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Hi everyone, this is the recruitment thread for a new Dawn of Worlds campaign. In addition to the Dawn of Worlds campaign, I would like to work with you to create a campaign to play through, in the world that you've made. Below, I explain what Dawn of Worlds is for those who don't know.

What is Dawn of Worlds?:
Dawn of Worlds is a system in which players each act as a deity, and take a base world, typically just a massive empty continent, and build it from scratch, from geography to races to culture. The full ruleset can be found at this link, and please feel free to post in the thread or message me with any questions. http://www.clanwebsite.org/games/rpg/Dawn_of_Worlds_game_1_0Final.pdf

About me:
Full disclosure: This is my first time DMing. What that means, is that I can't promise you well-polished gaming, and that's why I'm starting out with this particular campaign, which is more free-form than most and allows me to get to know you well before we begin the campaign part of the game.
Despite having never DMed before, I've played in several games both online and in real life, and have never dropped out of any, and am often one of the primary posters in my PbP games.
So while I don't know much about DMing, I promise you that should we begin this campaign, I won't let it die unless every single player drops out, because I know how painful it is to have a campaign die just when you're getting into it, and I'd like to avoid doing that to you at all costs.

Application Info
For the time being, I'm not focusing on anything other than the Dawn of Worlds game, which means that your applications will be regarding which deity you will play. Please note that your deities will become the primary deities that divine casters draw their powers from, and I trust that you won't take advantage of this knowledge to create the 'perfect' god for a specific build you'd like to play.
In addition, I'll be using DM power to make sure that a few things happen, such as the evolving of the human race(but all other races are under your control), and a few other divine powers may contest your dominance over this world.
So what I'd like you to give me is your god's name, alignment, portfolio, description, and a brief bit about them, perhaps regarding how they became gods or how you forsee their worshippers treating them. Things like domains and favored weapons are appreciated, but can definitely be fleshed out later.
I'll be taking around 6 players, and one of the spots may be reserved, if a player I know chooses to join. When making your god or goddess, don't attempt to create a balanced group, as I can always create other gods to fill gaps, and feel free to choose whatever best fits your concept on the alignment spectrum.
In addition to that, I'd like you to post something about what you'd like to get out of the game, so I can learn a little more about you guys as players.

I'll leave recruitment open until the night of Friday the 16th. I won't be able to really look through applicants over that weekend, so I'll make my decisions the following week.

Definitely interested! Here is my application:

Chaotic neutral god of art, beauty, night, sleep, dreams (including nightmares), amnesia, randomness, strangeness and misunderstandings. He is the patron of mortals' sleep. He gives them dreams, but he also the one who makes them forget about them when they wake up. He seeks to make the world a weirder place, because for him beauty emerges from randomness.

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Madness, Trickery

How are you planning to handle the map-drawing aspect of the game?

Definitely interested here is my aplication

Lawful Nuetral goddess of Wealth, cities, knowledge, Motherhood, and conquesty,

Domains: Law, evil, destruction, nobility

Her name is Vilkrye, and she is the patron of expansion, mothers and conquest. Those she favors tend to win wars, or are inspired to go to war. She encourages her worshipers to expand, and conquer. While she does not care if her worshipers are good or evil, she does have a a rule that if one kills a child in their conquest or expansion, they fall out of her favor and she will aid their enemies. This is because she loves children and see's them as the next generation to expand.

She seeks to make the world full of cities, and children taken care of no matter what.

For maps, the player that I invited to join us has kindly handled the artistic part of a game I'm currently in, and so may deign to draw the world for us if he joins. If not, then I'll likely go off of description rather than visuals, as I'm a poor enough artist to give you absolutely no idea what you're looking at.
Once we enter the campaign itself combat will be relatively abstract and I'll just tell you, 'You're 60 feet away from the monster...'. Does that answer your question?

Helix-Just a heads up, you get your alignment domains for free, but if you're Lawful Neutral, you can't have the evil domain.

sorry missed that. Made an LE first then fixed it when it made no sense. my bad

Okay, so is he LE now, or still LN and just doesn't have the evil domain?

Dragonflyer1243 wrote:
Does that answer your question?

Yes it does. Thanks.

LN no evil domain. The goddess of motherhood, after fleshing her out doesn't seem like an evil deity.

Great, thanks for the clarification!

Dotting for interest. I might go with the "druidic" kind of God. Focusing on animals, nature, and life. I'll give you a proper submission in the near future.

