GM Giuseppe's Council of Thieves

Game Master Giuseppe Capriati

Chapter 3: "What Lies in Dust". Part One: "Within the Crux"

In Westcrown, darkness brings fear and death, the night haunted by the spawn of a terrible curse. Striving to free the city from its decades-old blight, the Irises must reveal a long-buried secret and a treasure locked away for ages. Their journey will set them against the scum of Westcrown’s underworld, denizens of the haunted night, and the very forces of Hell itself, all in an attempt to rekindle the memories of long-dead spirits with stories still to tell. Yet what those souls reveal might prove even deadlier than the city’s midnight curse.
Fame Points: 12

Maps: Online Maps, Westcrown Map

Link to Legal Sources Document: [+]

Link to Loot Tracking Sheet: [+]

Link to Play Document: [+]

Important Posts: The Eyes of Westcrown, Combat Slang

XP tracking: 18,125/23,000

Hey Paizo People,
it's been a while since my last recruitment on the boards. The last campaign I started was an invite-only type of game, so I didn't open the recruitment for anyone except those invited. But now my game is in need of a replacemente for a character whose player has decided to step out due to difficulties in keeping the (high) pace my game has. He's a wonderfully talented player and regular poster, but lately he's been having some issues in respecting the deadlines for post so he decided to step out of the game. Now, this introduction is to make clear to everyone willing to apply for this game that I'm looking for a consistent poster, someone who can manage to post at least once/day every day, or more if the need arises. I value pace as the most important part of PbP gaming, and it's absolutely important that whoever applies for this recruitment is well aware that I'm looking for a player whose posting rate can match the one of my game.

Before going into details, I'd like to clarify that I need only one player and that my group needs either a bard or a rogue. I want to keep the party balanced, so you'll have to go with that. Below you'll find some information drawn from the character creation document that was given to my players at the start of this game. Please take the following as simple tips and not as compulsory rules.



The bard is the perfect class for those who wish to play a central role in this Adventure Path from both an adventuring and social point of view. Bards’ focus on social skills will come particularly in handy during certain parts of the adventure, and selecting Perform (act) is a highly recommended choice, since a live performance is included in the adventure. Besides, actors are renowned and respected members of Cheliaxan society, and you could easily use those links in order to aid the party in negotiating with the nobles and the rulers of your country.
Bards are respected and appreciated in all Cheliax, whose people love operas more than anyone else in Golarion.

BACKGROUND TIPS: You may consider the idea to give your bard a particular interest in Cheliax’s true history: despite the government constant work to alter the past, Cheliax has a rich and interesting story, although discovering it could prove quite dangerous. Accessing the tomes containing the original version of the history of your country could create the opportunity for an interesting side-story of intrigue, forbidden knowledge and secrets. Many historians are drawn to Cheliax due to his dark history, and the prestige that awaits those who’ll be able to uncover it - the country holds such a rich and disturbing history, full of tragedy and lost information, that it seems a veritable treasure trove to those interested in the past. Also, bards with a strong knowledge of genealogy and blood histories find much work in tracing family lines, but they must beware of uncovering the wrong information.
Shelyn, as the patron deity of arts, is an especially suitable deity for a Cheliaxan bard, since her faith is largely allowed.

BUILD TIPS: Any build is appropriate for a bard in this adventure, depending on the choices of the other players. You may also consider to take levels in a prestige class such as the arcane trickster, the loremaster and the shadowdancer. Also, you could consider the idea to make your bard sympathize with the Pathfinder Society’s ideals and motivation. During the course of the adventure you’ll have the chance to meet a Pathfinder Society undercover agent and work for her, enter a prohibited Pathfinder Lodge that has been closed for decades and unveil mysterious treasures and secrets of the Pathfinder Society itself. As a result, you may consider to take levels in one of the Pathfinder Society prestige classes such as the Pathfinder Chronicler from the Core Rulebook and the Pathfinder Delver, the Pathfinder Savant and the Student of War from Seekers of Secretes, which is a legal source for our game.

RACE TIPS: A halfling would make for an excellent choice as a bard’s race, both from a mechanical and a roleplaying point of view. In fact, it would allow the creation of a direct link to the lowest classes, and to halflings in particular, motivating an interest for their freedom and liberation.

SUGGESTED CAMPAIGN TRAITS: Child of Infamy, The Pathfinder’s Exile.

Class-Specific Readings
• “Bard” entry in the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide.
• “History” entry in Cheliax, Empire of Devils.



Being a rogue in a very lawful country as Cheliax is could be tricky but also rewarding. Noble families and the Asmodean church alike are used to employ rogues as spies and assassins; corruption is somehow considered legal; powerful and renowned thieves guilds thrive in the city of Westcrown. All these elements account for how much a rogue is appropriate in a Council of Thieves’ campaign. Your vast selection of skills will come in handy in several parts of the adventure, which also features deadly traps and opportunities for stealthy infiltration missions.
Since the Council of Thieves Adventure Path is focused on a gritty urban setting, playing a rogue who knows every alley of the city could prove both rewarding and useful for the party as a whole.

BACKGROUND TIPS: You may consider to be descended from a family of actors and invest some of your skill ranks in Perform (act), for the same reasons detailed in the bard entry above.

