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Well, this sounds fascinating. Let's give it a shot as a Rakshasa Mesmerist.

Race-Builder for (Imperfect) Rakshasa
Race: (14 RP)
Native Outsider
Type: Native Outsider (3 RP)
Size: Medium (0 RP)
Speed: 30 Ft (0 RP)
Ability Scores: Standard (0 RP)
Language: Xenophobic (0 RP)
Racial Traits:
Stubborn (2 RP)
Beguiling Liar (2 RP)
Focused Study (4 RP)
Change Shape, Lesser (3 RP)

Name: Kahmunash
Race: Rakshasa (Custom)
Class: Mesmserist
Alignment: Lawful Evil
HP: 11
AC: 11
Movement: 30
Deity: None
Fort: +3
Ref: +4
Will: +3, +5 vs Charm/Compulsion Enchantments

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 20

Reactionary: +2 to Initiative
Criminal: +1 to Disable Device, is a Class Skill

1: Spell Focus: Enchantment
Skill Focus 1: Disguise
Monster Feat: Ability Focus: Painful Stare

Racial Abilities:
Change Shape, Lesser

Bluff: +10, +14 to convince others they aren't lying
Diplomacy: +9
Disable Device: +6
Disguise: +12
Intimidate: +9
Linguistics: +5
Perception: +4
Sense Motive: +4
Sleight of Hand: +5
Stealth: +5

Languages Known: Infernal, Common, Celestial, Abyssal

Class Features:
Consummate Liar
Hypnotic Stare
Mesmerist Tricks: Fearsome Guise
Painful Stare 1/1d6 self

Spells Memorized:
Mage Hand

Charm Person
Color Spray

Finesse Weapon for +1 to Hit

Kahmunash's previous life ended far more abruptly than he had hoped. After ascending to the level of minor nobility in Vudra by the strength of his silver tongue and domineering magical mind, he found himself on the wrong side of a greatsword wielded by a Paladin who had sworn to slay him after he killed and ate her parents with a rich peanut sauce and sweetened Varisian Wine. His last thoughts in that form were of annoyance, as he would have to be reincarnated and start all over again before he could get back to enjoying the finer things in life.

But he underestimated how prepared his killer was, and the determination she had to end the Raksahsan cycle of rebirth. The combination of a custom soul-rending effect on her blade and soul trapping magic meant that as Kahmunash's spirit left its lifeless mortal body, it did so as a shattered, hollow shell of its previous self. Kahmunash spent over a century as a spirit, furious that his tattered soul was unable to properly resurrect itself inside a newborn as the result of this for so long. He was only finally able to do so via a haphazard and heavily diminished process, one that to his dismay left him considerably weaker than any of his previous resurrections.

His "Parents" quickly discovered his true nature due to his inability to properly control his shape-changing abilities, and he spent his formative years fleeing from the law in what he soon discovered was a far more righteous and just land than he was used to. Paladins and Holy Knights seemed to spill out of the woodwork to break up his fledgling endeavors, and kept him cold, hungry, and on the run for almost two decades as rumors of the "Crocodile Child" quickly began spreading throughout the Church of Mitra. Much to his dismay, he gradually learned that the easiest way to survive this horrid imposition was to squelch his usual grandiosity and and hedonistic nature and rely on subtlety and misdirection. If he couldn't warp the minds of the sheep around him into servitude, he would have to make do with lies and aliases that could only get him little more than food scraps and loose change. Overtime Kahmunash built up an intense hatred for this "Talingarde" place, and the indignities forced upon a being of his majesty. We would see this nation either burned to the ground, or enslaved under him like the Goshta they were.

As he grew older, he found himself gradually regaining use of some of his rightful fiendish powers, and unfortunately this started to make him reckless. Charming a trader out of most of his goods was one thing, but his pent-up resentment led him towards more and more brazen attempts to seek revenge on those who "wronged" him in one way or another. Trying to force the local mayor to lie down in an oven and cook himself to death in front of the whole town was a step too far, and Kahmunash was swiftly captured and thrown into this hell-hole of a prison. But this is not the end. This country has not yet suffered for its crimes.

All subject to some minor changes depending on what the rest of the party can do. Let me know if there's a problem with any of this.

So literally everyone in the party is going to have some kind of Divine Casting class? Lovely, that actually works really well for how this AP is going to play out.

Alright, Some more PBP rules I'm going to tentatively work with:

First, I'm going to operate on a Proactive Players, Reactive GM principle. Meaning that in order to keep the game flowing as smoothly as possible, I'm going to be rolling anything purely reactive (Sense Motive against someone lying, Perception Checks to spot stealthing enemies, saves against enemy spells/traps, etc.). You can however always make an active check to accomplish the same thing if you believe one is needed (Both of the above cases if you suspect the person is lying/hiding, if you want to search a room, combat, etc.). Basically I'm only ever going to ask you for a roll if you say you're going to be doing something that I think needs one (Convince someone to help you) and don't include the roll with it.

Also, I'll let you take your initiative in any order you want so long as you remain between the initiative rolls of the enemies you rolled between.

