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Amalgafor- Yaos is actually a widow. You can read my story by clicking on my alias.

Sounds like your ideas for a family are really interesting. We should be able to work them together.

Guys, all the sudden I gotta interview and hire a bookkeeper by Wednesday and apparently put out a pretty big fire from a few months ago -- on top of my usual workload. Please be patient; talk among yourselves. I'm barely browsing today's posts (or Tuesday's or Wednesday's).

Fires in English departments can be bad, with all the paper.

Real life taking priority over RPGs again. We will hear from you when you have more time no doubt.

@DM Ray - what languages are most commonly spoken in the ollowing countries: Rahadoum, Isger, Sargava, Mediogalti, Diobel, Nidal. I have five more languages to pick and want to be a bit more informed before I take them.

Also, I took the rogue talent polyglot, which allows you to gain 4 additional languages if you have a point in linguistics. Would these be single languages or a monster-human language combination (goblin and varisian) as well?

Rahadoum = Osiriani
Diobel = Taldoran
Nidal = Shadowtongue & Chelaxian
Isger = Chelaxian
Mediogalti = Chelaxian
Sargava = Chelaxian

Sorry about posting in the wrong alias again. Joynt Jezebel and Chillel are the same person, aka Yaos for this campaign.

On that subject DM Ray, when you get back from attending work responsibilities, my character is submitted. Click on the Alias.

The Eidolon is incomplete, as previously advertised I intend to have it have skills otherwise missing from the party. The character, equipment and familiar are essentially done.

Alfred, including the background, is complete.

I am uncertain about his languages however, DM Ray, if you wanted to give them a look over. I should have seven languages under the normal rules (2 from race, 1 from intelligence, 4 from polyglot rogue talen).

Here are my languages:

Chelaxian(common) and Halfling from my race
Orc and Osiriani from my intelligence
Goblin and Taldoran, Dwarven and Kelish, Elven and Polyglot, Gnome and Shadowtongue, Gnoll and Varisian from the Polyglot rogue talent and 1 point in linguistics

I used the languages from the Polyglot rogue talent as if they were from a skill point in linguistics, so correct me if that is incorrect.

I'll be going over the last few days of PC questions today and tomorrow and responding to them asap. As planned, Discussion will open Monday, Gameplay shortly after.

I know you've got questions about House Arvanxi and background, questions about some rules allowances and languages.

Work is finally getting back to a routine; fires put out. I can get back to The Boards and the three online games I'm in with consistency.

Thanks for your patience this week.


Can we get a quick Roll Call?
I believe we have three PCs....

I'm here, playing an Inq5/Inv3, going Hellknight PrC(at 10th level, 9th will be Inv4 to get studied combat and studied strike. Need that slight extra boost to combat ability).

Will be heavily focused on skills and being the face. I've hit a slight wall, as I am unsure what I had intended my 7th and 8th level feats to be. I had them all planned out, but forgot to write them down, and now can't recall.

4 PCs:
(Let's see whether more come in tonight)

Alfred, NE Halfling Bard-8 (Rostam)

Yaos, LE Half-Elf Summoner-8 (Joynt Jezebel)

tbd, ? ???? Inquisitor-5 / Investigator-3 (Monkeygod)

tbd, ? 'Pactborn' Inquisitor? (Almagafor)

Oh sorry, Human. Likely Lawful Evil.

Alfred, NE Halfling Bard-8 (Rostam)

Yaos, LE Half-Elf Summoner-8 (Joynt Jezebel)

tbd, LE Human Inquisitor-5 / Investigator-3 (Monkeygod)

tbd, ? 'Pactborn' Inquisitor (Almagafor)


(subject to change)

Oh wow. This is like the exact campaign I've been looking for for a while now. Is recruitment still open? If so, I'd like to apply, probably as either an Enchantment/Illusion school Wizard, or something like Rogue building into Master Spy.

