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Unless its a 20, you still have to fight. However highest monster ac in game currently is an 18, so if he rolls a 19...well you get the poiny.

Just wanted to jump in here and say I have enjoyed every moment of reading this thread. Warhammer 40k is perhaps my favorite of all Sci-Fi settings, and all of you perfectly captured the feel and tone of the genre. I will be sad to see this campaign end, as it was a great read. Best of luck to all of you, and I hope your other game is just as exciting!

Looking forward to starting DM! Rasp leaving?

Im thinking duel wielding Fighter Rogue. Will have char up tonight with a brief background.

Consider me all in. Will decide my class for sure after I have rolled stats.

4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 5, 6) = 1716
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 4, 5) = 1915
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 2, 4) = 1311
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 2, 3) = 1311
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 2, 1) = 98
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 4, 3) = 1411

Hmm...both interesting, yet average. Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Fighter many options. Definitely not a Bard...stats probably are not good enough to make a Monk modeled after the Man of Steel...Paladin maybe? hard to decide.

Im going to have to bow out due to life stuff...good luck everyone!

Was certainly going to focus more on a supporting style, though I like the str build. Was originally considering being dex based and focusing on a whip and rapier, any thoughts on that?

So, I have been inspired by Elan from OOTS to make a Bard who believes he is the greatest swordsman in the land. I plan on using a rapier and whip, and either going vanilla Bard or Sound Striker. This character would be for ROTRL. These are the specifics...

Any core race.

Pure Bard.

15 point buy.

250 starting gold.

2 Traits, one must be campaign trait.

All Paizo books allowed.

Looking to build a swashbuckling, witless, dramatic Elan like bard.


Im thinking either Vanilla Bard or a Sound Striker. Half Elf or Human. Will have sheet up later. Character will be from Sandpoint and have background ties to ancient Thassilon.

I hear there is some debate over whether you can target the same person more than once with Wierd Words, what is your stance on it?

I would love to throw in my name. I have some experience using D20Pro, though not Roll20. I have however toyed with Roll20 a little as a DM. I have played through a large chunk of ROTRL years upon years ago, though that was not the AE version. I have been playing Pathfinder since release, and would love to play. I am an experienced roleplayer, and love creating unique and interesting characters that are more fluff than crunch, though I still make sure my characters are good at what they do.

I am also in the Eastern Time Zone in the States, and could be available 2-3 times a week. I get home from work around 8:30 most nights and could be playing by 9, though on Tuesday I can play at anytime, including 7-11pm or later.

I would be interested in playing a swashbuckling Varisian Bard who follows in the footsteps of Cayden Cailean. I would be willing to change character if need be to something a little more appropriate, or to cover a vital role lacking in the group. I also had an interesting Brawler Fighter idea that I may be interested in playing, or a Knife Fighter(not sure of Class, just the focus on Knives).

Not to butt in, but I thought Spellcraft identified the spell, thus giving you all the knowledge from the book about it. So this Cleric still would not know what a Glabrezu is, but he would know higher level summon spells could summon one if his Spellcrafy was high enough...or am I wrong on that?

Velcro Zipper, I want you to know that your game sounds amazing! Ive played some of WLD and miss it terribly, and the game you have created sounds amazing. I wish I lived close enough to join. Ill be keeping my eye on this thread and hoping you choose to run an online game or move to Tennessee.

Core only so no Eldritch Heritage. I went with these stats...

Str 17
Con 12
Dex 14
Int 12
Wis 12
Char 16

Thats counting my lvl 4 point and human bonus. Using a reach weapon to maximize AOO and Combat Reflexes.

DD will raise my Str by 4 and Con by 2 so that will help.


Indeed? Id love extra resources, but I respect the DM's decision. Now im stuck on gear and whether to wear armour. As the game starts, ill be a 4th lvl Paladin. So far im strongly considering starting in chainmail with a glaive, and eventually making it mithril and going up the arcane armour training tree.

By the way, I have 4500 gold to play with. Thoughts on gear? We will be dungeon crawling andIin the wilderness where skills are much more valuable alot, so many skill many of the skill items and neat tools like Rope of Climbing have caught my eye.

Those are base saves before paladin stuff, stats, or items.

That looks to get me BAB 16, CL 12, 11 fort, 6 refl, 13 will. Good HP, and it progresses nicely, without too many dead spots where I am weaker than need be. Thoughts?