For example, if Player 1 gets a 21, Player 2 gets a 12 and Player 3 gets a 15, with Demon cultist 1 getting a 20 and Demon Cultist 2 getting a 6, the order would be:

Player 1
Demon Cultist 1
Player 2 & Player 3, whoever posts first
Demon Cultist 2

Hopefully this will keep turns running smoothly, especially for some of the larger fights.

I'll probably post more when I think of it. Also, I'm formally relaxing my "No-3rd party content" to "All of it has to be approved by me beforehand". Be advised though that I reserve the right to houserule any 3rd-party stuff, because there are some truly broken things out there. I'll look over Warden soon.

Caisramriel wrote:

Thank you to everyone that took time to look into this, happy gaming to all.

Dasgovernator, are they're any other character creation rules you want to put out there or change? Max health per level, etc.

I'm going to go with a half-plus rule for HD. d10 gets d5+5 hp, d8 rolls d4+4, etc. Background skills but that seems already included.

I still have to make sure I know exactly how Paizo's forums and die-rolling such works though.

Its a play on "Ahnuld, Da Governator of da grate state of Kalifornia". I picked it up as a cross-platform username a while back, and it kinda stuck. "Das" is fine though.

Assuming I get consent from everyone in the party, I think I can start sometime Friday afternoon (California time, in case that wasn't obvious). Does that sound good for you guys?

Caisramriel wrote:

Thank you Dasgovernator and Storyteller Shadow for taking time out of your day to considering saving this adventure.

For Dasgovernator, I would essentially lose my character as I think I'm the only one using 3pp. Currently playing an angel monster paragon class from Rite. So I would need to do a full rebuild, which for the sake of playing I am willing.

As for Shadow I'm in a good few of his games, which I say this in the best way, if you take up this game you're a mad man. :)

I'm interested to see what your build requirements are, as I bet we will all need to do some rebuilding. Once again thank you for your time.

Yeah, sorry, but I can't even find an online listing for the Paragon (Angelic) Class. I hope that wouldn't screw you over too much, and if you have a link I <i>might</i> consider letting you keep it, but no promises.

I'm also not keen on giving player characters a natural fly speed, so recognize that if Elric plans on flying much in combat I'm going to hold him to the flying rules (Checks to Hover in place), and from what I can tell Sarah is getting her Familiar from her Paladin side despite not actually taking the part of the Gestalt yet (Though I'd HR it that you can keep it for now based on how I'm planning on running your "Empowerment" to Gestalt).

For the other build requirements, everything else looks good. I'd be fine just taking you 6 if you all want to continue. I would be interesting in learning what classes you are planning on Gestalting with eventually, though I won't hold you to it until we get much closer to that event.

Yeah, I'll probably just setup a solo Roll20 game and try to post maps and tokens and such in there for reference.

Finally, just to flesh out my schedule for this--I'm current a college student who is set to graduate in June. That means I might have to pull some unexpected 6AM nights that might interfere with the game, but it should never be more than one day in a row and I should have a much more consistent schedule after June. I'm also usually away from my computer every other weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, but I can give you guys plenty of warning for that.

If that sounds good to you guys, I'd be willing to run this AP for you.

Hmm. If no one else bites I'd be interested in running this. I got all the books back when my original WotR game (where I was a player) fell through. I will however note that I don't have a lot of experience running PbP games, and no experience at all doing so on Paizo forums, so I'll have to work all that out first.

Also, for combat, I'm going to try to post grid pictures at the start of every turn, but I'm still working on how to do that reliably, so I can't promise its going to follow through in the end.

Also, due to a lack of familiarity I'd probably have to restrict things to Paizo material only (Without a couple of the famously broken bits, and no Leadership or equivalents). Not sure if that screws anybody up too much, but if I have to re-balance Mythic against Gestalt at some point in the future, I'd prefer to limit things to stuff I am more directly familiar with. On similar notes, there are a couple of other problems with running Gestalt in place of Mythic, but that's not going to be relevant until you guys would start actually fighting Mythic-rank things, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Gimme a few hours to look over everything you guys have got here and I'll get back to you

Also, for "15pts to distribute among the other 4 scores at 1:1 ratio", does this count stats starting at 8 or 10?

I forget, is WotW supposed to be set on Golarion, or in another world entirely? Asking for Backstory reasons.

So it would just be looking at each individual class (Primary at current level, secondary at level -1) and taking the better stats of each of those? So in the above example, the saves would be +3/+2/+3, 2d8 HD, and only a +1 BAB? Then at level 20, they'd have a +19 BAB (since Paladin 19 BAB is higher than Rogue 20 BAB)?

So, just to clarify, this is a Gestalt game, but one of the classes is run at a lever lower than the other for the purposes of its class features, but not BAB/Saves/HD? So a Gestalt 2 Rogue/Paladin would have all good saves, +2 BAB, 2 d10 HD, and a Rogue talent but not Divine Grace, assuming the Rogue half is chosen as the primary one?