I had a few questions first:

1) Is there a reason you're ignoring Molthune & Nirmathas? That seems like it would be a perfect target for this sort of a game as well, as a Chelaxian Break-away country dealing with its own rebellious province and Hobgoblin invasion.

2) Would you allow a Mesmerist Character?

3) I'm completely new to PbP on the Paizo forums, and I only have a modicum of experience with it elsewhere. Is that a deal-breaker for you?


Rough background of family for DM to read through. I'll get a twisted family tree and blurbs on the major players together later.

Background, Ducal House of Battori:
The house of Battori has long stood in the Chelish annals. Descending from a Taldan general from the early taming of the nation, their name was storied with heroes and schemers and cowards alike. By the time of Chelish independence the family was on the decline. Somehow, they managed to maintain a ducal title until the civil war, despite shrinking lands and vassals swearing to other lords as the centuries wore on.

It was the fall of Aroden that changed things for the family. Their remaining lands lay within a day's journey of Egorian within the Archduchy of the Heartlands and near to the lands of House Thrune. Seeing opportunity and hoping to save his family, Duke Battori chanced into the devil's own luck. Two generations before the family head had the great fortune to marry a third daughter of Thrune in an effort to bring the families together, and it was his grandchildren who, at the outset of war, approached Thrune as loyal vassals and kinsmen and swore themselves to the cause of the future royal house. It must be noted that at this time Thrune had not yet begun to play its hand for supremacy. Though the head of House Thrune did not appreciate the gesture, his then 14 year old daughter Abrogail was delighted by the twin brothers who had come into her court that day.

These brothers, the future Duke Pavel and Paraduke Manius, charmed the young lady and fought for her at every turn, Pavel on the field and Manius in the shadows. It is unknown who joined with Hell first, Abrogail or the brothers Battori, but by the end of the war the brothers showed marks of favor and patronage from Infernal Archdukes. Rewarded after the war with a restoration of many of their lands and vassals the family found itself ascending, profiting at the expense of less loyal vassals of Thrune. Since the civil war the scions of the house have focused on consolidating their power. Pavel honored his brother with the title of Paraduke and control of a county of his own. Sisters, and later daughters, were married off to cement relations. And, most importantly, the brothers have made themselves fixtures in the Imperial court.

Over the years the brothers, as well as their youngest sister, have all been noted to age slowly, marking their service to Hell. The nature of their pacts has become evident, Manius does not hide his affiliation with Dispater and Pavel is rumored to serve Mephistopheles. The sister, Elzibeta, is whispered to be bound to Belial. The brothers are rumored to have been involved in the death of His Majestor Infrexus and the installation of Abrogail II and maneuvering to get even closer to the throne. There have even been disturbing allegations concerning the carnal tastes of the Pactborn of the family and more than a dozen bastards have been acknowledged.

Almost all of the rumors are true. The common tale of who the Pactborn in Battori serve is completely true. The maneuvering for the throne is not inaccurate but not entirely truthful, Manius in fulfilling the dictates of Dispater has decided to pursue the courtly love of his queen. The rumors of flagrant hedonism are slightly off base, neither brother has lain with Elzibeta, though the sheer number of bastards between the two of them gives even the devils of the court pause.

What keeps the family off the gallows? Two factors, they rule well and they serve better. The Battori have served Thrune unfailing through multiple monarchs now, Manius has been an active agent of the crown twice, and Pavel has kindled a twisted friendship with a few of the Infernal advisers to the crown. In their domain they are well regarded by freeborn and slaves, they are deliberately more lenient on slaves (especially slips) than neighboring domains, and they often grant lesser punishments for crimes than strictly called for by Chelish law. Also, there a few living in Battori lands who remember another ruler. The blessing of long lives and leniency has helped to bind men to the Pactborn brothers.

Dasgovernator wrote:

Oh wow. This is like the exact campaign I've been looking for for a while now. Is recruitment still open? If so, I'd like to apply, probably as either an Enchantment/Illusion school Wizard, or something like Rogue building into Master Spy.