BUILD TIPS: Any kind of rogue build would be an optimal choice for the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, from two-weapons thugs to archer rogues and skill-monkeys. You may consider taking levels in the shadowdancer prestige class as the “shadow” theme is particularly appropriate for the campaign. Also, you may consider the idea to make your rogue sympathize with the Pathfinder Society’s ideals and motivation. During the course of the adventure you’ll have the chance to meet a Pathfinder Society undercover agent and work for her, enter a prohibited Pathfinder Lodge that has been closed for decades and unveil mysterious treasures and secrets of the Pathfinder Society itself. As a result, you may consider to take levels in one of the Pathfinder Society prestige classes such as the Pathfinder Chronicler from the Core Rulebook and the Pathfinder Delver from Seekers of Secretes, which is a legal source for our game.

SUGGESTED CAMPAIGN TRAITS: Child of Infamy, Shadow Child, The Pathfinder’s Exile.

Class-Specific Readings
• “Rogue” entry in the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide.
• “Combat” section in Cheliax, Empire of Devils, including a list of Cheliaxan combat feats, a combat slang and a new weapon.

Alright, before delving in the details of character creation, an important note. I'm running this game in my format of choice, Pathfinder Vintage (click on the link to find out more about this format). In short, Pathfinder Vintage is a format in which legal sources are limited to the materials which were released when the adventure was published*. You can check this link or my profile for a complete list of legal sources for this campaign.
* This campaign will be using the standard variant (so no 3.5 materials allowed).

Something about me: My name is Giuseppe Capriati, and I’m a Pathfinder translator for my country, Italy. I’ve played Pathfinder for almost 5 years now, and in my Face-to-Face games I’ve been able to successfully complete four Adventure Paths as a GM (Council of Thieves, Serpen’t Skull (x2) and Carrion Crown). I’m currently GMing a Kingmaker Adventure Path in person. As a guarantee of my consistency, please take a look at the Price of Immortality Campaign Arc I've GMed here on Paizo boards. Thanks to a group of devoted players, we managed to complete the whole arc in approximately six months, with the forts module being completed in the stunning period of 1 month only. Two of those wonderful players are also part of the Council of Thieves game you're applying for.

Before you start creating your character, please take note of the following suggestions.

First of all, you may want to start by reading instead of writing. As a GM, I value player’s knowledge and tend to prize those players who are able to come up with interesting character ideas which are strongly tied to the campaign setting and to the adventure I’m going to run. This means that if you manage to acquire a good knowledge of this adventure’s setting, your PCs is likely to reflect that, implying a higher chance of being recruited for you. Take your time, read and think about what you’ve read before getting to work on character creation. To better explain what I mean here, I can give you an example: if I had to choose between two equally good and well developed characters, one of them submitting a generic two-handed fighter and the other applying with an aldori-style fighter, I would pick the latter. Why? Because I would feel that the latter is much more suited for the AP. So, to ensure that you can apply with a character who fits the adventure, I’m going to suggest you some compulsory and optional readings below.

Reading Suggestions:

Compulsory Readings — First off, read the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide, available for free on it contains a lot of useful information about the campaign setting and the AP in general, and will aid you in your character creation, helping you to make choices fitting the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. This is the only compulsory reading I’m recommending: please make sure you read the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide even if you consider that you have a perfect knowledge of the AP or you have had the chance to read the guide before. Sometimes, dusting off your stock of knowledge can prove surprisingly helpful.

Optional Readings — If you want to make some additional readings to further root your character into the Council of Thieves AP, please check the legal sources document. Keep in mind that you’re still allowed to use other sources to gain additional knowledge of the campaign setting, even if you cannot use those sources for player’s options. First off, I would recommend an in-depth reading of Cheliax entry in The Inner Sea World Guide. Then, you can take a look at Cheliax, Empire of Devils for additional information and player's option. There are a number of sources you could look at to improve your character, but what particular source you need depends on who your character is and where he comes from. You may want to consider creating a character who can use the legal sources for this campaign (ie., a dwarf since Dwarves of Golarion is legal, or a Cheliaxian because Cheliax, Empire of Devils is legal, and so on), just so you can add some flavor elements to him and maybe even try to make his build reflect his race, nation, and so on.


Read the guides – If you haven’t done it yet, please read the excellent guide written by Doomed Hero about PbP gaming: DH's Guide to Play by Post gaming. If you’ve already read this guide, there’s another excellent guide expanding DH’s guide you might want to read: Painlord's Advanced Play by Post Play. Even if you feel like you already know a lot about PbP, these guides are going to help you out for sure if you haven't read them yet, no matter how much good you are at PbP. There's always something to be learned, and these guides are the perfect mentors for any PbP player.


Alright, now that we I’ve brought these aspects to your attention, we can delve into character creation specifics.

