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Is recruitment still open?

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I have a character I have worked up for this, who is an Emissary Cavalier who is a member of the Order of the Blue Rose. I still need to work up the details of the kingdom, but the basics of it are that it is a major food producer which exports to many other kingdoms.

Yes it is still open for now. I will close it around Christmas.

Here is HeftyUpTop's Alias for Mornar, will be making changes as discussed.

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Still working on the kingdom...
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Kingdom of Vartemisia
Sovereign:His Righteous and Transcendent Majesty, the Over-King of Vartemisia, Grenell I
Heir apparent:Xavener I, Grand Prince of Vartemisia, Crowned Head of House Darmen
Christian I, Grand Prince of Vartemisia, Crowned Head of House Darmen, Crowned Prince of House Courtenay
Government: Monarchy
Capital: Vartemis
Resources: Ash Wood, Iron, Silver, Copper, Gemstones, Grapes, Horses, Clay, Olives, Ebony Wood, Wheat, Corn
Exports: Pottery, Lumber, War Horses, Jewelry, Weapons, Ships, Wine, Oil, Wheat
Imports: Ivory, Silk, Textiles, Sand, Stone

The Kingdom of Vartemisia was founded over thirteen centuries ago. From humble beginnings to a world power was not an easy task. In the beginning the kingdom was just a village and was constantly at war with a neighbor or two. Joanis I started the Kingdom in the right direction with the absorption of the town of Martons. It was here that the village of Vartemis gained the iron mines to build better weapons. Their copper spears where out dated. Setting his eyes on what would help them grow in power he sent the armies toward the town of Alontiza . He hoped to acquire the fabled horse breeding farms. It was not as easy of a conquest as Martons but after several years of war the Alontizians capitulated. The next several rulers expanded the Kingdom several times over mostly gaining more land. It was not until they conquered the northern realms did they start to see prosperity in the form of five decades of peace. It was then that they invested in creating roads to move goods and troops quickly from one side of the kingdom to the other. The northern realms were harsh and cold but the Vartemisians prospered. The ship builders used the natural resources in the area to create a massive fleet. The Ash tree is strong and resilient; making for powerful ships. The town quickly grew into major trade hub as it was the last port along the coast that remained ice free for most of the season. The Vartemisia Kingdom was situated in the middle of the content and at this time was only about a forth its current size. It held land from the northern seas to the plains in the south. The next four centuries would be some of the darkest and bloodiest times in their history. Unarisus III wanted the Ebony trees that grew far to the south in the Island nation of Catawanas. This want started the long and brutal conquest that saw the rise and fall of two dozen rulers. To reach the area required war with several kingdoms and a dozen or more city states with too many pacts with many other kingdoms. Unarisus sent the northern fleet around the content toward his ultimate goal. It the mean time he secretly hired a mercenary army to lay siege to the city of Ertigihas on the main land as this was the Catawanas held that was not within the island themselves. The timing was perfect for just as the northern fleet was making its stops along the southern coasts to finish trading; it was able to negotiate terms to aid the Catawanas in reclaiming the city from the mercenaries. A deal was brokered between the Catawanasins and the mercenaries. The Vartemisians remained as peace keepers in the small town which grew with the influx of soldiers to become a moderately sized city. It became expensive to field an army so far away from home and the caravans that were sent over land became targets more often than not on the long journey. The next rulers decide to expand the boundaries of the realm by carving out a path to the southern outpost. With the high peaked mountains to the west and the plains to the east; the Vartemisian armies marched north with a purpose of connecting the two realms. The southern armies were about halfway to their goal when the met with significant resistance but this was also when the northern armies marched south. The resistance was in the form of several large kingdoms joining forces together to curtail the expansionistic kingdom of Vartemisia. The southern armies bid their time by retreating and re positioning themselves so that come morning the allied armies would find the enemy gone and several dozen miles away. It was not until the southern Vartemisian armies cornered themselves in a box canyon did the allied kingdoms see the ruse for what it was but it was too late. With the trapped armies in the canyon the allies had little room to maneuver their armies. Months of hunting the Vartemisians had taken its toll on the allies and now that they were trapped, the allies wasted no time at all in attacking. The southern armies were no match for the brutal savagery that the allies showed and the fell back in panic again and again till there was no room left to retreat. Smelling victory at last the allies advanced with no thought of mercy. It was now that their rear flank began to crumble as wave after wave of archers, ballista, catapults and trebuchets launched their ammunition at the allies. It was also now that their attention was split between the attack on the rear and the renewed offense of the southern armies on their front flank. To make matters worse the mercenary elements that the allies hired surrender almost immediately. The allied armies fell in a matter of minutes. Not a soldier lived the battle. The mercenaries were given a choice to flee the country and never pick up arms against the Kingdom of Vartemisia or join their ranks right there. The armies swelled in numbers and advance to conquer the rest of the southern part of the Kingdom and the Island to the south. A large naval base was established on those islands. As the years went by the road system grew and improved. The speed which the Vartemisian armies could move within their own borders has given pause to the other hostile kingdoms in the area. There military continued to improve and is one of the best trained on the content. Religion is a practice with a set pantheon of the gods that are official in the kingdom. There are others that are worship but doing such an act is punishable by death if caught. Arcane power came to the Kingdom as of late. A large school of magic was built in the capital and the ranks of soldiers were boosted with battle mages. When Queen Avalon II came to power, she broke the Kingdom into twenty two Baronies with Each being ruled by a Baron or Baroness. A twenty third Barony was put aside for the Monarch. This barony was called Vartemis. Now some thirteen centuries later all Baronies ply the political might to win the honor of being next on the throne. It is common to keep the royal line within the same family but it is not unheard of naming someone from another family to succeed you to the throne.

