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I have a character idea that I did up for a kitsune a while back that used some archetypes. Let me change it to human and see if its legal. The character would be perfect for somethingnlike this.

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Dot For interest, Thinking Cavalier, a noble down on his luck and in need of something to do.

I'm thinking something up, might be a bit ruthless...

Thinking Huntmaster with his trained dogs, Content with his place in nobility, But still looking to earn his own land and become a Duke or Lord.

Sovereign Court

William here, This is the alias for the Character I'm applying, I'm working on him, but my plan is to be similar to something Romanian/Transylvanian, Roughly around that area for culture and such,

And Raithor will be a very serious person, Ruthless to a point.

I'm deciding on my order, but most likely something bent towards being selfish/ ruthlessly upholding the law.

Also, Are we allowed to use alternate Racial traits? I'm asking because the base human is kinda not the best when it comes to building a character...

Got to say, it’s enjoyable to see what kind of nobles people come up with.

Can we have Background Skills, so we can all have knowledge nobility without losing a skill point?

Raithor The Hunter wrote:
Also, Are we allowed to use alternate Racial traits? I'm asking because the base human is kinda not the best when it comes to building a character...

Seeing as though most come form Advanced Race Guide, probably not.

I put a few aside just in case from the Humans page on d20pfsrd, just avoiding any that listed a source (cause all the sources listed aren't from anything allowed).

But yeah I agree, bonus feat and skill point is nice, but not very flavorful.

Godric Alden wrote:
Can we have Background Skills, so we can all have knowledge nobility without losing a skill point?

He says in the intro that we'll be using BG skills.

Turns out I can have a friend, who's a great player, cover for me while I'm gone two weeks so my character is 100% good to go.

Lysander Higgins from the Duchy of Wetenschap:
Will make an alias if chosen.

The Duchy of Wetenschap has been annexed or divided up again and again by more powerful neighboring kingdoms. Currently enjoying an era of relative peace, Wetenschap enjoys modest prosperity thanks to its textiles and mercantile fleets. The nobility of Wetenschap, stirred to see their countrymen making international contributions, proudly sponsor the arts and sciences.

Lysander, the second son of a noble Burgomaster, quietly takes intense pride in his nations contributions to science. He strongly believes that, through meticulous study of the mundane, his nation can keep up with the great powers, especially the great arcane powers. His father is somewhat puzzled at Lysander's intellectual pursuits, seeing them as an activity more suited for bright commoners, but is relatively supportive of Lysander's efforts. This young alchemist frequently visits neighboring countries to visit prominent scholars, view mechanical or chemical marvels, or obtain obscure ingredients.

Working out my guy's nation. Thinking it's Lawful Evil and he's Chaotic Neutral. Used to being shunned. Raised evil but curious.

Ready to roll if called upon.

I'll submit a character for this. A magus from the far north.

I am currently working on my wizard, and should have him up tomorrow. Not being able to pick necromancy or conjuration spells is harder than I thought it would be =D

Here is the the start of Alexandra.

I've confused myself somewhere with her stats so need to go back through them.

Also if any other poor sod is using the spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list in the sorcerer section in her profile is all the spells from cantrips to level 2 (since we're level 1 and no way I'm doing them all when I'm not even sure I'll be selected yet).

But yeah that list has them all from only the listed sources. Need to kind of check though cause Ultimate Campaign is a thing and also shown as UC just to make it hard. So the UC ones might not be combat, but probably are.

Should I feel particularly self-punishing, I'll add the links to them...

crazy laugh

Sovereign Court

I'm going for a Vlad the impaler Noble, might play him Lawful Evil...

Taking the order of the Whip from the Villian's Codex to show off more of his brutal commanding side.

And as for traits and stuff, I'm really looking to use something other than the skilled Trait, because Seriously it's useless... I might as well just use background skills for all the good it does for me...

Not to mention Favored class can grant an extra skill as well...

Also, going for that rare two weapon fighting Cavalier. Sword in one hand, Whip in the other.

Ah, man, you can never have enough skill points.

Lai Yiu-Fai comes from Ba-Xi, a large, sprawling nation of beautiful summers and short winters. Lawful Evil, patriarchal dynasty. Totalitarian, with open devil-worship the dominant faith for those that believe anything. He's a black sheep twice over, gay in a patriarchy and a fascination with the Elder Gods and apocalypsia and cults. The family was more than happy to ship him off for whatever obscure task these foreigners are talking about.

Did the equipment today, so here's a more complete crunch.

Lai Yiu-fai
Male Human Oracle (Dark Tapestry, Haunted Curse) 1
CN Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses; Perception +0
AC 20 touch 12 flat-footed 16
HP 10
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. Armored)
Melee: Alchemical Silver Dagger -1 (1d4-1)19/20, s/p
Ranged: Heavy Crossbow +2 (1d10)19/20
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 11
Persuasive, Skill Focus (Bluff)
Traits: Unintentional Linguist, Extremely Fashionable
Bluff 11/12 (4+1+3+3+1 if in finery)
Diplomacy 10/11 (4+1+3+2+1)
Intimidate 10/11 (4+1+3+2+1)
Knowledge Arcana 6 (2+1+3)
Knowledge Planar 6 (2+1+3)
Knowledge Religion 6 (2+1+3)
Sense Motive 4 (0+1+3)
Stealth 6 (2+1+3)
Background Skills:
Linguistics 7 (2+1+3)+1
Lore (Apocalypse Cults/Conspiracies) 6 (2+1+3)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elvish, Aklo, Protean
Oracle Mystery: Dark Tapestry
Interstellar Void (Su): You call upon the frigid depths of outer space to bring a terrible chill to your enemies. As a standard action, one target within 30 feet is cloaked in the void and takes 1d6 points of cold damage for every oracle level you possess. A successful Fortitude save halves this damage. At 10th level, the interstellar void is so extreme that a creature that fails its save is fatigued. At 15th level, a creature that fail its save is exhausted and stunned for 1 round. You can use this ability once per day plus one additional time per day at 10th level.

Malevolent spirits follow you wherever you go, causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises).
Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction. Add mage hand and ghost sound to your list of spells known.
At 5th level, add levitate and minor image to your list of spells known.
At 10th level, add telekinesis to your list of spells known.
At 15th level, add reverse gravity to your list of spells known.

