First Steps, part I: In Service to Lore (Inactive)

Game Master Dinuci

I have a fighter ready for the party and am looking for 3 other classes to join him. Only level 1!
As a heads up, this is my first time to GM a game. I hope you don't mind if I make some mistakes (Feedback appreciated)!

Three things I'd like to you to do when you join this game:

1) Make sure your character's PFS number is to be found in its profile.

2) Please provide a line that looks like this where it lists "Race" in your profile: Female Human cleric/1 (HP 9/9 | AC:20 | T:13 | FF:17 | CMB: 3 | CMD:16 | Fort:+2 | Ref:+2 | Will:+5 | Init:+3 | Perc: +8 | Speed 20)
In game it'll appear below your name, which saves me some digging into profiles when I quickly need the info.

3) Post at least once every day. (There are always exceptions!)

I'd like to join...I have a few characters finishing other scenarios this weekend.

Is this scenario repeatable for credit? I haven't played it before, but I'm curious which scenarios you can play multiple times for credit...

Yes it is, with level 1 characters that haven't played it before. With which character would you like to join?

Grand Lodge

Maqan Qalara, requesting initiation into the ranks of the pathfinders!

Society ID 8574-5

Liberty's Edge

I'll be playing the fighter mentioned by Dinuci.

Looking forward to this game!

Dark Archive

I have this wizard I would like to play. What kind of posting frequency are you looking for DM Dinuci?

Scarab Sages

Malachite Stoneheart, Oread Monk, looking for adventure. He just got "confirmed" today, so another low level adventure would be great!

Updated background and stat line per yoru request.

PFS# 75247-8

Liberty's Edge

Here's a 1XP barbarian for consideration.

Dark Archive

submitting for consideration

Sorry, I have a barbarian and a rogue just finishing adventures.

I'll likely bring the rogue unless she doesn't finish, in which case I'll bring the barbarian.

I'll check in with the rogue. :)

Dark Archive

Here's the rogue.

Characters posted so far:

Rogue, Tiefling: Saarai Shae
Sorcerer, Ifrit: Maqan Qalara
Wizard, Tiefling: Mollok
Monk, Oread: Malachite Stoneheart
Barbarian, Human: Torg Ice-Breaker
Alchemist, Tiefling: Akvius Sirthos

The first three I want to invite to join this scenario (order of applying). If you would like to introduce yourself in the gameplay tab :)
@Maqan Could you reply to the PM I sent you before you post in campaign? Thank you in advance ^^
@Mollok As stated in the initial post, a post at least once every day.

For the others. I see you put a lot of work in your characters but I have to refuse you for now, although I hate to. I hope to see you in other games!

Recruitment in this thread has ended.

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