Adjusted Background:

It was 4685, and Lord Etienne Courtenay was every bit as elegant as his namesake. Silks, feathers, satins, and lace at special dispensation were di rigeur for this fancy lad. Born to the House of Courtenay, he was well-known at Grenell Darmen’s Court, and dressed appropriately as one of the king's lovers. He lived a life of excess, and was quite content to be a plaything for the royalty, even gaining proper title in exchange for his talented favors.
But the lives of the noble class are fraught with politics, and Etienne was the bearer of Courtenay blood. In an effort to bring the House closer to the throne, a marriage was arranged. Etienne was furious, and made it well known that he wanted nothing to do with a girl from the Darmen line. His tantrums could not halt the political duties of his lineage, and so, he was wed. The consummation was laughable, with both ready to play the bride, but Etienne performed his duty, and disgusted, swore to never do so again.
Fortunately, the Princess Darmen was planted with the fruit of his labor that night. When the child was birthed, it was a boy, and Etienne was summoned from Grenell’s chamber to give the name. Call it Foufou la chou, he laughed, dismissing the babe. Etienne's sister, attending at the bedside, intervened. [/b]Etienne! At least give it a proper name! [/b]Etienne turned and left the room but ran into the night soil boy. The lord looked at him and asked what is your name boy... the reply is was soft and confused. Christian sir. Smiling to himself Etienne turns to his sister. Christian it is then. he called on his way out the door. And so, Christian Courtenay of House Darmen came into the world.
His mother did the best she could in raising him as a gentleman but there was still his father blood running in his veins. He took to donning the delicate clothing of a dandy and not limiting himself in terms of the love of one woman. The Patriarch of House Courtenay had hoped for a strong line from his grandson, but saw that he was no better than Etienne.
Christian’s uncle the Grand Prince Xavener Darmen despised Etienne with a fiery passion. The disgrace that was force on his family line was unbearable even for political gains. Grand Prince Xavener decided to remove that burden with an honor duel. Etienne was trapped, if he did not fight the duel he would lose his status in court and if he did fight the duel he would lose his life. Although Etienne loved the finer things in life, he loved his life even more. So in the middle of the night he fled with as much wealth as he could carry. He was never heard from again. Rumors have it he tried to sleep his way into another court, but those are just rumors.
Grand Prince Xavener was not content with running Etienne out of town, he wanted to run him through. His anger grew and he took it out on Christian at any opportunity he got. His mother’s protection was the only thing keeping Christian alive. The years passed by and Christian grew into a fine young man. His good looks and charm got him into much trouble and it also got him out of trouble on just as many occasions. Now Grand Prince Xavener’s anger grew to an obsession with the young prince. Insults and bullying were his way of dealing with Christian. Some of his favorites were to call him "Mister Fancy Pants" or to say something along the line of you look so elegant tonight. Christian’s tolerance of his uncle's anger was legendary and drove the Darmen Prince to greater hatred.
Now Christian was to be trained as a gentleman and so he went to school. History and languages were his forte. He thought the knowledge of the past would help him to better deal with the present. He enjoyed the languages as it was a way for him to swoon the women of the court. Then came the time to be a man as his grandfather would say. He learned to ride a horse, the art of warfare, and diplomacy. The call of a cavalier was there in his blood for he excelled at his training, but he could not place his heart to any ideals that sat right with his soul. During all this training it was widely known that Christian was running around the kingdom enjoying himself whenever, wherever and with whomever he please. He was loved by the locals and of course by the ladies. There were times when his escapades would get him into fights, mostly over a girl. He would try his luck at the diplomatic route but most times it ended up with him in a fight.
Christian was soon to turn thirteen and would no longer be afforded the luxury of a mother’s protection. His uncle had waited for this time to come. His attempts to have Christian removed from the house had failed time and time again. His mother foresaw that her younger brother would make another attempt to get rid of her son. To secure his place in the Darmen family she made arrangements with her father to make him heir apparent. The announcement would be made at his birthday celebration dinner.
The night came and Grand Prince Xavener was celebrating heavily and his insults grew more frequent and louder as the night went on. When the announcement was made, Grand Prince Xavener was livid with anger. His face was bright red and he stood up.What have you done!!! You gave him my birth right! You treacherous little cuss you, I will kill you for this. Christian had sat there listening to his uncle go on about his mother and he did not like it one bit. His mother who had protected him his whole life is now in need of protecting. He found that he wanted to protect her and it was not just her but all the people in attendance at this dinner. They did not deserve to be witness to such behavior and it needed to stop now. He stood up slowly and looked at his uncle. His uncle stood himself up tall and sneered at Christian. In a soft voice...My mother, the Princess Darmen has done nothing to