to bring down the current Monarch of Talingarde -- the beloved King Markadian V called the Brave of House Darius. To be successfully tried for High Treason you have done more than merely dislike the king, you did something tangible to undermine his rule. Alas, that you failed at your plot and are now headed to Branderscar Prison. Treason is the only crime that is still punished by the gruesome ritual of being drawn and quartered. Your stay at Branderscar will be brief.
-->Punishment: Death by drawing and quartering
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Will saves.

Kidnapping: You have abducted someone perhaps to ransom them or do unspeakable things to them. Unfortunately, you were caught and your victim was rescued (if they weren’t
rescued -- you would be guilty of murder instead). To be sent to Branderscar Prison, you must have abducted someone of great importance or in a particularly gruesome manner.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to both Disarm and Grapple attempts.

Murder: You have killed without just cause and been condemned for it. To be sent to Branderscar Prison, this was no typical killing but a particularly savage and unforgivable act. You may also have killed someone with powerful friends.
Note: You are not allowed to have killed someone in the royal family of Talingarde. You may have tried (this would instead be High Treason -- see above) but ultimately they are too well protected.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You deal 1 additional point of damage when flanking a foe. This additional damage is a trait bonus.

Piracy: You have been caught in the act of piracy on the high seas. This is a rare crime these days since Markadian I called the Victorious burned the last major pirate fleet to threaten these isles. Still the crime is punished harshly. Likely you are the sole survivor of your ship.
-->Punishment: Death by hanging
-->Benefit: You may select either Bluff or Intimidate. The selected skill receives a +2 trait bonus and is always a class skill for you.

Sedition: You have attempted to covertly stir up rebellion against your rightful sovereign. This differs from high treason in that you attempted to convince others to make war against Talingarde instead of taking direct action yourself. A subtle difference to be sure. But it is the difference between receiving the swift justice of the axe instead of the slow suffering upon the rack.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Bluff checks and Bluff is always a class skill for you. Further if you ever take the Leadership feat, you gain a +1 trait bonus to your Leadership score.

Slave-Taking: Slavery is illegal in Talingarde and a very rare crime. Still, once in a great while, slavers from the mainland will foolishly make an incursion into Talirean protected territories. When they are captured alive they are always made an example of.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus to both Disarm and Grapple attempts.

Slave Trading: Slavery is legal in other parts of the world and it can be tempting to the most decadent of Talingarde’s nobility to acquire a “souvenir” when traveling abroad or to purchase the object of their desire from a less reputable merchant. However you ended up trading slaves in Talingarde, you were caught red handed and now you will lose more than simply your freedom.
-->Punishment: Death by beheading
-->Benefit: You receive one bonus skill point per level that must be spent on the Appraise skill. The Appraise skill is always a class skill for you.

The Bitten:

Prerequisites: You must be bitten by a vampire.

You have been bitten by a vampire and infected with the curse of undeath. As you sicken, your senses heighten and you become profoundly aware that every day, you are changing into something both more and less than mortal. You have only begun your transformation into the living dead.

Benefits: You gain darkvision 30 ft. and the Alertness feat, however, your Constitution score is lowered by two permanently.

In order to be considered for selection, you must have both a completed character and backstory when recruitment closes. They do not need to be in an alias, although if they are not, please post them together in the same post so I don’t have to find two different posts to review them. I will consider the strength of your backstory first, party balance second. If there is anything not mentioned that you would like to ask about, feel free to do so. If there is a possibility of variation in the interpretation of feat or class feature interactions, please ask me about it so you can know how I will interpret that case. Prior knowledge of the AP (especially the first part) is okay, so long as you can keep player and character knowledge separate.

After I initially look over your character, I will post a spoiler here in the thread with any questions I have or any errors I noticed. I may also ask you to expand on a point or two in your backstory if I notice something I think could use expansion. Please don’t get the impression that my asking you a bunch of questions means you have less of a chance of getting chosen, or that not asking you any questions means you have less of a chance of getting chosen. Nothing is final until recruitment closes and I can consider everyone’s submissions.

Definitely interested! I'm going to spend some time to think about some options, but I've definitely got a few ideas floating around my head. :)

I'd like to play a female Teifling mesmerist. Basic backstory would involve a cult built around her since her childhood, with her as "daughter of Asmodeous". Crime would probably be blasphemy. Will have more information as I work on the character.


Thinking a Human Unchained Scaled Fist Monk/Draconic Bloodline (Red) Sorcerer. Likely an Arsonist or Murderer for his given crime.

The character would start as a Monk and pick up sorcerer at level 2. The eventual hope would be to move into Dragon Disciple.

If I was not running it I would submit, looks like it'll be a great campaign :-)

@ST Shadow - I'm playing in one and running this, so feel free to submit. Just keep the player knowledge separate from the character knowledge.

@Aest - I'm interested to see what you come up with. I haven't seen many Mesmerists in action yet.

@Talomyr - Sounds pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how it shakes out.

@Joseph Soltz - The hard part is narrowing all those great ideas down, isn't it?

Dotting. Thinking of a Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus.


