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Out of character chit chat

Welcome everyone; feel free to say hello and tell us a bit about yourselves. I'm 39, from MD (currently moving to NC) in the States, working father and husband.

Ask any questions you'd like about creation as you get going. Please consult the Player's companion for backgrounds and campaign traits. No need for a novel about your character, but a few paragraphs are always nice.

Max HP
Max Gold
Lvl 1
20 point ability buy
2 traits (one campaign)

Please run any goofy 3rd party items past me

Working Dad and husband here (43), too, from Dunedin in New Zealand. New to PF, and very much looking forward to playing. No character as yet, still wading through options.

...which is of course great fun...

Hey guys. I'm 29 from Arizona. Pretty much brand new to tabletop type games, but it's looked like fun for a while. I'll have plenty of questions, so I'll apologize in advance.
Any suggestions on a good beginning class? I have about 0 hours of experience playing, but I have all the stuff from the humble bundle, so I should have something to fall back on. Spells and maneuvers still confuse me.

Is there a way to follow this thread so I get alerts when something is posted?

Good question, Durdrik, that's something I'd like to know also.

No need to apologise re questions, I'll have plenty too.

Character-wise, I'm thinking of running a spellcaster of some sort (front-runners at the moment: Sorcerer with the Celestial bloodline or Animist Shaman), so that might narrow down the options a bit.

at a guess, Fighters and Rogues might be the easiest option to begin with, but I could be well wrong about that

Hi everyone! :)

I am thinking of playing a witch if that is okay?

Grand Lodge

Male Human Human Bard 1 Hp= 9 Ac=14 Fort=0 Will=0 Ref=3

I'm think of taking this character out for a spin.

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Male Human Human Bard 1 Hp= 9 Ac=14 Fort=0 Will=0 Ref=3

Oh by the by its lemilio

Morning all! Or evening...for at least one of you.

Sara - witch sounds awesome, and I love the background.

lemilio - Bard works great; I'll take a look over this weekend

MrA - love a good sorcerer, but that's just me. Either one would be great.

MrA and Durdrick - The great thing about Pathfinder is that they have a bevy of options for just about any class. It used to be that a fighter would just hit stuff, a rogue would sneak, and so on. With PF, you can go in just about any direction. Based upon the current party, you have some diversity, but could use a healer or front line guy. If I want to play something vanilla, I typically go to the core classes and select an archetype that's more in line with my background. If you look here for example:

Scroll down to the archetypes, and you can see how many options there are, even just to personalize a fighter! You can specialize in 2 weapons, shield use, etc. Each class has these, and it's a great way to make the character your own without branching out into anything too funky. If you need any help with this, please feel free to post in here or PM me; I and I'm sure the other characters, would be happy to help.

Another personal opinion - Monks are awesome! Check out all of the different fighting styles you can choose.

As far as I know, there is not an alert system that lets you know if there's a new post; I just check back multiple times during the day.

For those of you that are new to PbP roleplaying; please be aware that this will be nothing like a pen and paper game. The downfall is that an encounter that could take an evening in pen and paper could be a month in Pbp. The advantages of course are that we can play with enthusiastic players from all over the world and we don't have to be in the same room, and that we have time to create well-thought-out posts at our leisure. It's like collaborating on a story.

Sorry for the wordiness, but happy to answer any questions as they arise. I'll be checking in all day. I plan on having the kick-off post up for us whenever you guys are good with your characters; like I said in the invites, I'm in no hurry at all, and am re-acquainting myself with the GM process as is.

Female Dhampir Bonded Witch 2

Here is Asenath Drăgoi, a witch and dhampir noble of a degenerate noble house.

Looks good Asenath; I'll get into the details over the weekend.

Everyone, please keep your perception check modifiers at the top of your sheet like Asenath did - I'll be rolling many of these for you, as it keeps the suspense level up, and don't want to have to search them out.

Guys, feel free to coordinate backgrounds if you like. Make sure you read the Carrion Crown player's companion and have a tie to professor Lorrimor.

I think I'll just play a fighter. They seem fairly straight forward and can be quite varied.
How do you make a character sheet on here?

Hi Durdrick; just sent you a PM

Looking good guys! We're halfway there; I'll start adding some information into the campaign info thread over the next day or two. That thread (left-most tab) will be for common info, game mechanics, maps, treasure tally, and useful things like current combat initiative.