you, uncle. She has done nothing but put her self in front of me to protect her son from your anger. An anger that has gotten the better of you over the years. An anger that has made you the butt of more jokes than I can recall. You should dance with me good sir as the Princess Darmen is way above your station. The veins on his uncle’s head were huge. Across the table from Christian was his uncle in another fit of anger, so angry was he that he drew his rapier before he even thought the better of it. Standing there pointing it at Christian with his anger for all to see. Very well then, I will just have to get rid of you right now.Christian looked at his uncle and with a genuine smile on his face. You tilt when you should have withdrawn. Grand Prince Xavener, it is known that you wield a rapier forge by the Smoke Stone Weapon Masters Guild. A blade of forty-seven inches, your reach with such a weapon would be about ninety inches. Even with a quick lunge you could not reach me on this side of the table which is about one hundred and twenty inches from you, giving me plenty of safety. Meaning I am protected from you, safe enough that I can do this. With very little effort, very little movement, Christian draws forth a hand crossbow that he placed under the table before dinner. He had a feeling he might be in need of such an advantage. With a slight bend at the elbow he points the weapon at his uncle. I on the other hand have you at a severe disadvantage. You will apologize to my mother and the rest of these fine folk here. Xavener stares hard at Christian for a very long time. So long that time it self seemed to stand still until Xavener drops his rapier on the table with a long loud clank of metal hitting plates. He turns and slowly walks towards the door. Christian watches as he goes and he seems to be waiting for the right moment to continue his conversation with his uncle. Just as the Grand Prince Xavener reaches the doors and was about to push them open, Christian made his last play on words. Speaking with a voice filled with authority and loud enough to carry to all corners of the room. Oh and one thing more uncle. If you ever threaten my mother again I will make sure that you get that honor duel you have been wanting all these years. You are a little long in the tooth uncle and you might not like the outcome. The Grand Prince Xavener’s footsteps are drowned out as the King Grenell burst out in laughter. Soon others join in and then the doors close on the departing nobleman.
Grand Prince Xavener is seen less and less over the next few weeks. When people would talk with him they would get a cold, short response. Not many people cared about the disgraced Prince much, but gossip does spread and people were wondering if the new heir might have pushed the Grand Prince Xavener too far. Christian wanted to push him to the point that he did act. This was so that he could deal with his uncle and be done with this feud. He has been training all of his life and he desperately needed to prove himself.
There came a time when Christian decided to relax his guard a bit and go out for a drink or four. He went to one of his favored taverns, the Vulgar Unicorn. It was here that he felt comfortable. Around him were common folk and noble alike, just enjoying the good times of each others company. The Bards were decent enough but then again not many people came here for the music. It was a place to get away from the daily grind of life. To some it was an escape from the rigors of being a noble and for others it was a place to just enjoy what you have worked so hard to earn. Christian was well known here and it came as no surprise when the drinks started to show up without him ordering them. One such drink came by with a guest. A beautiful woman of maybe twenty winters. She was attractive in all the right ways.
It did not take long for the two wanting to enjoy each others company beyond words. Christian was used to such occurrences, his last name was gold. The time to retire to a more private setting was over due and it came as no surprise when she asked him to walk her home. Christian, being the gallant gentleman that he is insisted on doing such a thing and of course he brought along a basket of late night snacks with a nice bottle of wine. He did so love the set up at the Vulgar Unicorn; they knew how to take care of the customer. As they walked and talked, Christian found out that she was a newly released apprentice of a local mage of minor reputation. She has found that making a living as a mage was very difficult and hard to make ends meet. She was doing her best and had just taken an offered job that would set her up for many months if not a year or more. She seemed to be happy but a bit unsure of; what he was not certain. When they came to what he thought to be her home, he was surprised. It was an old ferry boat house that was being refurbished. She explained that she had acquired the property while being an apprentice. Doing scribe work on the side had paid her enough gold to buy this run down building. The outside left much to be desired but the inside was just starting to see the renewed life of a hard work paying off. It was nice to say the least. The moment came for the two to get better acquainted when a noise came from behind them. Turning to see what was making the noise, he saw two men come out of the shadows blocking the exit.
The first was a tall male human with short greasy cropped hair and a full beard. He was wielding a large ax in his hands. The other was also a male human but of an Eastern decent. He carried a long weapon Christian has never seen before. A pole weapon with a curved blade at the top. He was slowly turning his head towards his guest for the night. Look I might be a Courtenay but I am not my father son. I like my women to be well....women. He finished his turn facing the woman and his smile fades as he understands what is going on. He had been played and marked for something that Christian will not like at all. Oh really. And I was so looking forward to waking up next to you in the morning. The woman looks shocked and confused as she struggles to understand what Christian stated. What did you say, you are of Courtenay blood and not Darmen?