Do you allow Variant Tiefling Heritages?


Will you allow the Trait that gives you a Birthmark in the shape of your deity's holy symbol?

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I have a character concept done up for a previous recruitment. The background is pretty flexible class wise. I originally made it as an arcanist. Let me know if the background works for you.


“You’re him.” The voice was coarse but the man couldn’t contain his surprise. Gallen drew himself up from leaning against the cell wall though his muscles ached and made a wry smile, “Who would that be my new friend?”

“You tried to kill the young Prince and-” before the man could continue Gallen let out a snort though his longs cried out in pain, if not for the darkness there surely his new cell mate would have seen him wince. Gallen licked his lips in a vain attempt to moisten their cracked surface “I didn’t try to kill anyone, not yet anyway. I wouldn’t kill him anyway, that would be wrong.” He wagged a filth covered finger for emphasis.” The man peered accross the dim, small space between them, waiting a moment before speaking “But the guards they said you were going to try and kill young Prince.”

Gallen held up a hand “I think you’ve been quite misinformed about me, my good- appollogies I neglected to ask your name, what is it?” The newcomer hesitated, his mother always told him names had power and mages could twist them to their advantage but seeing as where they both were it would make little difference for much longer. “I’m called Gregor.”

Gallen ran a grimy hand through his hair “Well Gregor, I’m just trying to write a great wrong. I’d rather not bring the boy into it but I needed the edge to perform my duty. My associates weren’t going to harm the boy, I just required a lock of his hair. A small thing indeed but I had hoped in the coming years to put it to good use, leverage to gather more- useful objects. It’s a long term plan, I admit it would have taken a few decades, I might have had to pass it down to my own children… if I had a bit more time to have a few that is. They call it a conspiracy, they claim I set up a cult to incite treason. It’s all lies, of course, they won’t listen to me long enough to realise that, they either just hit me or call me mad and stop listening.”

Gregor inched a little further away, no small task in the enclosed space. “Nothing to be afraid of Gregor, if I didn’t have you I’d have no company. No I am an uncomfortable reminder of truths they wish burried with me. Firstly I didn’t set up the cults, I just looked for them and tried to give them some hope, some direction. Now the one I had the most influence over had my departed associates in it, Mephistopheles and his followers are a lot more cunning and discrete than our countrymen give them credit for. I wasn’t trying to start any treasonous activity, but infact trying to put and end to treasonous activities. I can see by your confused look my good man I’ve lost you. Time for a little history lesson.”

“As you know doubt know House Barca once ruled, but they became decadent and corrupt. You know this I know, I’ll get to the point. The Victor arose and he did some much needed cleaning house, they had become weak and the new order was better for a time. Then came the Learned of course, the Eldest but no true interest and was derelict in his duties. No denying it we must see these things warts and all. But the next parts going to contain a few truths for you, Gregor so listen well, Hallen, the Mad-” Gallen lets out a whistle and a laugh “who was succeeded by Marcus the Zealous, son of the Learned. Stop and think about that for a second. Marcus did not succeed his father, who as the stories claim was killed by Hallen. This sounds very odd. No five months after the King dies his son claims the throne after his uncle has an accident. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the line of succession has become so messy hear and that there’s been a lot of accidents in the family? One mad son, these things happen. But righteous Paladins sworn to uphold the law help him on his way and find a speedy end to his reign… there’s something missing. I’m going to tell you one of the biggest secrets of the state.”

Gallen leans forward conspiratorially “Marcus the Zealous was not the son of the Learned. I mean if he had been he would have suceeded his father, according to the history books a mad man with a flaming sword killed his brother and they chose him to be the King over the man’s son and heir? Hallen claimed Mithra guided him, a man everyone admits was somewhat imbalanced. Then his successor who was previously overlooked comes forward becomes known as the Zealous, bans worship of Asmodeus and exalts Mithra. The Church of Asmodeus was the cause of Hallen’s poor mental health. The Church of Asmodeus who at that time was not particularly populous or powerful? Or did this young man who claimed to be the son of Martius need a scape goat that was at the time neither powerful or populous enough to be a big problem.” Gallen drew closer to Gregor who had nowhere to hide from him and his uncomfortable truths now “Or did a powerful group throw their lot behind a man they believed they could manipulate and control, a man who needed help not meddling and when they found him growing more unstable they either created an heir from scratch in a son who was previously overlooked for succession or if there was a child in the first place they used there influence to push a mentally infirm man into a position that made his condition worse? Whats the common thread, Mithra and his paladins, the power behind the throne. A good purge can root out anyone who raises an objection, you just need an excuse like a small church possessing your King with a demon, something I am sure over the course of five months one of the Paladins of Mithra who so valiantly guarded him to his doom would have noticed.”

