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Inducted into the mysterious and sinister Inquisition, each of you must search your soul and steel your mind against Heresy and Witchcraft, the Daemon and the Xenos, all while attempting to protect and Imperium of Man.

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Ready to move forward (would appreciate some healing ;))

Cosrach, Aristarchus can heal you for 5 points, making you lightly damaged. A nights rest can restore 1 more point, and if you choose to, his personal physician can restore 3 more wounds before you leave in the morning.

First thing in the morning, you follow the Seer to the vehicle he has chosen, a rickety old four wheeled flatbed truck designed for cross country use. It has no cab or roof but a tarpaulin cover that can be removed to double as a tent. It carries adequate supplies of food, fresh water and fuel for several days more than you need, and is equipped with a rack of high powered lights.

The landscape between Port Suffering and Sterns Hope is anything but pleasant. The Barrens, the region in which you are travelling through, live up to their name; the landscape is a desolate plain of dun colored stone, loose, thin soil, and thorny weeds. Stretches are pitted with old blast craters and marred by spills of blackened earth, so arid it seems that nothing will ever live there again. Every few kilometres the remains of a ruined settlement or clan camp lies empty and abandoned; some are old, while others seem newly destroyed and are still splashed with rust coloured dried blood. Here and there skeletons lie where they fell, and eerily, the Ghostfire flowers seem to take root wherever the dead rest, wrapping their roots around the shattered bones and opening their multi hued iridescent blooms.

Then there's the wind. When it blows, it seems to squall from different directions, kicking up eddies and swirls of choking dust, and it always seems to carry the stench of the charnel house, filling the nostrils with the appalling stench of blood and iron, always iron.

Throughout your journey, Aristarchus speaks to each of you, engaging you in small talk regarding the Imperium, your feelings towards your newfound service in the Inquisition, and answers any questions you have regarding the Inquisitor or your mission here. He is polite, though reserved, and during quiet moments of the journey he can be seen staring for long periods of time at an ornate set of Tarot cards.

It is a long, dusty ride, and the road is little more than a dirt track. The trip will take two days, stopping only to rest during the pitch black night. You have plenty of time to question Aristarchus, respond to his questions, and speak amongst yourselves. What do you do for the day?

Lothar, no Mesh cowl or special ammo, though with your Barter test you are able to find the Man Stopper Rounds and Hand Cannon. A personal vox is a Vox-Caster, though if you do not want it, it cannot be sold as Aristarchus will simply ask for it back, as it is Inquisitorial property. And yes, you can sell gear for half cost.

Logan, you are able to find Bolas, and can sell excess gear for half cost. You do not discover any rumours or anything else pertinent.

Thrace, are you still with me? Zoros, Cosrach, Thrace, did any of you want to investigate in the library?

Male Human Scum / 2

Considering I got 3 degrees of success on my barter test can I not get a bit of a discount on the Hand Cannon and the man stopper rounds?

Male Human Scum / 2

I'd really apreciate it if someone did have a look through the library, I think it could really help our investigation.
@Thrace - If you're still with us you'd be the best person to ask about the Tarot Cards, considering they're probibly Emperor's Tarot

Lothar, you can but the items at 75% normal cost.

AC: 16; flatfooted: 15; Touch: 11 HP=12/12 CMD=12 Fort Save: +4 Ref Save: +2 Will Save: +6
Human Cleric 1

Zoros emerges into the morning light with his gear and looks upon their transport....and shrugs, he's traveled in worse.

Situating his gear against the cab, he sits and watches the desolate landscape pass by slowly, occasionally pulling out one of his weapons for a quick check.

A couple of times a day, he unlimbers his rifle and scans the horizon through his telescopic lens, trying to gauge the effect the blustery wind would have on any shot he had to attempt.

When time for small-talk with Aristarchus come about, Zoros will keep to superficial details about himself but will at one point indicate the Tarot cards. "Any help to be found there , my Lord?"

Male Human Scum / 2

Bulldog hardly gives the ramshackle truck a second look and climbs on board without hesitation. However, he soon comes to regret the action as the vehicle leaves Port Suffering behind and with it any semblance of a proper hab.
The wilderness is a horror to behold, vastly open with nothing but air between Bulldog and space. It didn't look like space though. A strange hue of baby blue with grey whispey parts hung miles above his head. Bulldog had seen it between the buildings in the port town, but it was never so vast and overwhelming. He resigned not to show his fear to the others as he hung on tightly to the flatbed.