The gameplay thread will be where we post in character. If you have any questions about how to post, check the FAQ directly under your posting window. I don't have many strict rules, but ask that speech be in bold and thoughts be in italics.

Don't worry about the players and characters tabs; they'll input automatically as we post

Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5

Hi there, this is Zazaria, a Cleric of Pharasma. Best she gets a bit of scrutiny from all and sundry to make sure I did this right...

Welcome Zazaria! At a glance, looks good; I'll dig a bit more into it today. Is the monk from your BG anyone of note?

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Male Human Human Bard 1 Hp= 9 Ac=14 Fort=0 Will=0 Ref=3

Gerion ColdMarow:

Adventurer,Spy,Poet,Musician,Wit,Fencer and Handsomest man in Ustalav, for 4 days running.

Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5

Not really, just some passing traveller who provided inspiration - although if you want to make more of him, that's fine - and to provide some justification for some possible multiclassing as Monk (Flowing Master archetype) later.

Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5

Also edited Zazaria's description a bit after reading up on Pharasma and Ustalav i.e. bought a dagger!

Ha! I like it Gerion! You're already playing the part;)

Zazaria - just wondering, as Durdrick's char is a monk

Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5

Hey that should tie in nicely (maybe his mentor/master was my monk?)...and he can teach me a bit, too.

Female Dhampir Bonded Witch 2

Fortunate that Asenath Drăgoi is a worshipper of Pharasma! She is a dhampir that does not bite! :)

Yeah I'm making a monk. Should be finished by tonight.

We'll be using the Harrow deck powers; please everyone roll 1d6 here in this thread when you have a moment

Female Dhampir Bonded Witch 2


Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5


Is there a special command you use on here?

(dice=Perception)1d20 + 3; 1d6 + 2(/dice)This is a dice expression.

But replace all of the ) with ]


1d6 ⇒ 6 Is this ok ?

Wonder why yours shows up different, but no matter - that works. I'll post your cards in the campaign thread tomorrow

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Male Human Human Bard 1 Hp= 9 Ac=14 Fort=0 Will=0 Ref=3

damn wrong char Perception: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Added some campaign info:

You're able to get a crude map of Ravengro, the town to which you're headed:)

We'll be using 2 custom rules - harrow cards and trust. Harrow cards give you a single time use power that you can use at any time during this campaign. You'll get a new one with each campaign, and can find more on the way. You can select either the attribute or alignment power, not both.

Trust is the level of faith that the citizens of Ravengro have in your good intentions. High trust has many benefits, and low trust has many downfalls that can prove a hindrance to your progression.

If there's any other info you'd like to see as campaign info, let me know; this is as much for you as it is for me. Everyone feel free to give each others' characters a once over; I've spot checked them but didn't take the time to go through all of the math.

We're about ready to get started!


Awesome. I'm good to go

Human Cleric Ecclesitheurge 5

As am I!

And, we're off! Please post in character in the Gameplay thread; limit ooc to this thread, or wrap it in a spoiler or /ooc tags if needed. Feel free to post anything about your trip to Ravengro if you like, or just your reaction to the prof's death and to seeing Kendra, and if you plan to be a pallbearer.

Still at work. :( Will post when I get home.

What is the campaign date?

If Asenath keeps a journal, should I post it here or in the gameplay thread? Here would be more appropriate?

It is currently Wealday, month of Pharast, year 4716

I think that a journal should be on your character sheet or in the campaign info thread. If you put it here or in gameplay, it'll disappear as we post more and more, and you won't be able to find it again.

New post coming tonight:) Darn work!

Thank you Nayr.

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Anytime; if you need any help with it, please let me know. I think a journal is an awesome idea.

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Guys, when we get into any sort of situation that needs it, I'll post a map in the campaign thread under, you guessed it - current map. I know, it's a crappy map, but I'm just getting back into it...they'll get better. And yes, those are 12 surly old men.

This is useful in movement, as you can tell me: Move B7-B8-C9, and attack C10, or something like that. They have a use, even if they don't look great.

Keep in mind that if anyone moves away from the coffin, it will be unbalanced and there's a chance it would tumble and spill out, contents

Sorry. Asenath abandoned the coffin to stand beside Kendra. A bit too protective of her friend.

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