3) I'm completely new to PbP on the Paizo forums, and I only have a modicum of experience with it elsewhere. Is that a deal-breaker for you.

I am pretty sure recruitment is still open. Better get your finger out if you want to be in at the start, cos we are due to start soon.

We have 4 PCs and 4 6 level casters. Either a rogue/master spy or wizard would be an excellent addition to this motley crew.

And your PbP experience is almost exactly the same as mine, so that should be fine.

Well, that is enough from me on questions really for the GM.

For Alfred Ensbridge, Halfling Bard from the Arvanxi and Ensbridge Houses of Cheliax.

I really like the PC background; it's fits perfectly with the flavor and tone of the campaign and gives you a great path into the party of PCs. Your travelling past gathering bits of info on minor nobles and such is great -- but notice that you chose not to give yourself any mechanical reflection-- Knowledge: Geography/History. Even giving Alfred one Rank in Geography could give you a big bump (perhaps taking it from Favored Class, HP) but of course you are free to do what you feel is best. (Remember Knowledge Geography, History & Nobility are combined, and include social customs, culture, personalities and other Fluff information.)

Crunch-wise I've got some GREAT news: You forgot to add two points in Ability Scores from 4th and 8th level! So you get FOUR more points to put on Ability Scores.

Also, according to my math you get two more languages--
Chelaxian & Halfling from Race
Polyglot gives you four more
Intelligence gives you eight
One Rank in Linguistics gives you two (one must be a Human language)
That's sixteen total.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your archer PC in action and getting started.

Dasgovernator wrote:
Is recruitment still open?


Unfortunately I'm going to say, "No." FOR NOW....
Feel free to spend some time going through Recruitment to see what we've been talking about and Discussion & Gameplay when we begin next week. There's certainly a chance that you could join later on, if we lose a PC or if there's an obvious need for an addition to the party and the game looks like another Player would make gameplay better.
But for now we're sticking to to Players active in Recruitment.

Dasgovernator wrote:
I'd like to apply .... as either an Enchantment/Illusion school Wizard, or something like Rogue building into Master Spy.


We could potentially use a Wizard Ench or Ill. Master Spy,.... seems like we've got that covered.

Dasgovernator wrote:
Is there a reason you're ignoring Molthune & Nirmathas?


We will not be gaming in Molthune or Nirmathis.

Dasgovernator wrote:
Would you allow a Mesmerist Character?



Your lack of experience with PbP is not much of an issue with me. In my experience, what takes one session in a Homegame can take a month or more in PbP. I'm going to try a couple strategies to move things along more quickly in some circumstances.

Glad you're interested!

For Almagafor,

Looking at your Pactborn Race (I think we've already gone over it.), everything is okay.

Looking at the Background for House Battori, everything looks mostly okay. The House is a bit too populous for me. If it has a smaller number of familial members it will be easier for me to manage. And the larger it is the more powerful and ambitious it would be. A small House with significantly influential figures is better for me than a large House with significantly influential figures.

Also, you're not thinking that the two brothers, Pavel and Manius -- and their sister Elzibeta -- knew Abrogail I when she was fourteen and ARE STILL ALIVE, are you?! Slow-aging due to pacts made with Archdevils aside-- that can't work. NPCs with that kind of longevity would have more power than I'm comfortable in giving them.

You can tinker with it so that Pavel and Manius lived longer than they should have -- but should still be long dead. There's no problem in a Pavel IV or a Manius III or an Elzibeta V. And obviously, you can give me more generic background and I can fill in the details. ....Not that giving the specific background is not okay -- it IS okay -- I just have to make sure it all fits.

Oh, and pedantically, a Duke oversees a Duchy and a Count oversees a County.


Man, I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed PC.


If you could at least post a partial PC or rough draft, that would be really helpful.

