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I think you misunderstood my point. Aasimars are fine but an ifrit in kalsgard who also grew up with ameiko not so much. I understand it can be tricky. I hope you reconsider.

So no houserules for Animal Companions, Edwin?

Not really. . I would pick something native to the local area. Maybe a moose

With the upmost respect, I have am at a loss as to why you keep mentioning Ifrits? I don't think anyone has mentioned them besides you, so I am not sure why you keep mentioning ifrits in Kalsgard that grew up with Ameiko, or why this is relevant. Do you have someone in the game thats an Ifrit?

Would a kangaroo be okay? This is Red's Alias. Let me know what you think. I just need to get some consumables and his backtstory but it's done otherwise.

It was an example of a race that probably wouldn't fit. I mentioned it because I am the GM and it is an example of a scenario that wouldn't fit at this point in my campaign. 23 months ago IRL,(or at the beginning of the campaign better said) I would have been open to it. It wasn't an affront to your character choice at all. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

To be absolutely clear, an Aasimar would be more than welcome in my game, since they are relatively common in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Somehow, this went sideways... oh well... :)

@Roger, on Golarion, I am not sure where these animals are located. I would be afraid it will freeze to death later in the campaign...

Silver Crusade

As I have dying (more or less) to get into a JR game I would like to toss my hat into the ring, applying for the bruiser job.
My idea is a human samurai. Made the character a few years ago and he participated in a failed try. Now he has a childhood crush and my idea is, he was raised by an elderly man and couldn´t join them before. No his fosterfather is dead, so he sells all and follows them. Following a caravan shouldn´t be too hard.

If this is still open, I'd like to jump in on this. I've been wanting to do Jade Regent for a while, and I've got a gem of a character to do it with. I'll tweak him a bit for the campaign, but that shouldn't be too hard.

The short version is he is a kobold barbarian named Mada, who believes this old sword he found while digging turns him into a superhero of Apsu, the Mighty Kohbaald. The sword is actually just an old weapon, but he thinks it's magical; all it does is give him a confidence boost and makes him believe it changes him into a dragon superhero.

The Mighty Kohbaald: defender of the innocent, protector of the weak, and eater of any food that nobody is going to finish! Apsu's greatest champion!

I'd love to join a Jade Regent game, but would prefer to join one from the start :). Good luck to everyone.

Id love to start it up for you anew but man... it took forever to get this far. :)

Haha, yeah but now I have to read through loads of posts. And I want to get the chronicles ;).

I'm very interested in JR. I have bruiser in mind as well. I'll post my concept later today.

Yea, hence why I asked. We'll cross the whole freezing to death thing when it comes up. :)

So do you have any information about Karlsgard? I can't find anything on it. It's hard to figure out why he's there if I don't know anything about it.


just plug in info into the search engine and you should be set.

Okay, looking through the player's guide... if she's not selected for another game, which I should know by the end of today, I think I'd like to put forth my Summoner character for consideration. ^^

Luca Wistor:

Luca is the daughter of a relatively prominent family of the Inner Sea region, though she's never volunteered information that would help someone identify her relatives. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is the extreme difficulty she has with controlling her inborn powers. Most people would classify her as a Summoner, as she possesses the ability to call forth dangerous, otherworldly beings... but that's about the only resemblance she really has to a typical Summoner.

The main problem is that her powers are ultimately channeled for her in times of fear, pain, or other major stress - she simply blacks out, and when she regains consciousness, some thing has appeared to protect her. This wouldn't be so bad if it were, say, a celestial puppy of some kind that everyone could ooh and aah over while keeping in mind that the heavens liked her. No, her summons are more along the lines of flat-out abominations, and nothing she's been able to do has stopped this from happening.

Literally the only reason Luca wasn't killed in her sleep was her family's fear of what might appear within her room if they tried that. Eventually, they settled for simply kicking her out with a pocket of cash and a warning to not come back. Despite her youth, Luca was a reasonably intelligent child, and she eventually decided to join one of the groups heading towards Tian Xia. The stories she'd heard suggested that these were people who were quite good at confronting and controlling spirits, and she's journeying there in the hopes of finding someone who can help her control her abilities and stop summoning monstrosities.

Unfortunately for her, plot happened, and she was separated from her original group. She's now looking for a different caravan to bring her closer to where an expert on controlling summons might be... and surely nobody would turn down a cute young lady and leave her to fend for herself, right?