Any remark Christian might have wanted to make were drowned out as the large human came crashing in with a loud bellow that shook the windows in their frames. His ax came slashing across from left to right. Christian dropping to his knees as the ax cuts the air just above his head. Punching out with his fist at the one object now in his line of sight. Christian misses the target but just barley as the butt of the ax comes down close to his head. Rolling to his feat and away from combat Christian is able to draw his weapon and take stock of what he is involved in. The woman is standing a few feet away to his left under the second floor balcony. The large man whom Christian referred to as Mr. Ugly was getting his bearings again and charging straight at him. The man from the East was calmly walking around to his right. They were surrounding him, this was no simple robbery, these people meant to kill him.
Mr. Ugly charges in bellowing something incoherent. The over head chop comes crashing down into the cross beam of the second floor balcony. Christian is backing up wondering what he can do to save his own life. His back hits something solid. Thinking it is the mage he quickly jumps forward and to his right. Right into the eastern man who somehow close the distance. His speed is incredible. Both men are shocked and surprised as they collide into each other. Christian is inside the eastern mans reach and is able to get his rapier up and stabs at him in the lower gut scoring a minor hit. As the eastern man tries to back out and use his weapon at a distance, Christian is able to score another hit. Blood is now freely flowing from the eastern man. Mr. Ugly is screaming mad as he tries to pull his weapon free of the wooden beam. The mage is in the process of casting a spell. This is not looking good for Christian. The eastern man tries to slash at him from a distance but misses his target as Christian step up inside his reach again. This time his rapier strikes true and the eastern man falls back dropping his weapon and taking along with him Christian's rapier. Now unarmed and with a huge man finally free from the cross beam. Everything turns bright white and then he can only see spots. The bright light fades after a brief second or two but that is enough to put him off his mark. Stumbling backwards a few steps to just separate himself from the range of the big man, he hears something that can only be really bad...at least for him that is. Mr. Ugly did not seem to be able to get any angrier but when the light got bright, oh did he ever get mad. He swung his axe in an upward swing trying to gut Christian from navel to chin. Fortunately Christian was just a few steps away from him, unfortunate he was under the second floor balcony. The ax bit deep into the already damage cross beam and the balcony came crashing down on Christian. The mage seeing that her spell worked and her target was disorganized started to cast another spell. She was never able to get it off as the huge man collapsed the balcony on top of her and Christian. The cross beam came crashing down with the balcony on top of her pinning her under tons of wood. Mr. Ugly calms himself and takes stock of what he has done, seeing the two people trapped under the structure makes him smile. HA. That was easier that I thought it would be. You were less of a challenge that I was told. Mr. Ugly walks over and takes a lamp off the wall and walks back to where Christian and the mage are trapped under the collapsed balcony. He looks around for the eastern man. The little guy ran away, I did not like him anyway. And that witch, well she was just never up to the task. I will collect their part of the payment as well. Not a bad day’s work. He throws the lamp on top of the structure and the fragile glass shatters as it hits spilling oil and flames over the wood. Within moments it is ablaze and Mr. Ugly laughs as he walks away.
Trying desperately to figure a way out of this death trap, Christian struggles to break free. His struggles are rewarded as he feels something under his left arm. He is able to free his arm with the object. It is the pole weapon the eastern man wielded. Bracing the weapon under the beam and over his legs he is able to leverage the weight off of his legs and pull himself out from under the flaming wood. Standing up and scanning the room to find a way out of the fire, he sees the female mage trapped as well. Freeing her from the wood took less time then he thought it would since he has a way to lift the wood off of her with out burning himself. Christian is thinking to himself how wonderful this weapon is when he hears the building groan in protest. He does not have much time left before this building collapses. Seeing no real way out of the building, he drags the unconscious women towards the back of the building where the ferry is stored. Laying her down, Christian finds a piece of the crossbeam and drags it to the back by the ferry dock. Pushing it into the water and then laying the women across the beam, Christian takes another look around to make sure this is his best coarse of action. Being fairly certain of his decision, he grabs his new pole weapon and drops down into the water. Cradling the women's head on his shoulder and pushes the crossbeam out into the river to float downstream away from the fire and Mr. Ugly.