Here's what's important to me, in order:

1.A) Ability Scores (and the math)

2.A) Alignment-Race-Class
2.B) Skills
2.C) Equipment

3.A) Character Background

4.A) Feats
4.B) All the Other Stuff (explanation of Class Features, HP, AC, Initiative, Traits, um, other stuff)

@ Alfred Ensbridge,

Oops I screwed up looking at your languages. For some reason my brain burped and I threw out languages/per Level for your INT bonus. Boy that was dumb. I just noticed my mistake while looking at Yaos (your H-Elf Summoner ally) and counting her languages.

You get Chelaxian & Halfling from Race.
Polyglot gives you four.
INT gives you ONE.
Linguistics, one Rank, gives you two (One has to be a 'human' language; the other is whatever you want.)

That's nine total.

Polyglot does not give you languages like a Ranks in Linguistics.
(But I will consider it as a request and get back to you by Monday or Tuesday.)

@ Yaos

I've started looking at the PC four times now and gotten busy (at work) each time. The things I've looked at so far are okay but I've gt a ways to go. (One more faculty meeting, one more parent meeting, a few more emails to compose and I'm done for the day!)

It'll be another day or so before I can comprehensively look at the PC, the Eidolon and the Familiar.

(Uh, pedantically, the language for 'Demonic' is called "Abyssal.")
And you have one more human language to choose; I recommend Taldoran but you can pick any human language you want.

Ray, three things:

1) Would be alright if I choose my 7th level and bonus 8th level feat for now, and possibly replace them later(before we level to 9) if I decide there's better ones out there? I'm currently planning on Hellknight Obedience and Hellknight Obsession, but I feel like I had found better ones, but now I can't remember them :(

2) Still waiting on my answer about a noble house that traces its ancestry back to at least when Aroden was alive, and claims lineage from Azlant.

3) Thoughts on allowing Scaling magic items?

@ DM Ray- revised my PC in the ways you suggested and re-did some of my origin to conform to Amalgafor's excellent imaginings.

It is essentially complete, except the eidolon.

@Amalgafor- I read the history of House Battori. They are ruthless degenerate bastards, Yaos should fit right in.

How does your character fit into the house?

The history is really good by the way.


You may tentatively select a 7th and 8th level feat now and then replace them when we reach 9th -- or better -- after we've started gaming but prior to reaching 9th, whenever you find what you're looking for.


A Noble House fitting that description, claiming ancestry from Aroden's (mortal) era and an Azlanti lineage, is fine. In fact, there are probably a few Houses that have a similar claim.

Any of the following published Houses -- all under the banner of the Longmarch Archduchy and House Carthagnion -- is acceptable for this; you can select one on a whim or give more specific ideas and we can select one based on your further ideas:

House Aulamaxa -- a minor House that serves under the authority of House Oberigo

House Arvanxi -- a major House that is flailing with current members but is on the rise again and wants to advance even beyond the archduchy it serves

House Phandros -- a major House that is looking to advance within the Archduchy it serves

House Nymmis -- a minor House that serves under the authority of House Khollarix

House Vitaron -- a minor House that serves under House Mezinas -- which is actually a House that traces its own roots back to Taldor!


Scaling magic items by RAW is acceptable.

Size of House: Trim down to brothers, sister, and a few bastards? Maybe four legitimate children between the brothers? (The sister has no children, keeps poisoning suitors) The unacknowledged bastards and a few of the acknowledged ones would be good as potential enemies as they wouldn't be super happy with dear ol' dad.

The age of the twins: Only ~110 years since outbreak of the Civil War, if the pact let's you age as a Tiefling or other plane-touched then they would still be adults verging on middle age (another 30 years or so before that happens) as I was thinking they would have been 16-18 at the outbreak with their grandfather still leading the house. If you're worried about power coming with age that's why I made a point of having them consolidating within their desmesne, they are powerful but very localized in how they can use it. The big push for expansion is coming now with Abrogail II's blessing/tolerance. The time at court will have won as many enemies as friends, maybe a few people who are both. The big hook is that they're involved in Abrogail II's ascent, but they can't be favored too much as it was an assassination guised as an accident that offed the prior king. In exchange for that support they are given opportunities to expand their reach (like having one of them act as a shadow operative for the crown, perhaps?)

