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As the aggression between Molthune and Nirmathas boils over, something far darker stirs in the depths of the Fangwood.

Current Map: Cathedral Dining Hall

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Well, time to read all of the gameplay thread and get caught up from before the feast. :P

Haha, and here I thought we'd be getting along Viktor. :-P

R E C R U I T M E N T    I S    O F F I C I A L L Y    C L O S E D !

And a little over 30 minutes late, but you'll have that when your shift ends around the same time as your proposed cut off, aye? I'll be going through the Gameplay thread in earnest over the course of tomorrow, and giving characters a closer look. I apologize in advance for any who do not make the cut; I don't like being the bad guy, but I can't take everyone. My poor brain couldn't handle it.

Feel free to make any wrap up posts in the pavilion tent feast scene, though keep it brief. Also, don't write yourself out of said scene, as that will be precisely where the game proper is kicking off. OOooooo!

Well, now ill have to see about getting a reason for Garroth to return : /

And here I was feeling all smug about having already done my wrap up post...

Vincent Teldas wrote:
Haha, and here I thought we'd be getting along Viktor. :-P

I have a feeling we'll get along well when discussing the destruction of Nirmathi, at least.

I have to say this campaign looks like it will be awesome. I wish I had time to have fleshed out a character for this one. Good luck for everyone that applied.

I think I'm gonna just let the toast be my per-game wrap up post. If someone still wants to interact with Vincent, feel free, and I'll try to respond appropriately.

Nathmir, wasn't trying to ignore you, but Vincent had to have some words with Viktor, obviously. Lol

I keep thinking Im done, then see something I want to react to (even if its something small like a fire mage wanting to light stuff on fire)

Haha looks like everyone is looking at me like I'm some insane guy with an attitude.

Perfect. I have you all where I want you.

Sir Viktor Holt wrote:

Haha looks like everyone is looking at me like I'm some insane guy with an attitude.

Perfect. I have you all where I want you.

Isn't that the character concept? ;p

No problems Vincent just felt I should post something concerning the whole affair. Now I am in the background if anything should come next. ;)

Arzazel wrote:
Sir Viktor Holt wrote:

Haha looks like everyone is looking at me like I'm some insane guy with an attitude.

Perfect. I have you all where I want you.

Isn't that the character concept? ;p

Attitude, yes. Insane? Anything but.

Some people go insane when they've got the rule book crammed 3 feet into their colon, others don't.



I cant take it anymore!!! *rampage*


Eldred turns around stunned, a pile of hotel room supplies falling from overstuffed pockets and bulging suitcase.

"Uhh, I thought everyone was gone..."

"Nope," Vincent replies, retrieving a bottle of whiskey (obviously from the mini-bar) from a pocket on the inside of his cloak and taking a drink.

all you guys might snicker at those teeny bottle from the mini-bar, but to Zeltresh theyre the perfect size for kicking back and relaxing while he waits.........

Garroth exits the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, a less than satisfied look on his face "What the hell are you doing in my room!?"

Viktor walks into the hotel room and yells "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!"

"Random client satisfaction survey and quality assurance testing..." Eldred downs a mini...smiles with satisfaction "Ahh, everything looks in order here!"

Aw the long wait, how very bitter sweet.

maybe we shouldn't have written so much to read thru?

Oh well, pass me another mini!

Vincent eyes Viktor knowingly, then says, "Hey there sailor..."

I killed it didn't i?

Vincent Teldas wrote:
I killed it didn't i?


Sampson waits in silence.

Adurus offers the popcorn bucket to Sampson.

-nom nom nom-

Having gone from anger to rage to laughter, Garroth shamelessly removed his towel, rolling it up and whipping it at the bucket of popcorn. The container goes flying, landing in his hands.

As everyone shields their eyes from the horror and wonder that is his loins, he scoops up a handful of popcorn. Stuffing them in his mouth, he chews loudly, inquiring through grinding teeth.

"Haha, ok you idiots, find a seat and lets see whats on the telly!?"

Eldred shrugs and dumps the collected mini bottles, single-serving coffee packets, toiletries and linens on the bed. He grabs up a bathrobe, looks at it fondly, then hands it to Garroth.

"Better cover that up, your antennae may interfere with the reception..."

He looks at Vincent and Viktor... "You two, get a room...err, get another room!"

Garroth tosses the robe back, then plants his feet in a wide stance, clenched fists at his hips. Once securely situated in "The Superman", he leans forward on his toes, pushing his pelvis forward. "What the matter? Cant handle the manly factor?" He starts bobbing up and down on his feet, the antennae performing vigerous circular motions in response. "Maybe if we get a cord I can pick up cable!"