0: Bleed, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Stabilize
1 (3/day): Protection from Law, Doom


clothes and jewels
oracle's kit
alchemical silver dagger
heavy crossbow
heavy wooden shield
1 potion CLW
20 crossbow bolts
30 days of a valet

5 gp

Liberty's Edge

I've made a general idea of a wild savannah kingdom with a connection to lions. I'm pretty tired right now, so I'll write some better fluff and the crunch later.

The character is a Lion Shaman druid. I'm thinking the realm would be Lawful Neutral and so would she.

Deep into the arid, scorched savannahs lie the Wildlands, dry plains, hard to cultivate and harder to settle. Lions are the undisputed kings of the Wildlands, and hyenas and vultures roam, looking for easy prey and those unwary sould trying to cross the savannah.
And in the heart of the Wildlands lies the Sun-Forged Principality of Hestradas, a network of fortified citadels struggling to colonize the savage territory. It is said that Adalar the Lion Prince, the mythical founder of Hestradas, had been raised by the cats of the wild, and that he rode a huge white lion into battle. And it is said that he led explorers and exiles to the Hollow Cliffs, where they started carving into the sandstone the city of Mihralas.
Outside of Mihralas, Hestradas is little more than a network of fortified citadels trying to take over the Wildlands. As travel is dangerous because of the roving bands of animals, transportation is limited to large, heavily-defended caravans.

Hestradas is an absolute monarchy ruled by the Lion Princes, descendants of Adalar, all bound by blood and a connection to the majestic felines of the land. The current ruler is Vahreza Raissi, a brave and strong knight but, sadly, a rather incompetent ruler. Most of his time is spent with the army, hunting the beasts who hold the core of the Wildlands, and as a result, Mihralas and the infrastructure is suffering from neglect and rising corruption.

Fourth child of Vahreza, Nasrin Raissi is a soul of the wilds, the ancestral connection to lions manifesting in her blood as an attitude to magic and a ferocious nature. As a young girl, as customary for the royal family, she adventured into the Wildlands with her father, and brought back a lion cub whom she nursed and cared for. The lion pup, named Kaveh, was to become her most loyal and steadfast companion.

Here is my submission:

Connor of House Baynes:

TN Human Wizard 1

DEX 12
CON 12
INT 20
WIS 11
CHA 14

HP 7
AC 11 T11 FF 10
Init +1

Fort +1
Ref +1
Will +2

Speed 30'

Melee Touch: -1
Ranged Touch: +1

*Adventuring: Spellcraft r1 +9, Diplomacy r1 +3, Escape Artist r1 +2, Knowledge (Arcana, Religion, Dungeoneering, Planes, Local, Nature) r1 +9

*Background: Knowledge (History) r1 +9, Linguistics r1 +9

Feats: Eschew Materials, Scribe Scroll, Merciful Spell

Traits: Focused Mind (+2 to concentration checks), World Traveler (Diplomacy; +1 to checks and class skill)

Class Features: Arcane Bond (Teacup Pig; "Barnaby"; +3 Diplomacy), Arcane School (Abjuration; Resistance: 5; Protective Ward: +1 deflection bonus to AC; lasts 5 rounds; 8/day)

Spells: 3/3
*0: All
*1: Magic Missile, Shield, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Undead, Burning Hands, Floating Disk, Touch of Gracelessness

Equipment: Noble's Outfit (with jewelry) x2


Connor is the youngest son of Argon Bayne, the patriarch of house Bayne, the house that specializes in Abjuration magic. Unlike many of the members of his house, Conner is Argon's son by birth, automatically granting him a certain level of respect in the house. That he is close to a prodigy doesn't hurt his chances either; Connor is one of the first people to get a perfect score of the test of magical aptitude, and at his father's insistence declared his desire to rejoin house Bayne.

For his part, Connor doesn't care about secular power; he cares about mastering magic. His oldest brother Nigel holds the family's seat on the council, and his middle sister has forsworn the family practice to join the priesthood, where she is a fairly well-respected member of the clergy. Connor, however, is something of a recluse, spending all of his available time learning; either about magical practices from other cultures, or spontaneous magic users; it is an open secret that he is a sympathizer for sorcerer rights, holding the near heretical belief that magic is magic, and worthy of respect.

Did Ultimate Intrigue get the green light without being addressed in the thread? If not, then Vigilante is not a class that is on the list of things to pull from.

Ultimate Intrigue is now allowed.
I broke down and bought it for my Hero Lab.

I have been going through submissions so if you are done with yours the make sure that you post something to let me know that it is ready and I can review it. If I have questions I will PM you and we can go from there.

Thank you for allowing UI. :)

Character is finished and ready for review.

Here's everything for Lysander Higgins in one place, if that helps.

Character details:

Lysander Higgins
Str (8) Dex (16) Con (12) Int (20) Wis (12) Cha (7)
HP (10)
Saves (+3/+5/+1)
AC (15/13/12)
Initiative (+7)
CMB (-1) CMD (12)
* To Hit: +5 against touch AC
* Damage: 1d6+6 or 7 splash (DC 15 reflex for half splash)

Race Human

* Slippery: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks and Stealth is a class skill for you.
* Second chance: One failed saving throw re-roll per day.

Class: Mindchemist Alchemist

Alchemist bonus feats: brew potion, throw anything
Human bonus feat: Point-blank shot
Lvl 1: Improved initiative

* Acrobatics: 1 skill point (+4)
* Disable device: 1 skill point (+9, +2 from mwk thieve's tools)
* K (Arcana): 1 skill point (+9)
* K (Dungeoneering): 1 skill point (+6)
* K (Nature): 1 skill point (+9)
* K (Nobility): 1 skill point (+6)
* K (religion): 1 skill point (+6)
* Perception: 1 skill point (+3)
* Spellcraft: 1 skill point (+9)
* Stealth: 1 skill point (+8)

Background skills
* Craft (Alchemy): 1 skill point (+10, +2 from alchemy lab)
* K (Engineering): 1 skill point (+6)

Equipment 525 starting
* Combat-trained pony 45 gp
* Saddlebags 4 gp
* Alchemist's lab 200 gp
* Masterwork thieve's tools 100 gp
* Waterskin 1 gp
* Trail rations x 4 2 gp
* Hooded lantern 7 gp
* Lamp oil x 10 1 gp
* Bandolier x 2 1 gp
[Some alchemical items crafted at 1/3 cost by taking 10 on craft(alchemy) check]
*Unstable accelerant x 3 50 gp
*Acid flask x 12 40 gp
*Shard gel x 6 50 gp
*Leftover gold 24 gp

Formulae known: Monkey fish, reduce person, comprehend languages, crafter's fortune, detect secret doors, shield, targeted bomb admixture.