  • Class – Bard or Rogue.
  • Origin - Your character must be born or raised in Westcrown and have a genuine interest towards its improvement.
  • Starting level – 2nd
  • Starting wealth – Average starting wealth for your class + 1000 gp.
  • Ability scores – 15 point buy.
  • Ability scores restriction – No ability score below 8.
  • Hit point generation system – Maximized hp at 1st level, then half your HD +1 (e.g., 1d6=3+1; 1d8=4+1; 1d10=5+1; 1d12=6+1).
  • Alignment restrictions – Non-evil characters only. Good alignment recommended but not necessary.
  • Traits – Two traits, one of which must be selected among those featured in the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide. No Drawbacks.
  • Legal sources – Check this list (for additional information, see Pathfinder Vintage Standard).
  • Race restrictions – Core races reccomended. Races from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary may be allowed, but make sure to have my permission by sending me a PM with your idea and waiting for my approval before expanding on that concept.

I need your submission to include the following:

  • Complete character sheet
  • Background
  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • A quick introduction of yourself as a PbP player


Additional Information:

  • Submission Template – Please use this template when introducing your character: this helps me and other players to discern your submission from your other posts in this thread.
  • Read my profile page – In my profile page a number of important things involving my games are detailed, such as what I expect from my players, how to roll dice in my games, how to add vital stats to your characters, how to format your posts, and so on.
  • My posting schedule – I live in Italy, and as such all my following posting times will be intended as GMT+2. I usually post once in the morning, about 09:00 A.M.. Then I post one last time at 09:00-11:00 P.M.. If needed, I may post more depending on my current schedule.
  • RAW vs RAI – I tend to follow RAW as much as I can, unless rules interfere with the story; if it does, I’m likely to change that rule once and for all.
  • XP and Level Progression – You will level up when I feel like you’re ready to, based on the results you accomplished and where you currently are in the adventure. By the way, I will keep a constantly updated XP counter to have a reference, avoiding me to let you level up too soon or too late.
  • Like other applications – Please like your fellow applicants’ submissions you like the most by hitting the add to favorites button near the character you like.
  • Roleplay! – If you think you can benefit from doing a bit of roleplay (especially if you’re a new PbP player and you want to show me your skills) or you just want to practice a bit in the meantime, feel free to use this thread to roleplay with other applicants. This is not compulsory: roleplay only if you want to. I could easily recruit a player who hasn’t roleplayed here in the recruitment thread if I think his submission is good enough and I like that player’s posting style and rate. You may want to use this thread to roleplay if your posting history does not account for your posting rate: sometimes games just don’t allow players to post all that frequently, but still I need to see if you’re able to manage 1 post/day before recruiting you. In this case, you can use this thread to show me that you can meet such a pace. See my next post for further details.
  • How many recruits? – I’ll be recruiting a single player.
  • Mapping tools – We’ll be using Google Slides for combat encounters.
  • Campaign Gallery – I’ll be using Pinterest to show you some pictures which can help you to immerse in the campaign. You’re expected to be able to access the gallery. If you don’t know how to do it, I will be there to help you out.
  • Handouts and reference documents – I’ll be using Googledocs to provide you with additional reference documents. You’re expected to be able to access these documents. If you don’t know how to do it, I will be there to help you out.

This recruitment is open and will remain opened for a week. I will close recruitment on Saturday, November the 19th. I will give you 5 days to submit your character. After that, I will stop accepting applications and will give you 2 more days to roleplay in this thread (during this period you can still adjust your character’s sheet, but I need your submission to be complete in all of the entries I’ve specified above before November the 19th. Please make sure your submission is complete by that date).
If you have any question, please ask directly to me in this thread using the ooc code.

It’s a cold afternoon in Westcrown, the City of Twilight. With the city only a pale shadow of its former glory, its nights haunted by terrifying shadow beasts prowling in the darkness, the people are growing increasingly anxious. Westcrown once was the capital of Cheliax, a beacon of light and hope for all of the civilized lands. Then Aroden died, civil war broke out and House Thrune rose to power with the complicity of malicious devils. Now, Westcrown is on the verge of despair, suffocated by cruel inquisitors, corrupted bureaucrats, conniving city guards and, worst of all, terrible creatures lurking in the shadows.

You are among those Wiscrani who have grown increasingly worried about you own city’s fate. You believe something must be done in order to improve the situation and maybe restore Westcrown to its former glory. Of course, you’re not a rebel: most likely, you wouldn’t go as far as to risk your own life to overthrow House Thrune diabolical power, nor would you sacrifice those you care for in order to accomplish this goal. But if something can be done to improve the city with no bloodshed, then you’re up to it.

You’ve recently received an anonymous letter inviting you to a meeting at Vizio’s Tavern: you have no idea on the reasons why that letter was left on your doorstep, but maybe it was something you said, or something you did in the past. Perhaps someone noticed you, and deemed you eligible to attend to this meeting. Officially, the meeting is only an early-dinner for concerned citizens to discuss about some neighborhood changes, but the letter left you with the impression that something more was at stake. While risky, you saw participating at the meeting as the only possible start if you want to really work on improving the place where you live in.


Vizio’s was a place where merchant guards went to relax, gripe about their employers, and look for more work. Several months ago, however, the Vizio patriarch passed away, and the surviving family moved out of Westcrown to go live with kin in distant Corentyn. The tavern has stood empty since, but rumor has it that the place has new owners reputed to be a half-elf man and a human woman—although they seem to be taking their time getting the tavern off the ground and open for business.