If that doesn't work I have a twisted little hook that would fit in perfectly with the infernal house of Battori, but it takes a decidedly grim and just wrong turn.

The current Pavel, Manius, and Elzibeta are the children of the first three. And they have since murdered mom and dad(s).

Duchies and Counties: If what you're seeing is what I'm thinking then what I was going for was the Paraducal title giving him status but the county is the area his brother actually has given him as a desmesne.

Oh, and I got an A on one of my term papers. Not entirely sure how, but I'll take it. Just have to survive the final and finish one paper now.

Thanks for the feedback on the Knowledge History/Geography I forgot they were combined and was simply going to rely on Bardic Knowledge for them.

Also, here's my math for the ability scores, numbers in brackets are the point cost for the score. I just want to make sure its right:

Ability Scores (26 PB)
Str 10 -2 (standard racial ability score) +2 (level 4) = 10
Dex 16 (10) +2 (standard racial ability score) +2 (level 8) = 20 +2 belt = 22
Con 12 (2)
Int 12 (2)
Wis 12 (2)
Cha 16(10) +2 (standard racial ability score) = 18 +2 headband = 20

So should I still get 4 more ability score points?

Oh goodness. I guess at work today I was so excited to finally spend some time on The Boards and this game, squeezing it in between stuff, that I wasn't being very smart. ....I just looked at your numbers and you're right; of course, you already included the two +2s for leveling. I have no idea what I was seeing earlier. Not exactly an auspicious beginning to my DMing, huh? How embarrassing.

Looking over the chapter of current events Yaos has added to House Battori, everything looks okay with me. Both Joynt Jezebel (for Yaos) and Almagafor (for his Pactborn Battori) can continue to polish the history.

Just so we're on the same page:
House Battori is a small but influential House in the Heartland Archduchy, serving directly under House Thrune. Members are quite few, which, coupled with their own often-mixed/tainted-race lineage, significantly hinders their ambitions.

I'd kinda like a reason that Yaos and the Pactborn leave (are leaving, have just left) the political scene of The Heartland Archduchy for the Longmarch Archduchy. It'll help get us started.

My first thought is that the two PCs wonder if House Phandros, in Westcrown in the Longmarch Archduchy, were tangentially enemies of House Battori (or Norin specifically). Just, please don't go overboard on 'enemy-of-Phandros'.

Another thought is that Yaos and the Pactborn Battori are trying to get out from under Pavel's thumb, as it were. Maybe Yaos, despite ending her brief affair with the much older Pavel, feels it quite wise to leave Egorian. Or maybe there's another reason; the two PCs want to gain influence on their own and, in order to do that, have decided that a region of Cheliax not filled with Thrunes, Battoris and the Houses that know all about Yaos and the Pactborn Battori is a good place to start, greener pastures as it were.

Also, let's give Almagafor a chance to react to Yaos's bacstory that includes the House he designed for his PC, in case there are any gross inconsistencies with what he has in mind.

Whatever you guys start proposing, keep in mind that in Gameplay, House Battori won't really make much of an appearance.


You mentioned that you weren't necessarily sold on the name "Pactborn" for your custom Race. (And you remembered "Hellbred" from 3.5.)

What do you think of "Pactbred" as a Race name?

Or has Pactborn grown on you?

(And it would be nice to start referring to your PC by a name rather than 'the Battori Pactborn.")


I've noticed a few spells taken from non-legal sources. Please check the source of spells and feats and equipment and such if you're using the d20PFSRD.

Yaos, Red Wing and Pale Wing look okay.