“My father told me of those times, he was young but he remembered quite a bit, painful memories but he was sure to instill the essence of the emotion into me before he died. How his father a kind but troubled man was pushed beyond reason by them. His mother barely got him out of the capital after Halen met with an accident. Now you’re doubting me, I wasn’t there but he told me the tales and my grandmother, old as she was backed him up and filled in the details to me he was too young to remember. She wasn’t too close to the ruling side of things but King Hallen took her to bed and married her, he performed the ceremony himself. Sadly there is no paperwork and granny did admit she was not the only wife Halen took in secret in this fashion but none of the others got out of the capital before the purge. I could have just put the tales down to the ramblings of those who had seen too much in their time but even the facts made public make no sense. It is my duty to remove the insidious treasonous cancer that festers in the throneroom of this country. I have no crown, or scepter, no treasury or armies to back my claim but I have the truth and unlike those who stand and claim to be my betters I can go to my grave knowing even if I have not succeeded I gave it my all. I am not Gallen Baran of the Heartland, I am Gallen of House Darius, true heir and rightful ruler of Talingarde.” Seeing the fear in Gregors eyes Gallen made a placating gesture. “Apologies, my nerves are frayed and I am weary. I have watched men and women die I called friend, I would not lie and call them good but they had conviction, surely that counts for something. I will not be shackled by the illusions of the followers of Mithra that have clouded the minds of my ancestors, I have clarity, even if you put no stock in my heritage and we did just meat in unfortunate circumstance so I will forgive you for that, consider the history you have been indoctrinated in, see the lies Gregor, question the inconsistencies and ask yourself, what if I am right?”


Someone posted a homebrew campaign that sounds quite a bit like this a few years ago. He completely ghosted everyone in the middle of recruitment though, so it never came to anything.

I'm thinking a movement speed based monk build, though I'll have to think through it with the additional rules.


Interested in playing an aasimar antipaladin.

@Circe - Yes, I do allow Variant Heritages. Forgot to post that. As for the trait...I will allow it, but we'll say that you need to obtain some magical healing for it to function as a holy symbol - those who captured you made sure to deface it as a blasphemy against Mitra.

@Shadowtail - Way of the Wicked came out about 5 or so years ago, I think, and I've seen several recruitments for it since I started PbP in 2013-2014. Still, I don't intend to ghost partway through recruitment, and I'm looking forward to what you create.


The backstory looks good, and I look forward to seeing the crunch of the character. Couple of things:

1. There is no Prince in the realm, just the Princess - Princess Bellinda. Just clearing that up.

2. I'd like you to flesh out more of the history before Gallen got arrested. How did he come to be involved in his crimes? Did he ever believe the stories from his grandmother and father were just fantasies, or has he always been a believer?

3. Regardless of the character's beliefs, are you okay with them turning out to just be fantasies?

@Isin - Very cool. Looking forward to the submission.

Oh man, another Phntm game? I may just have to.

Question: Does free VMC negate the ability to multiclass normally? I typically prefer a single-level dip to VMC.

Dot! I'm thinking I would like to submit an Oracle (Intrigue) of Asmodeus. A human who transitions to vampire.

@Yoricks - Good to see you! No, the free VMC does not negate normal multiclassing. However, you must choose the free VMC in order to be chosen for the game.

@Tanner - Awesome. Looking forward to seeing the submission.

Can you give some details on the process of becoming a vampire? Like how many feats or level requirements before you are a vampire? I looked at the feats from Fire Mountain Games on d20pfsrd, but they are all for after you become a vampire. Just wanted to do some advancement planning.

The first feat in the chain is in the intro post. The other feats become available as you level up (they have level requirements). It is three feats to become a vampire, and then there are two additional feats to become more vampire-like. From there, the feats on d20pfsrd kick in.

There will also be a non-feat method of becoming a vampire that could come up in-game, but that involves gaining the actual vampire template, with the CR +2 adjustment. The abilities of the template will come to you over two levels in lieu of advancing your class for those two levels. So, if you go that route, your endgame will have you at Oracle 18, although as a Vampire, you should be about on par with a Level 20 character in terms power (especially with Charisma determining both your casting stat and your hit points).

The second method also doesn't become available until much later in the game, which means less actual time as a vampire.

Ok, I think I got everything together. I use Hero Lab and had to doctor some stuff to fit the House rules. I added notes to the build to show where I picked stuff from.


Zuriel Wordbringer
Male elf monk (monk of the four winds, maneuver master) 1/wizard* (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 112, 147, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 58)
LE Medium humanoid (elf)
Hero Points 1
Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Perception +7
AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 13 (+4 Dex, +1 dodge, +3 Wis)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +2 (+4 vs. fatigue, exhaustion, or ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, or hot or cold environments), Ref +6, Will +5
Resist fire 5
Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +4 (1d6)
Str 11, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats - Custom Feat - (Deft Manuevers -Monk Bonus Feat), , Dodge (lvl 1 feat), Elemental Fist[APG], Improved Unarmed Strike, Run,
Feat TaxesWeapon Finesse, Agile Maneuvers, Mobility,
Traits criminal, - custom trait - (Forgery), warrior of old
Skills Acrobatics +4 (+8 to jump with a running start), Bluff +2, Disable Device +3, Knowledge (geography) +2, Knowledge (nature) +2, Linguistics +5, Perception +7, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth +8, Survival +4
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Sylvan
SQ desert runner[APG], flurry of maneuvers, hero points, specialized school (teleportation[APG])
Special Abilities
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Desert Runner +4 Con checks and Fort vs. fatigue, exhaustion, running, forced marches, hot or cold environments.
Elemental Fist (1d6) You can add 1d6 energy damage to an attack.
Energy Resistance, Fire (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Fire attacks.
Flurry of Maneuvers (1 maneuver, -2) (Ex) At 1st level, as part of a full-attack action, a maneuver master can make one additional combat maneuver, regardless of whether the maneuver normally replaces a melee attack or requires a standard action. The maneuver master uses his monk level in pl
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mobility +4 to AC vs. AoO provoked by moving out of or through a threatened area.
Run Run 5x your speed in light/medium armor or 4x speed in heavy armor and keep Dex when running.
Teleportation Associated School: Conjuration