Vizio’s Tavern Interior

Vizio's Tavern is a single-story building, with wooden roof and floor. Three small wooden tables are placed in the largest part of the common room, along with several chairs. The place is clean, but it gives the impression that its spaces are a little too empty. There's no decoration on the walls, and the fireplace is clean and burning. There's a boiling cauldron on the fire, and whatever it contains, it smells good. The place is a little hot inside, since its summer. On the north of the building there's a wooden bar, in front of which three stools are placed. There’s a woman behind the bar, and when you enter the tavern you find her busy cleaning some wooden mugs.
I expect you to interact mainly among yourselves in this Recruitment Thread. Please don’t roll dice for any reason during this roleplaying scene, since you’re supposed to merely interact with other possible PCs and show me your roleplay skills. Also, please try and avoid to interact with the woman behind the bar: of course you can use her as a roleplay tool, but please avoid forcing me to have to answer you directly. The purpose of this roleplaying scene is to see how you roleplay with other players, not with me as a GM. With that said, I will of course help keep the scene flowing with posts detailing event and happenings in the tavern.


Beorn the Divine wrote:



Hey, perhaps you should look at the character creation requirements more closely ;)

Never heard of pathfinder vintage, cool idea. Not sure if I will be able to submit anything (busy week) but I'll give you a bump.

Dark Archive

Doting for interest. Thinking about a bard.

How is the party handling combat so far? Thinking about a human bard who uses a whip to Aid Another in combat but not really able to deal damage... Would that be a problem?

P.S.: When I read about this game I thought "This one looks like a Fabian game". I was not surprised at all by seeing he is one of the players!

Hey Sir Longears, actually Fabian just bowed out of the game...but you're more than welcome to apply.

Due to another player dropping out of the game, this recruitment is now open for one more character! I will select TWO CHARACTERS, one of which must be a rogue or a bard, and the other one a melee specialist (paladin, fighter, barbarians, etc.).

More info on this second role to cover will be presented tomorrow. The recruitment deadline will likely get delayed.

Hi GM,

I know it probably won't change a thing, but I feel I have to mention it. I would love to apply, but the vintage component just makes no sense to me, and it makes character creation unduly more complicated.

Again, I do not write this expecting a change. Only letting you know it prevents me from submitting an application.

Dreaming Warforged wrote:

Hi GM,

I know it probably won't change a thing, but I feel I have to mention it. I would love to apply, but the vintage component just makes no sense to me, and it makes character creation unduly more complicated.

Again, I do not write this expecting a change. Only letting you know it prevents me from submitting an application.

Hi there,

and thanks for posting.

I can understand the fact that you dislike that restriction, and I respect your opinion. No problem about mentioning it either, because it's always good to have a feedback from the community. In the last few months, there have been people who have adopted my format and liked it, though. Anyway, is still good to receive a feedback, even if it's negative such as in this case.

On one thing we disagree: that Pathfinder Vintage makes chacter creation more complicated. In our case, it would be just like creating a PFS Core character, and in my experience it is the easiest experience one can ever have when building a character. Of course I can understand that you, as many here, would be enthusiast to try the newest classes and features of the Pathfinder RPG, but I believe my document explains why I prefer my method. But complicated, well, I think it is not. At least for Council of Thieves, where pratically only the Core Rulebook is available as a legal source.

Anyway, thanks for posting here and I'm very sad you won't be applying to my game because you would have been a great candidate.

Thanks for providing some clarity on why you prefer this system. To be fair, I promise to give it another thought.

Grand Lodge

what about hard cover books?

Raltus wrote:
what about hard cover books?

Sorry Sir, I'm afraid I didn't get your question exactly. Are you asking me if Pathfinder hard cover books are legal for my game?

Grand Lodge

Are any of the Hard cover books legal, I did look at your reference document, and I know that none are listed.

I mean like Advance Players guide really since it is about the oldest one other than Inner Sea World Guide

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Baolus Yeralzery


Player - Sir Longears

Race - Human (kalabuta)

Class - Ranger


Leadership Roles - If there isn't a clear leader, Baolus will try to take the role of a leader. If there is already a defined leader, Baolus will probably fallow its orders as if he/she was his superior.

Combat Roles - Melee two-weapon fighting warrior. Possible to aid in ranged, but not really good at it.

Out of Combat Roles - Tracker, survival, wilderness lore, scouting


Time Zone - UTC-03:00 (Brazil)

Player's Introduction - I've been playing in these boards for more than a year now. I prefer more roleplaying games than rollplaying ones. I'm currently GMing four APs in these boards with the oldest of them having just finished the first book.

Post samples - link 1 (Esdras), link 2 (Evalina), and link 3 (Olaff)

Baolus enters the tavern and looks around, finding it weird of the place being so empty. He leaves the place and looks up into the sky, trying to have a better notion of the time, just to make sure he came at the correct moment. With a shrug, Baolus enters the tavern once more.

Hum, it is far more empty that I was led to imagine... perhaps I'm just early for this dinner and it is not a trap after all... Still in doubt, Baolus moves towards the bar and sits on a stool, taking care to position the handles of his axes in a way that he would be able to quickly draw them if needed.