DM Ray-

1 Red Wing is planned to have skills the group needs. May even become bipedal if I need the evolution points.

2 Illegal Spells- I suspect that is me. Insect spiesis from ultimate intrigue, which is why it would be so good for this campaign. Drat. :P
And Snowball, which is a marginal choice anyway.
The rest are all from Core I think. Will redo.

DM Ray wrote:

I'd kinda like a reason that Yaos and the Pactborn leave (are leaving, have just left) the political scene of The Heartland Archduchy for the Longmarch Archduchy. It'll help get us started.

My first thought is that the two PCs wonder if House Phandros, in Westcrown in the Longmarch Archduchy, were tangentially enemies of House Battori (or Norin specifically). Just, please don't go overboard on 'enemy-of-Phandros'.

Another thought is that Yaos and the Pactborn Battori are trying to get out from under Pavel's thumb, as it were. Maybe Yaos, despite ending her brief affair with the much older Pavel, feels it quite wise to leave Egorian. Or maybe there's another reason; the two PCs want to gain influence on their own and, in order to do that, have decided that a region of Cheliax not filled with Thrunes, Battoris and the Houses that know all about Yaos and the Pactborn Battori is a good place to start, greener pastures as it were.

Also, let's give Almagafor a chance to react to Yaos's bacstory that includes the House he designed for his PC, in case there are any gross inconsistencies with what he has in mind.

DM Ray, on the points you raise:-

Reason for leaving. Well, I have something in my backstory that isn't appropriate and I will change.

You suggested getting out from under Pavel's thumb. Not the way I had imagined the relationship. But since I am working in with Amalgafor's creation it isn't just up to me. And Amalgafor hasn't been so active recently, due to study I think. Incidentally, Amalgafor has read my backstory and picked up the name Pavel from it. I don't really know much more. If I was doing something independent I could fill in the blanks, but I painting on Amalgafor's canvass so am a bit stalled.

There are a few reasons Yaos may decide to leave. In the abstract Pavel and his wife know Norin was unlikely to live that long and Yaos did all that can be expected to keep him out of trouble. In the abstract Pavel's wife has long known of Pavel's cheating and shouldn't resent Yaos. In the abstract Pavel and Yaos ended their affair amicably by mutual consent. This does not mean that there have not been recriminations and difficulties that lead Yaos to leave for a time. In human terms that is very likely.

And as for Norin having an enemy in House Phandros, well he probably has enemies everywhere. Yaos probably does not care if it is just a typical pointless Norin feud, but if they took steps that effected her in a major way or were involved in killing him, she will track down the perpetrators and ... do something nasty.

And Yaos is always likely to seek power.

Finally, Yaos could well come from Valsecchi. It would give her more reason to return, knowing the area and what is there.

Yaos is correct, I've got one term paper to finish (this thing never ends, and I need to get off Wilson and onto FDR and the New Deal) and a presentation to prep and then two finals this week. Almost done though and I'll be much more available afterward.

Yaos: Feel free to take the lead on backstory until I get done with studies, I'm happy to maneuver things around.

Under Pavel's Thumb: Pavel and Manius are twins and get along well, so escaping his control wouldn't even occur to Manius. Pavel is more Machiavellian than Manius, but not much more so.

I'm thinking we have a vassal count with a son and (weak) claim to Phandros. By angling to get the count's son in charge the brother's are opening up a way into Longmarch Archduchy. The reason they are doing so is to eventually get Manius a hereditary title that would allow him to pursue Abrogail II on a more even playing field, much easier to convince her to marry a vassal duke than a vassal paraduke who has title because of his brother.

Alternately maybe the brothers have a weak claim from some distant ancestor and plan to install one of their bastards. This is less likely, too in the open for Pavel's taste, Manius happily takes refuge in audacity though.

Pavel and Yaos: Pavel looks to be in his late 20s, his wife is a human in her late 60s and was politically arranged, no one in the house would/should have any problem with the affair. Honestly it would probably be one of the less scandalous affairs the brothers have had. Between the brothers I'm planning on having five bastards, one of whom's father is definitely a Battori but the brothers and the bastard's mother don't know who. Also, there's this weird thing with Elzibeta and how she keeps losing suitors and is overly affectionate with her brothers.