Awesome, you've still got plenty of time to submit it!

This here is my submission. Geiyera, the Tree of Life, does not interest herself in the life of civilized races (for the most part). Instead, she focuses on the creation of plants and animals, and defends them when threatened. Just because she is a Goddess of Healing, does not mean she has no fury for those who disrespect her.

The Tree of Life
The World's Roots
Mother Nature

Adjective: Geiyeran
Home: Material Plane
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Nature, Life, Healing
Worshipers: Druids, Woodsmen, Healers
Domains: Earth, Water, Plants, Animals, Healing
Subdomains: Feather, Fur, Caves, Restoration, Growth, Rivers
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Symbol: Giant Willow Tree
Sacred Animal: All
Sacred Colors: Green, Brown

Geiyera favors:
- Those who protect/respect nature
- Those who promote growth
- Those who heal others selflessly

Geiyera dislikes:
- Those who embrace civilization
- Those who destroy/alter nature
- Those who kill for anything other than survival

Awesome, all the applications are looking good so far!

Miolla The Moon

The Moonroad
The Silver Edge
Lord of the Edge
Lady of the Light

As the World came together so did the Moon come into existence overhead.
As time passed, more and more eyes looked upward and the Moon came to know its self as aware and sentient
As things go, it stayed out of the affairs of other deities, content to look down and watch what others did. Slowly though it discovered how to send down parts of its own essense in the forms of moonbeams, enabling those that learned how to ride these beams either to The Moon or to other places. The white of the light and straightness came to resemble the length of a sword and it took over the mantle of the keeper of the blade.
At some point it just merged as well as time passing those that travel from one place to another in their life took to using the Moon to help in navigating (along with the stars) bring it to the three separate main focuses. The Moon, Swords, Travelling (Nomadicism)

Home: Material Plane (The Moon)
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Indistinct (Portrayed as both male or female or mixture depending on the worhipper)
Portfolio: The Moon, Those that use the Sword, Those that roam
Worshipers: Warriors, Thieves, Nomads, Blacksmiths, Swordsmiths
Domains: Moon, Movement (Travelling), Swords
Subdomains: Moonlight, Moonbeams, Craft (Swords)
Favored Weapon: Swords
Symbol: Circle, Moon
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: White, Silver, (Steel)


Sun Worshipers
Those that preach Beings should only stay in a single place

Warriors tend to worship as the patron of the blade
Thieves either to have the gaze turned away from them or for light to show them how to perform their intended larcenies
Swordsmiths or Blacksmiths for the perfection of their craft
Nomads to show them the way and clarity to see through the deceptions of others

BTW Totally scarfed up Geiyera's write up for use. Thanks.
If accepted or not accepted this is going to be a new deity in my own homebrews from today onward.

Those look good so far, we've got a lot of neutral gods!

I'm definitely interested. I will submit something by the end of the weekend.


Nox was perhaps the first being to slip loose from the primordial chaos, his skin was black as pitch, his eyes glowed like coals in the darkness and his understanding of creation beyond comprehension.

Nox like all the gods resolved to forge his own race, and so in the First Forge were the Drow created. They were cast in their creator's unyielding image, their eyes glowed like embers and their skin black or gray as the soot of a forge.

Their foreheads free of hair that might become tangled or burnt in the forge, they were hardy and intelligent as befitted the children of the Black Powder Prince.

Nox sheltered these first Drow in his forge for a century, teaching them the ways of the forge, invention, artifice and engineering. Then as the Drow numbers expanded his children would emerge into the depths of the Earth as Nox had always intended.

They would be free of competition from the surface world and would be able to pursue that which they were born to do without interruption... Not even the other gods would know of Nox nor his children...

Aliases: The Craftsman, The Deep Flame, The Black Powder Prince

Home: Plane of Earth (The First Forge)
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Portfolio: The deep places, invention, engineering and the Drow
Worshipers: Inventors, smiths, scientists and the Drow
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Fire
Subdomains: Construct, Metal, Smoke, Thought
Favored Weapon: Firearms
Symbol: A massive cog with a smith's hammer in the middle of the Cog
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Red, Black and Charcoal Grey

Warriors who utilize advanced weapons
Cunning and technology savvy generals and leaders
The Drow

The ignorant
The stupid
Those who shun and destroy technology and knowledge

Thoughts GM?