Reaching for his coin purse, he grabs a silver coin and positions it atop the bar, waiting for the woman behind it to notice him and, with luck, get him a mug of ale. He would not bother her, though.

Baolus looks around once more before reaching his greatcoat's internal pocket for the letter dropped by his doorstep in the morning and read it once more. Vizio's Tavern, early dinner... yeah, this is definitely the place, but I see no one besides me attenting... well, I should have imagined that 'concerned citizens' would not actually draw a crowd...

Looks like I'm the first one here... kind of hard to RP all alone!

The woman behind the bar smiles at the newcomer and shrugs a little when she sees the door behind him closing without anyone apart from him coming in. "Well met, my friend. It seems like you were the only one to answer to our call, or perhaps the others will arrive soon. Would you like to help me with those barrels? They're pretty heavy, and I can't lift them alone. Inside there's some good mead that I plan on offering to our guests, you included."

Baolus had many questions to ask, especially when the woman mentions 'our call'. After seeing to sign of mischief of her part, the big man shrugged before moving around the bar to help the woman. "It will be my pleasure ma'am... the name is Baolus."

Baolus refrained to use his usual presentation as 'Deputy Sheriff Yeralzery', not yet able to gauge the woman's, or her group's, predisposition towards those on the law enforcement side of Westcrown.

Hell, these days not even me would feel completely confortable when adressing some deputies...

After reaching the mentioned barrels, Baolus takes a couple seconds to hide his deputy sheriff badge before hauling the barrels. "Ya were not kidding ma'am... were should I put'em?"

GM, just to let you know, I'm from Brazil and English isn't my first language, so forgive me if I make some mistakes... I'm also without my trusted autocorrection at this moment.

Wendol Elder (Wend)


Player - Storytellbones

Race - Half-Elf

Class - Rogue


Leadership Roles - I would take the lead in any dealings in any environment that deals with criminals, or in any encounters where legality is in question.

Combat Roles - Damage dealer in melee and ranged combat.

Out of Combat Roles - Skill monkey, scout


Time Zone - Pacific

Player's Introduction - I have played a few PbP's over the years. I look forward to joining this party!

Post samples - Jon Fletcher, Lua

"Well met, Baolus, it's a pleasure to make your acquiescence", politely asks the woman. "I'm Janiven, by the way", she adds with a mischievous smile.


When Baolus and Janiven are done moving the barrels, the woman quickly fills a cup of mead for Baolus and herself to drink. "So, Baolus, since it seems like we're the only one in here, tell me...If you were given the chance to do a maximum of three things to improve our city, what would be your choice?"
Not a problem at all Sir Longears, I'm not a native speaker myself, so I understand you perfectly; I must say, though, that your English is almost perfect, at least to me, and I have no trouble at all in understanding you.

Wend read the letter again double checking for any hidden meanings or cant. Nothing. He read it again. Still nothing. The letter was what it appeared to be: a meeting time and place.

According to his Ma, the letter had arrived for him this morning. She didn’t like the situation, he could tell. Wend couldn’t blame her. This was the first letter Wend had ever received in his 24 years.

He let out a deep slow breath. Vizio’s tavern? Wend tried to visualize the place in his head. Didn’t Vizio’s nephew abandon that heap for Corentyn? He didn’t know the whole story. Partly because the information wasn’t valuable enough for him to care and partly because old man Vizio was a bigot who didn’t take kindly to Half-Elves. Or half- anything, really.

What was it that ol’ coot Vizio used to say? ”If yer ears ain’t round then yer coin ain’t either!” Wend envisioned of a giant Half-Orc daintily trying to shave down a copper piece with his giant clumsy paws. The thought made him laugh out loud.

Still chuckling, he made his way to the tavern.


Wend walked into the tavern threshold giving it a cursory inspection. Nothing seemed out of place.
He opened the door and entered.

Baolus is caught by surprise by the woman's question, "Hum, this is a quite hard question to answer... there is so much going wrong that I honestly don't know where to start."

He then takes a sip from his mead, and then another one before finally answering her, "An easy one are the beasts... easy to know that they should be dealt with, of course, doing so might be quite more challenging."

"Then we also have all the poverty... there are a bunch of good people here in Westcrown, working like beasts of burden to get barely enough to feed their families. On the other hand we have the corrupt officials and nobles, who do nothing at all but have everything they wish for... I'm not a novel heroic fool or a rebellious man to think that an anarchy would be the answer, but something must be done. My people deserves a better life..."

He takes another sip before continuing, "And finally there is this whole thievery thing... there are too few men trying to actually get them and, even when they do, someone finds a way to set them free... this is unacceptable!" Baolus punches the bar in a fist of anger, only after remembering that he was trying to disguise the fact that he was a deputy himself.

He hears the door opening and grabs this opportunity to evade another round of difficult questions. He notices a thin man... Talking about thieves... this one seems to fill the bill...

He nods to the man nevertheless.

Thanks for the compliment, GM!

Baolus sees a man walk into the bar. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

He’s of average height and slight of build. He’s dressed in non-descript peasant’s clothes and appears unarmed. You place the sharpish angles of his face as Elven or Half-Elven. His long black hair covers his ears.

