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What was your kingdom named?


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You guys understand the question, I assume. ;)

Ours was "Olberria," since they found an Owlbear and made it a mascot. yeah. You know the one.

Silver Crusade

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Kyshahn, named for two explorers who lost their lives making the Stolen Lands safe: Kyte the Elven Druid (died fighting ticks and mites) and Ihsahn the Human Cleric of Nethys nee Pharasma (torn to shreds by Trolls).

Ihshan got better eventually.

My players got REALLY creative & because it was in the Greenbelt & was
actually pretty green when they were there...
You guessed it - Greenland...sigh...

Shadow Lodge

Iomrall (pronounced IM-raul). Second definition is the more intended.

Since Scottish, Celtic, Gaelic, and Welsh languages are all strongly associated with various breeds of Fey in my game, N will certainly know both definitions and intends to play on the first heavily.

Grand Lodge

I am amused to hear about the naming of Kyshahn because our group did almost the same thing. Our kingdom is named Bellamar after two characters who died in its founding. Bellamin, the bard, was eaten by zombies, and is also remembered in the tavern called "Bellamin's Rest". Marita, the inquisitor of Calistria, was mauled by a large cat, which pounced on her and got several attacks in one round.

It was decided that we could not revise the kingdom name when additional characters died later on.

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I suggested the default name of "Narland".

My players liked the "Nar" portion.

So they named their new CG aligned kingdom "Narnia".

Then they made everyone a King/Queen and proceeded to try their best to build C.S. Lewis's Narnia all the way down to an Army of rangers with animal companions and a band of Centaur mercenaries who serve the collected Crowns.

Scarab Sages

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The queen in my game is a HS latin teacher, so our kingdom became Fluviallis, land of rivers, or in the more popular shortened form Vallis.

They did name something after fallen heroes though, just not the kingdom. Oleg in our game was a retired knight commander that the party knew as teenagers, and he was killed by treachery while offering hospitality to another (actually a disguised bandit) knight. There was also an NPC paladin that died defending Oleg's against the Stag Lord's men, so the party chose Knight's Rest as the name of the new settlement. They paid gold out of a treasure horde they found to have a very expensive monument erected there prior to kingdom building, and now when anyone dies with valor defending their kingdom, their name is added to the monument.

They do seem to have a whole lot of trouble naming things though, as they refused to give their capitol a name until I threatened to call it something truly awful. Then it took nearly 3 RL hours of heated debate over a list of 72 player suggested names to figure out what to call it.

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My group's Duchess is a Gnome Oracle whose obsession is growing apples. So they went looking for a name which meant 'orchard' and ended up with 'Boomgaard', and a capital city called 'Boom'. Which I will make them regret some day.
They already regret one of the other towns. The person running the Kingdom sheets said 'we really should give this settlement a name', to which everyone else replied 'yup'. So Yup it became.

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Originally I wanted to go with a play on the Stag Lord's name and call it Hartland. The group went with it but added an S so it ended up Hartsland with the capital city of Thronehold.

Silver Crusade

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Our capital is named Calvin's Rest. Named for the King's brother who died tragically in a dragon attack in his backstory.

Shadow Lodge

Our capital is Dún Raige ("Fort Stubbornness").

They also have Tatzylford, Gildgate (formerly Oleg's Trading Post; I wouldn't let them call it Olegory), and Duskgrove.

Silver Crusade

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Oleg's was named Tradesmeet in our game. Tatzylford was named what it is. Drelev was renamed Katiyana after the brave young woman who warned the PC's kingdom of eminent threat.

Shadow Lodge

My group is only one session into book three and is already talking about taking over Varnhold. (They were NOT happy with the ways they were dealing with the tribe - see the VV thread.) I imagine the entire region will be renamed as well as the city, to take away the Varns (Maegar and daughter Miriam) getting any credit.

That's a ways away though.

Duskgrove is their newest town, founded around the Dancing Lady's Keep.

I've dubbed the kingdom "Erastia" since our DM played up a lot of Erastil influences for our ever faithful ranger, but the party has yet to officially agree to the name after over a year of adventuring in it (real time, our game is a little slow right now).

