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we're looking for a replacement in our currently running Warhammer campaign. We just finished the introductory adventure and are planning to start Edge of Night soon.

Campaign Thread:

Heart of Ruin

This is your chance to get a spot in one of the "Heart of..." campaigns and join the legendary campfire-thread (woohoo) *_*

I'd like in, I find the warhmammer fantasy setting riveting. Are we playing with completely random character (wich im totally cool with) or do we select careers and race? How many advancements? I have only played second edition and only have the second edition book (I know someone who would gladly give me a pdf of 3rd) How different are the editions? A little or a lot? And finaly i heard that 3rd edition uses special dies, how do you cope with that?

I cannot speak for how ZZ is wanting to replace our wayward priest, but we all randomly generated career and chose race. I like that option myself as it is very key to the Warhammer feel.

I would say the editions are very different. FFG went in a very unique direction here, but all in all the flavor is what really matters.

You will need access to a copy of the Player's Guide. I would not have made it without ordering mine.

The dice problem is something one of the other players solved with an external roller that you will copy and paste the results of in a spoiler. Link Dice Roller

I have truly enjoyed this game and it is about to really start moving now that the characters have gotten their feet wet. I would happily play a game of Monopoly PbP with ZZ running the thing so this is no fly by night operation. The discussion thread has become a place that operates more like an abstract Facebook than a place to just talk mechanics. So if you are looking for a great game and great people this is an excellent place to find them.

Yeah a quick look into your game thread showed close to a thousand page of story. Im really excited about the prospect of participating in this.

We be happy to have anyone that's willing to be active in play, Warhammer, both as a game and as a setting needs active players. Too laid back and the world will pass you by, on other hand do stuff and stuff will happen (not to say what happens will be good for you).

Yeah it would be hard to know what going on without a working knowledge of the rules as they work for WFRP3, they kept some of the fluff of the what the earlier systems did but the way it's done is pretty unique. ZZ did want everyone who played have a copy of the player guide or the starting set, the concepts are simple but it's FFG with all the good and bad that implies. I mean good rules but lots of detail and not as good as explaining the rules as they should be.

We can and will help anyone though, I've been playing in a table-top WFRP3 campaign now for over a year (Rank 2 chars) and I think I have most of it down except for the magic and blessings rules which I did not need.

I'm of two minds about the random career selection, BBB is right about the flavor aspect, but it's never good for a campaign for someone to play a character or career he hates. Always an issue, if you have any questions just ask someone will be along to answer soon.

I have the copy now. A brief look at character creation reveals that this game is at first view a lot more complex. I am going to read that chapter and wait for more info from ZZ. As i dont have character cards im assuming roll 3d10 (dump repeats and choose one). Once I know what im playing then ill read on what skills and talents i'll have and magic if applicable. Still interested

In the initial character creation phase everyone drew three careers and either kept one or took one of those the others didn't like. Since you won't have that chance, I'd say I draw five careers and you choose one of those - is that okay for you?

Hello all, I am poking my nose into this one even though I probably do not meet most of the needed requirements to play in a Warhammer game.

However, the setting is something that has always appealed a lot to me. Having been an avid RPG player of many different game systems for some years now, I lost count to how many times I had the Warhammer rulebook in my hands to buy.

In fact, and though I will accept if you tell me that those are completely different things, I actually went ahead back in the day and bought many of the warhammer miniature games sourcebooks, and even the boxed set, so that I could read up on the story and background of it :D

In any case, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring, and inquire if there is any chance that such an outsider like myself could participate in this game, and ask for directions on how I could read up and grasp the rules at least to get me started.


Surely, the more hats the merrier :)

Getting the Warhammer Players Guide is definitely the best start (and if you don't want to play something rather exotic, then it is everything you need).

Good news is the hard cover Player's Guide has many of the expansions covered where as the box set does not.

Also worth noting is that the Warhammer world truly is "Grim and Perilous." Pathfinder and D&D are pretty Nerf sword when it comes to life and death of PCs, but Warhammer is far more gritty with the likelihood of getting whacked being fairly possible. That said, the real heroes of WHFRPG are normal everyday commoners,miners, and soldiers. Great setting for those who want a more epic feel and not really concerned with this feat or that.

5 card draw sounds great to me. Is there some part of the players guide where i sould focus my reading at first? I guess we'll see with what I draw.

Character creation. Combat is pretty straight forward. Like Franz said, we will assist with everything else. But, character creation is a little wanky due mostly to the way FFG laid the book and it's poor excuse for an index.