Viluki, thanks for the application, I'm glad to see so much interest so far!

You may want to provide more specific "thoughts" for each player/god GM, it helps us iron out any "loose ends".

Too late to get in on this? I might have an idea for something. Ive been in a few games like this that fizzled almost immediately, so I think ill reuse my concept from that, though ill have to modify for the "being a god" aspect.

Deliverance-It's not too late at all, recruitment closes in a week!

Viluki-Thanks for the suggestion, it's a very good idea!

Friendly Lich: Your character looks good thus far, does he or she have a name?

Helix: Vilkrye looks awesome. I love the complexity of the submission. Does she have any backstory reasons for being so protective of kids, barring that they're the next generation of warriors?

TreasureFox: Do you have any plans for the later portions of the game? The ending phases all deal with influencing and controlling civilizations, how do you foresee Geiyera dealing with this development?

Remnant: If you could, I'd rather use the domains already out there, just to avoid having to create new ones and make the game more complicated further down the line. That said, if there are a couple that are really crucial to Miolla, we can definitely work to make those a reality, but I'd rather not create an entirely new set of domains for everyone.

Viluki: Just a heads up, the other gods will be aware of your creations, and all of what you do will take place in the same world, so there isn't much secrecy amongst gods. You can feel free to speak privately about things, making deals and whatnot, but what you do in the world is very difficult to hide.

This is what I have so far. Moranus, Man of the Mountain. He is a god who can be loyal to a fault and expects that of his worshipers.

Home: Material Plane
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male
Portfolio: Mountains, Arctic
Worshipers: Dwarves, people who dwell in or on mountains, People who live in arctic regions, people travelling through snowy areas
Domains: Loyalty, Solitude, Ice, Earth
Subdomains: Earth, Resolve, Exploration
Favored Weapon: Great Axe
Symbol: Mountain with crossed Axes
Sacred Animal: Ram
Sacred Colors: Gray, White

People who live in seclusion
People who live in cold regions
People are loyal to a person/cause


Most of my attention will be making events and catastrophes for the civilizations. Focusing on earth and water, there will be earthquakes, tsunamis, land slides, and dangerous swamps. The races in the world will know that civilization is Geiyera's enemy. The life of the nomad, the druid, and the ranger will be blessed, regardless of race.

I've been considering creating the elementals, but I don't influence fire or air, so the balance would be off.

Even in the late portions of the game, altering terrain may still occur.

The other gods might know something is up but Nox will if possible keep them from looking too closely... Probably by bribing them thoroughly with the finest weapons and armor in existence...

Nox will likely focus on bolstering the Drow's rapid rise in technology and mechamagic (he may not be the god of magic but magic combined with technology is something he would support and pursue), he will attempt to ensure that his creations remain isolated for as long as can be managed.

Catastrophes will be rare but when they do occur they won't be "small scale"...

Question of note GM is your plan for the world going to be your own "setting" as it were for future games?

Treasurefox: As long as you have a plan, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that it would be much more costly to alter terrain later on, so you could plan ahead.

Viluki: This world will be used for the game I hope to play with you after we create it, but after that I have no intention of using it again, unless we create something truly memorable, in which case I may take bits and pieces for later use.

Using a god from my own homebrew. Jhanlaul, Elder of Magic. Will need to make a few changes and adjustments but I think it will be good. ;)


Titles: Elder of Magic, Holder of the Ten Orbs, Wielder of the Infinity Staff, Pact Binder, Keeper of the True
Home: Demiplane (Trisul, Realm of Crossroads)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Balance, Knowledge, Judgment, Secrets
Worshipers: Spellcasters, Knowledge Seekers, Secret Keepers, Judges, and Balance Keepers
Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Subdomains: Arcane, Divine, Aeon, Inevitable, Memory, Thought
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Symbol: A staff with ten orbs around it
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Purple, Black, and Silver

Those that learn magic
True judges
Those that preserve the greater balance
Those that keep harmful knowledge secret

Those that suppress magic
Those that suppress beneficial knowledge
Those that reveal harmful knowledge
Those that spread pointless destruction
Those that break their pacts

Jhanlaul is known as an elder, among the first beings to exist. Old even before what was known as time came into existence he is primal and bound to the very existence of magic and reality. While he is not alone among the elders he is considered the most active and so most known. His governing aspect touching everything and all. Jhsnlaul learned quickly by virtue of his aspect and knowledge beyond compare that chaos was but creations perfect illusion. For existence itself had an order that flowed to ends unknown even to the elders. He would not obstruct it or seek to change that which could not, instead he would moderate. Seek out and judge to preserve the balance of existence and keep hidden that which would harm it. The flow of existence would move towards a greater reality. So his task began and many beings would be born by his endeavor while others would join it.