I appreciate all the ideas everyone! I have a build in mind after doing some looking last night, will update this evening. I have settled on Human, and im considering Paladin 4, Sorcerer 2, DD 8, EK 5 at the moment.

Krul, great advice, and thats what I would do...if those were options. However this is a core rulebook only game, which is why im looking for advice. Im used to more options so im kinda lost at the moment. I appreciate the aid though!

Hey there everybody. So, in an upcoming game ill be playing in, I am interested in playing a Dragon Knight style character, a Paladin with Dragon Blood in his veins. Background info aside, what I'm mainly looking to do is...

-Play a Paladin with interesting Dragon based abilities and some casting.

-The game is very skill and roleplaying based, so I need skills.

-I would not mind some blasting, but I want to primarily use spells for buffing and utility.

-Im looking to focus on a Two-Handed Weapon, as im not sure how viable I can make natural attacks in Core only.

The game will be starting at lvl 4, Core Rulebook only, 25 point buy. Only core races, leaning towards Human or Half-Orc, though I can be persuaded otherwise. No traits, literally only the core book is an option.

So, to summarize, Im looking for a Dragon Knight, Melee with some spellcasting and neat tricks, and lots of roleplay and skill options. Needs to be survivable and fully playable all the way, not something only viable at high levels. I appreciate any help you all can give me, I have always found the boards to be full of advice. Thanks in advance for all the help!

Could use information quickly, as I need to present this character to the DM Tuesday evening.

True true. Spells will be the biggest hurdle, and something I am focusing most of my attention on. Darth Grall, you pretty much nailed exactly what I was planning on doing regarding the Classes and Archetypes.

Now now, not butchering. Combining the awesome Saga with Pathfinder.

If the easiest and most efficient way to do this is to first convert Pathfinder to Saga, and then tweak from there, then that is what I will do.

The main ideas from Saga I am using are Defense.Scores, no iterative attacks, and a streamlined ruleset. The classes would stay the same, with changes made to some, and a hard look would be taken at the skills and magic system.

A mix of both, rather. Admittedly, once I get ahold of my Saga books again tomorrow, that may settle some areas and simply require a straight port. At the same time, I am not looking to do just a basic conversion either. Im attempting to take the ideas and inspiration from both, along with my own designs, and produce an entirely new product. Similiar to both systems, but new at the same time.

I do not plan on taking out any Classes, though im only tackling the CRB for now.

Will have another update tonight.

Alright, as promised, here is part 2 of my initial document. Please keep in mind these updates fall in no particular order, simply coming as I choose to write them down. As such, eventually I hope to put them together, edit them, and form what is left into my streamlined core system, if I achieve it. This is a rough draft, and im unsure if I actually like this, which I will explain at the end.

Pathfinder Saga Edition-Defense Scores:

Under the current system, Attack Rolls, whether Magical or Mundane in nature are rolled against a targets Armor Class. In turn, Damage Rolls, or Saving Throws, tend to follow. Under Pathfinder Saga Edition, both Saving Throws and Armor Class would be replaced by Defense Scores, and all Attack Rolls would be compared to them in turn, eliminating another round of dice rolling for saving throws. This also allows spells and effects that before granted bonuses to Saving Throws to instead be replaced by bonuses to Defense Scores, taking away the oft lamented "Big 6" Cloak of Resistance. This makes spells that boost those Defenses to be more useful and widely used.

Defenses would be split into 3 Categories;
-Fortitude Defense-Primarily tested by Poisons, Diseases, and Magical Effects such as Ability Damaging spells. This Defense would be keyed to Constitution, and certain equipment bonuses, as well as class bonuses, could raise this further.
-Reflex Defense-Primarily tested by Attack Rolls, Traps, or Magical Effects that require the target to evade, such as Fireballs and Lightning Bolts. This Defense would be keyed to Dexterity, modified by Class Bonuses, and certain equipment and magical effects.
-Will Defense-Primarily tested by Mind Affecting effects, both Magical and Mundane, such as Fear, Charm Person Spells, or a Dragon's Dreadful Presence. This Defense is keyed to Wisdom, and certain Equipment Bonuses, Class Bonuses, and Class Features could raise this further.