Norin's Enemies in Phandros: Yeah, he probably had a few, kid didn't have dad's flair for Machiavellian politics. Vengeance is nice and might be why Yaos was brought in, but for Pavel and Manius its probably more of an excuse to move on them.

Pactbred: Maybe, Pactborn has grown on me though.

What about Hellbent as a name for the race? Seems to fit.

Have you thought of courting the baroness yourself Almagafor/Manius?

It is too late for me to do more of this now.

Good luck with the studies Almagafor.

Hellbent I like, but the intention was that the race would also be usable for those aligned with Abaddon or the Abyss with slight adjustments.

Thought about it, but alas my heart is set on our gracious queen. Though I might pull a "love her and leave her," ruin her prospects to marry up at least.

Thanks, I'll need the luck. I'll probably pull an all-nighter tonight and then try to recover after my final tomorrow in time for the Wednesday morning one.

Maybe one of the other PCs can seduce her into marriage.

Yaos can probably seduce her, I have a 26 cha after all. But it is not going to do much good. Or do they have marriage equality in Chelax? They just might given Paizo's enlightened stance on such things.

I'm opening the Discussion Thread in a moment, despite not having Monkeygod's Investigator/Inquisitor.

Let's please still use Recruitment for additional background development, PC-building questions and other non-Gameplay related posts, at least until we're well underway in Gameplay.

In Discussion you can please discuss ideas, in character, related to your upcoming attempt to ambush Francesco Phandros' caravan on its way from Westcrown to Gheredescci County where it is to arrive for his wedding to young Baroness Stella Spartico.

In an effort to keep Discussion (and eventually Gameplay) free from clutter, please try to post in Discussion using Only your chosen Avatar for this PbP.

Discussion is open for your PCs to start making their plans on wresting control of the Barony from Stella Spartaco -- starting with cutting off her marriage with Francesco Phandros.

Recruitment is still a good place to polish background stuff (and mechanics) for your PCs.

Originally I had thought that the PCs would already be a part of the local scene; you know a bit of the political landscape, and the powers-that-be know of you. (Thus the 'Count doesn't like you' bit that I had posted a couple times earlier.)

But with three of the four PC backstories at least coming from outside of Gheredescci County, beyond the reach of Count Vocaturo Spartaco, part of your Discussion can be how to insinuate yourselves into the new Barony-- becoming an important part of Gheredescci County, if not taking it over outright and gaining the favor of Archeathen Kettermaul Charthagnion.

Obviously, once you gain some local power you'll be called to the Capital for a special, long-term mission that takes place outside of Cheliax -- but that's not on your PCs' radars right now.

Mostly done, still not sure which House I'm going to be from, but I am leaning towards Phandros, but if some of the other PCs are also Phandros, I would rather come from a different House, to keep things interesting.

You could pick something from closer to Gheredescci County. That way Lord Magnius could be the source of info to the other PCs that, 'Hey, there's a potential for opportunity in Gheredescci County-- a new Barony with a weak Baroness. All we gotta do is stop a wedding between her and a member of House Phandros from Westcrown.'

Lord Magnius, a couple of things-

1 You are Magnius and Amalgafor is Manius. Weird co-incidence. I suggest one of you change names, it will just lead to confusion.

Alternatively we could all adopt near identical names and use the same picture. :P

2 We are about to murder a member of House Phandros. That might be a reason to choose another house. However, we are all evil and seem to be embracing it wholeheartedly, so you may not care.

All PCs does anyone mind me inspecting your skills.

I am a master summoner and plan to use my eidolon to plug gaps in PC skills. And does anyone have disable device?

GM Ray can someone make a KS local or nobility roll to know who House Phandros's enemies are? See Discussion thread.

No problem with a member of House Phandros murdering another member in the family (see House Thrune).