Apart from his milky white skin, he looks like the most average person you’ve ever seen.


Upon entering the tavern Wend takes a quick look around. He sees the large man and fair woman having a conversation. Wend gives a genuine smile to the two at the bar and approaches. ”Good day to you!” He says, cheerfully.

Trying not to encroach on the bar talk, he takes a seat three stools down from the two. Wend takes in as many environmental details as he can while trying hard not to appear out of place.

Hello all, I'm submitting Petals for consideration. I believe I got everything turned off of hero lab to fit in vintage, if not I apologize in advance.



Player - John

Race - Elf

ClassPaladin of Shelyn/Bard


Leadership RolesPetals speaks her mind and has a hard time taking orders she doesn't agree with. She's been known to take charge on occasion baring other stronger personalities already doing so. Meaning I'm the player fine with either leader or follower.

Combat RolesA lovely voice raised in song as she charges forth to crush evil

Out of Combat RolesTalking, threatening, performing if the occasion requires, but a bit of stealth, keen eyes, and a decent mistrust, a little healing, illusions and misdirection


Time Zone - Central

Player's Introduction – I'm a rpg geek, have been a long time, but I've only played in two play by post campaigns, both are still alive thankfully. I enjoy them greatly and am considering a third, hence the application. Also I'm a horrible speller, thankfully technology allows me a function as a normal human.

Post sampleson whether to kill a prisoner
later talking to that prisoner
and one from my other character

Petals sighed, wavering across the street looking at the nondescript building, rereading the letter in her own mind for the hundredth time. Some kind of trap she was sure. Too outspoken, too in people faces about everything being so wrong. Sometimes physical, and being fired from yet another tavern. Nothing ever went right!

The priests said her temper would get her killed one day...
Is it today?

If Shelyn wills it...

Cold gives way to heat, making her suddenly regret her coat. Three people, two engaged in conversation the third seemingly waiting patiently.
Petals pulls down her hood, honey hair spilling out, not covering her pointed ears. Smiling nervously, she interrupts Hello... Um, is there a meeting planned here today? Am I too early, wrong place, sorry, it probably is the wrong place. I should leave.
The coat split open reveals the young looking woman to be quite armed with sword, dagger, and a heavy ornate hammer. A necklace of Shelyn dangling from her neck, her nervous hand grasping and rubbing it for comfort.

OK everyone, I'm officially closing this recruitment. I'll look over the three submissions I got between today and tomorrow and will come up with a decision on tomorrow evening (GMT +2). Thank you for submitting your character for consideration, and if you want to, feel free to roleplay using this thread until I make my final decision.

Selection time!

I'm glad to announce that I've selected the following players to join my game:

1. Baolus Yeralzery - Sir Longears
2. Petals - John Gs

Congratulations lads! Now, if you'd like to, please join the party in the Discussion Thread. I'll have a post up later today, and also something for you.

As for the player I didn't end up selecting, the reason behind my choice is that your character was not built according to the character creation rules I had clarified in my post. Thank you for your interest anyway, and I hope we can stumble acroos each other in the next future on these boards!

Hey everyone, I'm looking for an additional player for this game. We recently lost one of our new players, and although I've already found a substitute, I'd like to add another character to the group both to allow for more roleplaying situations and to prevent us to falter again should one of the current players leave the game.

Rules for the recruitment are exactly as in the first post of this thread, except that since our group is now composed of a bard/paladin, a cleric, a wizard and a paladin, I've got no restrictions on the character's class.

I'll check this thread frequently. If you have any questions about the game, how to tie your background to one of the NPCs o to the story, don't be afraid to ask either here or via PM.

I'll keep the recruitment running until I find a suitable candidate. Recruitment will be closed in any case within Sunday, February 26th.

Dotting, I'll have something posted quite soon.

I've not explicitly specified it, but of course it would be rather pointless to ask you to roleplay in this thread, so you'll just need to post a background and a build in order to apply for this game.

Hm, I am interested. I'll try to figure something out within a couple days.

Hi guys, Guiseppe invited me to join his game so I'm going to submit my character here. He played in my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign which has been going strong for over a year now.

I need to create a character sheet for him and complete some final details but I put the backstory and basic stats together tonight.

Alessandro Esposito
CG Human Urban Ranger Lvl 3

Alessandro Esposito was abandoned as a child at the feet of the Arodennama by unknown parents. He was found and taken in by a pious beggar who still worshiped the dead god Aroden. He raised Alessandro to believe that one day Aroden would return as Westcrown’s savior and liberate it from House Thrune’s and the church of Asmodeous’ grasp. Every day Alessandro would look up with hope in his eyes at the towering statue that protected him as a child and watched over the city even now and he promised the god that he'd work towards the good of mankind. When his foster father passed away, he took up residence in the abandoned old shrine of Aroden in Rego Spera.

Alessandro resents the corrupt government and what has become of his beloved city of Westcrown. He hates the Dottari, viewing them as little more than thugs masquerading under the guise of authority. He views the fact that they bear Aroden’s mark as defiling all that Aroden stands for. And he especially despises that they’ve done nothing to rid Westcrown of the shadow creatures that terrorize the night.