Defense Progression would be based upon the Class, with each class having 3 levels of Defense-Good, Average, and Bad. These would progress as follows;
-Good=10+Class Level+Ability Modifier+Equipment Bonuses+Magical Modifiers
-Average=10+3/4 Class Level+Ability Modifier+Equipment Bonuses+Magical Modifiers
-Bad=10+1/2 Class Level+Ability Modifier+Equipment Bonuses+Magical Modifiers
-For example, a 10th Level Fighter with a 16 Constitution, 14 Dexterity, and 12 Wisdom might have the following Defense Scores.
Fortitude-Good-10+10+3=Base Fortitude Defense of 23
Reflex-Good-10+10+2=Base Reflex Defense of 22
Will-Bad-10+5+1=Base Will Defense of 16

All Classes would have 1 Good Defense and 1 Bad Defense, with some classes having an additional Good or Bad Defense, or an Average Defense.

I do not know how I feel about having 3 progressions. I feel it makes sense, but at the same time, how streamlined is it really? And how arbitrary is it? Using this example, the Fighter has 2 good Defenses and 1 Bad, whereas a Wizard would have 2 Bad Defenses and 1 Good. Other classes, such as the Monk, would have all Good Defenses, and others like the Cleric would have 1 Good, 2 Average. I am concerned about where the balance actually lies. My other option for Defense Scores would be something like this, again using the Fighter as an example.

Note, I give Fighters Good Saves in both Fortitude and Reflex.

Under this change, all Defense Scores Progress at 10+Class Level+Ability Modifier+Class Bonus. The Class Bonus would be the Character's base Save. For Example, lets take that 10th Level Fighter again.

-Fortitude Defense=10+10+3+7=30
-Reflex Defense=10+10+2+7=29
-Will Defense=10+10+1+3=24

Now all the numbers are higher. In my previous example, assuming we are attacked by a Fighter, a Wizard, and a Rogue using Poison, we have these base numbers under Pathfinder Saga Edition. For ease, we will assume each attacker has a 16 in their primary attacking stat, and no magical, equipment, or feat bonuses.

Fighter Attacking Fighter:

The Fighter has-
-BAB 10
-16 Str
This gives him a base to hit of +13. In my first example, he needs to roll a 9 or better to hit.

In my second example, the same fighter would need to roll a 13 or higher to hit.

In both examples keep in mind I am taking out all numerical plusses from Magic Weapons, so right now, before any new Class Features such as Weapons Training or Feat bonuses such as Weapon Focus, we go from easy to hit to slightly hard to hit. Thoughts?

Poison Rogue attacking Fighter:

The Rogue has-
-BAB 7
-16 Dex
This gives him a base to hit of +10. Lets assume for now that the Poison would simply go off of his to hit-aka I have not begun to look into Poison. I am inclined to make it simply add a +X to the attack roll in reference to Fort Defense. IE +10 against Reflex, +13 against Fort. But I digress.

In my first example he needs to roll a 12 or higher to hit Reflex, a 13 or higher to hit Fort.

In my second example, he needs to roll a 19 or better to hit Reflex, a 20 to hit Fort.

Big difference in the second example.

Wizard attacking Fighter...with Magic!:

The Wizard has-
-MAB(whether its Caster Level or some kind of scaling Magic Attack Bonus)10
-16 Intelligence
This gives him a base to hit with Charm Person of +13.

In my first example he needs to roll a 3 or better to affect the Fighter with his spell.

In the second example he needs to roll a 11 or better to affect the Fighter with his spell.

Again, major difference, though in this case, either way he is likely to succeed against the Fighter's weakest Defense. Thoughts?

So, thoughts?

Hmmm I both like and dislike the idea of both a BAB and a MAB. Im attempting to streamline the system, not add too much. However, the idea does seem fitting. Ill toy around with it and see what happens. I think im still leaning towards CL being your MAB, but I can be persuades otherwise.

Will be updating my take on Defenses tonight, as well as a brief example of how I envision play under this system. Defenses...everyone add full level plus class bonus, or should they scale with class? Example being a fighter gets full level to Fortitude, but only half level to Will, whereas a Wizard would be the opposite. Thoughts?

Much like Martials going off of BAB, Casters will go off of Caster Level. Caster.Level plus primary casting stat will be rolled against the appropriate Defense. While skill based Magic such as Saga would be ideal, im unsure how to implement the idea without going against the goal of streamlining dice rolls, as that would just add another roll onto casting Magic. Thoughts?

Indeed, I will be scaling back the bonuses so we do not end up with the frontloaded power we had in Saga.