Ok, so from what I have read so far, the steps should start by deciding the race and then proceeding to the draws and the choice, correct?

How exactly are we going to proceed with the card draw?

Last time we dd that ZZ drew for us and told us what they were. Yes first race, for someone new I strongly would recommend Human, then apply career mods, then spend creation points.

Some careers are race specific....

yes the point I failed to mention, you need to choose the race before ZZ can draw for you.

Correct, I need your race choices first.

Rolling the dice roller gave me one success, having the option between humam and dwarf. I will choose human. I am hoping for either a wizard or faith career.

I also went with the random race determination - no successes, which means human, so that is my race ;)


Cardboard Hero:



Pit Fighter
Halfling Chef (you may take halfling with a human race roll)

Minstrel....sounds like Felix could make an appearance, lol.

i dont see minstrels in the career section. What can they do?

My guess is socialize....and rock out on the lute!

A witch and a zealot, yikes!

I can scan the card for you, Cardboard Hero. Most probably it is one of the careers not published in the expansions that were incorporated in the Players Guide (my guess is Lure of Power).

So if you are interested in the minstrel, just tell me.

Minstrel it is. The other choices leave me cold. Its the only one i can understand surviving an adventure

To get a feel for the minstrel I would say reading any of the Gotrek and Felix novels would be a good place to look.

Well, I immediately liked the Wardancer and the Witch, but the first is woodm elf only and the second I could not find, only witch hunter.

I also could not find the Halfling Chef, but in any case I feel inclined to the Pit Fighter if that is ok ;)

Sovereign Court

Damn, i'd love to get in on this but I think you have enough solid applicants. Enjoy all and i'll be watching!

I guess we can always make room for AK :) So if this is a solid application, shall I draw for you?

@ Aldiran: Really Pitfighter? I can scan the other cards for you if you want.

More the merrier :)

ZZ, I would like to take a look at the witch yes, if that is ok?

keke, will scan it in a minute

And btw, what is wrong with the Pit Fighter? ;)

Nothing - but that "Well, I immediately liked the Wardancer and the Witch" read like you were rather in favour of one of those two.

Sovereign Court

Witch and Minstrel



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OK, I am playing a pit fighter in my TT game and he's really good at melee combat. If that's what you want you can't really do much better. (Wardancer would be one of the few).

Witch would be a role=playing challenge; as far as I know any witch is damned by the gods and the law alike, anyone not a friend to chaos will try to kill you, or at least report you so that the authorities who will burn you. Without concealing your talents completely, our crazy zealot and my character at least would turn you in or kill you. This is not DnD where anything goes, it's a harsh and gritty world and people react more like the real world. A witch, to most people, is a dangerous, murderous, soul-stealing criminal, and it would be nearly impossible to get anyone to believe otherwise. Unless I'm not seeing something, that is a really difficult career to play, and likely to result in your death at the hands of the other PCs.

Is there something I'm missing ZZ? This is not DnD and "real" people do not overlook being a servant of hellish forces as a minor quirk (and it does not matter if you are the nicest witch in the world, Burn, Witch, Burn! is SOP.)

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Franz is right. Playing a witch in Warhammer is a really demanding thing.

It might work in very exotic groups (few humans), but in a group such as ours it could be a real challenge.

The halfling chef would be easier^^

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Annoying, but easier, lol. I would love to see a halfling chef! What a great roleplaying op, though the Orks made a pretty good mess of them in Grudgebearer.....little psychos.

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Don't forget Ogre Maneater - my favorite career!

So stereotypical though....;)

Too bad they don't have Field Wardens in this edition.

Zyren Zemerys wrote:
Nothing - but that "Well, I immediately liked the Wardancer and the Witch" read like you were rather in favour of one of those two.

Well, the flavour of the Wardancer is really appealing to me, but since I rolled human, I cannot be one ;)

Looking at the witch right now.

umm Silence since two days?

Indeed. Not the attendance I expected after much activity.

From my part, I apologize - as I said, I am new to the Warhammer FRPG so I have quite a lot to digest, and the week has been unforgiving.

After taking a second look at the witch, I don't think it would be a good option for me as a beginner.

From my options, which would then boil down to the pit fighter and the halfling chef (I really can't get the feel for the messenger), I choose the Pit Fighter.

I actually started a new job since Wednesday. My personal time is really going down. I dont think I can handle 2 pvps right now so im dropping this one since im not in yet. Maybe another time I guess

Ah, what a shame :(

Aldiran you still up for it?

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