Miolla The Moon

For Domains (Not really finding a nice consolidated list)
Artifice (Sword Oriented though)

Funny on the d20SRD Site no one has Moon as a domain or subdomain.

Remnant, This might help you out


Moon is listed as a subdomain under Darkness

Question of note GM, are you completely against 3rd party (asking because I would like to include steampunk elements from World of Aden with the Drow)?

I'm not against third party as a whole, but I'd like you to run whatever it is by me, to make sure that you don't create anything too out of control, because we'll be playing with this world afterwards, so I'd like to keep it mainly within the standard rules.

Hope Jhanlaul is not stepping on Nox's toes. Oddly enough in my homebrew there is an immortal named Nox, very badass and formerly very evil but not really a good guy even now. xD

Not likely Omni, Nox is more the god of engineering and science then magic (although he does advance mechamagic and magitech).

Vilkrye, see's children as sacred. She Has had visions of mothers who had children die. She finds it evil. She would also like to be a mother, yet she is sterile. All races she creates she will treat them as her children.

Dragonflyer1243 wrote:

Friendly Lich: Your character looks good thus far, does he or she have a name?

Not yet. But I might as well make one up right now:


Along with some other stuff:

Titles: The Dreamer, Erratic Lord
Home: shadow plane
Symbol: a pouch filled with sand
Colors: all bright colors, especially red, purple and blue
Animals: moth, peacock, lionfish
Weapon: net

@Dragonflyer1243, when do you think you are going to close sign-ups?

Recruitment will close Friday at midnight, and I'm out of town this weekend, so I'll announce my picks the following week.

I am interested but I want a commitment from the GM that they will be posting at lease once every 2 days.
GM how often will you be posting?

I will be posting almost every day, except when I'm either out of town(very rare), or I'm waiting on someone to complete a turn and there's nothing to do before then. If you want, you can check through the campaigns I'm involved in, and see my posting schedule.

cool GM

My application is a little odd, GM one god that has 12 embodiments reflecting the 12 hours in a day, Each sister being a hour.
Not one single being but 12 linked beings, all Identical, all with one linked mind

The 12 Sisters Luminass
Titles: "the 12 Keepers of the great clock", The 12 watches, The 12 fates, The 12 of Balance, The 12 Hours, The 12 eyes, The 12 hands, The 12 of the Clock.

Greater older God:
True Neutral god [Goddesses] of Time and Fate.

Domains: [3pp]Time, Luck, Travel, Knowledge [and if Allowed 3pp Psionics].
Sub Domains: Fate, Exploration, Mind.
Symbol: An hour class, or a Clock face with 12 hours
Colors: Black, white and Gray
Animals: All forms of Cat
Weapon: Unarmed strike

TN/LN/CN/NG/NE Monks, Clerics and other divine types are drawn to seek them and aid them and those that would protect time
Those that protect time and reality form the things outside seeking away in or to destroy it.
Oracle's of all kinds but most of all those that have Time as a Mysterie.
Those that preserve the greater balance
Those that keep harmful knowledge secret

Those that would alter or change the flow of time to braking point.
Those that seek to undo the fates of others with out regard for time.
Those that reveal knowledge that could harm the flow of time.
Those things out of time and reality that seek a way in.
Those that would stop them from their task

The Myth: The 12 Sisters Luminass
When the time started it made the 12, 12 beings that where one, 12 that would protect it and keep it safe. This the 12 have done from the 1st moment of time and will do until its last moment. They watch over it manage and protect it. Stopping those that would tamper with it's flow of time and fate to the point of braking reality. They allow small changes when they deem it to be in fates or times favour. But there is always a risk with the 12. Over step the mark and the retribution is swift. Removal of events from the great patten of time.
They say they can be tricked and fooled, that other gods have from time to time. Any is the tail that starts with some hero slipping past the 12. Some darker tails talk of the unwise who have sort imprison one of the 12, of their fate little is know for they have no history any more. The 12 they says oversee the great patten of time. Ticking of the hours, minuets and seconds the govern all lives, even their own. They have one linked mind, one god soul but 12 embodiments that travel endlessly, always looking, always seeking and protecting breaches in time. For they say outside of time there are things that seek ways in, dark beyond understanding things that would rip the grate Patten of time apart. Blessed be the 12 and what they do to protect is all.