Personal and national background:

The Duchy of Wetenschap has been annexed or divided up again and again by more powerful neighboring kingdoms. Currently enjoying an era of relative peace, Wetenschap enjoys modest prosperity thanks to its textiles and mercantile fleets. The nobility of Wetenschap, stirred to see their countrymen making international contributions, proudly sponsor the arts and sciences.

Lysander, the second son of a noble Burgomaster, quietly takes intense pride in his nations contributions to science. He strongly believes that, through meticulous study of the mundane, his nation can keep up with the great powers, especially the great arcane powers. His father is somewhat puzzled at Lysander's intellectual pursuits, seeing them as an activity more suited for bright commoners, but is relatively supportive of Lysander's efforts. This young alchemist frequently visits neighboring countries to visit prominent scholars, view mechanical or chemical marvels, or obtain obscure ingredients.

My submission is ready to go.

I'm ready!

A Falconer Ranger with the addition of Trapper seems like it could be interesting. Hunting being a fairly common sport among nobility, falcons being a sign of wealth, and perhaps throw in a rapier with weapon finesse for dueling.

Raikdar is ready.

Sovereign Court

Well, I would be done, but Paizo keeps eating my Backstory :/

I am ready. I am waiting to see if I get accepted before putting the work into creating a kingdom.

Part of getting accepted was making a kingdom and adjusting your backstory.

I added some personal description, in case that's interesting. Putting it here too for quick access.

Lysander Higgins Description:

Personal Description
A tall, thin young man rushes hurriedly down the street soon after dawn, haphazardly clutching books, papers, and strange-looking plants. His drab brown cloak is rendered more salient by the bandoliers across its front with strange-colored vials peeking out, the crude but efficient addition of many pockets, and a bewildering variety of chemical stains. His aroma is likewise confusing as lavendar, lemon thyme, and peppermint clash with sulfur, saltpeter, and aqua regia.

He ducks into a nearby basement. If followed, he will be found in an animated discussion with a wizened old gnome over blueprints for a mechanical clock that fits in a pocket. Soon after, he rushes into the woods where he meets an old woman and the two quietly sprinkle strangely-colored powders on the small, gnarly, but hardy looking sprouts in her garden. His hurried lunch consists of black bread and cheese while he reads a dusty old tome. He regularly examines a vial containing a fluid of ever-changing color.

In the evening, he attempts to relax while having his dinner of stew. His chosen recreation is to solve puzzles from a thin blue book. Relaxation is not his strong suit, however, as he soon lets his stew grow cold while rushing to finish the puzzle. He then drinks an auburn and fizzy homemade brew before falling promptly to sleep.

I'm going to flesh out her kingdom and backstory more in a bit.

Need to clean kitchen first.

Grand Lodge

Thinking of making a clever Prince, who will never get the throne in his home country as it is a Matriarchy. Making him seek out Calistra where he has maneuvered his way into power with his secrets. He is currently on the run as he is getting pressure to get hitched for diplomatic purposes and thus did not wish to get saddled to such a fate.

Everyone remember that you need to be in line for the throne some how.

“Godric has a lineage that has ties to the royal bloodline of Varis. However, that is all he has going for him. For generations his family fortunes have waned. He is a member of the Order of the Crimson Rose, and has indeed trained hard to live up to the mission of the Order. For only be earning Glory in the Order can he change his family’s fate.”

Some extra details then.

The current king of Varis is advanced in age, and is quickly deteriorating in health. His son, and only heir to the throne, has been lost at sea. This has caused much turmoil at court as the question of succession has been complicated. All noble families with ties to the royal bloodline have begun jockeying for power and prestige. For when the king dies, who knows will take over....?

While Lothinhal does not have a monarchy, the great houses could be argued to be monarchies in their own right, and only a powerful mage from a great house can sit on the council. Currently, Connor is 3rd in line to succeed his father as Patriarch of his house, even though he has no interest in doing so at all.

Per my discussion with GM Noble Deed, I am withdrawing my previous submission and instead submitting the following character:

Amelia Selruun:

LG Human Cleric 1

STR 10
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 18
CHA 14

HP 10
AC 18 (+4 Armor, +2 Dex, +2 Shield), T 12, FF 16
Init +2


Speed 30'

Unarmed Strike: +2 to hit; 1d3 damage

Skills: Acrobatics r1 +3, Climb r1 +5, Diplomacy r1 +6, Knowledge (Religion) r1 +4
Background Skills: Linguistics r1 +4, Knowledge (Nobility) r1 +4

Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Finesse

Traits: Birthmark (holy symbol on hand; +2 saves vs. charm and compulsion), Wisdom of the flesh (make Climb checks as Wisdom checks)

Class Features: Archetype (Theologian), Domain: Nobility (Leadership Subdomain), Channel Energy (1d6; Positive Energy; 5/day; DC: 12), Aura

0: Detect Magic, Guidance, Stabilize
1: *Bless [ ], Cure Light Wounds [ ], Divine Favor [ ]

Equipment: Chain shirt, Noble's Outfit with jewelry, Priest's Robes, 420 GP


Amelia hails from the Nation of Selruun, a shining jewel of justice. The average citizen is contented and treats his neighbor with respect and decency, poverty has never reared it's ugly head, and everyone has a smile and a supporting shoulder to cry on.

Amelia's father, is technically one of three princes that rule the kingdom together. her father, Phil, is the prince that leads the holy knights of Selruun against the evils that plague the world. From her father she learned a love of justice, belief in the god of justice, and acceptance of others regardless of their appearance. When she came of age, Amelia joined the priesthood, a move which disappointed her father (who wanted her to become a holy knight like he was), but Amelia felt the calling and so took to her training with glee. The god of justice teaches it's followers to wield weapons, but there is a cadre of his priests who use their bare hands to deal with enemies. Seeing her faith, she was admitted to this group and began her training in earnest.

Now Amelia is prepared to face the world, knowing that she will bring the light of justice to evil everywhere.