Fair point. I am also considering replacing AC and Saves with Fort, Refl, and Will Defense. Thus in combat, the Fighter may swing at a Dragon, comparing his roll to its Refl Defense to hit, the Wizard would compare his roll for Dominate Monster to its Will Defense, and the Rogue attempting to poison it with a sneak attack would compare his roll to both Refl and Fort Defense. The goal here would be to streamline combat by taking out saving throws, and making each action feel more in the players control.

Kolok, how about using concentration checks? Caster Lvl plus abilitu modifier?

I think id rather use Pathfinder skills, as it lends itself more towards the focus or dabble, whereas in Saga you either it, or not.

I prefer the idea of skill points, though in some ways I feel total skill bonuses can rise too high.

I was actually considering.tying it to spellcraft rolls. How wouls you suggeat the progression go?

Im thinking Magic would be split into two paths. You would have a power progression, much like Pathfinder has now, where u gey some spells for free, such as your Fireballs, Invisibility, Magic Missile and such. Then you would have Rituals, the powerful world changing effects we associate with high level spells, such as Gate, Wish, most spells above.5th lvl. You would recieve very very few of these, they would be hard to cast, and they would have drawbacks upon your character such as aging or temporary ability damage. Thoughts?

I really enjoyes the way Force Powers were acquired and used in Saga, with a skill roll dictating the power of the effect. How does the community feel about a similiar system with magic?

Very bad indeed! I appreciate the input. Will post a more detailed reply in a few hours. You are right about nerfing casters. I suppose a better way to phrase that is I want to shift the power of magic to a much more subtle approach, while not impacting the playability of casters.

As for Talents, I was thinking more a combination of the two systems, without adding too much complexity.

And Spellcasting...what can really be done to bridge the gap? My premise is to cut down the spell list and put actually ending the fight more in the hands of the martials.

So Yora, how would you handle some of the imbalances in the system?

Thanks for the swift responses! Indeed, I realize this is very ambitious for one person, but I will do my best regardless. And I agree on the Condition Track, that encouraged cookie cutter one shot builds that I do not wish to see return. So any further suggestions? How does the community feel of incorporating both Reflex, Will, and Fort defenses as well as turning Armor into DR? And how to make crossbows useful again. Ill post my ideas in 8 or so hours when I.get home!

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Thanks for stopping by! My friends have recently been complaining of the complexity of the Pathfinder System, and seeking to move on to the next best thing as it were. However, I am still in love with Pathfinder. I love everything about it! However, I also love gaming with my friends. In an attempt to convert them, and to streamline the game in a more desirable fashion for them, I present to you Pathfinder Saga Edition!

This is a work in progress, of which I dearly hope for the Communities input. I would love for this to one day become a publishable game, as I have long desired to open my own company, but we shall see. In the meantime, my goal is to merge elements of Star Wars Saga Edition, Pathfinder, and other systems to create a more streamlined game that retains the feel and complexity of Pathfinder, but fixes some of the imbalances while still providing a fresh breath of air to those burnt out on standard D20 systems. With that being said, I present my very, very, very as in I just wrote this 5 minutes ago after working all day and being exhausted with no form of game design skill whatsoever rough draft! Please give advice and opinions on each little blurb, and as I update the document, I will update this thread, and hopefully together as a community we can make something new and great!

Rough Rough ROUGH Draft, please don't break me to badly:

This document aims to be a combination of the Pathfinder and Star Wars Saga edition rules, taking the complexity and spirit of the Pathfinder RPG rule set and combining it with the streamlined format of Star Wars Saga Edition. The eventual goal would be a whole new Fantasy RPG, complete with a Campaign Setting to support it, as well as a Core Rulebook. This work is purely for recreational and personal use, though the goal of the Author is to someday legitimize it and turn it into a full fledged published Game System, under the business entity known as Grey Citadel Gaming.
Problems inherent in Pathfinder that need to be fixed are as follows;

-Martial/Caster Disparity- In essence, at higher levels Casters control the game, with Martials existing purely for the purpose of proving HP damage, with few or limited tricks. The goal of this revision of the system is not to limit Casters, but instead shrink the gap between the two, and ideally do away with it completely, if at all possible. However, with that being said, the author realizes that Magic contains world changing abilities that no mundane martial can hope to replicate. Too that end, I propose that instead of taking away those powers, Martials be given mastery over combat and physical abilities, and Magic become more subtle, with fewer direct battle spells, focusing more on battlefield control, buffing, and debuffing rather than actual damage to the foe.