What seemed like several hours latter, Christian directs them towards the shore. He spends a night in the dark all alone and cold. He stays vigilant as he keeps watch for Mr. Ugly and also for the mage to wake up. She was hurt badly but she will recover in time. Just before the sun breaks the sky, the mage starts to stir. Christian lays the pole weapon across her throat in an attempt to negate any thought of verbally casting a spell. Feeling the cold metal on her skin, here eyes open wide with terror. Looking up the weapon towards the wielder, her face calms with the site of Christian. It is you, I am glad you made it out of there alive. Christian looks confused for a second then he starts to wonder what it is she means. What are you talking about; you were there to kill me just like the others. I did not think you would enjoy being cooked alive, so I pulled you out of the building your friend put to the torch. I want answers. I have the money to get them from you one way or another. I do prefer to not talk to a corpse though.Sitting back a bit with the weapon resting across his knees, Christian starts to interrogate the mage.
Who are you and who sent you after me? The mage is quick with the response which puts Christian off for a bit as he wonders if she rehearsed these responses or if she is willingly telling the truth. My name is Jasrella and I am a mage recently released from Master Evoker Parnell of the Burning Fist. I am sorry for what happened last night; I was told something that I am now realizing was not the truth. I know of you and what was said is not true. I was paid a large amount of gold to get rid of you but you are not the person I was told would be you. Sighing a little, she continues. Look I was told that there was a noble of the House Darmen that has been bringing dishonor to the family for far too long and that he was plotting to take over the Darmen House. I was given a description of you and what you would be wearing, this man made it seem like you were the devil all dressed up. He did not give me a name but he kept calling you Mr. Fancy Pants. When you spoke up about your father being a Courtenay, I knew who you were. We have never met but I have heard the stories of you and of your father. I then was able to put the pieces together. I was wrong to take the contract on you, I am sorry I never knew that you were the target of the contract. We were just supposed to frighten you into to leaving the kingdom. The look of disgust washes over Christian's face as he understands things now. His uncle wants him dead and will go to any length to get it. Who else is in on this plan to encourage me to leave? The mage looks up at him, sitting up and brushing herself off.
The only others I know off were the eastern man who does not talk much and the barbarian. There is another target if we fail. He mentioned that if you were not willing to leave town that he would have to target another noble within the house. I am not sure who it is other than a Darmen noble. Christian is shocked at what she is saying. The questions just start to flow one after another until he is satisfied that he knows all that he can from Jasrella. It is brought to light that he is wanted dead or scared into running away. This would allow his uncle to remain as steward of the family until Christian's Grandfather passes away. When that happens, if Christian is not to be found or dead then the steward would take up the reins of the family. His mother is in danger now and Christian has no way of knowing who it is that has accepted the contract to kill her.
Christian is reeling with guilt and too many questions to think straight until it dawns on him. He wants to protect his mother at all cost, but to do that he will have to die. If he is dead then the title of Patriarch will revert to his uncle when the current patriarch passes away. If he is alive, then his mother is a target because of him. Christian hates to hurt his mother but in order to protect her he must die. Christian wonders when it was that he became so enamored with protecting his loved ones. He never meant any ill will towards them, except his uncle of course but now he is actively seeking ways to protect them from harm.
Christian helps the mage up, taking off his Courtenay signet ring and tosses it to the mage. Deliver this to your employer. Tell him that the barbarian tried to kill me and failed as I was still alive and pulling myself out from the burning building. You were able to pull yourself out and dispatched me before I could free myself completely. You took this ring as proof of the deed. If he asks about the eastern man, tell him that I injured the man and he ran away. Collect you gold and try to enjoy your life with out killing anyone. I can tell you that killing a person is hard and I am still trying to get over the fact that I killed that man there. I have trained and trained but they can never train you to get over your first kill. Jasrella stands up tall now wait a minute. It was my Flare Burst spell that kept you alive. I do not need to be dismissed just like that. I helped you to survive and I need to help you stay alive... to make up for my poor choices. Christian looks at her with a genuine smile.I appreciate that you were able to see the error of your ways but I am a danger right now to anyone I am near. Go back and collect your gold and I will be on my way. The city is about three hours walk that way; you will get to the main road in about half that time going upstream. I wish you luck Lady Jasrella. Christian turns and starts to walk into the woods going in the opposite direction and away from his home, maybe never to return again.