GM Noble Deed wrote:

Part of getting accepted was making a kingdom and adjusting your backstory.

Sorry, I guess I did not understand it as a requirement to have the kingdom created. I will put together a brief description.

Some supplemental material on succession.

Succession of Wetenschap:
Wetenschap is ruled by Lysander's uncle Hugo. The position of Duke is something between ruler and chief economic officer. The inhabitants of Wetenschap view efficient Duke's, such as Lysander's uncle, with modest respect and affection. Duke Hugo of Welvaart and his wife have never managed to bear children, leaving Lysander's father next in line for the Duchy and Lysander's older brother after him.

Lysander himself has only ever been mildly interested in ruling Wetenschap. Intellectually, the optimization problem of managing a nation's trade and industry fascinates him. But he fears his lack of ability to inspire respect and loyalty in his compatriots. His intellectual colleagues are the only people who have ever admired Lysander and enjoyed his company. Others tend to be put off by his obsession with incessant mental activity and propensity to tell them that they are incorrect and explain why they are incorrect.

So here is her Empire.

Empire of Zamorozhenny:

Sovereign Emperor Alexander Volkonsky VI

Heir apparent Prince Ronald Volkonsky I

Other Successors Prince Ustov Volkonsky III (2nd), Princess Alexandra Volkonskaya (3rd), Prince Havoc Voronoysky (4th)

Government Absolute Monarchy

Royal Motto Pura et perpetua (Pure and everlasting)


  • Minister of War (defense, military, weapons)
  • Minister of Works (trade, employment, production)
  • Minister of the People (voice people’s concerns, death and birth rate, areas of trouble, starvation, basically should know and inform what the people are going through)
  • Minister of the Mind (education, universities, research, science, magic, foreign knowledge)
  • Minister of the Body (medicine, health, food, hunting, farms)
  • Minister of the Soul (religious leader, divine magic)
  • Minister of Coin (financial manager, trade, revenue, budgeting, allocating grants and funding, treasurer)
  • Minister of Foreigners (all outsider interaction, knowledge, trade)

    Many positions over lap and require them all to work together to accurately advise the Emperor in running the country.

    National Holiday 7th day of Winter

    National Values Family, Loyalty, Country, Hard-work

    Religious Worship Family, Death, Cold, Mountains, Dark, Fire

    Alignment Lawful Neutral

    Flag White with a black mountain outline bordering around a wolf with the tusks of a mammoth.

    In the far north-east a massive country has stretched it’s way across the ice and snow. It’s people, the Zamorosi, are a stoic, hard working lot, worshipers of the cold, death, and dark. Though that may paint them as less than friendly, after a hard day’s work they are hospitable, if cautious. To turn a traveller away at night is to sentence them to death, and to be rude to a host is to invite it upon yourself.

    With a population of just under 200,000, the capital city of Lednik hosts around a quarter of them. In the city centre, standing resolute and intimidating is Dom Volkov, the House of Wolves, and the home of the royal family for the last 600 years. It’s walls home over 5,000 live in servants, cooks, tutors, guards, and other minor workers whose duty it is to ensure that this palace reflects the country and her monarchs. In addition, the Silver Shield is made of 500 strictly trained and disciplined soldiers who answer only to the royal family. Emperor Alexander’s direct guard hosts 200, with his two direct heirs, Ronald and Ustov, holding 150 each. The Emperor’s Guard are the only one’s with Silver trimming, though all 500 are considered Silver Shields.

    Vanice (vah-neece) is the second largest city, and centre of trade. Located on the coast on the Frozen Sea, the cargo ships of Vanice are some of the strongest and largest there are. Massive icebreakers with reinforced hulls, huge steam engines, and most sporting crews of over 100, these beasts are known to locals as the Mammoths, and are the lifeblood for trade by water.

    Zamorozhenny’s key exports are metals and gemstones, and have many mining towns in the scattered mountain ranges of the country, particularly around their largest volcano, Mother’s Love. Here they mine gold, copper, and other base metals along with diamonds and occasionally obsidian.

    Mine’s don’t only hire miners and prospectors but, like most of the country, seek out those with elemental affinities, particularly with fire. Anyone who can heat the rock or equipment enough to get Mother to give up her bounty easier is a welcome addition to any mining company.
    Their main imports are grain, cotton, flaxen, hops, wine, and various vegetables such as potatoes and beetroot.

    Only during the harshest of winter’s is the country put completely to rest and even termed to be in hibernation. While surveyor’s estimate the country’s population to be close to 200,000, due to how scattered the populace is, and the high mortality rates outside the larger cities and settlements, it’s impossible to truly determine how many live in the frozen wastes.

    This harsh climate does hold natural life, with the bison and Mastodon Elephant being the two most crucial to everyday life. They are the main source of transport and field work, carting the ores and raw stones into the settlements where they are refined for sale and trade. Killing one of these massive creatures is punished by death unless starvation can be proven, or the animal has become too old, sick, or injured for it to be humane to keep alive. The slaughter of a bison is a noteworthy affair, but one of a Mastodon halts whole communities, and a massive feast is held using the meat, fat and offal. The hide is turned into hardy boots and gloves, the wool woven into coats, pants, scarves, hats and all sorts of warm winter wear. The bones are hollowed out for the marrow, and then carved into instruments, cutlery, ornaments, and accessories. To present a potential partner with an engagement gift of Mastodon bone, especially of the tusk, is said to bless the marriage and family for as long as that item remains in the family.

    Some, though very few, have even won the loyalty of a Winter Wolf, the patron animal of Zamorozhenny’s royal family. To do so is to become a local legend, one that may even grant the attention and acknowledgment of the Emperor himself.

    Elk is the primary source of meat and food to most of the country, and they are hunted throughout the summer. Summer is the only legal season to hunt them, and there are size and age restrictions, and individual amount limitations. Businesses however have a much higher number, and this has lead to some areas hunting them to near extinction.

    The Crystal Blue is the largest fresh water river in Zamorozhenny, stretching from the northeastern mountain range, through the centre, past Lednik, and amasses in the south east into the fresh water lake, Tear. Here, during the warmer weather, is where much of the seafood comes from, as the surrounding oceans and seas are much too volatile and frozen much of the year round. The Crystal Blue has many smaller branches, and is the main source of fresh water to the Zamorosi.

