Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Go kill the evil queen of Korvosa and get fat lootz or get dead. test

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Nothing to do with the game, as such, but …

… is anyone else having trouble reaching the message board links?
The last couple of days I just get a blank screen when I click on that.

Liberty's Edge

Yes, people have been having problems with it.

Looks like they finally got it sorted out.... thankfully.

Oh wow, I just realised I have an ability that I can take that will let me alter self for however long I need. So I can have a secret identity.

Glad they've got it figured out.

Grand Lodge

Anyone heard yet?

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It was a lot of applications. I'm sure he'll need a few days.

I would imagine word will come down today or tomorrow... he has had a few days to look (even counting that day where the forums were semi busted) and he was somewhat involved during the recruitment while it was live, so I would be surprised if he didn't at least have a list of favorites by now.

Final selection should be done today.

… drum roll …

Liberty's Edge

Refresh.... Refresh.... Refresh.... :-p


*Drums nearly worn out from drumming*

heh... longest.... drumsolo.... EVAH!!!!

I have not the slightes idea what this drumming is about.

Here are my four choices for the game. Thanks to everyone who submitted characters and stories and effort for this. I apologize for the delay.



Congratulations to my fellow selectees, and best of luck next time to those who didn't make it this time.

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Congrats all selected, especially to you Io. Have fun!

Congrats all! Have fun!

congrats, all!

Liberty's Edge

Congratulations all!


Yay! So excited to be chosen!

Thanks Emerald Duke!

Aw, shucks, folks, you're too kind. I really enjoyed the superhero conversation, even though I'm not much of a comics person. Don't they say at some point most Pathfinder characters become superheroes, effectively?

Which is to say, maybe our paths will cross again, and our characters can save Gotham Metropolis Paradise Island oh, for heaven's sake, Absalom (or whatever) - together. :)

I hope you all find fun games soon.


Ah well, I tried. Have fun y'all!

Good luck all!

What's the plan for game start, stormcrow?

Congratulations and best of luck folks.

Probably Monday since I don't have an electronic version yet, but just the dead tree version. ast

Gameplay thread is online. Please post as you like and I will get things spun up as fast as I can.

Gameplay thread link

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