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Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc.®, and are used under license.


Zuriel was tall, slender, and muscular, but he was also largely ignored. He was one of five natural kids, an among an unknown amount of bastard children. He interacted only sparingly with his parents growing up, and was instead relegated to tutors. His tutors weren't strict though, and he found he could keep pushing back against them without much recourse. He would often spend days away from the trading village where he lived, wandering the plains and deserts nearby, His father heard about it soon enough, and he confined to his room for days until his father's anger relented. That act started a war between Zuriel and his family, though his family didn't know it was happening. He found he could cause the most disruption by sneaking into his fathers study and changing the instructions that man was sending to his network of traders. After a few deals soured, his father finally figured out was going on. Zuriel was stripped of his surname, put in the stock's for a week, and then sent to a monastery in a far away city.

The monastery didn't try to change his behavior, it just gave him new passions to focus on. He put time into honing his muscles, increasing his speed, and basic combat techniques. His weak upper body held him back from most attacking combats, so he focused on disrupting his opponents, and moving quickly to keep out of their reach. His father had refused to pay for the training, so Zuriel still had to work while training. He was a natural messenger in the city, where he was faster than anyone else could be, even if they were on horseback.

In reality, he was also much faster than anyone thought he was. On most of his message runs he would carefully unseal the letter, make a note of the contents, and then seal his back up. He had to do it quickly, and sometimes it was a little messy, but he wasn't getting caught. He worked his way up as a messenger, and was spoon running urgent messages for the ruling family and counsel in the area. He continued his habit of reading the messages, but also quickly realized that information this important could be sold for a hefty price. He found some information dealers and started a frequent trade with them. When they started asking him to forge new messages, he happily, once his fee was raised substantially that is.

He very quickly realized though that he didn't want others dictating what he did. He was willing to sell some of it, but he had ambitions, and he wanted to be the one in control. He still took the forgery requests, but he didn't impart the information they wanted. Instead, he put in his own information or commands, and watched as the city started bending to his will. Of course, he hadn't thought through the fact that the information dealers knew who he was, or that they would quickly find out he wasn't sending along their information.

His trial came and went quickly, with more than enough testimonies to convict him. He never divulged his true family name, so they never knew of his sentence. The monastery was informed, but no one attended his trial or spoke on his behalf. As far as he knew they had forgotten him already. That thought bothered him more than the sentence did. He would make a name for himself; he would show them his true abilities. First he just had to escape from this prison.

Personality: Zuriel hates being ignored, and will draw attention back to himself if he thinks it has drifted away. He's ambitious and driven, though mostly because he wants to show those who wrote him off that is he capable. He's calculating more than brash, and isn't a complete slave to his emotions.

Right now, I'm mostly considering either a Thaumaturge focused on the Death Sphere, if you would be willing to allow Spheres of Power, or, actually more enthusiastically, a Doctor Scholar from Spheres of Might. Upon approval of concept, I can get you the release wording of anything you would like, of course,but since the playtest is still up, and largely accurate, I may as well link to it.

The doctor, while certainly able to heal rather well, will have a secondary focus in debuffing via Poisons, but I'll definitely make sure I've always got something to provide. The Thaumaturge, on second thought, might be a little bit too specialized to always have something to contribute.

Edit: Upon reflection, ignore the Thaumaturge, as much as I like the system. I'd rather go with the Scholar, or I may be able to figure something out with Paizo materials that will catch my interest.

Dotting for interesting.

Thinking an antipaladin/cavalier ?

Sovereign Court


Life is not easy for a tiefling. Especially one who looks like Inarus. His body is covered in hard black spikes. They jut from his body, leaving him looking like he is wearing a patchwork suit of armor. That, and of course, his tail, is a sure fire give away of his tainted heritage.

Born in a small village on a rocky coast, it was built far from any land trade routes and without much arable land. Without any good way to make an honest living, the locals instead became wreckers. Luring ships at night towards the rocky coast, watching as they floundered, and then looting the wreckage, that was their trade.