    Zamorozhenny is a pro-magic country, with many of the main universities catering to the studies of the arcane. They are also heavily religious, and so also cater to the studies of the divine. They are somewhat suspicious of foreigners, preferring traders who come and go quickly than traveller’s or ambassadors, who tend to out stay their (short) welcome. If you don’t speak Zamorosi, or even attempt to learn their culture, you will receive a welcome much cold than the climate. Zamorosi are very proud and hold their language, culture, customs and traditions in high regard. To enter their winter wonderland and ignore her heritage and culture will turn these normally cautious but hospitable people into those who will grow increasingly hostile.

    This attitude is so ingrained that there is normally no punishment for crimes against foreigners if those foreigners can’t speak the language or prove they know anything about the country and its people. They are slow to trust, but their loyalty is absolute. They are more forgiving than many believe, as they know that life is short, harsh, and cold without the company of others. Normally, a bottle of booze, cooked meat, or a bag of coal will have you back in good graces soon enough.

  • Mish-mash of Russian words, latin always looks the best as mottos lol. Got the animals from Pathfinder monsters that live in cold climates.

    How do you feel about retraining? Particularly, retraining feats that are good at low level play but loose their usefulness at high level play?

    Dotting. Is this specifically in like, Golarion? Or just general hume-centric fantasy? Thanks.

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    GM Ska wrote:
    How do you feel about retraining? Particularly, retraining feats that are good at low level play but loose their usefulness at high level play?

    I would not feel right about it. That would be like saying, "This character was good at low level but now I am going to switch to this one because it is better at high level."

    Wuliev the Indignant wrote:
    Is this specifically in like, Golarion? Or just general hume-centric fantasy?

    I covered that somewhere back on page one. It has turned out rather well. The people who have submitted characters here have built the world for me.

    Ba-jeesus, I just had to say the Empire of Zamorozhenny is super detailed and super cool. The fact that it is similar but notibly different from the nation I'm building up (and is in the North instead of the far South) makes it even more interesting to me if we both get picked.

    As a note, I've got nationbuilding done (though now I'm inspired to do more work on it so we'll see) and character concept worked out, just putting together crunch some time this weekend.

    Sovereign Court

    Kingdom of Slvadiah:

    Neutral Evil Monarchy
    Religion: Szuriel- Horseman of War
    Ruler: Lord Azriel Von'Crouse

    Slvadiah is a country dedicated to the conquest and destruction of all others it faces. Those who oppose it are destroyed, and those that surrender are enslaved.

    Lord Azriel Von'Crouse has ruled his country with a firm fist of steel. He leads his army on the front line, fighting to cover the world in the dark war that he wishes to never end. He is the instrument of his god, the sword of war. On the battlefield he is known to slay waves of foes and leave them bleeding, never truely killing, always granting a slow and very painful death.

    To show his enemies his cruelty, he captures the commanders if his enemies, then when he Sieges a city he sets them up, impaled on spikes outside the city as a bloody mark to show what will happen to those within. This has won him a battle on more than one occasion, his foes surrendering to avoid a similar fate. Of course he has no intention of letting them live anyways...

    His country itself is prosperous. Because of Azriel's work, almost all the conflict is outside his country, leaving his citizens to their work, farming to feed his armies. Families who's Children are soldiers are given much wealth to help encourage others to give their children to the armies.

    Slaves are sent back to the country to be used as laborers on farms or within royal courts. They are treated very poorly, and rarely live longer than a few years on the farms. This that do live are treated worse than dirt, after all you don't treat dirt like you do a slave...

    Azriel has Four sons, his eldest son a warlord all in his own right. Almost a perfect copy of his father. The second born is a preist of Szuriel and a true devoted. His third son is Raithor, A slave driver working hard to claim his own land and leave his father's rule. And his youngest son is only 4 years old, and is still innocent to the world.


    Raithor is the third born son of Lord Azriel Von'Crouse, King of Slvadiah.
    Unlike his two older brothers he has no aspirations to claim his father's throne. He despises his father's rule, how he always wages war with all those around him. No... He wants his own land, where if he where to claim the throne his enemies would not cower because they feared his father's wrath, but rather they worked with him, while he amassed a mighty wealth and he only destroyed those who deserved it.

    He was raised as a warrior, but he was constantly picked on by his oldest brother, which led him to start plotting on getting him back. When his older brother would steal his food, he made sure to poison his own food. When his brother broke his toys or weapons, he made sure to replace his brother's metal polish with a metal Corrosive.

    As he got older Raithor started to train with hunting dogs, learning to track prey down and bring them back alive. When his father saw him practicing this skill, he was trained to use them on humans, his father would arrange great hunts, where he and each of his brothers would hunt down slaves and whomever brought back the most would be rewarded... Raithor often won, but once he realized this made him look like an obstacle to his oldest brother he began to purposely lose, letting his old brother kill more... But he always brought his quarry back alive. After all, a dead slave is a useless slave

    Here is a rough draft of my background/homeland.

    Digger Chandler wrote:

    I'll equip him tomorrow and make an alias if chosen.

    ** spoiler omitted **...

    Switch Unintentional Linguist with Self Taught Scholar and all should be well.

    Kingdoms and characters looking great. Exciting.

    I keep hearing that stupid intro from Mtv's Real World.

    Find out what happens when royals no one wants are forced to be real.

    Still going though submissions. I will get a list of completed one up soon.

    I'm submitting Mornar val Ygriss, first-born but 4th in line for the Kaiser seat of the snowy, druidic lands of the Circle of Taalbad. Mechanics-wise he is a Cavalier using both the Beast Rider and Courtly Knight archetypes, and will ride a Megaloceros (Giant Elk) once level 4 comes around so I'm hoping flavouring a young, yet-to-sprout-antlers mount using the Horse rules until then is ok.

    The Circle of Taalbad:

    Other Names: Because of outsider confusion with the intricacies of the nations past, it is often referred to seperately as 'The Circle' or 'Taalbad,' as well as the Circle of Gnorn, or more colloquially as the Winter Gnorn by unfriendly neighbours.

    Government Type: Hereditary Monarchy; passed down to eldest magically talented heir.