Female Human (Varisian) Knife Master/Scout 1 (HP 9/9 | AC:17 | T:14 | FF:13 | CMD 15 | Fort +1 | Ref +6 | Will +1 | Init +4 | Perc: +4 | Speed 30 ft.)

Thrace looks through the library before leaving hoping to find anything of note.
Awareness (30): 1d100 ⇒ 4

Aristarchus smiles over at Zoros, and pats the deck of the Emperor's Tarot fondly, a warm smile upon his face.

Not at this time, my son, though It will perhaps not be too much longer until I must ask for the Emperor's guidance, blessed be Him on Earth. I was merely enjoying this warm and valuable gift. It is an heirloom of Saint Drusus himself, and the Abbot was very generous with his thanks, sending me this deck in gratitude for my aid in this matter. He is a good man, the Abbot, and I think each of you will enjoy meeting him.

Male Human Scum / 2

Although he's far too preoccupied with the fearfully open landscape around him to participate in any amount of conversation, Bulldog does take note of what Aristarchus says. If he wasn't so distracted it would have peaked his interest. These cards are associated with the saint, the deamon, the abbot, the cathedral and Aristarchus. They could be key to this entire problem.

@Thrace - Can you tell with Psyniscience if there's anything unusual about the cards? Are they somehow sentient, or deamon infested, like a chaos deamon weapon...

Cosrach will accept any healing available and will help Thrace to search the library.
Awareness (15): 1d100 ⇒ 23

"Oh the wide open planes of rock and dirt, the unforgiving sun gazing down on us... reminds me of home. Let's get this done as fast as f$%~ing possible please, I want off this Throne damned rock." Logan says as he clambers onto the back of the truck. "So, 'Aris' my man, what can we expect at this place? Lots of pilgrims I can imagine, but any kind of local settlements nearby? And I can imagine that in a hellhole waste like this people don't go about unarmed, but how armed will most of 'em be?


With the little time you have available, you are able to glean a few tidbits of interest from the library. The most interesting is that there was no mention of the Crow Father, outside of old Ashleen folktales. These tales do not go into detail, other than placing the Crow Father as an old bogeyman, a dark spirit.

Well, Logan, the closest settlement is actually where we are coming from. There may be some nomadic settlements of the Ashleen nearby, but they are not permanent. We may also run into some of the numerous Warlord's men, but I believe they will steer clear of obvious Imperial's. As for arms, well we can expect most people out here to be armed, though I could not ascertain for certain what manner of weaponry we will see. Mainly older weaponry, such as stub technology, though the occasional las may be found.

Male Human Scum / 2

Bulldog manages to pull himself together for long enough to pursue his new object of fascination.

"Lord Aristarchus" Lothar says, gulping down some spittle along with some nerves "An artefact such as those cards must have an extensive history, can you please tell us of it in as much detail as possible."
He glances at the sky once more... the sky *gulp*

As the seer talks Bulldog will pose the following questions:
"When did you receive these cards from the Abbot? Was it before, after, or about the same time these phenomena started occurring?"
"What have you used them for since you received them?"
"What did the Abbot use them for, do you know?"
"Did they help in determining the location the cathedral should be built?"
"Where did the Abbot come by the cards? How did they become his?"
"What do we know of their use before the Abbot came to possess them?
"What do we know of their chain of ownership before the Abbot came to possess them"

Male Human Scum / 2

"Cosrach, you are schooled in legend, is there any word on Saint Drusus carrying a deck of emperor's Tarot? Also, do you remember anything about the Daemon he supposedly overthrew here?" I was peaking at your profile and saw you had Scholastic lore (Legend)

Scholastic lore (Legend): 1d100 ⇒ 68
"I can't remember any details about that... I learned about him a long time ago.."

Male Human Scum / 2

Can you make 2 seporate rolls for 2 distinct topics? Shadoven?

I can always try.
Scholastic lore (Legend): 1d100 ⇒ 94
I think the dice don't like me.

As long as it is a distinctly different topic I would allow it. However, the dice hate you! Update tonight, moving forward unless there is more roleplay.

Unfortunately Cosrach, you cannot recall any pertinent details.

Lothar, Saint Drusus was part of the Imperial Crusade that reclaimed this Sector about 1000 years ago, long after the Great Crusade, so the Imperial Truth is a long and distant thought. On a sidenote, holy crap do I love the Horus Heresy series!