Before he met Arael, he earned coin by working for the Westcrown Shadow Hunters hunting the shadow beasts that plague the crumbling city. If the dottari weren’t going to do anything to protect Westcrown’s people, Alessandro would pick up their slack. On a successful night, he’d drop off a kill at a tavern near the old Leroung estate and receive a bag of gold the next day on his doorstep. He was fairly successful at this work and managed to get by with a decent wage that’d make many of the commoners of Westcrown jealous. Alessando knew this and never kept more than he needed, donating the rest back into society to help the poor.

When Arael came to the shrine with the intension of using the shrine as the safe house for his “rebellion”, Alessandro found that his ideals and goals aligned with his own and was eager to sign up. With the Children of Westcrown still being in its initial stages, Alessandro continued his night hunts in the meantime.

However, one night, while Alessandro was out on a hunt, he didn’t return. Arael kept up hope that he’d return but as the weeks passed without word he eventually resigned himself to assume he was dead and thus felt no need to mention him to the other adventurers he recruited.

The truth was, Alessandro was hunting the Rego Cader and was ambushed by a vampire spawn within the ruins. He battled the creature on the crumbling rooftop of an opera house. In one-on-one combat, Alessandro didn’t stand a chance but the rotting ceramic roof tiles crumbled beneath their feet and they both impaled themselves upon a piece of exposed rebar sticking out of the foundation. Neither could free themselves but come morning, the vampire was incinerated by the sun’s rays. There Alessandro remained for many days with only his prayers to Aroden to sustain him. Eventually a rundottari came across him and freed him from the pole. The corrupted guard accepted a bribe not to simply arrest him for trespassing but neither would the guard carry him to safety. A healing potion staved off the mortal wound but it would still be many more days before he would be strong enough to travel again. He hid within the ruins of the opera house and with luck no more shadow creatures came across him.

Finally, once recovered, he returned to the shrine of Aroden. Arael welcomes him with open arms and thanked the stars that he still lived. Arael updated him on what’s happened since his disappearance and told him about the others who have been working for him and recently broke of the criminal gang, the Bastards of Erebus. Intrigued, Alessandro decided to seek them out and lend them his aid.


Str 12
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 10

HP 32

Climb +7
Disable Device +8
Knowledge (local) +6
Perception +7
Stealth +8
Survival +7

1st: Point Blank Shot
B: Precise Shot
B: Rapid Shot
3rd: Skill Focus (Perception)

Shadow Child
Dump Salvager

Favored Enemy (undead) +2
Wild Empathy
Combat Style (Archery)
Favored Community (Westcrown) (+2 Initiative, Knowledge [local], Perception, Stealth, Survival)

Peachbottom, welcome on board! As for the others: there's still room for one more player, I'll be waiting for a submission in the next few days, then, if I won't have any, I'll close the recruitment.

As discussed, I'm revising to Rogue 1/Ranger 2. I'll have it updated soon.

Hey Giuseppe! I'd love to run a character under you again, I'll have an idea put together later on today.

Hey my friend! What a wonderful thing to see you again! I'd love to have you as a player in one of my games again! Shirzon, Calden, say hello to Korech! :)

HI EVERYONE! And here you go. Let me know if this character concept works. unsure about starting money though since we're level 3 instead of 2.


Varius Liberare


Player - BarvoDelancy (I typically post as GM Spiderbeard though)

Race - Human

Class - Fighter


Leadership Roles - Varius has never lacked for self-esteem and so sees himself as a natural leader in most situations, particularly in fight strategy and in dealing with Cheliax's nobility. However, he's also easily impressed and so is happy to follow someone else who steps up.

Combat Roles - Front-line fighter and AC tank. He's also capable with ranged weapons.

Out of Combat Roles - Talking, intimidation if necessary, helpful if misremembered tidbits about Cheliax's nobility.


Time Zone - GMT -7, or Mountain Standard Time

Player's Introduction - I've been doing PbP for a few years now and run five games and play in one. I post reliably once a day and there's little to no chance of me 'ghosting' thanks to the nature of my job and the passion for this hobby.

Post samples - You've played with me before, but I'm happy to link some posts if required.


Varius is meant to be fun. He's enthusiastic and naive, but compensates by being good at what he does, as well as clever and likable. His background is a deeply unhappy one, and he alternates between repressing it, and using it as a motivator to go above and beyond. The build is meant to be a fencer. The mild bumps in intelligence and charisma are to fit the character, as well as the few skills he's taken one point in. He's educated, but never paid attention. His low wisdom is a sign that he's somewhat gullible and naive. The best idea he's ever heard is the last one he heard.


Varius is chatty, quick-witted, and intense. Having 'escaped' from the devil-worship that has defined his house, he is consumed with a hatred for the devils, and in fact Cheliax's own nobility. His lighthearted charm serves as a shield for his own self-loathing. His inner conflict and need to act out means that he is impulsive and easily swayed, and may require the steady hand of friends to keep him on the right track.