Red Wing, Yaos' Eidolon, would do well to max out Knowledges, especially Geography & Planes.

I don't feel there's any problem with a Manius and a Magnius. Looking at the Avatar pics will further help. As would including the "Lord" in Magnius' name.

House Phandros' enemies can be discerned with a Knowledge Geography. Nobility and History are a part of Geography. Local is for Class and Race features for humanoids; that's all; that's enough.

@ Lord Magnius,

I like the build; I really would like to see your equipment -- I'm not even sure you spent your money yet.

Thanks effervescently for calling Knowledge Planes/Religion "Knowledge Cosmology."

And the backstory would be nice. I recommend something from Gheredescci County or a House in Corentyn directly underneath House Charthagnion (the Archduke). But only to give the other PCs a specific connection to the local scene.

If you're still unsure, feel free to describe a couple things you're interested in and I can make a specific suggestion.

500 bonus XP since no one mentioned that I said "the next ladder on the rung" instead of "the next rung on the ladder" in the Discussion Thread!

-500 for anyone who almost mentioned it!

DM Ray- my mistake about Knowledge Local. You have extensively changed knowledges with house rules. This is likely soundly based, but it is hard to get out of the habit of automatically using knowledges the way I always have in Pathfinder.

And I didn't even notice the rungs and ladders thing. Probably an example of getting the horse before the cart.

And when is actual play likely to commence? I know we are planning IC at the moment.

I was actually thinking of having his family ancestrally hail from Corentyn, as that was the first settled colony(I believe) in Cheliax.

However, it was settled by Taldans, so maybe his family was native? Trying to keep the whole possibility of them potentially being Azlanti in tact.

Sorry about the Knowledges -- I was really hoping a few folks would present questions and comments regarding my quibbling House Rules earlier, giving me a chance to explain them and maybe even giving us a chance to scrap them altogether and go Core if they were too confusing.
Here they are again:

Please feel free to question / comment / voice concern now.

Knowledge Arcane:
For monsters that are Dragons, Magical Beasts, Constructs, Undead (other 'Arcane' things that can also be gotten with Spellcraft) ....(Arcane & Undead from Religion)

Knowledge Cosmology:
For monsters that are Outsiders, for all things Inner & Outer Planes, the Astral & Ethereal & Elemental Planes, for Gods, Demon Lords, Arch Devils, to recognize Holy Symbols (& Profane), ecclesiastic dogma, ritual & tradition, religion and cosmology ....(Planes and Religion w/out Undead)

Knowledge Geography:
For History, cultures; society, nobility, customs, lands, terrain, people, legends, laws, personalities, traditions ....(Geography, History, Nobility)

Knowledge Local:
For 'monsters' that are based on Class features, and NPCs' 'power levels' (CR interpretation) -- and for Racial features of Humanoid races-- races that advance by Class Level ....(Local -- which is for Humanoids -- which is by Class Level)

Knowledge Nature:
For monsters that are Fey, Monstrous Humanoids, Plant Creatures, Aberrations, Oozes, Vermin (other 'Nature' things can be gotten with Survival) ....(Nature & Dungeoneering)

@ Lord Magnius,

What about House Gheredescci in Corentyn. It is a small but ancient House, minor and not all that strong. But the Hellknight Citadel Gheradesca was named for and built by the House so many generations ago. AND, Gheredescci County herself is named for that old House, despite the fact that no one from the House has ruled there for several generations.

And while I'm not keen on making the House have a claim, however far fetched, that they descend from Azlanti purebloods from the time when Aroden walked as a mortal -- Lord Magnius could absolutely be half or one/quarter from a House that married into House Gheredescci that DOES have such a claim. So you'd have that as well as being from a minor but ancient House in Corentyn! Any one of the five Houses mentioned earlier would work. Lord Magnius could have a parent or grandparent from that House who left Westcrown and married into Gheredescci in Corentyn.

What say you?

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