-Speed of Combat-In Pathfinder, Combat can take a long time. Indeed, at higher levels it is not uncommon for the average combat round, which is supposed to represent 6 seconds of time, to actually take 30 or more minutes to complete! The goal of this revision would be to shorten the rounds by reducing the amount of actions each combatant can take, while not losing any of the combatants impact upon the battle. To that end, Iterative Attacks will be replaced by a scaling plus to Weapon Damage(Including Natural and Unarmed Attacks), as well as a plus to Weapon Attack Rolls. The goal is to only have 1 attack each round to roll, but for the Damage to be higher, thus lowering the amount of time it takes to resolve your turn without lowering your Damage Output. Actions would
also be split into Standard/Move/Quick, with Quick Actions having two sub categories(Swift, and Immediate). Again, the design goal is to retain options but increase fluidity of Combat.

-Feat Tax-In the current Pathfinder Game, some Feats are viewed as necessary evils, options chosen purely for the need to have them in some shape or form. Some, such as Point Blank Shot, are chosen as perquisite Feats, to access better Feats down the road. Others, such as Power Attack, are options that are so good, they must be utilized in order to stay relevant. And finally, we have Feats such as Natural Spell that are requirements to fully access a Class Feature, without which the before mentioned class would never go without. Pathfinder Saga Edition aims to replace all Feat Taxes with viable, balanced options by doing 1 of 3 things.
-Option 1-Prerequisite Feats such as Point Blank Shot will be rolled into other feats, or made into Mechanics of the Game that never need to be chosen separately to work. For example, Point Blank Shot would cease to exist. Instead, any Ranged Attack, including spells that require Attack Rolls, made within 30 Feet would receive a +1 to Hit and Damage.
-Option 2-Feats that are too good, and indeed almost necessary, would be again replaced or baked into the system. For example, Power Attack, Piranha Strike, Weapon Finesse, Dervish Dance, Deadly Aim, and Combat Expertise are all examples of Feats that certain Builds must take to be relevant. Feats such as these will be made into Combat Options, such as all Characters who make a Melee Attack can choose to Power Attack, taking a scaling -X to hit to receive a +X to Damage. Any Finessable Weapon automatically uses Dexterity to determine To Hit and Damage, and much like Power Attacking Strength based characters, can choose to Precisely Strike for a scaling -X to hit to receive a +X to damage. In addition, all Characters can choose to receive a scaling -X on all Attack Rolls that round in order to receive a +X to Armor Class(Or Reflex Defense).

-Spells-Pathfinder, and indeed all prior editions of a D20 based DnD game, have had numerous spells throughout their existence. Some, such as Magic Missile and Fireball, have become iconic attack spells that no self respecting Wizard would go without. Others, such as Teleport and the numerous Divination based spells, change the game on a fundamental level, completely changing the options open to the Characters, and opening up the world to reality changing possibilities. However, this power comes with great risk, risks such as;
-Unbalancing the Game-
-Taking other Character's Role-
-Trivializing Encounters-
-Making essential parts of the game no longer relevant-
Pathfinder Saga Edition aims to both reduce the overall spell bloat inherent in the system, restore Magic to its mysterious nature, and promote balance by the following;
-Reduce the number of Spells in the Game-
-Continue Vancian Casting, but with Skill Rolls playing a part in the Casting-
-Cut out some spells, such as Teleport, that completely nullify large aspects of the game-
-Reduce Magic's impact upon class's such as the Fighter and Rogue, whom in Pathfinder and previous editions could be entirely replaced through magical means-
Again, the aim is not to "nerf" Casters, but to bring them more in line with the power of the other classes, while still adding a new element into the game that does not diminish Magic.

-Class Imbalance-Though wildly speculative in nature, and indeed ever changing depending upon whom is asked, there is a perceived Class Imbalance in the system, both through Class's witch have had their Primary Roles replaced, or Class's that have only limited viability in certain situations, thus lowering the Player's involvement in the game at hand. Pathfinder Saga Edition seeks to change that by;
-Introducing New Mechanics-Some Class's, such as the Fighter and Rogue, will receive all new mechanics to boost their Combat Potential, as well as new Out of Combat Abilities to help with the perceived imbalances in the Class.
-Redefining Existing Mechanics-Some Class's are defined by their Class Features, such as a Druid's Wildshape, or a Rogue's Trapfinding. Pathfinder Sage Edition aims to revamp and improve upon these features by adding new options, or modifying existing features to bring them more into line.

