[5e]Caster's lightning boss fight: First four builds accepted (Inactive)

Game Master caster4life

Level 16 party fights CR 18 encounter. Just the fight. Just for fun.

Boss map

A quick, fun boss fight. Plain and simple. Might be hard. Might be funny.

All 5e Wizards material allowed, including UA.
Point buy.

Player Level: 1d20 ⇒ 16

Starting wealth: 5,000 gp plus ldlO x 250 gp,
two uncommon magic items,
normal starting equipment

There may be one enemy or multiple. Encounter's total XP will be equivalent to CR 18. I'll roll randomly for number of opponents, identity, etc but will not tell you ahead of time. We'll pick up in media res with the party about to enter into the final chamber of some adventure.

What have you got for this? XD I anticipate starting round 0 (right before entering the boss's chambers) some time tomorrow and finishing up approximately one week from then.

I'm game. I'll kick together a character and get it posted sometime today.

Cool. This'll be fun.

Okay, here is my submission:

TN Warforged Fighter 16

STR 20
CON 20
INT 12
WIS 12

HP 212
AC 24
Prof +5
Init +5

Saves: Str: +10; Dex: +0; Con: +11; Int: +2; Wis: +2; Cha: +0

Speed 40'

Longsword: +11 to hit; 1d8+7 damage; 18-20 crit

Skills: Insight +6, Perception +6, Religion +6, Survival +6

Languages: Common, Celestial, Dwarven, Draconic, Elven

Feats: Blade Master (+1 to hit; can use reaction to add +1 to AC til the start of my next; have advantage with opportunity attacks), Tough (+2 HP/Level)

Class Features: Fighting Style (Defensive, Dueling), Second Wind, Action Surge (One Use), Extra Attack (2), Indomitable (Two Uses), Martial Archetype (Champion; Improved Critical, Remarkable Athlete, Additional Fighting Style, Superior Critical)

Equipment: Shield +1, Cloak of Protection (attuned), Longsword, Full Plate, Potion of Healing x10

Inheritor (swapped out my tools for languages)
Feature: Inheritance (I am a weapon that the god of war unleashed on the world; I was given sentience to see how I would carry out his charge)


Hey devious. I'm somewhat surprised that not as many people think this sounds as fun as I do. If we get 4, I'll run it then. If not, do you two want to do a quick fight with a two-man team?

I'm not afraid.

Sorry this took longer than I thought it would. I've got a mystic mostly done; I'll post him later tonight.

Sounds good. Two level 16 characters. By my calculations on Kobold Fight Club, a CR 12 encounter is hard but not deadly so that's what I'll prep.

Character Name: Jovii

I might grab some more items/potions, but this is the basic gist.


General Information
Class: Mystic
Level: 16
Background: Sage
Race: Elf, High

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 20
Intelligence: 20
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 8

Proficiency bonus: +5

Saving Throws:
Strength Save Total:+2
Dexterity Save Total: +5
Constitution Save Total:+2
Intelligence Save Total: +10
Wisdom Save Total: +5
Charisma Save Total: -1

Combat Stats:
Armor Class: 18 (10+Dex+Con+Cloak of Protection)
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30
Hit Dice: 16d8 = (11+15*5+15*2+15*1)
Max HP: 131
Current HP: 131/131

Short Sword
+10 1d6+5+2d8 piercing

Features and Traits:
Mystic Order: Order of the Immortal
Mystical Recovery
Strength of Mind
Potent Psionics (2d8)
Consumptive Power
Psionic Mastery (11 pts, 3 uses per long rest)

Order of the Immortal Abilities:
Immortal Durability
Psionic Resilience
Surge of Health
Immortal Will

Fey Ancestry

Save DC = 18
Attack Roll = 18

Psi Points: 64/64 | Psi Limit: 7

Active Focus: Precognition

1- Adaptive Body
B1a- Giant Growth
B1b- Iron Durability
2- Precognition
3- Psionic Restoration
4- Aura Sight
5- Intellect Fortress
6- Nomadic Step
7-Bestial Form

1-Energy Beam
2-Psychic Hammer
3-Light Step

-Armor: Light (class)
-Weapons: Simple (class)
-Tools: None (class)
-Skills: Perception, Arcana, History, Religion, Nature

Cloak of Protection
Brooch of Shielding

Gold on Hand:

Languages Known: Common, Elf (race), Sylvan & Celestial (background)

Cool. Gameplay will be up in a second here.

Cool. Alias up.

Gameplay's up for you guys to take your round 0 actions.

Nice. What's the ruling on having longer-term buffs and things up? Like, 10 min, 1 hr, or 8 hr duration spells/abilities?

1 hr and up is fine.

Probably going to run another fight if an additional player(s) want to join. Invite a friend, if you wish.

Seems interesting, I can throw something together in a bit if ya plan on doing another fight.

Looks like we will. So far have a fighter and a mystic.

I'd be down to build something up. It'll take me a day or so to write up a PC, so if someone else sneaks in before I can finish, that's ok.

@bookrat, if you submit a little later, I'd probably allow 5 PCs. Don't need backstory but feel free to make one and RP it. This is really just a very superficial boss fight for some fast fun.

I’m gonna hop in on this too.

Let's see your builds and start a fight. :)

FYI, I'm considering running a 5e published adventure. If you're interested in that, let me know here.

I haven't even had the time to start thinking about a PC yet. Was super busy last night; trying to cook dinner, give the kids baths, clean out the fish tanks, and trying to pick up the house (before giving up and deciding to do it tonight instead).

I have company coming over Sunday, and I need to clean the house before then. Plus I want to take the kids up the mountain tomorrow.

So I don't think I'll have a PC ready is a reasonable amount of time. Especially not one of that level.

Thanks for the opportunity, but go ahead and get started. I'll slowly work on a PC and try to be ready the next time. :)

No problem. See you around the boards.

Still fine tuning and filling in blanks. Sorry. The profile will be up this evening.

Here we go, sorry it took so long.

Great. Waiting for Vrog's warlock and a possible 4th. If we don't get a 4th in a bit, we'll go ahead and do another fight.

Here is Vrog's Warlock.

All right. Let's run with it. If we get a 4th in a day or two, they'll probably still be able to act in the first round.

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