Several weeks later Christian is taking his mid day break at a little inn along the main road just about two days out from the next town. A fragrance that is familiar to him is reintroduced to his senses. Even after days of hard travel and sleeping in barns and at times out in the open, his senses are still able to pick up that smell. So when Jasrella sits down next to him he is not surprised that she showed up.Fancy meeting you here of all places. Jasrella puts some coin on the bar and orders a drink and a plate of food. Christian looks at her from the side and recognizes a smile on her face. Ok, so how did you find me. Jasrella still smiling, simple states...There are not many of those weapons known around these parts. She points to his pole weapon. So it was a simple mater of time before someone saw a weapon like that. It did take longer than I had hoped; You are good at covering your tracks when you want to. They both drank the afternoon away together talking about the last few days as to what happened. So how much did my uncle pay you for my death.. Jasrella does not miss a beat One hundred shiny gold crowns for your...wait, that man is your uncle? Christian spits out his drink. That cheap mother fu….Sorry. I was thinking I was at least worth five hundred maybe even seven fifty, but only a hundred. Suddenly I am not feeling so well...It was time to heal the wounds of the past and they both enjoyed a heartfelt laugh. One of many the two will share over the next four years.
The two traveled the lands, traveling light and moving from town to town. They would hire on as caravan guards or a personal scribe if the need was great. Christian kept his name but never use his full name always going by Christian. The two enjoyed each others company and came to respect each other and to understand the needs of the other. It was a good relationship. They kept their personal feelings about each other to themselves. Never wanting to cross that bridge that can never be undone.
In a little town that had only one tavern the two were enjoying a meal and a drink after a long trek with a local merchant. The tavern was small and mostly filled with the locals. That was until the Lupers came in, as this is what the locals called them. They were a rowdy bunch but respectful of the tavern and the people there. Not a bunch of thugs. Jasrella and Christian looked at each other and both knew what the other was thinking. This could be an interesting night. The two kept to themselves until a short man in his thirties came over to Jasrella and made a point to inject himself in between the two friends and try to buy Jasrella a drink. She politely refused and told him that she already had a drink. He continued to try to buy her a drink and again she politely refused, informing him again that she already had a drink. Christian at this time was letting things go for he knew that Jasrella can take care of herself. The man introduced himself as Marcus Gothicus of Riversford and decided that she needed some personal time with him. She again said that she was not interested and this time informed him that he should stop his advances before he got hurt. Marcus placed his hand on her leg and smiled at her. She smiled right back as she watched him collapsed to the ground in pain. Rubbing the back of his head he started to curse at whoever hit him. He stood up looking at Christian face to face as he was sitting at the bar beside Jasrella. Do not look at me, I left you to your own devices that failed might I add. Christian chuckles at Marcus' expense. Looking past him to Jasrella. Did you have to do that to him. She responds. He would not take no for an answer and there fore he deserved it. Marcus starts to speak up when a large round dough ball of a man stood up from the table where the Lupers were sitting, followed by several of the other occupants of that table. The man directly behind the first man was a little taller but just as round. Christian looks over at Jasrella. oh great, this is going to be fun.
The first man walks up to the two as Marcus scurries away to stand behind the pack. What is the meaning of this assault on one of my men? Christian could see the fires building up inside Jasrella, he decides that it is best if he talks. My apologies sir, but your man was making unwanted advances towards the young lady here. The attack was a simple slap across the back of the head to let him know that she is not interested. Christian steps up to meet the large man before he is too close to Jasrella. This move gave her space to cast spells if the need arises and gave her time to flee if the need arises. Christian was at disadvantage; here he is standing face to face with at least a dozen men. This could get ugly real quick. The large man bellows out a laugh and looks at Marcus. You are destined to be alone Gothicus, you are never going to meet a nice women with talk like that.
The Lupers are all laughing at Marcus and as the laughter reaches a high point the large man states next round is on Gothicus. The Lupers all cheer except for Marcus. The night was fun and it lasted long into the morning hours. The group was known as Lupers in these parts but their official name is ArgentLupe. They are a mercenary band of two dozen men and women. They are know for doing caravan work, but are not afraid of clearing out dens of monster when the money is right. The leader is Codwin the silver tongued. He is a very large man of middle years. His second is a man just as large but younger and a little taller and goes by the name Angus MacGregor. We are introduced to the rest of the pack. Allister Costerotto a scout, which is odd since he is well over 6 feet in height. Sarrick Vormunde is their repair man and ranged weapons expert. Kreyson MacLeod a dark skinned human with a wicked brewing habit and just as wicked with a any pole weapon. Hamish is Angus' brother and he helps to hold their front lines together. The shield mates are Barktooth of the Short beard, Marcus Gothicus, Enoch MacBainister, Walgrim Von Kirchaff, Jeggred Von Tiramalis, and Fenris McCanne. There is Liam Macleod a lighter skinned version of Kreyson. Saraphina is a beautiful woman on horseback and finally there is the man known as BIG G or Gio. His voice is raspy but soft and he stands close to seven feet tall and just as wide as Codwin. For the next eight years Christian and Jasrella travel and work with ArgentLupe.