Inarus never knew his mother. He was told that she died in childbirth. Where she came from, he did not know, but he had his suspicions. When he was born, his deformities were readily apparent. In most places, a child such as him would have been put to death. To his fortune, however, among the wreckers was a priestess of Asmodeus. She was the midwife who delivered him, and she claimed him for her own. Raised by the woman, he was groomed not to take her role, but instead to be a defender of her temple. Raised to be a monk, he was trained to use his 'divine gifts' to the fullest of his ability. She declared, with false prophecy, that he was destined 'to wander the world, spreading the gifts of Asmodeus!' What she really meant was that she would do so, and would use the child as protection and proof of her favor.

Raised exclusively by the priestess, Inarus had a very skewed outlook on life. He learned to lie at an early age, for falsehoods were the currency of Asmodeus. He learned how to intimidate, using his fearsome appearance to his fullest advantage. But he never learned how to trust others, or how to make a real connection. His mistress (for she was not his mother and never claimed to be), never even pretended to love him. Rather, she taught him the hard truth. That he was born to serve, and that those who served would be rewarded and those that rebelled would be destroyed.

Upon reaching adulthood, the village of wreckers found their fortunes turning for the worst. Ships were beginning to avoid their stretch of land. They turned to the priestess of Asmodeus, demanding that she do something about this. They had tithed her and her church in return for prosperity. So...fearing a lynch mob, she declared that it was the will of Asmodeus that they turn to piracy. This was not true, of course, but it kept her head firmly on her shoulders. Using the many wrecks, they fixed and built their own ship, and took to the seas. They thought that they were divinely favored, and would succeed where others had failed.

It would of course, come as little surprise, that the Navy had other ideas. After a few good raids, their ship was found, pursued, and boarded. Most died in the boarding action, with a few taken prisoner to be made an example of.

After burning their village (the location of which the captured pirates unwisely bargained away), the last few were taken back to the capital. Inarus' mistress was executed first, burnt alive. And one by one, Inarus' comrades were taken out and hung. Now, he is the last one left. With his obvious deformities, the authorities have wisely decided that to make the best show out of it, the priestess should be killed first and the tiefling last.

* See profile picture
* His low Cha is a reflection of his obvious deformities (armor of the pit and prehensile tail)

* Cold
* Calculated
* Violent (but only when he needs to be)
* Loyal (He believes in contracts, and giving one's word. He does not believe in the spirit of the contract though, only the letter of it. However, he does know that he is not the smartest man, and is much more happy to serve than he is to lead)


Name Inarus

Str (18) Dex (14) Con (14) Int (10) Wis (17) Cha (6) HP (12) AC (18/16/15) Saves (+4/+4/+3)

To Hit: +5/+5 (+4/+4 with power attack)
Damage: 1d6+4 (1d6+6 with power attack)

Race Oni-Spawned Tiefling
* Alter Self 1/day at 1/min per level (Change appearance and get +2 strength or +2 dexterity)
* Beguiling Liar (+4 bluff)
* Fiendish Resistance (Tieflings have cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, and fire resistance 5)
* Darkvision (60ft)
* Prehensile Tail (Many tieflings have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces fiendish sorcery.)

Alignment, Religion and Languages
* Lawful Evil
* Asmodeus
* Common, Infernal

* Ease of Faith (+1 diplomacy and class skill)
* Fiend Blood (+1 bluff and class skill)
* Piracy (You gain a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.)

Class Unchained Monk of the Mantis
* Flurry of Blows (+1 attack)

Lvl 1: Armor of the Pit (+2 natural armor AC)
Lvl 1 Class: Improved Unarmed Strike
Lvl 1 Class: Stunning Fist
Lvl 1 Class: Dodge

Skills 6 skills per level and 2 background skills
* Bluff: 1 skill point (+6)
* Intimidate: 1 skill point (+4)
* Diplomacy: 1 skill point (+3)
* Perception: 1 skill point (+7)
* Stealth: 1 skill point (+6)
* Knowledge Religion: 1 skill point (+4)
* BS-Knowledge History: 1 skill point (+4)
* BS-Profession Sailor: 1 skill point (+7)

The plan...
Without feat taxes, I may actually use him with weapons. Unarmed strikes are great, but two handed weapons are better. So...

Weapons that could be used well.

(1) Seven Branched Sword. 1d10 damage, x3 crit, reach. The gold standard.
(2) Temple Sword. 1d8 damage, 19-20 crit. Better than hands until lvl 12.
(3) Quarterstaff. Easy to find. 1d6 damage. Better than hands until lvl4.

As a monk of the mantis, his goal will be to flurry in a way that will give him sneak attacks to push up his damage.

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So the setting has Asmodeus, can we assume the Archdevils and Infernal Dukes from Pathfinder also fair game for deities? They're a good source of alternate options to Asmodeus for Clerics etc potentially.


1. No problem

2. I will likely wait to see what kind of roles are looking thin on the ground before expanding on crimes. Going to give it a day or two.
I think he's a believer but intelligent enough that there is a niggling little voice of doubt. He's twisted things up so even if you prove he is wrong he will still point at them and say they are worse.

3. Honestly I wrote it intentionally so that it can easily be a fantasy. It's more important that it helps form who he is than actually being true or not. He's been raised to hate them and their hypocrisy as he sees it. Proof to the contrary he'll find highly dubious but even if convinced he's not the rightful heir it wont stop him wanting to destroy them

@Joseph Stoltz - Link me the pertinent up-to-date release material. I' worked a bit with the playtest, but never actually got to play the character. I'll look it over and make a decision.