Well Lothar, these cards were gifted to me by the Abbott after the events began, as a gift for my swift respond to his request for aid. Since then I have used them in my divinations, though I do not know of their use outside of my possession. I can only assume the Abbot and others within the Ecclesiarch have used them to ask for the Emperor's Guidance. They have been stored on Scintilla until they were gifted to me I believe. Why the sudden interest I must ask?

The day wears on, dull and uneventful for the most part. Aristarchus is noticeably fatigued by the travel, though he does his best to conceal his discomfort.

The only life you see are creatures Aristarchus calls "Shale Crows."

The local carrion eater, vile things more feathered reptile than bird if you get close to them, sharp beaked too. Local myth has all sorts of unpleasant legends surrounding them. Hardly surprising really. They're not just scavengers either, they'll attack wounded and weak creatures, including men. No eyes in the damn things, no eyes at all.

One noticed and pointed out, it seems as if there is always at least one somewhere near by, staring with their blind, featureless faces.

When you camp for the night, Aristarchus will start a fire, and recommend watches.

The nights here can be murderously cold and dark, so I suggest each of you prepare accordingly.

Roleplay as you will, feel free to discuss the events of the day, including the encounter with the crows and to continue the conversation regarding Aristarchus and his gift. As night falls, the temperature drops to near freezing, and if you do not take precautions, can be dangerous. Aristarchus noticeably sleeps uneasy, tossing and turning, muttering in his sleep. As each of you take watch, make a Difficult(-10) Awareness Test.

Male Human Scum / 2
GM_Shadoven wrote:
Well Lothar, these cards were gifted to me by the Abbott after the events began, as a gift for my swift respond to his request for aid. Since then I have used them in my divinations, though I do not know of their use outside of my possession. I can only assume the Abbot and others within the Ecclesiarch have used them to ask for the Emperor's Guidance. They have been stored on Scintilla until they were gifted to me I believe. Why the sudden interest I must ask?

"It occurs to me that these cards have been around for the overthrowing of the ancient daemon and the construction of the abbey. They have powers beyond my understanding, easily amounting to psychic phenomena. All that and the fact that they are now making their way back to the centre of the problem peaks my suspicions..." Lothar looks around nervously, aware that he was about to push his luck. [b]"I don't suppose I could convince you to bring them back to our master, Lord Inquisitor Vownus Kaede, for study..."

The Shale Crows unnerve Bulldog greatly.
[b]"Foul creatures of the sky... Seer, has any study been made of these animals? How do they see without eyes? I wonder if they have any connection to this crow father?[/i]

Bulldog will attempt to take one out with his silenced autogun and do his own study of it
I don't know how close I can get to one but Bulldog will take as many advantages as he can. <2m point blank range (+30), <50m close range +10, unaware target +30, small target -10
ballistic skill+full aim:56: 1d100 ⇒ 77
if that's a miss he'll try again later
ballistic skill+full aim:56: 1d100 ⇒ 87
OMG and again
ballistic skill+full aim:56: 1d100 ⇒ 41
So unless modifiers allowed him to hit the first time I'd deduct 3 bullets
damage: 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11
Medicate to see if it contains any extra organs, warp mutations, etc (33+20 medikit 53): 1d100 ⇒ 51

Bulldog will also ask if either Aristarchus or Thrace can detect any influence of the warp on the creature.

Cosrach does what he can to protect himself from the cold and will gladly help the others if needed.
"I'll take the first watch unless one of you wants it ?"

Awareness: 1d100 ⇒ 49

Male Human Scum / 2

"I will join you, I'm in no mood for sleeping"
Awareness-10 24: 1d100 ⇒ 36

Bulldog, just mark off one bullet, your first shot takes the creature down.

Bulldog's shot takes the creature squarely through the chest, and with a last strained "CAW" the creature dies. Examining it later that night as the retinue camps, Bulldog, you cannot ascertain any mutation, though many of the organs are unfamiliar to you. What little you can determine is that the creatures obviously rely on some other sense for sight, though you have no clue how.

Disgusting creatures, they are even fouler up close. Little study has been done upon them since an Imperial presence has been maintained upon this world, and what little has been done has not revealed any startling facts. I cannot sense any influence upon the creature.

In regards to the Emperor's Tarot...