It is during this time that Christian takes the name D'Elagante which means the elegant. For years Christian D'Elagante's name is spread far and wide earning him his reputation as a fair and just leader. He was ready to defend his charges, his soldiers, and those that can not defend themselves. About two years ago, Christian met up with Codwin about their contracts for the year. The trade season was about to start and it was best to have a contract set in ink before the first caravans left town. Codwin did not have a contract set up and it did not seem like here cared if ArgentLupe had a contract or not. The Lupers needed this contract. Many of the soldiers had families and needed this money to make sure they were taken care of while they were away. Christian had seen the decline in the leadership over the last several years or so. It would seem that the two leaders could not get any fatter on their laziness but getting bigger is what those two did best. Christian mentioned that he has seen Baron Rodrigo just the other day and he might have work for them as they have worked for him in the past. The meeting goes well as Christian and Jasrella secure a contract that will set them up for the trade season. It seemed that the decline in leadership of ArgentLupe was not a secret. His Excellency Baron Rodrigo of House Naelax demanded that Christian be the one to sign the contract as it is Christian that he has been dealing with all these years. The season was winding down with not much going on. No bandit activities, no wandering Goblins. Nothing at all was happening, which made Christian uneasy. The last run of the season both Codwin and Angus decided that they did not need to go on this caravan. They did not do much these days so it would be a change of pace at the very least. The caravan went out on schedule and ArgentLupe followed along per its usual strategy. On the way back to town on our last run of the season, the outriders came back with news that some bandits have hit a caravan of travelers. The bandits were just toying with the survivors. Taking stock of the numbers and their tactics that were described by the outriders, Christian formulates a plan. He will send his shields to protect the civilians and sends the rest of his unit up the hill towards the left flank of the enemy. Timing is everything as he gets his men into position before the enemy knows he is there and the shields can do what they need to do. The bandits are in the tree line lobbing arrows down on the caravan as the shield unit comes rushing into position in front of the caravan. The bandits are not happy to see them and regroup to attack down the hill when out of the woods crashing into the rear corner of their left side was the second unit of ArgentLupe. Seeing that the rest of the Lupers are now charging down the hill at them, the shield men move there line forward and up hill cutting across the front right side of the enemy effectively placing them in between the two group of Lupers. The bandits did not know what to do and started to flee in all directions. Most were cut down before they could get out of the pincer move.
The Lupers helped to take care of the dead from the caravan and it turns out that the caravan was part of a larger caravan that got separated. Christian decides to escort all survives back to town to make sure they meet up with the rest of the caravan. It turns out that the passengers are the extended family of a wealthy nobleman from House Kalstrand. A party was given to the Lupers for their bravery and for going above and beyond the contract of their duty. The night was filled with drink, food and good songs. The nobleman even had a bard create a song of the adventure. Then little tidbits started to flow back to Christian's ear. It seems that Codwin was taking credit for the safe return of the family members. Now being lazy and fat and taken ArgentLupe's hard earned money was bad enough but now you are trying to take the victory away from the men and women who earned this party that night. Christian has had enough, he decides that he is done with Codwin, but what can he do about the rest of the unit. If he and Jasella leave, what is to become of the rest? Just as he is about to confront Codwin, Baron Rodrigo hands Christian a scroll that is sealed in a royal mark. Reading it brings a smile to Christians face as he confronts Codwin in a very public manner. In the end ArgentLupe was now defunct with only two members left. The rest of the Lupers joined Christian and Jasrella on their journey to the House Naelax. Christian sent the Lupers to gather their families and all the equipment that was scattered across the kingdom. They will join Christian at House Naelax with a vigor and much experience. He knew the best way to help those that are under his protection was to give them a place that they could protect. A place to lay roots down, a place to start a family...simple put...a Home. On his way to House Naelax, Christian was wondering what to do about the name that he had helped to build over the years. ArgentLupe; this was who he was or was it just a name. He had not thought much of his past and his real name. In the end Christian Courtenay of House Darmen, Grand Prince of Vartemisia, Crowned Head of House Darmen, Crowned Prince of Courtenay, decide that a new name was in order. Argent Dracos was created to bring prosperity and peace to the men and women under his charge.