They seek: to have time flow us course, to protect it. It matters not if a its affecting a single being or a vest world itself. All things are effected by time, even they and so time must be protected.

NOTES: My idea is the other gods respect the 12 but also find the problematic, Changing the fate's of mortals is what gods do, having the 12 show up finger waging kind of puts a damper on things. But they can be fooled and tricked. Some evil gods that wish to destroy the world may be at odd with the 12 as you may think. If that is the fate of the world then it will have a time a place. Its they flow they protect more than anything, and keeping what is outside of time "OUT SIDE" for while it flows, Fates can be changed in smalls ways. Allowing all that magic and things that do that in the game system etc Its the big changes that brings the 12 into play.

Also the 12 Reincarnate over being deathless or immortal, that means they can be killed for a while, how ever when one dies by what ever means they shortly after reincarnate into a new body manifestation, which may or may not be at the place of their last death. The keep their memory's and powers manifest.

They NEVER take over body's for that would be taking the fate of another away form them, and do not look kindly on unwilling possession of others in any form.

With them being being TN and the embodiment of reincarnation they also get the odd druid and witch into there faith/following or any who believes in Reincarnation. There Church offers this but with a new life comes a new fate so all memory's is lost. There clerics/witch's/druid offer reincarnation always in place of resurrection as part of the faith.

This also means my default they do not sanction the use to time reversal to save a life. All there Clerics and Oracle's know this. Should any do so one of the 12 will often come and clime their life as payment. So atonement spell has a real use and even then one of the 12 may still come and seek payment for braking the faiths laws.

The 12 are intricately linked to time, they are made form its very stuff and serve it. They find it hard and weakening to go where time is not having to bring time with them, often they choose to end themselves and Reincarnate over trapped in no time. This means they often have to call on the help of other gods to aid them. Waiting up what boons may be asked of them in return.

Great, all the applications are looking good so far!

Casting Nox out in favor of a psionic deity

The Manipulator
The Void born
The Transcendent

Home: The void
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Psionics, fitness, probability, clarity, the void
Worshipers: Psionicists, athletes, philosophers, sages, gamblers
Domains: Liberation, Void, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Subdomains: Freedom, Stars, Fate, Thought, Deception
Favored Weapon: Mindblade (or any monk weapon)
Symbol: An all seeing eye gazing down from the void
Sacred Animal: none
Sacred Colors: Black, deep blue and purple

Yriel favors:
- Those who seek to not merely rely on chance but weave it in their favor
- Those who seek perfection of mind and form
- Those who seek clarity over emotion

Yriel dislikes:
- Those who embrace emotion as a way of life
- Those who do not strive for perfection in some form
- Those who do not attempt to alter the skein of "fate"

Yriel was born well before the other gods and traveled throughout the cosmos as it still formed, he witnessed the universe in it's entirety well before the other gods even emerged from the primordial chaos. Yriel mastered the psionic arts, perfecting both mind and body.

In doing this Yriel transcended barriers that even other deities have trouble understanding, barriers that some would say no one was meant to cross... To Yriel the cosmos is not in any way "set", "fate" does not exist in the way most believe.

Fate is but one measure of the skein of probability, the skein of probability is ever shifting and ever changing. The wise can manipulate and indeed even see into the skein of fate, by this form of absolute clarity one may alter fate as he wishes.

And so Yriel has altered fate once more, this time to allow for the rise of the cosmos's first children...

Thoughts GM?

Dropping the 12 sisters for I like it better, as Nox the secret god has been dropped I liked the idea of a new Secret god like being.

"The Traveller"
Titles: "The infinite Traveller" "The God learner" "The Questioner" "The Great blasphemer" "The Door" "The infinite Leaner"
Type of god: Unknown*
Aliment: TN [But has been known to take on any aspect]
Origin: The Multiverse
Domains: Travel, Psionics, Knowledge, Liberation.
Sub Domains: Exploration, Thought, Freedom, Revolution
Symbol: The sign of infinity [8 on its side]
Colors: ALL
Animals: none
Weapon: Unarmed strike
Worshipers: Psions, The Planes-touched, Godlings, Summoners, Planes walkers, Monks, Clerics, Witchs, Oracles and others who seek means to learn and travel on this and other planes.