I was wrong, I didn't kill it...

Adurus, angry that the half orc stole his popcorn, readies an action to cast spark on any piece he lifts to his mouth, to make sure every piece he gets is bottom-of-the-popcorn-bag burned. Mwahahaha!

Alright—the results are in.

Had a lot of strong submissions to this game (some of which didn't make it into the Gameplay thread at all, sadly), and I'm sorry that the nature of these things involves the need to leave people out. In the end, my selections were based mostly off of what I felt I had to work with; as such, don't misinterpret being passed over as poor regard for the characters submitted. There were simply some concepts that I felt I could more easily work with.

I also briefly mentioned a concept that still hasn't been entirely fleshed out, though I will likely introduce it during the course of gameplay as I see opportunities to do so: character bonds. Some character jumped at me in obvious ways, while others seemed like fitting odd pairs. I'm interested to see how it pans out. In a nutshell, there will be mechanical implications based on those within the group that you form strong connections with. This will not really demand anything of players beyond simply roleplaying their chosen character, but it's something to expect down the pipeline.

Now, with that bluster accomplished, I present to you my Eight Chosen Submissions.

  • Vincent Teldas — LG male Human Bard (Arcane Duelist)
  • Zeltresh Turenek — CG male Gnome Sorcerer (Fire Elemental)
  • Adurus Krupt — N male Human Oracle (Flame)
  • Nathmir Tsaneth — N male Aasimar Cleric of Nethys
  • Arzazel — LE male Half-Orc Monk (Maneuver Master)
  • Eldred Pentwert — LN male Human Gunslinger
  • Sampson Klein — LN male Human Samurai (Sword Saint)
  • Viktor Holt — LN male Human Bard (Arcane Duelist)

I will have a Discussion Thread post forthcoming this afternoon, at which point I invite all of the chosen contestants to saunter over therein and make a post and join the discussion. Tonight and on through the weekend, I will be double-checking everyone's crunch and marking off who qualifies for what (in addition to coming up with your additional rewards for submitted stories and the like).

Any one who gave the provided Campaign Traits a pass that would like to try and come up with one, be thinking of something along those lines. Don't worry about the mechanical implications, just come up with something to tie your character to Molthune in a manner consistent with your backstory, and I'll work on hammering out what the trait grants you.

Garroth completely goes off the deep end.

Like so!

Man, its lonely in the rejection booth.

Any comments about the thought process behind the selection? Ive found it helps to ask for future applications. In here or by PM, doesnt really matter to me.


Thanks for applying Garroth; It was fun having you while you were here! Thanks also to our jester friend Ivenn who did not make the cut! I enjoyed both of your characters, and hope you can find a good home for them somewhere!

And of course, thanks Brimleydower for selecting me.

As to your question Garroth, I think a huge factor is getting a character into recruitment early. It gives your character a chance in the spotlight, and the longer the GM talks with you in OOC and the longer you have to flesh out the character, the greater your chances of getting in, as far as I've seen.

For Garroth specifically, I didn't have any quibbles with the character really. Unfortunately, the overall arc for Garroth as it fit into this game was carrying a lot of similarities with another half-orc Maneuver Master/Aspis Consortium hopeful: Arzazel. I think in a less morally ambiguous game I would have picked Garroth over Arz. As it stands in this game, though, a freed slave struggling to learn how to be free was very appealing and inspired more creative juices from my way. I suppose that's not terribly helpful. I thought Garroth was a good submission, and your contributions to the Gameplay thread were well written and thought out.

I will say I was only slightly disappointed that no one jumped on playing a Hobgoblin. Surprised at how many Humans turned out in a game encouraging weirder sorts, hah!

I was very tempted to make a Hobgoblin, as they're an awesome race - but Commissars are always human, and specifically, quite often racist humans too.

Do you have enough from me for my trait sense we kinda already went over most if not everything that ties Nathmir to Molthune already. xP

As for everyone who made it, look forward to gaming with you. For those that did not best of luck on your next try. Good thing is their are plenty of games out there. ;)


Okay, that's the last celebration you'll get out of this guy. I'm a dower, combat vet... ;)

Congrats to all. Even those who didn't get in, there as some really strong writing all around!

thanks brimleydower, and thanks to all for the fun RP during this early stage!

I Just need to finish up my gear real quick, but that won't take long - I'll have that done by tonight.

Yeah I noticed Arzazels similarities quite early and was rather stunned by it. Decided to push forth anyway, which Im happy I did, even if he didnt get in this time.

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