This looks like fun. Here is a land and its prince

The Kingdome of Aria

The land of Aria is a large verdant swamp known simply as Thee Swamp in the middle of a mountain range known as the Radiant mountains for the way they catch light and shine it into the lands below. The swamp is home to many magical or dire creatures and many plants and fungi with medicinal purposes (as well as more sinister or recreational uses). It is also home to a host of fey and spirits both malevolent and benevolent. The mountains are mostly made of marble and alabaster but have rich veins of precious metals and gem stones. Only spirits, elementals, and sentient humanoids live in the mountains as there is little to no fertile soil on them. It covers 675,417 km² of terrain and is almost perfectly round.

the people of Aria are on the whole optimistic and caring people. This is tempered with the fact that they are only optimistic and caring because the pessimists died of despair or fiendish yellow fever or Dire smallpox. Those who were uncaring quickly find themselves alone in a very carnivorous place. Art is considered not just important to preserve and progress culture, but as the defining feature of sentience. It is also considered by many to be the purpose behind mortal life. As such everyone, from the king (a great architect) to the town drunk (who can tell you a new tale for every drink you give him) trains in some form of artistic expression.

Major (by virtue of being the only) cities:
Memoriam Iranon is the first city of Aria, named for a tragic hero of old in their land and home to most of the universities.

Curtain is a great city of Quarries and mines set on the western mountains. It not only provides the sculptors and jewelers the materials for their crafts but it also is placed on the only pass out of Thee Swamp, making it a major theater for the art of haggling.

Because dry, stable land is generally in short supply, when the people of Aria found a large hill in the northeast it seemed an ideal spot for a city. And so was born Skylight.

The capital of Three Deep, named for a great story of perseverance by the current King, King Frasus, stands as his magnum opus. It is a great city of marble and alabaster laced with silver and gold and accented with rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. It houses some of the finest theaters in the world, as well as one of its greatest hospitals.

The rest of the people are fairly evenly spread throughout the wilderness in cabins or shacks (population of about 9,000,000 humans, about the same number of sentient fey and spirits).

When the government was first founded, the wayward pilgrims who found themselves in Aria, wanted a leader but every man who took the job soon quit because they either had no head for resource and man power management, or could not stand the whining of the other divas and drama queens that had been driven out of their ancient, and now mythically embellished, homeland. They made a pact with the fey spirits of the swamps of Aria in exchange for the gift of patience and wisdom. The king appointed would be dedicated and dedicate his people to safeguarding the swamp and surrounding mountains. Not wanting their valuable time wasted on looking after trees and taxes, everyone quickly moved away from the spirit after they had all agreed. This left the peg-legged first king Hasafiron Dynisius in charge. The gift and heavy burden of absolute rule has been passed down to the first-born child ever since. The curse of responsibility for the land has been passed down to all the descendants for the same amount of time.

The economy in Aria is somewhere between a traditional and command economy. Many of the population are artisans in their art. What they can’t get foraging the swamp or mining, they get from each other for whatever they happen to make. What is not crafted in a region and goods acquired thru forage or trade are distributed or sold by the government. Surplus is also collected and redistributed by the government. The government also pays citizens handsomely in rare resources and finer crafts, to do jobs few people want to such as economic and tax managers, miners, and city maintenance workers. Their money is an enchanted cotton paper. The only plantation/mint is in the city of Three Deep. Major exports are art pieces, medicinal herbs, alabaster, marble, and Dire crocodile. The major imports are cotton, silk, exotic woods, and grain products.

Whilst the level of piety in Aria is no more or less than most other lands, Arian worship tends to be much more fluid. One day they may pray to ‘The Smith of Arrow’ or ‘He Who Against the Machine Rages’, the next they may pray to great animal spirits like the Scorpions or Eagles, or even join odd and often misunderstood cults like those who worship the mysterious Blue Oyster. Many even claim they make up gods on the spot stating that things like a set of white stripes can’t be the incarnation of Gods. But in their minds, they are quite real to the Arians who praise them.

Here is Prince Kol-Relden of House Westraven, a druid from the Kingdom of Chantis. (also his animal companion, a crocodile named Nippy) All the relevant information should be present in the alias.

So, ummm....poke?

Not sure what is going on. I would think the GM is busy with the holidays. GM nobe deed is still posting in other games, so there is that at least.

I just have the flu.

Here is who I am taking for this game.

Alexandra Vokonskaya
Lysander Higgins
Daubeny Threcken
Iraonar Dynisius
Amelia Selruun

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