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A retired Delta Green agent reached out to A Cell because something's was not right in his hometown. What followed was a series of events which propelled O Cell through a variety of challenges threatening to release things best not meant to be known.

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While I know it is probably not likely, I was wondering if there was any interest in a Delta Green PbP game using the new rules set? I have some experience with the game system, nearly all the old and new materials, and while I would love to get back to running a Pathfinder AP campaign I know I don't have the long term health to stay with such a time commitment an adventure path would require. Delta Green on the other hand is a much shorter investment, with characters likely to go mad or fall prey to the Unnatural well before a PFRPG character reaches mid-levels.

Plus, a game like DG can be run well enough with only a few players and some non-DG assets, as long as you can explain the collateral damage or cover up the mess they may leave behind.

So, anyone interested in Delta Green, holding the line against things man was not meant to know?

I don't have any of the books but this setting sounds pretty awesome. I'm in if you'll have me.

The Delta Green Quickstart "Need to Know" Rules are available as Pay What You Want on many RPG sites. They are fairly straight forward and give a good rundown on play from the player's perspective.

Sweet. I'm in.

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ok got the delta green need to know rules.

any detail on what type of game you wanna run.

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I've played various Call of Cthulhu (2nd thru 6th, dabbled with 7th), looks like Delta Green is the same system, any preference on character types? Happy to take something to compliment others, or maybe just a computer tech.

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Could be interested. Once I know what the premise of the game is, and if it's got a long term campaign goal, or just a series of adventures.

The type and premise of the game would really be up to the players involved. Naturally it involves uncovering the hidden truths of the Unnatural lurking just beneath the fabric of our perceived realities, then fighting back against it. Whether that is against the MiGo, the Karotechia, the Fate, or directly against the Great Old Ones themselves depends first on which kind of Delta Green you want to belong to.

I think the rules today offer better opportunities for the players to have come in from the cold and be part of the newly reactivated Delta Green than still running as cowboys in the shadows. Some players may want to go it alone but that is real Ironman play and likely have a very short life expectancy. I am up to GM for whichever version the players wish to tackle.

I can run published scenarios and string them into a loose campaign if desired, geared towards a particular BBEG based upon the groups leanings. The group could tackle the Karotechia and join Operation Southern Hospitality, a gamut run against mystic zombies led by an undead Hitler. I could use a tool from the old Dark Conspiracies game and create scenarios directly from the tabloid headlines, with the group fighting not only the Mythos, but Phenomen-X and other shock jocks to keep the truth hidden. We could even play with an idea that has been rattling around in the back of my mind since I saw an old TV show, Odysey5.

Loose Published Scenarios:
I can choose three scenario options, the players vote on whichever one they want to face, and we run that. As we do I can weave a backstory together with clues interlaced amongst the stories you choose. An organic campaign that lives or dies based on how you guys see it. Tackling one at a time gives a start and end point whereby the game progresses at a pace set by the players. The Mi-go or Great Old Ones best fit this style for a BBEG.

The Nazi Ahnenerbe Karotechia has survived into the 21st century. The survivors still locate and study occult tomes and conduct magical research into reviving their fallen reich. They live and operate across South America, enclaves in the US, and recently new hot spots across the EU. They train sorcerers and cultists to give birth to a new Fourth Reich under the control of Hitler's reborn heir, clone Hitler. Hitler or a Great Old One could be the last BBEG here.

Dark Conspiracy:
Like the loose published scenarios above I can provide optional story seeds taken from tabloid newspapers and lay them out for the players. You then decide which one may in fact be Mythos related and A Cell activates you to investigate. Your team would be responsible for discovering the truth, covering up the truth, and controlling the spin to prevent further damage to the false reality the majority of Americans live under. Whether or not there is a BBEG behind it all would depend upon the players, the topics they choose, and how well they prevent their rivals at Phenomen-X from telling the real story and forcing the BBEG to expose him/her/itself. Likely this would be the Mi-go or the Fate at the heart of the conspiracy.