Alright. I'll give this a shot:

Victor Wangalin, Oracle of Life/Antipaladin (Tyrant, Dread Vanguard)

Backstory stuff:
Victor Wangalin, son of a small-time noble, was energetic from an early age. At age 13 he discovered his natural healing talents, and by age 16 he was an informal member of the Hospitalar division of the Knights of Saint Macarius. Victor spent many years tending to the sick of Talingarde, but by age 21 he decided that his talents were best served away from the relatively peaceful and idyllic country, and he began his journey abroad to help heal the world.

His travels eventually led him to a small nation in another part of the world, beset by civil war. The Demon-backed rebels were well-entrenched in the countryside, and started terrorizing everything they could get their hands on. Victor initially served as a medic, keeping the loyalist forces and civilians healthy as best as he could, but overtime he began to take a more and more active role in the conflict. It started with defending his medical camps, but eventually escalated to the point where he his natural leadership earned him an active commission in the military. As the conflict continued, Victor became increasingly disillusioned with the Goodness he previously swore to uphold, and the cruel necessities of war began eating away at his righteousness. His many minor crimes of convenience and practicality piling up eventually forced his fall from Mitran favor right as the rebels were making their final push. Unwilling to abandon the nation to its fate, he sought aid from the one source still willing to help him: Asmodeus. He pledged his soul and aid in exchange for returning his divine powers, charring his hands and arms with hellish fire in the process, leaving them perpetually blackened and scarred. But it was enough to hold back the tide, and eventually bring the war to an end. By the end he had resorted to brutally impaling any captured rebels and leaving them in the wilderness as a warning to others. His cruel hand had won and secured peace for the small nation, but had sacrificed everything good left in his soul to do so.

Victor eventually returned to Talingard, but was immediately confronted for his crimes and his betrayal of Mitra. He lambasted his former colleagues, calling them cowards and claiming that their weakness was the true cause of all of the world's suffering. The event eventually led to blows, and now Victor has been sent to prison for his Heresy, hushed up to avoid the public spectacle of a trial of a former Knight of Saint Macarius.

Now, he languishes in his cell, knowing that all of Talingarde will soon fall if it is only protected by these petty followers of Mitra. The only thing that could save mankind from its own darkness is the iron fist of true power, wielded by a well-oiled organizational machine free of self-destroying moral restraints. If only he could find some way to show them all the errors of their ways . . .


Base Stats:

LE Half-elf Oracle of Life 1/Antipaladin (Tyrant, Dread Vanguard) 1

STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 20

HP: 13/13
AC: 16
CMD: 12
Initiative: +7

FORT: +4
REF: +2
WILL: + 2
(+1 on Saves vs Divine or Arcane Spells)

Skill Focus: Perception
Noble Scion: War

Campaign Trait: +2 to Initiative
Seeker: +1 to Perception, Perception as a Class Skill
Failed Apprentice: +1 on Saves vs Arcane Spells
Heresy: +1 on Saves vs Divine Spells
Desertion: Bonus Skill point/lvl for Profession: Soldier

Bluff = +9 (3 CS, 1 rank, 5 CHA)
Disguise = +9 (3 CS, 1 rank, 5 CHA)
Diplomacy = +9 (3 CS, 1 rank, 5 CHA)
Perception = +10 (3 CS, 1 rank, 2 Keen Sense, 1 Seeker, 3 SF)
Profession: Soldier = +4
Sense Motive = +4
Spellcraft = +4

Oracle Stuff:
Mystery: Life
Curse: Blackened
Spontaneously Cast Cure Spells
Revelations: (1) Channel (6/day, 1d6)
Spells known:
(0) -/day: Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Magic
(1) 5/day: Burning Hands, Cure Light Wounds, Forbid Action, Murderous Command

AntiPaladin Stuff:
Aura of Evil
Detect Good
Smite Good 1/day (+5 to hit, +1 to damage)

Oh wow. This is like the exact campaign I've been looking for for a while now. Is recruitment still open? If so, I'd like to apply, probably as either an Enchantment/Illusion school Wizard, or something like Rogue building into Master Spy.

I had a few questions first:

1) Is there a reason you're ignoring Molthune & Nirmathas? That seems like it would be a perfect target for this sort of a game as well, as a Chelaxian Break-away country dealing with its own rebellious province and Hobgoblin invasion.

2) Would you allow a Mesmerist Character?

3) I'm completely new to PbP on the Paizo forums, and I only have a modicum of experience with it elsewhere. Is that a deal-breaker for you?


Okay. I was thinking of a Dual-Cursed Life Oracle/Mesmerist, focusing on Healing/Support and Debuff Casting. Basically making sure all the other jokers in the party don't get themselves killed/stunned/frightened/whatever else. Also party face/Charm person dispenser as necessary.

This sounds pretty interesting actually. Would you be willing to count one class as non-casting if an Archetype is chosen that removes the casting (Like Skirmisher for Ranger)?

I could probably do Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday afternoon, but I'm Pacific time so that might mean later that you think of as "Afternoon".