    Sovereign: Kaiserin Oshalia val Ygriss

    Heir Apparent: Oscarlin val Ygriss (2nd born)

    Other Successors: Aniya val Ygriss (3rd born); Pellian vol Ygriss (1st cousin); Mornar val Ygriss (1st born*); Eriks vol Ygriss (1st cousin*)
    * - Mornar val Ygriss and Eriks vol Ygriss have no magical talent, excluding them from the line of succession except under certain circumstances. See below.

    Major Sites:
    - the Gnorn (An ancient, massive volcano)
    - the Hailfast (A stone keep and small city at the base of the Gnorn; Population: ~22,000, rises to ~65,000 during Court Festivals)
    - the Eastking (Both the town of Eastking and the surrounding dense evergreen forest on the eastern edge of the Circle, was the site of a major military victory but also the site of Taalbad's final living relative's death. Population: ~7,000)
    - the Westmarch (A town bordering the westernmost tundras of the Circle, it acts as a trading hub on the Frostcap river. Population: ~11,000)
    - Woods of Drail (Encompasing hundreds of thousands of miles, the Drail is a massive evergreen forest covering mountainous foothills and tundra. Within the Drail are nearly 800 small hamlets living alongside the land.)

    Major Religion: Druidic

    The Circle of Taalbad sits on the northern fringe of the Mountains of Gnorn, a series of tall peaks which runs along the deep southern end of the continent. Those areas of foothill and flatlands not lying in the mountain range are primarily covered in evergreen forests and southern tundra, the cold of the region focusing not from it's position in the world but rather from the gigantic, frozen peak of the Gnorn. An ancient and massive volcano, many thousands of years ago the Gnorn shook and quaked, threatening to release the wrath of the world below in smoke and fire that would have clouded the world and dimmed the sun. Only by the dedicated sacrifice of a circle of thirteen powerful druids was the Volcano quietened, the land around chilling with the natural magics drawing heat from miles around.

    The Circle, named after the Arch Druid Taalbad who led the initial ritual, is frozen in an eternal ring of ice at the centre of the volcano. The magic generated by this perpetual ritual is adjusted and corrected by a secondary ritual of powerful arcane and divine casters, directed by the current Kaiser or Kaiserin of the Circle, to continue calming the deadly volcano. The effects of this constant magical pulse created a miles and miles-wide circle of changed terrain which has fallen under the control of the druid peoples of Taalbad.

    The region is now renowned as being something of a wild land, one of the last places to find certain types of animals such as the Giant Elk, the Sabretooth Tiger, Cave Bears nearly twice the size of those in other lands and even two known herds of shaggy mammoths. The lands, and the animals within, are protected fiercely from outside poaching by the Winter Wood, the military of the Circle of Taalbad made up of stealthy rangers, druids and hunters working in teams to patrol and repulse any wandering parties who are not following the few travelling roads through the towns and villages within the circle.

    The ruling family of the Circle of Taalbad passes down power hereditarily, though there is a distinction made between the first-born and the 'highest'-born, or the child who has the most skill with magics. Because the Kaiser or Kaiserin is also the director of the Calming Circle rituals, children without magical talent are frequently passed over for younger siblings who do, the only exception being made when such a child has married and brought into the family a respectably powerful magic user in their own right.

    The peoples of the Circle are strong willed and dedicated to their rough lifestyles, living primarily in log cabins in smaller hamlets and travelling great distances to meet kin, attend trade festivals or follow the migrations of the herds. Those who show magical promise of any sort are often sent to Hailfast, the small city and fortress at the foot of the Gnorn where the ruling family and the currently active druids and sorcerers in the secondary Circle live, for testing and training.

    Because of it's somewhat isolationist nature, the Circle of Taalbad often has rumours circulating throughout the known lands about how they are barbaric peoples who live naked amongst the wild herds. In reality, the Noble Court of the country is extremely extensive, every small hamlet led by an ancient family that can trace their heritage back centuries in the carefully kept records. Twice-yearly great gatherings are hosted outside the Hailfast, where the nobles gather and partake in politicking over land, law and trade, with more minor gatherings of similar type occurring frequently throughout the country, all forming an intricate web of alliances, feuds and other complexities of a fully developed nation.

    Male Human Cavalier (Beast Rider/Courtly Knight) 1
    LN Medium Humanoid (Human)
    Init +2; Senses Perception +1
    AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (6armor + 2dex + 2shield)
    hp 10 (1d10+0con)
    Fort +2 (2base + 0con) Ref +3 (0base + 2dex) Will +1 (0base + 1wis)
    Speed 30 ft.

    Lance +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d8+3 P (3str); x3 (REACH)
    PA Charge Lance +5 (1bab + 3str + 2charge - 1power), 2d8+10 P (3strx2 + 2pax2); x3 (REACH)
    Longspear +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d8+3 P (3str); x3 (REACH, BRACE)
    Scimitar +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d6+3 S (3str); 18-20x2

    Composite Longbow +3 (1bab + 2dex), 1d8 P; x3

    Str 17, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 14
    Base Atk +1; CMB +4 (1bab + 3str); CMD 16 (10 + 1bab + 3str + 2dex)
    1) Beast Bond: +1trait Handle Animal and Ride
    2) Influence (Diplomacy): +1trait to Diplomacy
    1) Power Attack: -1 Atk for +2 Dam. +50% for 2handed.
    RBF) Mounted Combat: Once per round when your mount is hit in combat, you may attempt a Ride check (as an immediate action) to negate the hit. The hit is negated if your Ride check result is greater than the opponent’s attack roll.
    Skills 7 points (4class + 1int + 1fc + 1skilled)
    ACP -0

    *ACP applies to these skills
    Skill Bonuses

    *Acrobatics: +2 (2dex)
    Appraise: +1 (1int)
    Bluff: +3 (2cha + UCS + 1untyped)
    *Climb: +3 (3str + UCS)
    Craft: +1 (1int + UCS)
    Diplomacy: +8 (2cha + 1rank + 3cs + 1untyped + 1trait)
    *Disable Device: Untrained (2dex)
    Disguise: +2 (2cha)
    *Escape Artist: +2 (2dex)
    *Fly: +2 (2dex)
    Handle Animal: +7 (2cha + 1rank + 3cs + 1trait)
    Heal: +1 (1wis)
    Intimidate: +3 (2cha + UCS + 1untyped)
    Know(arcana): Untrained (1int)
    Know(dungeoneering): Untrained (1int)
    Know(engineering): Untrained (1int)
    Know(geography): Untrained (1int)
    Know(history): +5 (1int + 1rank + 3cs)
    Know(local): Untrained (1int)
    Know(nature): +2 (1int + 1rank)
    Know(nobility): +5 (1int + 1rank + 3cs)
    Know(planes): Untrained (1int)
    Know(religion): Untrained (1int)
    Linguistics: Untrained (1int)
    Perception: +1 (1wis)
    Perform: +2 (2cha)
    Profession: Untrained (wis + UCS)
    *Ride: +7 (2dex + 1rank + 3cs + 1trait)
    Sense Motive: +6 (1wis + 1rank + 3cs + 1untyped)
    *Sleight of Hand: Untrained (dex)
    Spellcraft: +1 (1int)
    *Stealth: +2 (2dex)
    Survival: +1 (1wis)
    *Swim: +3 (3str + UCS)
    Use Magic Device: Untrained (2cha)