Adventures of Oh Cell:
Homage based off the premise of the Canadian Odysey5 TV show. In the last days of the Earth, as R'lyeh rose from the waters of the South Pacific and the madness of Cthulhu infected the world, the last active member of A Cell gathered what agents he had nearby and activated a mystical ritual discovered in an ancient tome of Yithic origins. The spell sent back in time the consciousness's of the agents a TBD number of years, into their younger bodies, with the expressed intent of stopping the unexpected rise of whichever plot brought forth Cthulhu, thus preventing the looming oblivion from destroying the Earth, even if only for a few more years. This could uncover the Fate, Karotechia, or Cthulhu's cult itself as the BBEG here.

Players would need to answer these questions three before the game would be set?

A) Are you official Delta Green, rogue cowboys disavowed and under risk of arrest and exposure, or has the world turned their back on the existence of the Unnatural and you are going it solo?

B) Which type of story/campaign/scenario would you prefer to participate in?

C) What role would you "wish" to play in the group, do you prefer Support, Investigations, Tactical, Operations, Logistics, or are you Undecided?

I have some interest in this. I don't have a ton of experience in the game, but have played some Call of Cthulhu in the past, as well as multiple modern / future games based upon various conspiracy theories and etc.

I would prefer a more tactical character, or possibly investigations.

I think the Dark Conspiracy model works well, or the Nazi model for a second choice.

I am ambivalent to starting out in any of the modes you list in A.

I like basically all of those options except the first option of loose and unaffiliated one-shots, though that might be the most realistic option for the PBP format.

I like the sort of "Moscow Rules"-esque approach of "We'll give you assignments and resources under the table but officially you don't exist" kind of relationship with the government.

I was thinking of making a character who is equal parts operations and tactical, I guess? I was thinking of a former deep cover agent who infiltrated terrorist cells being brought in by Delta Green to make use of his knowledge of and experience with small fanatical groups in investigating cults, as well as his explosives expertise.

I am going to leave the interest thread open until July 11th. This should be long enough to get a hopefully dedicated group of assets together. Normally I like groups to roll stats but for PbP I think we will use the given point buy system outlined in the "Need to Know" rules set. Careers are outlined there and in the "Briefing Documents" as well I believe.

I think in keeping with the spirit of the secretive nature of Delta Green and the importance of having a personal life separate from the job I will ask something unusual. Rather than post your character preferences and identities here or in a recruitment page I will ask you to PM or message me your character sheet or info. I will add it to the game along with several false flag identities.

Once I create the Campaign page I will post about a dozen asset character sheets which will include each of your characters. Your game personas will not include actual character info but rather your Delta Green false identity. What this means is that while you may actually be a computer programmer for DARPA your posting alias will be listed as Mr. Oscar, with a false FBI Cybercrimes legend. Only you and I will know which of the dozen character sheets are you. Over time others may suspect but it would take a bit of extra detective work to determine who is who, and that is naturally frowned upon by A Cell.

Should Mr. Oscar start reading things not meant to be known, begin drinking heavily, and develop a strange habit of mumbling incantations in his sleep, then perhaps Mr. Oliver and Ms. Oleander may need to dig into his cover story and learn the truth, but they will need to do so discretely, without tipping Mr. Oscar off they know he has gone over to the Cult of the Third Eye or is mere days away from deciphering the Codex of Ineffable Damnation... Delta Green, one of the few games were if you live long enough you become the mission.

Any thoughts?

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I was working out a character sheet, mostly just to test the system regarding character creation. Have PM'd it through to you.
Not 100% set in stone.
Should we post our general type on here? Or should characters be secret in their entirety until we get to know each other?

I was just reading over the new Agent's handbook last night. I would be interested; I can have a more detailed response once I have a little time to review the thread.

Well, what you suggest for characters sounds extremely convoluted for a pbp game, but we can give it a whirl.

This avatar is the one I use to run games; I take it you want us to make a player character avatar, leaving him suitably blank?