Basic Crunch:
-Human, about 15 years old.
-Luca uses the Master Summoner archetype; her Eidolon still exists, but she's afraid of summoning it and rarely does so unless the situation is truly dire.
-Her fluff involves the inability to properly control her powers - it's effectively being channeled through her (and rather unwillingly on her part). Mechanically, however, there will be no differences - same time to cast, etc.
-If possible, I'd like to swap out some of the normal things on the Summon Monster list for Aberrations, since those fit the theme better - and yes, I know such summons would be rather worrisome in the lands of Tian Xia. XD I have no intention of trying to deliberately throw off the plot of this AP, and plan to have Luca using her other spells when it would be awkward to have Aberrations popping in.

There isn't anything in the wiki about it, so I'll just come up with what he did before Karlsgard then.


Thanks for the link. I decided he'll be a local instead.

Abridged Origin story:

Roger was an odd halfling born and raised in the Amber quarter. While most children liked things like playing games, Roger preferred to go out into the wilderness and talk to animals. While none of them ever talked back, the halfling found that they were good listeners. One day he stumbled upon a tiny little baby kangaroo that had gotten loose when a traveling menagerie came through town. It's tag was broken in half so it only read roo. After many arguements about it and the fact that the caravan had moved on weeks ago, Roger's folks let him have it. When he got older, he started sparring with his new friend as he learned how to box.
Now both fully grown, his neighbors have come to appreciate their local neighborhood watch in the form of a halfling and his kangaroo.

This is the level 4 version. Backstory is still in work.


Please have a look at Romm, above. I'd definitely still be interested.

Thank you

Hi Mellowgoth - I read Romm... took me a while to find the post, lol... anyway - very neat background. I like to see characters with some conflict in their past for sure... just remember, I'm only one player in the game, not the decision maker. That would be GM Edwin.

Here is what I got for Ogin so far.

I'm just trying to figure out the right format for the sheet. I know what I want though.

I recommend a different avatar... we already have a player with that one

Showing up with the same avatar? How embarrasing, we can't have that, but I'll admit it probably suits his character far better, so I will switch to this avatar that I overlooked the first time.

You don't want me to call him Lothi Jr... :)

Well I would like to offer my sword arm. It is a great chance to improve my style!

Sorry kids...the joker role has already been taken... No other jokers need apply.

Greetings friends!

I decided to throw in my hat after all (Jolly Roger).

Here is my character, Garox Fang, at your service.

He is a good hearted and friendly Angelkin Aasimar with a beaming smile on his face.

The background was written for a thiefling for ROTRL, but I reskinned him to a more positive character for Jade regent.
He uses the sap mastery line to intimidate and weaken his foes in combat. "Keep em alive, they might offer secrets and gold for their life after being caught!" Is his motto.
He is a jolly character and a romantic, so pretty ladies beware.

For your imagination, think Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) as a character. That is Garox, with shiny hammer and all.

I need to change his background to fit the storyline, but I hope you like him. I think he could come from Karlsguard and jump right in.
I wanted to pick up the mummy's mask trait to keep trapfinding for the party. I can roleplay any connection to the npc if that is ok.

Let me know what you think, what to adjust. Obviously I need to write up the background, but if you tell me in what way he connects to the characters I can work that in.

Okay, it looks like I got into the other game, so I won't be submitting my Summoner here after all. ^^ Thanks for the consideration anyway!

Updated his background some more.

Rest will come once I have feedback :).

The character picture really suits him.

Ok everyone, I have decided to keep it open until Wednesday Afternoon my time(ca. 1600 MST) So if anyone is interested feel free to submit.

Sovereign Court

Also for your consideration. Tal, utility and control wizard extraordinaire. He will have fled to Karlsgard to get away from the duke and could meet the companions there. He is bored and he is cold, so does not mind joining a caravan at all ;). The duke might even be on his tail.

I saw Tal in another recruitment thread and I liked his ideas and background a lot.

Liberty's Edge

Submitting Arthrax Bellringer, Axe-Swinging Tank at your service.

I would like to thank everyone for their applications and I do appologize for any misunderstandings.

I would like to welcome Ikoma and Ogrin to the group. It was very difficult choosing the tanks because everyone was outstanding but the group really needs divine intervention.

Could the two of you send me a PM so i can brief you how we can get you into the game.


Aw shucks, seemed fun to join Edwin. Let me know if you ever need a rogue or controller ;).

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