Any who seek to travel the world and learn within it.
Any who seek to travel the planes and learn within them.
Any who seek to travel the multiverse and learn within it.
Heretics and any who Question the god/s
Any who create Demi planes or new planes.

Those that seek morrow perspectives.
Those that seek to stop travel.
Those that hide knowledge.
Those that would stop the creation of new worlds or planes

*There is some debate as to whether "The Traveller" is a god at all. It certainly has the power of a god if not more, yet refused to whiled it or act like a god. It's follows are few and it itself rejects the title God and punishes any who follow it to call such following "faith". Those that follow The Traveller tend to say its more of a perspective or philosophy than a faith, That truth of The Traveller is spread throughout the multiverse.

Mythic history:
The Traveller came to this reality when it begin, telling others of the means to shape it and build new forms within it. Sharing Knowledge and guiding any who would pay heed. To the Traveller this is just one of an infinite number of planes and an infinite number of reality's. Nether Chaotic nor lawful, good or evil "The Infinite Traveller" as it is also known, has all and no aspects. Its followers believe that this reality is just one within a multiverse of reality's, that they exist in an infinite number of forms that life and death are constant and infinite. They say that within each reality within the multiverse you will find an aspect of The Traveller and every thing has the possibly of that aspect within them. In this one the The Infinite Traveller comes in any from, often to show the way in thought or deed.

The infinite Traveller grants reincarnation to those who gain a deeper understanding of the multiverse. Coming back with what they had leaned before. Follows of the infinite Traveller tend wise men/women offering advice to the young.

With in the world the "The Traveller" promotes travel, gaining knowledge by it and always the questioning of the "gods"

As old as the multiverse, The Traveller has seen more than any than local god, yet says little of it. Letting them act as they do while holding a deeper understanding to itself.

The Traveller often manifests with in this reality as a scintillating point of light guiding the lost or passing on knowledge to add those that's seek.

So what do you think GM.

Both of your new submissions are really detailed, so let me make sure that I understand them.

Viluki: So would your god focus on changing the realities that the other gods have created, or just on promoting psionics and things of that nature as a whole?

Pandorica: How do you see your god interacting with civilizations in the late game, maybe doing things like creating non-believing factions and using them to reject the gods?

He manipulates fate but not in a willy nilly manner, he changes "fate" in ways that counts basically not just because he is bored. Psionics definitely is promoted although it's likely to remain the domain of his children and will be rare amongst other races...

Sense things are shifting so much I think I will drop Jhanlaul. He is too set in his ways I think. So going to go in another less stiff direction.

Titles: The Spark, Genus, Slayer of Circen, The First Thief
Home: Unknown (Favors other godly domains until driven out)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Trickery, Freedom, Luck, Bravery, Greed, Poison, Secrets
Worshipers: Thieves, Assassins, Spies, Merchants, Apothecaries, and Adventurers
Domains: Charm, Knowledge, Liberation, Luck, Trickery
Subdomains: Memory, Thought, Deception, Thievery, Greed, Freedom
Favored Weapon: Wakizashi
Symbol: Crossed pair of wakizashi with a spark atop it containing a coin pouch
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Black, Silver and Brown

The Brave
Skillful Thieves
Freedom Lovers
Treasure Seekers

Those that suppress freedom
Those that spread pointless destruction
Indiscriminate killers
The foolhardy

Aurus is a being that seems capable and often willing to steal anything. Be it a hidden item, a perfectly toned voice, or even the memory of some event in the distant past of no importance. It is rarely about the worth, at least to the understanding of most, but it seems to be a simple habit. His origins are unknown to all, for those that knew have had it stolen by Aurus if they ever truly knew to begin with. Another unique ability that Aurus possesses is showing up in the most unexpected and well guarded of places. More then one god has come upon the Spark napping in their realm or helping himself to the fruits of their domain without so much as a single alarm raised at the intrusion. Yet all who know of Aurus, know better then to take him lightly. For he is the slayer of Circen, once a dark god like being that crossed the first thief in a way none had before. Few know the details but all know the result, Circen is no more and his power now rest with Aurus. Still his nature remains untainted, he is a thief and trickster at his core with a love of freedom and mischief.