I can understand your concern, and indeed, all loyal subjects of the Throne should maintain a healthy suspicion in all matters such as yours. But, I can vouch for the purity of these cards, and the intent behind the gift. The Abbot is a kind and simple man, and these cards are merely a symbol of his gratitude, with no malice or impurity at work. You need not fear Lothar, I have examined the cards at length on similar doubts as yours, and came to no negative conclusions. However, I do not object if ,upon the completion of our task here, we bring the cards to the attention of our Lord. But now is not the time. Remember, Lady and Gentleman, we are on a time schedule. The consecration is only four days away come morning, and we must focus on protecting it and unearthing the strange phenomena, not the significance of a simple Tarot Deck.

"We should be grateful that these damned crows are all that's bothering us. Were I'm from, the wastes are packed with all kinda a' beasts and monsters; Things so powerful that they'll take on anything short of a full out tribe, and even then sometimes they'll have the balls. Though the worst were always the smaller ones, stuff that could sneak up on you in the dead of night and drag you away before your neighbours woke up to your screams. I'll take friggin' crows over any of that any day, or night for that matter." Logan will stretch before parking himself against a tire and pulling his hood over his eyes. "Don't stay up too late you two, tired eyes are useless eyes, and I'd rather not have my damned neck slit by some s+&*head local. Wake me for second watch.

Logan, do not forget to make your awareness roll.

AC: 16; flatfooted: 15; Touch: 11 HP=12/12 CMD=12 Fort Save: +4 Ref Save: +2 Will Save: +6
Human Cleric 1

Watching Lothar discect the "crow", Zoros comments "Ugly planet, Ugly birds. I'll take the middele shift.".

He then gets himself comfortable and warm and immediately nods off.

When wakened for his shift, he streches mightly and wordlessly takes his position, occasionally scanning the dark wasteland through his telescopic sight.

Awareness Per:29 1d100 ⇒ 92

In Logan's absence, I will roll his Awareness to get to the next scene.

Logan Awareness 33/2=16: 1d100 ⇒ 33

Each watch passes uneventfully, the only exception being Aristarchus's noticeable discomfort. As the dawn comes up across the horizon, once more revealing a blasted wasteland of Shale Crow's and barren plains. As you begin to settle your camp, Aristarchus lets out a startled gasp!

By the Throne, how did we miss this last night?!

To the side of the camp, mere meters from where you slept last night, lies a corpse. It appears to be an Ashleen, who appears to have been slain by a long diagonal slash across his collarbone and cutting into his neck. The body is sun baked and already partly decomposed, smelling truly foul, and its eyes appear to have been pecked out. The corpse appears to have been dead for some time.

Aristarchus, after his initial reaction, seems unperturbed by the body.

Well, it just goes to show, no matter how long I serve in the Most Holy Inquisition, some things can still surprise even me. We will have to up our vigilance in the future, Lady and Gentleman. This time we may have camped next to a corpse, but who knows what dangers await the unwary in the future? I suppose we should carry on then, and leave this poor sod where he lays. May the Emperor watch down upon him.

Aristarchus makes the sign of the Aquila, then continues on with his packing, obviously already putting the event behind him.

What do you do?

Male Human Scum / 2

Bulldog will try to determine how long the man has been dead for
Medicate+Medikit 54: 1d100 ⇒ 51

The man seems to have been dead for at least a week, if not longer.


"Now hold on, it may have been getting dark when we first pitched camp, but even then we've got these f$~!ing things." Logan says, gesturing to the rack of lights on the truck. "How in the holy hell would we have missed this silly sod when we settled down?"

Logan will attempt to search for any signs of recent movement near the corpse, specifically any kind of drag marks.

Per: 33

1d100 ⇒ 53

You see nothing that would seem to indicate the corpse was moved here.

AC: 16; flatfooted: 15; Touch: 11 HP=12/12 CMD=12 Fort Save: +4 Ref Save: +2 Will Save: +6
Human Cleric 1

Zoros says "It can be easy sometimes to miss what's right under your nose when you're lookin' at the far-away." as he crouches beside the corpse.

He examines the dead man, looking for evidence of what killed him.

Awareness Per:29 1d100 ⇒ 12

Your best guess would be the long slash across the chest.

Anyone else doing anything?

Cosrach looks at the corpse, taking care not to touch it and examines it.
Awareness: 1d100 ⇒ 56

Cosrach, you cannot find anything out of the ordinary.

Assuming the Retinue is ready to carry on...

Gathering your gear and breaking camp, the rugged vehicle continues its slow but steady trek towards Stern's Hope. As the day wears on, about a half day out from Stern's Hope, you begin to climb into the foothills of the dark mountains. The terrain remains as harsh as before, though jagged rock and perilous drops are a common site, and the Shale Crows are in abundance.