Varius is also posh, idealistic, and naive. Although well-educated, he never paid attention during his lessons. He is well at ease amongst the idle rich, but


Varius was born to nobility in only the broadest possible sense, being fourteenth in line to the Lordship of House Rufano. Rufano is beholden to House Khollarix, one of the least of the 'great' Houses of Cheliax. His house's strategy to gain influence was full-out diabolism, and an over-the-top fanaticism that has made Rufano a bit of a joke in the other houses. Varius was aware of none of this, and as a young child partook in the family's diabolist rites with incredible glee. It was natural he be trained to join the clergy.

However, he was a terrible student, lacking the patience and willpower for proper obedience to Asmodeus. He forgot the long chants, always hesitated on the animal sacrifices, and was hated by the house cleric. His poor performance lead to increasingly brutal punishment, which quickly shook Varius of his love for Asmodeus and the rites. He began to hate the cleric and Asmodeus. As his daily training became increasingly difficult, he escaped when he could to spend time with friends or at the one thing he did have passion for, weapons training with the guard captain.

As Varius grew older, he became cynical about the church itself, and saw through the endless chances, bloody sacrifices, abusive clergy, and complicated hierarchy. He saw it as a con artist's trike. Everybody had delusions of grandeur, even a mediocre cleric in a noble house nobody cared about, and he saw his family and the cleric as just playthings of the lesser devils they managed to attract the attention of. As he grew into adulthood, he escaped more and more, having joined a fencing club that was fashionable among young nobles. There, he was a bit of a darling, and greatly enjoyed the popularity and ability to practice something he was actually good at.

This finally came to a head when the cleric demanded that Varius slit the throat of a vagrant as a part of the rite. Varius refused, and a scuffle broke out where Varius intimidated the cowardly cleric into letting the vagrant go. Varius then went to his father, and very clearly laid out his intentions. He would leave House Rufano, give up his right to inheritance and his family name, and make his own way. Considering his son a problem and embarrassment, his father acquiesced and forced Varius to sign a contract that he would not disparage his House in exchange for some money and the freedom to leave the estate grounds.

Varius took on the name Liberare, translating roughly to 'The free' in Chelaxian. He has been out of his home for two months, and spent most of it drunk. In this time, he has begun to see the underbelly of Westcrown. The poverty, the terror, the cruelty of the Hellknights, and what he feels is the real nobility of the common folk. Knowing how to do only one thing, which is fight, Varius is now looking for a cause he can contribute to in order to make Westcrown a better place.


Varius is a good-looking young man of obvious Chelaxian stock. He has pale skin, dark hair that he keeps back in a ponytail, and a distinct Cheliaxian nose. He is wiry, a little shorter than average, and carries himself with good posture and a slight swagger. He is typically seen in a breastplate with a couple of high-quality shortswords strapped to his side.

Character Sheet:

Varius Liberare
CG Male Fighter 3
Init +3, Senses Perception -1

AC 20 touch 14 flat-footed 16 (assume combat expertise is always active)
HP 25 (11 level one, +7 per level after)
Saves Fort +4 Refl +4 Will +0

Speed 30 (medium armor, armor training)
Melee short sword +6 1d6+2 (20x2) (-2 per attack when dual wielding)

Ranged longbow +6 1d8 (20x3)


Str 14 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 13 Wis 8 Cha 12
Base Attack +3; CMB 5; CMD 18 (+2 vs disarm)
Two-weapon fighting Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. (-2 to each attack)
Weapon Focus: Shortsword +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon.
Double Slice Add your Strength bonus to damage rolls made with your off-hand weapon.
Combat Expertise You can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon. The effects of this feat last until your next turn.
Improved Disarm You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a disarm combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to disarm a foe. You also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to disarm you.


Diabolist Raised (You might not be a devil worshiper yourself, but there are realities to living in Cheliax, and it’s always good to know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Your knowledge of diabolism grants you a +1 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against Westcrown’s nobility, and a +1 bonus on all saving throws made against mindaffecting attacks from devils.)

Threatening Defender (You know how to avoid a blow while still maintaining your offensive posture. When you use Combat Expertise, reduce the number you subtract from your melee attack rolls by 1.)

Points per level: +4 (+2 class, +1 race, +1 int)
ACP (-3)

Linguistics +2 (1 rank, +1 int)
Knowledge: Nobility +2 (1 rank, +1 int)
Knowledge: Religion +2 (1 rank, +1 int)
Climb +7 (2 ranks, +3 trained, +2 str)
Intimidate +7 (3 ranks, +3 trained, +1 cha)
Ride +8 (2 ranks, +3 trained, +3 dex)
Handle Animal +6 (2 ranks, +3 trained, +1 cha)

Languages: Chelaxian, Comon, Infernal

Carrying Capacity Pending

Gear: Pending

Money: Pending

Special Abilities
Bravey +1
Starting at 2nd level, a fighter gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against fear. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd.

Armor Training
Starting at 3rd level, a fighter learns to be more maneuverable while wearing armor. Whenever he is wearing armor, he reduces the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by his armor by 1. Every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and 15th), these bonuses increase by +1 each time, to a maximum –4 reduction of the armor check penalty and a +4 increase of the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed.

Very well, welcome on board Varius! Nice character! Recruitment closed :)

Please Varius report in the discussion thread and create an alias ;)

Ah... closed hey? give me a sign if you wish for added entertainment, my lovelies! :)

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