Let me know of any thoughts.

Had a good think about this and noticed I was trying things the wrong way around, and I could have been clearer so here is a resubmit.

"The God Learners"
Titles: "The infinite Travellers" "God learners" "Questioners" "The Great blasphemers" "The Doors" "Cult of the infinite Leaner"
Type of god: Greater Gestalt [Manifestation of a Philosophy]*
Aliment: TN [But has been known to take on any aspect]
Origin: The Multiverse
Domains: Knowledge, Psionics, Travel, Liberation.
Sub Domains: Thought, Exploration, Freedom, Revolution
Symbol: The sign of infinity [8 on its side]
Colors: ALL
Animals: Any local animal known as a wise animal.
Weapon: Unarmed strike
Worshipers: scholars, scientists, alchemists, Knowledge Seekers Psionasist, The Planes-touched, Summoners, Planes walkers, Monks, Clerics, Witchs, Oracles and others who seek means to learn and travel.

Any who seek to travel the world and learn within it.
Any who seek to travel the planes and learn within them.
Any who seek to travel the multiverse and learn within it.
Any who seek to Question the god/s higher beings motives.
Any who find new knowledge and add to the "Great Knowledge".
Any who is seen as crazy by others.

Those that seek to suppress or hid knowledge.
Those that seek to suppress or stop enquiry.
Those that seek to other to hold single perspective.
Those that would stop the creation of new Knowledge.
Those that would stop travel between plan's.
Those that would monopolise Knowledge.

*There is some debate as to whether "The God Leaner" cult has a god at all. It seems to certainly has the power of a god if not more, yet the "The God Leaner" cult refused to whiled it or have it act like a god. The "The God Leaner" practitioners rejects the title of God for it and punishes any who follow the "The God Leaner" philosophy that call it a "god" or "faith". Those that follow "The God Leaner" often call it an "ideal" and tend to say its more of a perspective or philosophy than a faith.

Mythic history:
A Traveller came to this reality when it begin, a being of Unimaginable intellect, it told others it meet of the means comprehension and understanding, of Knowledge. Sharing Knowledge and showed how to gain more, it guided any who would pay heed, it was they that become the 1st "The God Leaner" in this reality. The Traveller said that this was just one of an infinite number of planes in an infinite number of reality's. That it was a "The God Leaner" and the multiverse was fill of them. All seeking and learning, That all knowledge lives within a greater patten. And that "The God Leaner" add to the "great Knowledge" as the Traveller called the Great learning. It showed that Nether Chaotic nor lawful, good or evil held truth as a single perspective on reality. The finding Knolage and passing it one is the only way to see all things and understand all thing. This is what "The God Leaner" do they hid nothing, suppressed nothing, all "The God Leaner" looked to learn new things and once leaned pass that on into the great learning. Reality and multiverse can be known, It can be the listed, understood and quantified. That things may and could change in each reality. There aim is to learn each so that when they pass on into the greater knowledge the can experience them.

The cult of the "The God Leaner" in reality.
The Cult if the "The God Leaner" is both weak and strong compared to other cults or faiths. Their "God head" if you can call it that is knowledge itself which is hard to manifest in the same way as a Flaming sword 25' high Angel kinds of god, but instead it manifests into one of its practiser's body's. You can't miss this as the Pisonic and magical readings then go off the charge and that individuals IQ jumps a few 1000 points. In this way the "The God Leaner" great learning can be manifest.
For what ends is down to the moment and need. All "The God Leaner" minds are linked and a "The God Leaner" can detect other "The God Leaners" close by. The Followers of the "The God Leaner" philosophy do not pray to gain magic, they do an act called "The Sharing" where they used notebooks and other means with mediation to link and then transmit new knowledge into the "The God Leaner" "greater knowledge". The great Knowledge has they say all and no aspects. God Leaner say that this reality is just one within a multiverse of reality's, that they exist in an infinite number of forms that life and death are constant and infinite. They say that within each reality within the multiverse you will find an aspect of God Leaner in every thing and that everything has the possibly of that aspect within them.

Life and death and the God Learner's
God Leaner use reincarnation over and end death. They say "When one has stopped leaning one can die, but there is no end to learning so there can be no true death." When they do, and they don't always reincarnate they coming back with what they had leaned before, but most chose not to, saying that leaning again may give them new insights to add to the great knowledge. Some God Leaner's once they have reached a point to pass on completely into the Great Knowledge to experience it's greater view and then move on new reality's with in the multiverse.