This will be the avatar I use (for Keith S.).

Working on creating a character now.

I leave it up to the players how much or how little or how truthful the players want to be with each other, at least about their game identities. Honesty and no cheating are big requirements of any game from the players, characters are another matter. You may share what you wish or don't with your fellow players, but I think you miss part of what Delta Green is about. I leave the decision up to the group which way they want to go, and how knowledgeable they wish to be about each other.

Agents have the option of being fully out there, sharing every little bit of themselves, abilities, skills, SAN score, etc. if that is what you want. I think a bit of mystery though adds something back of a real world feel to the game.

Say you have a player running an agent code named Mr. Oscar, "real" name Captain David Dell, who works for DARPA but his credentials say he is with FBI Cybercrimes. Now Dave thinks of himself as a real computer whiz, a white hat hacker, one of the best, but he doesn't know Ms. Ophellia's character Shelly Simons of the NSA is actually a reformed black hat out of Odessa who found Delta Green via several Dark Web threads and joined the fight. Her skill ranks are way better. Do you spend time shopping around every activity for who is better, or play to your character personas? How many times in real life do you stop and say Dave, come over here and take this job, you are the better coder? How many times does the boss give the job to his fave buddy as opposed to the guy who next week will have to step in to clean up the first guy's mess to meet the client's deadline? In the game if Dave doesn't learn to see his own limitations he may get himself or the group killed, which is part of how the game runs at the table. If Dave isn't careful or when to realize his limitations he may inadvertently crack the code, read the King in Yellow, and begin his own journey to Carcosa, taking the team with him.

I know it seems a bit convoluted for a PbP, but I think it is part of what makes Delta Green a bit different from an otherwise normal Call of Cthulhu game. You are working with a team you meet with only infrequently, at the behest of shadowy masters who never share all of the pieces, and you never really know the full extent of each other's capabilities, but have to rely on one another intensely to get the job done quickly, quietly, and without undue attention. You learn to take the leap of faith together, trusting that A Cell is shooting straight because the need requires it, the job is important, and the rewards are that your kids/wives/lovers/families survive to see another tomorrow. Oh and because there are things out there right now that may drive you as mad as a hatter, or simply eat your brains, but probably is racing to do both.

The game does have the option to begin to forge bonds with your fellow players, learning more about each other, becoming closer as a team, connecting over your shared traumas and unknowable secrets, which while strengthening you one to another also weaken those connections in that normal life you have away from the Unnatural. It becomes part of the balancing act you juggle and may be the only way to really keep that suspense and edge in a PbP that you get around the table interacting closer to real time on a Delta Green investigation.


I am good with all of that. I am just a bit concerned that it happens a bit easier at a table vs. pbp. But, without a doubt, the face you present vs. the real person you are is a key (and fun) part of these types of games.

I am good with giving it a go. Worst case, I blurt out too much in a post and give up my secrets!

So I have looked over some of my game notes and decided to use a small scenario I wrote for an upcoming local game convention as a first mission for the team. Let me know what you guys think of the initial information provided. More will come once we have decided upon the players, this is just to give a preview.

O Cell Activation

It looks pretty cool to me. Good use of pictures / graphics.

Just so I am clear on the player set up - we are all part of a dispersed Delta Green cell; we only concentrate in an area when we are activated?

Therefore, we really don't know much about each other, or where we come from, or what our skills really are (which mimics real life in many ways)?

Correct. You all have normal jobs, usually for some government or related organization, who through the normal progression of your lives encountered the Unnatural and were recruited by Delta Green because you possessed talents which were beneficial, you survived the ordeal and you did so relatively sane, all important requirements for the Agency.

Delta Green, through the auspices of Cell A, has given each of you a masked email account, a burner phone, a couple of prepaid credit cards or expense account and a code name related to the cell you are currently assigned, in this case Cell O. You may choose the specific O name for your agent, be it Oscar, Ollie, Olivia, etc...