-Ability Score's and Bonuses-Pathfinder has a large list of stackable bonuses, as well as 6 Primary Attributes. However, through different options inherent in the game, these Bonuses can grow to staggering amounts, raising Ability Scores into ridiculous numbers, creating nigh unstoppable Characters that are both disruptive and imbalanced. Magic Items, Spells, High Point Buy combined with Racial Modifiers, whatever the reason Pathfinder Saga Edition aims to lower the amount of bonuses in the system. By doing so, I hope to achieve;
-Ability Score Significance-In the current game, Ability Scores are always boosted through Magic and Race to be as high as possible, to in turn make the Character as powerful as possible. Under Pathfinder Saga Edition, the different bonuses one could stack onto an Attribute would be lowered, reducing total bonuses and making those high Attributes much more special, as well as meaningful. It will be one thing for an Orc Warrior to have a Strength of 18, but when the Characters encounter an Ancient Dragon with a Strength of 30, it will truly seem powerful and beyond the normal scope of what is achievable, hopefully reclaiming the epic feel of the Creature.
-System Mastery-By lowering the total bonuses available, as well as the heights to which Attributes can be raised, Pathfinder Saga Edition would aim to have less math for the Player to worry about. Less Bonuses to add, or Penalties to subtract, can lead to less confusion and mistakes, making the System easier for both Veterans and New Players alike. The gap between a Player with full System Mastery, and one whom is completely new to the game, would be reduced, leading to more well balanced Characters without glaring flaws, such as a Fighter built with too little bonuses to Attack Rolls, thus lowering his viability in Combat.

-Magic Items- Currently, Magic Items feel less magical, and more like requirements. Numerous times we have seen Characters that simply are not viable without the Big 6 Items(Stat Boosters, Deflection Rings, Cloaks of Resistance, Amulet Nat Armor, Magic Weapon, Magic Armor). Beyond these required items, other items that would normally feel Magical and Unique are passed over, as they do not provide the mechanical advantage needed for Characters to survive. Pathfinder Saga Edition aims to change this by;
-Eliminating the Big 6-The bonuses acquired from the Big 6 would no longer be necessary, whether by combining existing mechanics to make them obsolete, or by eliminating requirements and changing the nature of Magical Items such as the requisite +1 to Weapons and Armor before they can be further enchanted. No longer would you be required to have a Ring of Protection +3 and a +5 Flaming Longsword. Under this revision, a Longsword can simply be a Flaming Longsword, with additional Enchantments placed as time and money permit.
-Lowering Mechanical Bonuses-By lowering the Mechanical Bonuses available through Magic Items, Pathfinder Saga Edition seeks to both increase the importance of each Character's natural Attributes and Skill, as well as lowering item dependency, thus encouraging Players to use Unique and Flavorful items that would be more fitting, but in previous Editions impractical.
-The Allure of Magic-Magic is mysterious, subtle, world changing. Magical Items should embody that ideal. This system seeks to promote that by making each Magical Item unique and interesting, with items being chosen more for roleplaying reasons than pure mechanical advantage. No longer would you need to discard your Father's sword in order to have the +5 Sword required by game mechanics. Your Father's Sword could grow with you, acquiring Magical Abilities throughout the Campaign for roleplay reasons.

If you stuck through it and read it all, I appreciate it! Any input and advice would be much appreciated! I plan to begin with the basics of the game, such as Attack Rolls, AC, Saves, and other things such as that and move on from there.

Hi there!
Im an experienced Pathfinder player looking to get into online gaming. I love games heavy on roleplay and am comfortable filling any roles the party needs. I generally prefer to play good, Paladinesque or Knightly characters. I am available Saturday night, 8 to 12pm eastern time, so our schedule should be perfect!

I do not have a code but im more than happy to help test. Im available after.9pm, Eastern Standard.time, until midnight or so most days, though on Tuesdays im available whenever.

Very interested, I will have a Paladin or Fighter up this evening!

Dragons you say? That cries out for a Paladin to slay the foul beast! Will put up more info in the morning, but expect a Human Paladin by the name.of Gabriel Steeleblade to stop by.

Will have a Paladin up tonight.

I too would be interested in any tips or such. Im running a couple PbP, and any help is also useful. Im also considering trying Roll20 for a smaller, 4 player group, preferably as a player. Whats the best way to get into a Roll20 game and learn to use it?

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