Who becomes a God Leaner
God Leaners tend wise men/women offering advice to the young. Those that like to question, Mind flayers oddly enough, are very drown to the Cult, having whole great minds working with in it. Scholars, scribes, librarians, scientists, alchemists, Knowledge Seekers, Psionasist, some Planes-touched, Summoners, Bards, Planes walkers, Monks, Clerics, Witch's, Oracles, LOTS of heretics who have fallen out of a faith and others who seek means to learn and travel.

What do 'God Leaner's" promote
Academic study independent of faith. All none faith teaching, scientists enquiry. Research in all forms. Any from of gaining knowledge and always the questioning of the "gods"

"God Learner schools"
One of the most profound things that the "The God Learners" is build and operate free schools. They also will take in homeless children, giving them a place to live and learn in safety. They school teach all knowledge even knowledge of other faiths often asking in priests/ess from faiths in to give classes to the children. You would think them counter to this but they feel the choose to become a The God Learners HAS to be a free one. If a child decides to join a faith then they will not seek to Dissuade it. May cultures then allow God Learner into their realms.

Linked to the multiverse
God Leaning is a old as the multiverse, The greater knowledge holds with init more knowledge than any than local god, yet local rules and limits apply, each reality is different and also precious in its uniqueness and so the Great Knowledge dos not seek to alter it but learn it. Letting local God Leaner act as they do while to learn it while it itself holds a deeper understanding to it. God Leaning know this and when they are ready they pass on into the Great Knowledge to experience it.

What of "God Leaner's" interactions with cultures.
The "God Leaner's" build academic and research institutions, great library and other such repository of knowledge. The Typical God Leaner is a wondering teacher, wise woman/man, monk or Scholar they go to places and start teach what they know. Sharing and leaning from a culture around them. Some cultures like them, even respect them, other hunt them , band them as heretics. Most "God Leaner's" are none aggressive but they will defend themselves and their ideal if pushed. This often means not using force but using intelligence to out wit a enemy. This is always seen as a better way of doing this to a "God Leaner. A group mind often out thinking a single mind.

Relations with other gods and cults.
That all depends on the other Cult and god. The one they a god will not get from the cult of the God learners is faith. They may get questions even tolerance but faith no. They may even work with another faith for a while, but often that fro research purposes. Because to a God learner gods are just more powerful beings, to be leaned and studied and then added to the great Knowledge.

Accusations of cultural manipulation"
This is the one problem the God learners face, they do in deed practice cultural manipulation when part of their research. Dropping a peace of information here or some new technology there. To study the ramifications and changes. Not ALL God learners agree with each other, in fact this is positivity encourages with in the cult. "what would we learn if we all thought the same thing" Being a common saying.

"Reputation for oddness"
God learners cult is a highly complex one, often groups of God learners can be seen doing very odd things in the middle of nowhere for no reason at all. A God learner may pain themselves blue just to see what others reaction maybe. To God learners may spend days shouting at each other in the market square over a simple coin toss. It's this kind of thing that also gives the God learners a reputation for down right oddness. Many is the bard tail of the crazy God learner. There is also tails of crazy god learners who turned out not to be that crazy after all.

Deeper truth
The God learners use an type of scientific methodology. One that can deal with 'gods' and the so called 'supernatural'. They know that each reality has its own set of laws, that learning such laws allows them understand better that reality. GL also say that gods where beings just like any other, that they had leaned to craft faiths that then allowed them to harness lesser beings as a mines to gain the power of Divinity. This can be a form of entrapment of lesser beings, minds, lives, souls all feeding into a selfish needs of some Gods, a need for divine power. Gods that hid this from there followers where practising a deceit, that they where parasitic, most of all the ones that calmed a mythic status in a single multiverse reality. All lie's for a gods self grandisement and its need to hid truth and knowledge from its faiths entrapped souls. Ineffable gods are not they can be known and understood at all levels, just as God learners can.

so there you are GM, a bigger better brake down.

I have had another good think and I think I will end up running rounds around the other players in my madness for power, Its not you its me and my Munkinness. I really don't wan't to be the one to brake this game, and I just know I will. So I am dropping out. Feel free to use any or all parts of the three gods an made GM.

All the best everyone, have fun.

I'm sorry to hear that, but I really appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness!

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