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When the GM announces Recruitment is closed, then hours later you enter the thread and first thing you see is your name... then realise it's only a list and you're to wait one more day. So your brain spontaneously begins to analise.
"Why am I the last? Does that mean I'm already discarded, or is it just because I posted last? But this Italian guy posted after me... And why do others have something added in parenthesis and I don't? I swear I can see my name in a different font... oh, no, wait, that's just something on the screen... eww..."

I need my heart pills now :P

Lol, italian guy....I mean I'm actually American but it is an Italian name for the Dark Ages of WoD game he's in. Malkavians for the win.

"I know, I know. Italians speak with their hands like that" he says, showing how with his own hands.

LOL. Sorry guys. That was the third time yesterday I had the day wrong. Something was wrong with my head. Appreciate your patience. Should have a decision up today.

Hey all. I've gone through everyone's applications and am finding myself in my typical quandary of too many great applications and not enough spaces. (Seriously, you have me thinking about opening up a second table.) Add to that I've got bronchitis and my husband gave me a particularly strong gin and tonic that isn't playing well with my antibiotics, and I'm a little loopy.

So, I'm going to ruminate on this for another day and come back to it with a clearer head. Just wanted to let you know since I said I'd have a decision for you today, and apologize for the delay.

Hope you feel better soon! And thank you for letting us know.

Your hubby wants to kill our (potential) DM? Curse him! :P

A second table is a lot of work, and totally get it if you don't want to do it. ... Another up side though (besides the flattering fact that you like the characters) is that if you get some more natural attrition, you could eventually combine them.

Thanks for the patience, all.

Zektolna (Pellius Alazario) and Zanbabe (Zamanda), we'd love it if you can join us. Feel free to "dot" into the gameplay thread just so this is added to your list of campaigns. I'll follow-up later this weekend on any final issues/questions and facilitating introductions. As you can see, the party just started a combat, so it could be a few days before we have a good introduction point, but we might be able to do some RP on the side of your introduction to the guard and Marshal Kroft.

Everyone else, thank you for the interest. If and when I start a new table, I'll send out PMs to see if you're interested in whatever AP I'm putting together before I post an open recruitment thread.

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Congrats to those selected! As a player in the group, I can tell you it's been a blast and Snowheart does a fantastic job.


Aye, I second that, Ilsa! Welcome aboard, Pellius and Zamanda!

Thank you for selecting me! And thank you for the warm welcome! I'll put together an alias, dot into the gameplay thread, and post in the discussion thread asap.

Welcome! GM Snowheart is amazing, and I feel fortunate to be part of this group. Glad to welcome you both aboard. :)

Thanks. :) Looking forward to it. :)

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In March 2017 our group began Curse of the Crimson Throne. Our first GM had to bow out and one of the players took over. He did an amazing job, but sadly it seems like we have lost him as well. Is there anyone willing to take up the reigns?

I'm truly bad at GMing. When I say bad, something stirs inside its coffin. I mean REALLY BAD, as in, Jesus kills a kittie everytime I try to GM. So no, I'm sorry.


Starts getting ready for a potential PC application in case it's needed... :P

To be clear, right now we just really need a GM. We are at the end of Book 4 (A History of Ashes), having completed our adventures in the Cinderlands. We're windwalking back to Korvosa because someone summoned us, and then we're theoretically off to Scarwall, so right at the end of 4, beginning of 5.

Not saying that we might not recruit another character... that will be up to whoever takes over the game. However, that recruitment may or may not be public, and either way we aren't taking applications for characters until we get a new GM.

Don't worry, don't worry, I was just joking. I probably won't have the time for such a game anyways.

I would hate to see a group at book 4 already to disappear because no one offers to help GM their game.

Can you tell me more about how you work as a group? Are you RP or combat driven? Whom are the pushers during exploration or social encounters? Are you struggling with combats as written in the book or are you walking through with ease?

I have played this campaign up to book 6 but we are on halt due to COVID. But I hope we would be already playing again by when this campaign could reach that final book.

If I do pick this campaign I will probably encourage skipping some of the minor parts and combats to ease the job on me. Also, my current games take precedence, if I am time constrained I might be two or more days without updates.

Finally, you might want to post a seeking for GM post as a separate thread to gather more attention, because this old campaign recruitment threads are more usually skipped.

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Hi GM Rutseg,

We very much appreciate you considering picking up this game, and skips or delays are vastly superior to what we have now, so I don't believe anyone will be concerned by that.

GM Rutseg wrote:
Can you tell me more about how you work as a group? Are you RP or combat driven? Whom are the pushers during exploration or social encounters?

I think that we have a good mix of role play and combat... we definitely try to solve problems in different ways, although I wouldn't say that we shy away from combat either.

I think everyone pushes sometimes, but I guess Bash / Zamanda are the main ones? (Might just be my perspective though.) Kalem and Ilsa are probably the best at roleplaying their inner turmoil.

GM Rutseg wrote:
Are you struggling with combats as written in the book or are you walking through with ease?

Some of the combats have been challenging, but I think that the GM was adjusting them to be somewhat harder against pure physical combat (Kalem hits pretty hard), while at the same time not making it impossible for Ilsa to use her mental powers. (At least those are the things that we talked about as a group... I can't be sure exactly how he was adjusting.)

I'll mention this in discussion and see if anyone else has input into the questions you asked as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion Rutseg! I've put a new GM Recruitment thread together at the link.

To answer some of your questions:

  • I think everyone has been solid about pushing the action forward, though Kalem, Zamanda and Bashiel are the first to strike in that regard.
  • We've been more combat driven by the standards of games I've played and GM'd, though we've definitely still kept up roleplay and character development/drama alongside the action.
  • We were flying through the combats as written, so our most recent GM had to increase the difficulty quite significantly. I think we'd be open to playing the adventure as-written.

    Other Qs I believe I've covered in the new thread. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Thanks for your consideration, Rutseg!

    This is a great group. I think we're a great mix of combat vs. non-combat resolutions. We all have some unique abilities we bring to the table. Combats a a bit easy sometimes.

    I'm also a fan of skipping some of the stuff that doesn't advance the plot much.

    I think most of us are on a 1/weekday post and 1/weekend post format, but we'd love any moving forward even if you can't manage that.

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    I have had a look around and read your other recruitment thread. It is looking good.

    I see there are other GM's interested. Let me know if the thing does not crystallize or if you need someone to keep the campaign moving until whomever you decide for is free to take over.

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