Is there an AP with a Dragon as the Big Bad?

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Pretty much that, is there an AP where a villainous Dragon is the main antagonist of the story?
I know that Dragons do appear as villains and enemies in some of the APs. But is there one where the Dragon is the actual "Big Bad" at the end of the story, and not just a pawn of the actual villain?

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A certain great wyrm blue is a major player in Curse of the Crimson Throne despite being dead to begin with.


And in the hardcover edition, his half-revived undead form fights alongside the human big bad. With the possibility that he is fully resurrected if you fail.

Not an AP... But a great Module: The Dragon’s Demand.

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For a bit more detail, the staff have said that they've played around with doing an Against the Dragons style AP, but they never really got it to gel.

The best qualified I am aware of for a Dragon-BBEG-based-AP would be one of (a) an AP featuring the island nation of Hermea; and (b) a PF2e AP featuring the return of Choral the Conquerer to Brevoy.

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Similar to Crimson Throne, Shattered Star has a dragon. It's not the final boss, but it is a big fight.

If you count pre-Pathfinder Paizo APs, Age of Worms has a ton of dragon enemies including one who gets by far the most build-up and time of the villains and is effectively the #2 by plot significance but the #1 for memorable.

There will hopefully also eventually be Rage of Wyrms.

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