@Dragonsofashandflame - Awesome. Looking forward to it.

@Kevin - Yes, those are acceptable alternate deity choices. Thank you for answering the questions, looking forward to the submission.


Flurry of Maneuvers description got cut off. No big deal, but let's make sure it's all there if you get in.

Based on your Initiative modifier and the Run feat, I'm guessing you took the Fleet-Footed alternate racial trait. I don't see it listed in the stat block, so please add it.

Please denote which skills are background skills. Also which skill you gained as a class skill from the Criminal trait. Don't forget the +3 bonus you get for class skills, as I'm not sure if all of the bonuses got applied.

For your background, Talingarde doesn't really have a desert area per se, but in the north, beyond the Watch Wall, there is a community of ice elves. Since the Arctic Elf alternate elf race says to take the desert runner alternate racial trait, would be okay being from the ice elves?

More reviews/questions answered to come later today or tomorrow.

Shadowtail24 wrote:


Someone posted a homebrew campaign that sounds quite a bit like this a few years ago. He completely ghosted everyone in the middle of recruitment though, so it never came to anything.

No worries on that here, GM Phntm888 has been around for a while and is an excellent poster as a PC and DM.


@ GM Phntm888. Alright, you've convinced me! I'll submit a Wizard and will seek out Lichdom, never done that as a PC.

GM Phntm888:
For VMC, the Cleric first level ability I find a bit confusing. You get spontaneous casting, does that mean I can select a Wizard spell to cast spontaneously or can I cast a Cleric Inflict spell as a swap out to a Wizard spell? I am also considering VMC Sorcerer.

Thinking an Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) of Asmodeus with the crime of Heresy.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Shadowtail24 wrote:


Someone posted a homebrew campaign that sounds quite a bit like this a few years ago. He completely ghosted everyone in the middle of recruitment though, so it never came to anything.

No worries on that here, GM Phntm888 has been around for a while and is an excellent poster as a PC and DM.

Yeah, no worries on that, just excited that it a quest like that would finally happen.

GM Phntm888:

Yes to fleet-footed, I’m not sure why it didn’t show up.

Moving to desert runner as a cold style works, and I can adjust elemental resistance to cold instead of fire. While looking up the attic elf I saw the long limbs alternative racial trait, and I definitely want to add that. I’ll have to update hero lab and respec a little.

Thanks for the info! I will get a character ready this weekend.

PM sent, belatedly. Hopefully, everything is in order. I don't think there's anything too terribly outrageous; the poisons and such found in the Alchemy sphere are pretty tame, generally speaking.

GM Phntm888 wrote:

@Joseph Stoltz - Link me the pertinent up-to-date release material. I' worked a bit with the playtest, but never actually got to play the character. I'll look it over and make a decision.

@Dragonsofashandflame - Awesome. Looking forward to it.

@Kevin - Yes, those are acceptable alternate deity choices. Thank you for answering the questions, looking forward to the submission.

** spoiler omitted **

More reviews/questions answered to come later today or tomorrow.


1) how does variant multiclassing work? like... my secondary class is cavalier.. WHEN does charge come in to play? what about challenge?

2)(or well, TECHNICALLY 4) Would a drake rider be an acceptable archetype for my cavalier side? Thinking Order of the Cockatrice or Vengance

For the antipaladin: thinking of stacking Tryant, Dread Vanguard, and the Lord of Darkness.

3) Could my character pursue the joys of the Grave Knight?

Thank you for answers. If I do chose to go with the trait, I will likely just say that they applied a hot brand over top of the birthmark in order to deface it.

GM Phntm888:

For Arctic elf, that would mean adding Darkvision as well instead of light-vision. Would that be the case here too? Or just treat desert runner as like an ice runner? I would prefer the low-light vision but I can change that too if it fits the background.

"Desert Runner: Some elves thrive in the deepest deserts, forever roaming across burned and parched lands. Elves with this racial trait receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, or ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, or hot or cold environments. This racial trait replaces elven magic."


You need to choose a VMC. It is required.

The backstory is good, but there’s a couple things that need tweaking. First, Branderscar isn’t near the capital. Your execution won’t be a public spectacle.

You’re languishing in Branderscar with the other prisoners in your cell. More likely, you haven’t anyone else from your home since they grabbed you.

I might need to put a Talingarde primer out to help with this.

@Storyteller Shadow: Based on my reading of it, you can only use the spontaneous casting ability if you have either cure or inflict spells on your spell list. It does make part of that ability rather useless for a Wizard.

@Vanulf: Very cool. Looking forward to it.

@Tanner: You’re welcome.

@Joseph Stoltz: I’ll look over it and get back to you.

Hmmm, I'll probably select Sorcerer VMC then.

Thinking of a Svirfneblin Cave Druid... Could that work for you?

Love the concept of your campaign!