Everyone make me a Routine(+20) Awareness Test.

AC: 16; flatfooted: 15; Touch: 11 HP=12/12 CMD=12 Fort Save: +4 Ref Save: +2 Will Save: +6
Human Cleric 1

Putting the mystery of the discovered body behind him, Zoros boarded the transport and continued to scan the surrounding wastes.

Awareness Per:29+20:49 1d100 ⇒ 8

Male Human Scum / 2

Awareness+20 (54): 1d100 ⇒ 100 Wow!
Bulldog spends the entire ride gape jawed staring at the sky.

Awareness: 1d100 ⇒ 55
One day I'll actually manage to make a good roll. One day.

Logan, Thrace?

Awareness: 33 + 20
1d100 ⇒ 54

Im just going to assume Thrace did not see it, and hope she rejoins the game. Until she returns, assume she is still around, just very quiet, and If she has not come back once we reach a suitable location, she will take her leave of the group in an appropriate fashion to rejoin later if she chooses.

Zoros, as you advance into the foothills, you spot a shadowed shape standing atop a rocky outcrop about 100 meters off the side of the trail. With the sun behind it, the figure is quite indistinct and seems to shimmer before disappearing from sight.

Aristarchus doesn't seem to see the figure, but a moment after the shadow fades from sight he starts, looking in all directions before staring intently in the direction of the outcrop.

There...up there. Did anyone see or hear anything? I can sense it...the cold, grasping touch of the warp, the scream of the unknown...there is something unnatural atop that outcrop. We must investigate at once!

Reaching the formation is dangerous as there is no clear path through the broken and jumbled rocks. Hidden cracks abound and the loose fields of scree could give way at any time, sliding down the slope and taking any of the Retinue with them.

Each of you needs to make an Ordinary(+10)Climb Test to make it without falling over. Anyone who fails needs to make a Routine(+20)Agility Test or suffer 1D5 Damage to a random location. Armor does not affect this.

AC: 16; flatfooted: 15; Touch: 11 HP=12/12 CMD=12 Fort Save: +4 Ref Save: +2 Will Save: +6
Human Cleric 1

Lowering his rifle, Zoros says to Aristarchus, "Yeah, I saw it. Clever though, it had the sun behind it so I couldn't get a good look..

Slinging his rifle and pack, he hops down from the transport in a puff of dust. "You ladies coming?"

Climb Ag:32+10:33 1d100 ⇒ 67

Zoros curses as the rocks shift under his weight.

Agility :32+20 1d100 ⇒ 75

Cursing some more, Zoros is hit by a number of larger rocks

Damage 1d5 ⇒ 1
Location 1d100 ⇒ 93 = left leg

Climb: 1d100 ⇒ 85
Of course..
Agility: 1d100 ⇒ 23
Cosrach stumbles on a hidden rock but doesn't fall.

Cursing under his breath, Logan takes position near the back of the party, shotgun gripped in one hand tightlty.

Agi: 29+10
Climb: 1d100 ⇒ 21

Unhindered by the unstable nature of the hill, Logan will reluctantly make his way past the less deft members of the party.

"Warp touched ya' say? You think there's a psyker muckin' about these parts? 'Cause if there is we may've just solved all our problems before even seein' the cathedral."

Male Human Scum / 2

Climb 30/2 = 15: 1d100 ⇒ 75
Agility = 39: 1d100 ⇒ 98
Damage: 1d5 ⇒ 3 - TB 3 = 0

Clearly distracted by the outdoors Bulldog looses his footing on the climb. He falls heavily brusing himself, and sliding back down the incline.

Does that mean I have to roll again to try to get up the hill?

Everyone, sorry about falling behind. As I said in the discussion thread, I had a sudden move that really messed things up. No internet other than my phone for a bit...Anyway, will have the next big update up tomorrow night as soon as I get my book unpacked. I appreciate you all sticking around, and I can promise, after tomorrow, we are back to our normal daily schedule for those still with us. It seems to lost Thrace for good, so If anyone has a friend or such that would like to join us, have them post in the discussion thread. I appreciate your patience everyone, don't give up on the game yet!

Male Human Scum / 2

Do you want to advertise the spot on the recruitment board? I'll ask about my PbP friends. Will you take new characters if they, for example, meet us at the Cathedral?

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