The capital was built on the old Stag Lord's fort and is name Staghelm. Oleg's continues to be Oleg's Trading Post. To my knowledge we have yet to establish any other permanent holdings, though we did name the graveyard Katya's Rest after my own Oracle who fell in battle with a wandering Shambling Mound.

Silver Crusade

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Oh, and Candlemere is the home of the Candlemere Academy for Magically Gifted Youngsters.

I tried to warn them against building a magical academy atop an unstable Elfgate that had already drawn the attention of Yog-Sothoth AND the Fellnight Queen but NOOOOOO, who would listen to me. I'm just every NPC ever >:-D

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I see absolutely no problems with this arrangement.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber

We called our kingdom Rivoy.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Oh, and Candlemere is the home of the Candlemere Academy for Magically Gifted Youngsters.

I tried to warn them against building a magical academy atop an unstable Elfgate that had already drawn the attention of Yog-Sothoth AND the Fellnight Queen but NOOOOOO, who would listen to me. I'm just every NPC ever >:-D

Too funny. My players did almost the same thing. They decided that Candlemere should be renamed Candlekeep and become a center of learning. They then proceeded to build a Historical University, a Magical Academy, a Bardic College, an Observatory and a Military Academy there. Even though I allowed them the opportunity to close the Elf-Gate I wrote up some custom monsters based off the Black-Eyed Children urban myth and have been using them as embryonic shoggoth hosts to occasionally threaten the settlement. Man, this has really kept our resident Paladin on her toes.

Shadow Lodge

Can you post/PM their stats Wes?

Sarendine. It's run by a cleric of Sarenrae.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Sure Orthos. I tossed them together quickly when I wrote them up so they are probably rife with mistakes, but these stats have served to vex and challenge my paladin PC. Especially they first two or three fights with them.

Black Eyed Children (CR 10)

Type: NE Small Outsider
Init: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Feat)
Senses: Darkvision 120', Low Light Vision
Perception +13

AC 24 (+1 Sz,+5 Dx,+1 Dodge, +7 Natural)
HP 65 (10d10+10) (Fast Healing 10/Holy Water, Divine Damage)
Fort: +10 Ref: +18 Will: +13
Immune: Wisdom Drain/Damage, Confusion effects, Poison
Vulnerabilities: Holy Water(does 1d6+3/vial)
Resist: Acid 10, Cold 10, Electricity 10
SR: 21

Speed: 30'
Melee: x2 Claws +18 (1d4+1+1d4 Bleed)
Space: 5' Reach: 5'
Special Attacks: Bleed (1d4), Befuddling Gaze (see below)

Spell Like Abilities: (Caster Level 10th-Concentration:+14)
At Will-Detect Good, Detect Magic, Message, Read Magic, Acid Splash, Greater Teleport (Self + 50 lbs. only)
3x/Day-Suggestion, Charm Person, Dispel Magic, Protection from Good, Minor Image (often used to disguise summoned Hounds of Tindalos)
1x/Day-Modify Memory, Unholy Blight

Str: 8 Dex: 20 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 10 Cha: 14
Base Atk: +10 CMB: +8 CMD: 24
Feats: Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse, Dodge, Combat Casting, Ability Focus(Befuddling Gaze)
Skills: Bluff+15, Kno(Planes)+15, Spellcraft+15, Kno(Arcana)+15, Use Magic Device+15, Perception+13, Acrobatics +18, Stealth+22, Intimidate+2
Languages: Aklo, Abyssal, Common, Infernal
SQ: Alien, Embryonic Spawn, Invitation, Odd Presence, Magic Claws

Alien(Ex): All Black Eyed Children take a -4 circumstance penalty to all Charisma based skill checks

Befuddling Gaze(Su): As a free action once per round a Black Eyed Child can utilize their alien telepathy in a maddening and will sapping attack against any creature with a mortal soul. The target must make a Will save (DC 19) or take 1d4 Wisdom damage and become staggered for one round. Making the save allows the victim to bypass the Wisdom damage but they still gain the staggered condition for one round. Additionally any who pass the save become immune to that childs Befuddling Gaze for 24 hours.