When you are contacted about a mission, you are generally given a semi-plausible cover excuse to leave your home, your family, and your job to undertake the mission at hand. You will travel on the funds granted and acquire gear needed to facilitate the operation. The rulebook Need to know discusses a bit about how to purchase or requisition gear above what you own personally, so plan towards the shoestring approach rather than those brand new Air Jordans.

Cell O, like most other cells, is compartmentalized because in the event an operation goes fubar the individuals will not overly expose one another or Delta Green itself. After all, clandestine meetings and shadow sanctioning means you don't really exist, you have no true authority to do what you're doing, and so everything you do is extra-legal and subject to all normal rules of prosecution.

But again as I said, if the party wishes to have foreknowledge of each other, your characters and your abilities I am okay with that. Some groups handle it differently, and I can roll with that as needed.

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Never been too familiar with Delta Green, other than vague awareness of it being like CoC but with (semi?)professionals. Set-up reminds me of Global Frequency (but I would presume dialled down a bit).

Files look good.

Global Frequency was born out of the same ideas which spawned Delta Green in the 1990's, expanded a bit beyond just the Unnatural and Mythos.

Delta Green as an organization has gone from being a branch of the original OSS, to a clandestine investigative group, to a rogue operation, to disavowed and hunted band, to once again being a necessity which has been reinstated, albeit with a smaller black budget and a much stiffer mandate to remain unseen.

So the 11th is here, I will give it through midnight tonight for any others to post their interest. After that I will call role for anyone interested and we can move to character development.

If you are wanting to join the group as a member of O cell, please post your decision today.

BTW O Cell is only a place holder, if the group wishes to be a different letter, that can be decided by the group. Any letter after F is acceptable. I have vague plans thus far for B thru E, and of course A is the leadership team so that is unavailable.

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Still interested.
O is fine.

Still interested. PM'd my character to you....but made it off of the "Need to Know" document, which is not super complete so there may be errors.

O is fine.

Well, of those who initially expressed interest we had two people chime in again for the deadline, Fendar and Spinning. Welcome to Delta Green.

It is possible to run Scully and Mulder sized operations, with a DG asset thrown in here and there as needed for manpower, assistance, back-up, etc. (ie. Either as GM NPCs, or an occasional second character for either of you, whichever you prefer.) Is this acceptable to our prospective agents?

O sounds good to me. I'll have a concrete character concept up later this week.

I am good with it your suggestions for the NPCs.

How did the character look that I sent you?

I have some additional background I will send you.

Okay it looks like we will have 3 assets active and perhaps a few others available on a "necessity to have" basis.

It looks as though Deborah is no longer available on your private post Spinning, can you resend?

I take it Fendar will be the team muscle. What roles do the rest of you wish to take in the group.

(Remember while WV has open carry, running around with long-arms or heavy weapons will draw a lot of attention and scrutiny. Plan accordingly and have discrete options to cover for yourselves.)

I can assign Agent O names unless you have something particular in mind.

I will have the campaign page and discussion/gameplay threads up by Saturday morning, to give you a bit of time to ready your characters and make any final changes you wish before the activation call comes.

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I plan to have Fendar Hig be my team name, I plan to have a "secret" home name if that is alright.

A question on weapons - do we have access to pretty much anything? Like hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc? Not saying I want a rocket launcher, but if I need it I wonder if I can get it from Supply Services.

I DO need to add a few frag grenades. Maybe a white phosporus and a flash / bang.

I suspect I need to modify some things - background, who I work for, etc - once I understand the background you want to have for the campaign. I am not sure some of my choices are appropriate, or if you prefer other options.

And, last but not least, I found a typo in my character sheet I sent you. I have fixed that, but I won't send it until we make any other necessary changes.

Derz here. This is the alias I will be using. Character Sheet is still WIP but I wanted to run the background info by you before I got too into it.

Hello there, I'll be your resident nerd and know it all.

We seem to have two muscle guys and a nerd.

Will that work or should I work up someone else?

I sort of get the impression that characters don't last all that long anyway so change is always a possible future.