    Languages Common, Sylvan

    Special Abilities:

    R) Bonus Feat
    R) Skilled: +1 Rank/level

    C) Challenge: 1/day, Swft Act, one enemy within sight, extra damage = to level, -2ac except against target
    C) Mount: Horse (flavoured as young megaloceros to 'mature' at 4th level). No ACP on Ride checks with the mount. Mount is combat trained and starts with Light Armour Proficiency as bonus feat.
    C) Order of the Blue Rose
    --- C) Edicts: Must guard against needless violence, protecting both the land and its people from wars they neither started nor wish to fight. He must seek to stop conflict with a minimum of bloodshed, to encourage peaceful resolutions to disagreements between intelligent creatures, and to mend the wounds opened by battle. He must also honor quarter when he gives it, protecting captives who have surrendered from his own allies if need be.
    --- C) Challenge: Whenever an order of the blue rose cavalier issues a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls made against the target of his challenge, if the target is an intelligent creature to whom the cavalier offered the chance to surrender (by taking a standard action to offer terms). This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses (to a maximum of +5 at 17th level).
    --- C) Skills: Add Knowledge (history) (Int) and Knowledge (nobility) (Int) to his list of class skills. Whenever an order of the blue rose cavalier uses Diplomacy to try to mediate a dispute between two parties that do not include him, he receives a bonus on the check equal to 1/2 his cavalier level (minimum +1).
    C) Social Presence: +1 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks. At 4th level and every 4 cavalier levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1 (to a maximum of +6 at 20th level). A courtly knight starts any verbal duel with an extra edge she can use for only the presence tactic unless she is at a significant or extreme disadvantage in the duel.

    C) Proficiency: Light/Medium/Shield, Simple/Martial


    Large Animal
    Init +0; Senses Perception +5; Lowlight Vision, Scent
    AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (3armor + 1dex + 4natarm)
    hp 19 (2d8+2con + 3toughness)
    Fort +5 (3base + 2con) Ref +4 (3base + 1dex) Will +1 (0base + 1wis)
    Speed 50 ft.
    Primary: Bite +4 (1bab + 3str); 1d4+3 (3str) ((Can PA))
    Secondary: 2 Hooves +4/+4 (1bab + 3str); 1d6+3 (3str)
    Str 16, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
    Base Atk +1; CMB +4 (1bab + 3str); CMD 15 (10 + 1bab + 3str + 1dex)
    1) Toughness: +3 HP (when over 3hd gain +1 per hd)
    BF) Combat Trained
    B) Combat Riding (attack, come, defend, down, guard, and heel)
    1) Watch
    Skills 2
    ACP -1

    *ACP applies to these skills
    Skill Bonuses
    Perception: +5 (1wis + 1rank + 3cs)
    Swim: +7 (3str + 1rank + 3cs)
    Wooden Barding (+3AC, +3maxdex, -1acp)


    Carrying Capacity
    Light 0-86 lb. Medium 87-173 lb. Heavy 174-260 lb.
    Current Load Carried 66 lb.

    (Worn) Breastplate (+6AC, +3maxdex, -4acp, Speed20ft); 30lbs
    (Worn) Heavy Wooden Shield (+2AC, -2acp); 10lbs
    (Carried) Lance (1d8P, x3); 10lbs
    (Carried) Longspear (1d8P, x3, Brace, Reach); 9lbs
    (Carried) Scimitar (1d6S, 18-20x2); 4lbs
    (Carried) Composite Longbow (1d8P, x2); 3lbs
    NOTE: MORE NOODLEY BUYING AFTER ACCEPTANCE. (Probable Packmount/Hirelings)

    Money 465 GP 0 SP 0 CP


    When Mornar was informed at sixteen that he was no longer the heir apparent, it wasn't a private affair. Raised in a way only the first-born royal of a druidic nation could be, amongst the court and the wild gardens and the warm den of the royal sabertooth pack, when his younger sister showed a spark of arcane talent during the Spring Court Festival she was immediately named the heir.

    The reality that this could have happened had always been there, but Mornar had spent so many years being tested and led along to try and spark his own magical talent that it had never truly struck home that he was running out of time. Practically discarded and exiled from the highest tiers of the court, his lessons with druidic and arcane teachers ended without a word, Mornar found himself nigh forgotten by his parents and his siblings. He was, for all intents and purposes, fallen from the royal family.

    It took two years of struggling to remain relevant in the court before Mornar decided it was time for him to give up - not his desire to rise again, but rather the method of his struggle. It was clear that without the favour of his family he was something of a floating, powerless body in the court, and so he fell back on the things that he had excelled in as a child. The forests, the training grounds. Hunting, training animals, learning about the people of the land and the land itself. After six months of 'rousting about' according to the rumours of the court, Mornar signed up for a five year commission in the Winter Wood, the roving and nomadic military force protecting the borders of the Circle of Taalbad.

    Together with the druids, hunters and warriors of the Winter Wood, Mornar began a new life in the wilderness, protecting the hamlets of the Drail from threats from the depths of the forest and from the lands beyond the edge of the Circle. Raiders and poachers were the usual fare, though more frequently than not the Winter Wood also served to track down maneater Cave Bears or Sabretooth Tigers, and even the occasional witch or necromancer despoiling the druidic sites within the circle.