@Dragonsofashamdflame: Here is the section on Variant Multiclassing. Basically, at certain levels, you get certain abilities from the VMC. You do not get to choose an archetype with it.

Graveknight is about the same power level adjustment as Lich and Vampire. I’ll see what can be done for creating a feat chain.

It will probably require you to die in battle. Just an FYI.

@Circe: That is perfectly fine.

@Shadowtail: You can keep the low-light vision.

@Alias ad Tempus: 15 Race Points or less. The Svirfneblin will not work. A duergar, however, will.

GM Phntm888 wrote:

@Dragonsofashamdflame: Here is the section on Variant Multiclassing. Basically, at certain levels, you get certain abilities from the VMC. You do not get to choose an archetype with it.

Graveknight is about the same power level adjustment as Lich and Vampire. I’ll see what can be done for creating a feat chain.

It will probably require you to die in battle. Just an FYI.

@Circe: That is perfectly fine.

@Shadowtail: You can keep the low-light vision.

So, i only get the stated class abilites at those levels? and not all the abilities, no matter how staggered? Interesting. how does that work with taking a spell-casting class?

Totes Ok with death being a pre-req for graveknight

dropping the cavalier archetype

GM Phntm888 wrote:
@Alias ad Tempus: 15 Race Points or less. The Svirfneblin will not work. A duergar, however, will.

Got it. Thanks!

Sovereign Court

Thank you for reading/commenting. I'll get the backstory fixed by Monday.

For VMC I think that I'll choose oracle. Bones Mystery, Deep One Curse.

Might need to tinker with stats to get Cha up though...right now I'll lose the lvl7 feat. That's pretty bad. So...Int down to 8, and Wis down to 16 could do it..

GM Phntm888 wrote:

@Shadowtail: You can keep the low-light vision.

Thanks, I’ll update on hero lab and repost.

@Inarus: The VMC is free - no feat sacrifice needed :)

Sovereign Court

I see that now! Rereading rules to see what else I missed.

I've dropped his stats down to 17str and 16wis. He now has Cha10. Feels better this way actually. Much more balanced without a dump stat.

Also decided on bones Mystery and Deep One Curse. The curse is just so thematic for his background.

@Joseph Stoltz: I’ve looked over what you sent me, and my main concern is that a lot of the Scholar class features feel like they duplicate things the Alchemist class already does. I know that Spheres of Power has archetypes for Paizo casting classes; does Spheres of Might have the same?

The Alchemy sphere abilities are really interesting, though. I’m just not 100% sold on the Scholar as opposed to the Alchemist.

It does, but I honestly feel like the Scholar brings some interesting things to the table that the Alchemist doesn't. For instance, material imposition and Scholar knacks add a lot of utility that a Mortal Chemist (Practitioner Alchemist) doesn't have, in exchange for not really having a terribly good direct damage option, being a bit on the squishier side, etc etc. Alchemist, while having a support-y bent, is still a pretty solidly offensive class, while the Scholar is almost exclusively an enabler of sorts, whatever they choose to specialize in, or any Archetype they select.

Interestingly, the Alchemist Archetype actually gains more combat talents over the course of 1-20 than the Scholar does.

Write up under the spoiler for Clyde Mclod. Follower of the voice from the well

Full Name : Clyde McClod
Race: Human
Classes/Levels : Brawler 1 (HP)

Gender : M

Size : M

Age 25

Special Abilities :

Alignment: NE

Deity : Mr.Eaten

Location : Talingard

Languages : Common

Occupation :Cook,Mercenary,Legbreaker

Strength 16 (+3)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 10
Height: 6' Weight: Very large Hair: Bald Eyes: Brown
Favored Class: Braweler (HP)
EXP: 0
Hit Points: 17
Spd: 30
Init: +6
AC:16 ( 3 armor 1 shield 2 Dex)/Touch 12/FF 14)
BAB: +1
CMB: +4
CMD: 16
Saves: Fort +5 Ref +4 Will +2

Unarmed Strike +4 1d6+3
Handaxe +4 1d6+3 x3 crit
Sling +3 1d4+3 50 feet

Skills: 5+2/level
Perception (1+2+3) 6
Acrobatics (1+2+3) 6
Climb (1+3+3) 7
Swim (1+3+3) 7
Sense Motive (1+2+3) 6
Escape Artist (1+2+3) 6
Stealth (1+2) 3

Background skills
Profession-Cook (1+2+3) 6
Craft- Food (1+3) 4

Bad Guy Point:1

Feats:Improved Initiative (+4 Init),Toughness (+3 HP +1 level after 3)
Traits: Murder:You deal 1 additional point of damage when flanking a foe. This additional damage is a trait bonus.
Resiliant: +1 Fort saves

Special Abilities:
Brawler's Cunning If the brawler’s Intelligence score is less than 13, it counts as 13 for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of combat feats.
Martial FlexibilityA brawler can take a move action to gain the benefit of a combat feat she doesn’t possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. The brawler must meet all the feat’s prerequisites. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 her brawler level (minimum 1). 3

The brawler can use this ability again before the duration expires in order to replace the previous combat feat with another choice.