Sorry for the delays guys, I had an emergency situation, two actually, which put me off schedule. The campaign, in-character gameplay, and OOC discussion threads are up and ready.

I will post a few things to the gameplay and campaign threads this evening and tomorrow.

In the interim, please welcome to O Cell
Fendar Hig aka Agent Ormando
Ms. Jones aka Agent Olive
Alias Michael Felix aka Agent Oscar

Here is a sample of preset equipment available for standard agents, depending upon his or her original identity background.

If you are a FEDERAL AGENT: Agency badge and identification card, registered medium pistol in a belt holster, two spare magazines in a belt pouch, a tactical light, handcuffs in a belt pouch, a Kevlar vest, windbreaker jacket printed with the name of the respective agency, official encrypted smartphone, police-band radio with earpiece and throat microphone, small evidence-collection kit. A secondary weapon or additional equipment may be available in an agency vehicle includes a registered light carbine with holographic sight and two spare magazines, or a pump-action shotgun with 40 spare rounds in boxes (half of them slugs), labeled tactical body armor, Kevlar helmet, an official encrypted laptop with access to agency networks, first aid kit, and a portable fire extinguisher.

If you are a SWAT TEAM or similar background: Agency badge and identification card, registered assault rifle or carbine with laser sight and under slung flashlight, six spare magazines in a chest rig, semi automatic shotgun with six spare shells in a receiver mount, registered medium pistol, two spare magazines in a chest rig, tactical knife, flash-bang and tear-gas grenades, CED pistol, pepper spray canister, portable battering ram, Halligan forcible-entry tool, ballistic shield, tactical radio, earpiece, throat microphone, flexible cuffs, labeled tactical body armor, vest with agency identification, knee and elbow pads, gloves, helmet, fire-retardant balaclava, tinted goggles, assault webbing for magazines and grenades, hydration system (such as a camelback), binoculars, high-power flashlight, and rappelling harnesses and equipment.

If you are a SPECIAL OPERATOR or similar background: Dog tags, registered assault carbine with holographic sight, targeting laser and sound suppressor, six spare magazines in a chest rig, registered medium pistol in a holster, two spare magazines in a chest rig, two fragmentation hand grenades, two smoke grenades, two “flash-bang” stun
grenades, combat knife, flexible cuffs, tactical body armor, Kevlar helmet, tactical light, goggles or sunglasses, night vision goggles, military-band radio with earpiece and throat microphone, multitool,
compass, field dressing, and GPS.

If you are a POLICE OFFICER or similar background: Badge and identification card, labeled reinforced Kevlar vest, duty belt, registered medium pistol with two spare magazines in a belt pouch, pepper spray and/or CED pistol, collapsible baton, folding knife, hand cuffs with cuff key, flashlight, handheld radio, pen, and pocket notebook. Some departments require officers to wear body cameras and audio recorders. Many officers carry a light backup pistol in an ankle or under-shirt holster, extra pistol magazines, leather gloves, multitool, hemostatic gel, and emergency bandages or self-applying tourniquet. A patrol car or assigned vehicle may carry a police radio, a rack with a registered carbine with holographic sight or a shotgun, boxes of spare ammunition, riot helmet and riot baton, spike strips, flares, labeled reflective vest to wear in traffic, evidence bags, traffic cones, blood-borne pathogen kit, fire extinguisher, mounted official laptop computer, driver’s-license scanner, a stuffed animal or blanket to comfort a child, towels, crowbar, various tools and labeled bad-weather gear, clipboard, forms and paperwork, map books and reference books (drug identification, HAZMAT codes, terrorism response), bottled water, energy bars, and antibacterial gel.

A TYPICAL OTHER BACKGROUND AGENT’S GO-BAG: First aid kit, self-applying tourniquet, hemostatic gel, clothes, boxes of ammunition, extra pistol and/or carbine magazines, flashlight, folding knife, basic tools, doorstops, chalk, bottled water, energy bars, batteries, sunscreen, and antibacterial gel.

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