    For the final year of his commission Mornar had been planning to sign up for another half-decade of service. He had come to enjoy his life and the compatriots he had made. Lowborn or high, all were equal in the Winter Wood as all served the land and the people equally. During his final month, however, during the Autumn Court Festival, the royal val Ygriss family made an official appearance, announcing that Mornar's second and youngest sister had shown druidic insight, and that they had also adopted their cousin Pellian vol Ygriss, his mother's nephew, into the family as third in line as he had shown the spark of the Oracle. There was no mention of Mornar in the address, his accomplishments on the border. His service to the realm.

    Mornar had been forgotten. Practically stricken from even the memory of the royal family.

    There had always been a way for the young royal to reclaim his place in the family, but after being so discarded Mornar didn't want that place any more. He wanted more. Leaving the Winter Wood behind, Mornar returned to the Hailfast and gathered what resources he could before approaching his father, the consort of the Kaiserin and the only part of the family who had shown him some interest after the eclipsing rise of Mornar's sister. Awarded a formal position as an Ambassador of the Circle, Mornar had leave to travel beyond it's borders and represent the desires of it's peoples.

    What Mornar didn't tell his father, nor his fairweather friends at court, nor even the few of his old tutors who spoke highly of him, was that Mornar was leaving for more than adventure. He was leaving to find a wife - and a powerful one. Love was no longer an option, it was power he needed and power he would return with or he would die far away without the Gnorn looming on the horizon.


    After reading through HeftyUpTop's submission, thought that maybe a bit more about Alexandra was necessary.

    Alexandra’s Background:

    Alexandra Volkonskaya, only child of Talin Volkonsky, younger brother to the current Emperor and previously the 3rd in line to the Throne.

    Alexandra’s mother past away when she was 3 years old, taking her unborn sibling with her. People whispered about it, that it was because her mother was a foreigner, part of a political marriage with the neighboring Parian Kingdom, the primary trade partner by land and a key source of grains and other field crops. She wasn’t strong enough to with stand the harsh climate and frozen winter’s of Zamorozhenny.

    Although this tragedy caused whispers about her mother, none were about the young Princess. She was everything they could wish for; black hair, pale skin, and her sole trait from her mother and a hypocritically adored and praised feature were her piercing blue eyes.

    Her personality was ever calm and cool, which she was praised for as well, though it was really her narcissistic and possibly sociopathic nature that simply prevented her from really caring. Which was fine, she was a royal. She had bigger things to deal with. Surprisingly, it is this very narcissistic nature that lends itself to her utter dedication and passion about her country and its people; for she sees them as a reflection of herself. After all, her whole life she has been told that she is the country manifest – even if it was by servants and brown-nosing nobles.

    Her arcane abilities manifested early, around her 6th birthday, and she immediately began her studies in the arcane, along with those in diplomacy, nobility, and other courtly affairs. How was anyone to know that it was the source of this arcane power, the Rakshasa, that had weakened her mother to the point that she succumbed to illness? It had never been an issue before, for it was from within the bloodline of the House of Wolves that the Rakshasa blood had originated. Internal marriages were fine because they were already influenced.

    Her father was strong and stoic, loving his daughter as gently and wistfully as the wind does the snow. She adored her father, and his passing under suspicious circumstances drove her further to perfect herself, and to become so powerful that nothing could touch her.

    Her Uncle, Emperor Alexander, for which she was named, loved his brother and took the care of the adolescent Princess as his personal responsibility. With both her parents deceased, Alexandra inherited the place of 3rd in line to the throne, something her cousins might have cared about had they seen a woman as a threat.

    The praise she received did earn her cousin’s ire though, and they rarely engaged with her other than out of necessity, to uphold face, or appear a certain way. For what kind of person would dislike the beautiful, fragile, tragic, orphaned young Princess?

    She learnt to play the game, use her past, her appearance, and her powers to twist people around her finger. As she got older, she began to feel more and more spiteful toward her elder cousins, the heirs to her empire. An empire that deserved better, the best. Wasn’t she the country manifest? Wasn’t she blessed with the arcane? Wasn’t she intelligent, beautiful, politically suave and delicately democratic? Wasn't she the best choice for heir?

    She did the only reasonable thing, gathered allies, information, anything she could. She wanted this, but she knew enough to know that loyalty to family wasn’t something to be sniffed at. She couldn’t be seen to be against her own blood, couldn’t just usurp them. She needed the country to want her as much as she wanted it. So, she aimed to be loved, adored, admired, she would know this country better than anyone, and it would be the country that usurped her cousins.

    She was royal blood. Arcane blood. But she needed more than the people; they were scattered, and news travelled slowly across the plains. Any whisper of a coup or treason and she was done. She’d talk her way out, but it would be a stain impossible to remove.

    She would bind her time, but time was running short as her Uncle aged and all those close to him began to prepare for the inevitable. She made sure that she was there for him at every beck and call, gathering favour while she could, the picture-perfect image of a concerned and loyal woman, doting on her Uncle when she had nothing to gain, for she wouldn’t rule after him. That was what she aimed for, but it presented a more urgent issue. Without her Uncle, what would happen to her lifestyle?

    She knew, and it disgusted her. Political marriage. To a wealthy family, native or foreign. She would need to serve the new Emperor unquestionably. So before then, she needed to act. Be appointed something, be tasked something, anything that would send her out of the country long enough for her to be ready to take it. She didn’t have the ingrained mistrust of foreigners; her mother had been one. Besides, she didn’t trust anyone, so it really didn’t matter.

    She didn’t want to leave, but her Uncle granted her permission to travel. She wasn’t the heir, there was no harm in her seeking to train as a Minister, something being well traveled would surely assist? She managed it well, it came out as the Emperor’s idea, much to the pleading of a worried Princess for her Uncle for him not to send her away. But he insisted, she should go while she was young. She had seen enough family die. This was his dying wish for her. So it seemed.

    She left gracefully, a gentle smile for her people. For herself. It was what the Emperor wanted…

    It was what the Empress wanted.

    I have reviewed the following:

    Alexandra Volkonskaya - Sorceress
    Lysander Higgins - Alchemist
    Raithor The Hunter - Caviler
    Godric Alden - Vigilante
    Raikdar Silvershrike - Magus
    Amelia * - Cleric
    Lia * - Oracle
    Mornar val Ygriss * - Caviler
    Daubeny Threcken - Fighter

    Waiting for competion on:

    Lord Christian D'Elagante - Caviler
    Hestradas* - Druid

    *no alias yet

    Did I miss anyone?

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