Fang and Shackle (Inactive)

Game Master Kagehiro

As the aggression between Molthune and Nirmathas boils over, something far darker stirs in the depths of the Fangwood.

Current Map: Cathedral Dining Hall

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Braganza's Building Season is an extravagant affair, lining the coffers of city and merchant alike. Prince-Archbanker Cole Ravnagask, who serves both as the city's ruler and high priest of the Abadaran cathedral-bank Golden Glory of the Lawgiver, undertakes the affair each year, expanding the scope of his city's size in new ways as he seeks to find prominence and favor with Judge of Gods. Every year during Spring, laborers and merchants from all over Molthune and beyond travel in droves to earn exorbitant wages under the Prince-Archbanker's direction. This year, the influx of visitors and dignitaries far outpaces those of former years—a sign Cole Ravnagask has taken to mean favor with Abadar.

More recently, a Knightly Order has been established on the outskirts of Braganza. The Most Noble Order of the Exalted March exists under the wise and fair guidance of Lord Eodric Teldas, and the influx of recruits and would-be knights have begun to swell the city's once-waning populations. Of equal import to the city is the relatively recent arrival of an Alkenstar tycoon that goes by the name Rud Nail-Spitter. Having established a massive metallurgist and gunsmithing foundry in the heart of Braganza, he has begun supplying Molthune's forces with a much needed advantage over the Nirmathi freedom fighters. By all accounts, Molthune's future seems bright indeed, though one would be a fool to count Nirmathas out completely.

With the completion of Fort Ramgate on the northern border, the expansionist war northward looks ready to consume the region with a ferocity heretofore unknown. But troubling reports have begun reaching the Imperial Governors ears from the scouts in the Southern Fangwood...