Embryonic Spawn(Su): Anyone whose Wisdom is reduced to zero or that is slain by a Dark Eyed Child are taken by any surviving children to be made into Black Eyed Children themselves in a profane ritual taking 2d4+2 days time. Once 18 black eyed children have been created total (including the original host) a similar ritual taking 1d4+1 hours can be performed by the children. At its conclusion their heads burst open and many, many shoggoth fragments spill out and forming a young shoggoth (Bestiary Pg 249, Pg 295)

Fast Healing(Su): Black Eyed Children heal at a near unbelievable rate. Spells or weapons which do divine damage (Such as the bonus +2d6 from a Holy weapon) deal damage which the creatures cannot so easily heal. Additionally they are vulnerable to holy water and this type of damage is not easily healed either.

Invitation(Su): The antithetical nature of a Black Eyed Childs existence manifests as a Magical Circle Against Evil which takes form around the entire outside of any occupied residence or vehicle that they approach. They can bypass this Circle only by receiving an invitation by the occupants to enter. Most Black Eyed Children utilize persuasion or trickery to gain this invitation, but they are not above using threats, displays of power or the torment and torture of loved ones and pets to gain it.

Magic Claws(Su) Their claws function in all respects as +2 magic weapons

Odd Presence(Ex): A Black Eyed Childs odd mannerisms, body language and actions add a +4 Circumstance bonus to Intimidate skill checks

Summoning(Su): Two or more Black Eyed Children are capable of focusing their will to summon a Hound Of Tindalos (Bestiary 2, Pg 158) to do their bidding one time per day for one minute. This summoning takes both children a standard action to accomplish.

Telepathy(Su): Black Eyed Children can communicate to each other telepathically at will as long as they are within sight of one another. This telepathy cannot be used to communicate with non-children. For that they must use language.

Black Eyed Children are the result of crazed or maddened cultists who make deals with insane alien entities of the realms of nightmares. In exchange for promises of immortality and power they give their bodies, minds and souls to these alien creatures only to become not just possessed by them, but actually impregnated by their embryonic presences.
The cultists body serves as incubator for the first of a potential plague of Black Eyed children which the parent nightmare beast uses to build a bridgehead of souls so that it may birth a fragment of itself into the prime plane to wreak destruction, death and unending, maddening despair.
Black Eyed Children appear as children of any humanoid race of adolescent age but all have dark, black eyes lacking pupils. Their mannerisms are odd and come across as strange or alien and they often lack knowledge of simple ordinary subjects related to everyday mortal life.

Mine still haven't a name. Tuskwater Keep (the Stag Lord's former home) is the only thing I've named, and they're not changing it.

I have named the kingdom spreadsheet file "Hootergrad" (I think they've killed 6 or 8 owlbears by now?) as a prod to creativity, but it hasn't worked yet.

The Kingdom of Tuskland. Our capital city, founded upon the Stag Lord's fort, is named Tuskini.

We of course have Tatzleford, Varnhold, and Drelev, but when we built a city on Oleg's Trading Post we named it Olegsandria. When my group finally relents and we build on Candlemere, it will be named Kung-Fu Island. I want to build an arena there.

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My players' kingdom is named Tarn. One of them said, "as long as it ends in 'arn' or something like that, it'll sound like a real kingdom."

The newsprint business that started up is now called "The Tarnished Times."

Dark Archive

We just finished up our campaign last weekend. The kingdom was called Stormvale, with its capital city of Stag's End. Most of the other cities held their original names - Candlemere, Varnhold, Fort Drelev, etc.

We named our kingdom the Shrikelands for the Shrike river. Our capitol city is Shrikewall. No, we do not publicly impale our enemies... Other cities include Olegton, Kiravoy Hold (formerly Varnhold), Tatzylford, Von Kross' Landing (formerly Fort Drelev), Candlethorn Island (also our magic academy), and Shrinehold.