If a combat feat has a daily use limitation (such as Stunning Fist), any uses of that combat feat while using this ability count toward that feat’s daily limit.

At 6th level, a brawler can use this ability to gain the benefit of two combat feats at the same time. She may select one feat as a swift action or two feats as a move action. She may use one of these feats to meet a prerequisite of the second feat; doing so means that she cannot replace a feat currently fulfilling another’s prerequisite without also replacing those feats that require it. Each individual feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.

At 10th level, a brawler can use this ability to gain the benefit of three combat feats at the same time. She may select one feat as a free action, two feats as a swift action, or three feats as a move action. She may use one of the feats to meet a prerequisite of the second and third feats, and use the second feat to meet a prerequisite of the third feat. Each individual feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.

At 12th level, a brawler can use this ability to gain the benefit of one combat feat as an immediate action or three combat feats as a swift action. Each individual feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.

At 20th level, a brawler can use this ability to gain the benefit of any number of combat feats as a swift action. Each feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.
Martial TrainingAt 1st level, a brawler counts her total brawler levels as both fighter levels and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats. She also counts as both a fighter and a monk for feats and magic items that have different effects based on whether the character has levels in those classes (such as Stunning Fist and a monk’s robe). This ability does not automatically grant feats normally granted to fighters and monks based on class level, namely Stunning Fist.
Unarmed StrikeAt 1st level, a brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A brawler may attack with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a brawler may make unarmed strikes with her hands full. A brawler applies her full Strength modifier (not half ) on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

Usually, a brawler’s unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but she can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on her attack roll. She has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.

A brawler’s unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that modify either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Fighter's Kit (9)
belt pouch
flint and steel
iron pot
mess kit
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
Studded Leather (+3 AC +5 Dex -1 ACP) (25)
Light Wooden Shield (-1 ACP) (3)
Handaxe (6)
20 Bullets (2 sp)
Potion of CLW (50)
1 gp 8 sp

Description: Clyde is a large and obese man who is shaved bald and has a nose that seems too pointed and big for his face, his eyes are dark and beady. Clyde dresses in loose clothes of brown and black pretty much everywhere.

Backstory:Always an obese child, Clyde was the son of a man who eventually worked himself to death and had little time for Clyde, not that he was cruel, but that he was home so little that Clyde often wandered and to escape the harassment of the other children he found himself a hiding place near an old well where he
would gaze at nothing and listen to the lapping of water in the well.

When he was a teen, his father's heart gave out and Clyde couldn't afford anything other than a pauper's grave and with the last thread holding him to his birthplace gone he wandered once again to the well with a gnawing emptiness in his heart. How long he sat there he didn't know, he just felt crushing loss and a void that might have led to suicide but as he let himself be enveloped in the darkness, he heard slight whispers from the well and felt if not comfort, but a slight surcease, something that dulled his pain somewhat. when a mangy cat hopped down from the well's lip and stared into his eyes,
he knew of a way to slather numbness on his pain if just for a moment. And so Clyde vanished into the darkness.

Clyde eventually found himself in , finding work as a cook helped focus himself and the dribs and drabs of food kept the void inside
at bay. He does wish to seek opportunities to hone his abilities, for he knows that he will need to be strong to continue his journey, someplace that has been in the back of his mind for a long time. North.
However, Clyde's hunger and desperation got the better of him. Despite being a good hand in the kitchen, his disposition and appearance eventually got him fired. Penniless and homeless after failing to pay for his bare inn room, Clyde haunted the alleys picking off rats and trash before seeing a drunk homeless man slumped near some trash. Just there, no one would miss him just like Clyde. Just one. Clyde's hands wrapped around the man's throat and squeezed.

Homeless and drunk, he still screamed like a stuck rabbit. In his panic, Clyde ended up pulping the man's throat and was found by the guards with a head in his hands and so he awaits his fate at Brandenscar.

Dot for interest! A lot of my favorite players are posting on here, and I've wanted to get into a Way of the Wicked campaign for awhile.

I'm thinking I might go with that trope of "used to be a good guy". Thinking about taking that Vampire feat, and going with something like... got bit by a vampire, immediately renounced by allies who tried to "cleanse" him, and got sent to prison. Now pissed off, totally jaded, vowing revenge.

That might be too played-out, though. I'll give it some thought.


Ratfolk plague bringer


If only for the vampire feat chain, among other things of course, tentatively interested.

Variant Ability: 1d100 ⇒ 92

Huh....etheral Plane sight. Garbage.

GM Phntm888:
You OK with the Exploiter Wizard or Sword Binder Archtypes? I am stuck between the two.


In the Book of the Damned. I think. Is a ritual that can turn one into a demon. Is it possible to change it to perhaps a Daemon? So NE etc? I'm thinking my Ratfolk follows Apollyon. Horseman of Pestilence. And the ritual will turn him into one of his plague daemons. It will take most of the game obviously.

Disclosure. Currently in a game where I am now a Graveknight and starting book 3. But I can keep OOC knowledge.

Otherwise. Thanks for running. Will get a background out hopefully today

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