Since the "kingdom" is just a barony for now, the players haven't given it a real name yet that I recall. However, the capital city they built over the Stag Lord's fort has been named Stagshelm, and there is a town called Levendia at the spot where Oleg's Trading Post was and Tatzlford by the riverside. I should probably design a coat of arms (probably with help from the players) for the country at some part.

No name for the Barony still, but Levetgrad has been adopted for the village at Oleg's trading post.

The Inn of the Sleeping Owl in Tuskwater Keep, rebuilt after the Owlbear Attack, is now Bear Hooters. (Bare Hooters might be the brothel, *if* one is built.)

Our kingdom was called Freedonia. Capital city was Fort Tuskwater.

Most towns were named after fallen cohorts of the king - Giacomo's Rest, Minionville, Giselle Town and a few others whose names escapes me.

The fate of so many cohorts became a running joke in the campaign.

The Kingdom of Agrowan, Nation of New Beginnings, and home to the best head cheese in the world as well as the birthplace of heavy mithral!


I'm a PC. Kingdom named The Shrikelands. Capitol named Stagton

The Kingdom is Staghelm

With a Capitol placed at the site of the Staglord's Fort: Stag's Fall

Oleg's is now a bustling trade city: Leveton

Candlemere Island is now the site of a Magical University and all supporting buildings are pretty much just pylons of crystal to help focus the "Vril" (See Sunken Empires) or other buildings for the students. In addition there is a temple to Zon Kuthon that is working closely with the Magical School in a Theurge program. The College town is called: Candlemere and the old Tower now school is The Midnight Spires. Though the students call it The Nightmare Spires.

Tatzleford is still the same as is the Fortress City of Varnhold.

Their "Vatican" is in the Narlmarches (Margreve) and called Briarlight.

Fort Drelev is now Port Hooktongue.

The Temple of Erastil is the site of a small town of people looking to hold on to the Old Ways: Woodhall

The Tower of the Dancing Lady is now converted into Castle Trolldam and is the keystone of the second Fortress City of Westwatch.

The Sootscales have expanded their Warrens and under the eyes of the former Magister Witch have the city of Mount Sootscale (*cough*built under a hill*cough*) King Sootscale (chief) is held in check by the Witch who they call the Sootwitch of ALL Bigg'nsess. Mount Sootscale is called Lizard Rock by the locals since it's where ALL the prisoners are sent by all the courts of the land.

I also had to assist in naming the kingdom as DM and assist in naming the capital city, but since then we have split into two play groups because the two factions of players just wanted to play it completely differently. so now i'm going to be DMing the same campaign for two different groups starting from the Staglords fort. We settled on the Kingdom name of Versadon (or Vercedonia) and the capital city is called Harthago (like carthago(carthage) mixed with Hart).

My players founded a city at the old sycamore/mite lair and called it Draxis; Olegs became Olegria (which i maintain sounds like a pill for hair loss).

One group of our players is very serious and wanted to put a lot of thought into names, the other side suggested names that were ridiculous such as "Elk Bukake" and this whole argument augmented the splitting of the party.

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Oh dear lord. Never let the funny guy be king.

"Federated United Commonwealth in Easter Avistan"


We've been playing all "Daughters of Aldori". We're the last generation of Aldori nobles trying to save our house.

It just kind of happened that we named our kingdom Aldoria.

Our capitol was also made on the Stag Lord's keep, which we called (perhaps quite unoriginally) The Tusk.


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My group took an uncharacteristically-realistic look at the task before them and settled on:


(where the taxes are low and cousin-marryin' is legal!)

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We just finished up book 1. My PCs have only killed about 5% of the bandits I've thrown at them. During the first encounter with Happs, our wizard used arcane mark, prestidigitation, and his redonkulous Bluff check convinced Haps and the other two surviving bandits that they were geas'd to serve the trading post for a year and a day. All told they've got about 20 former bandits, not including Akiros, "under their spell" so to speak. This, coupled with their cavalier of the penitent order and their gunslinger with his ranks in Profession (sheriff), led them to name their capital city Mercy.

I jokingly called out kingdom the Make Glorious Nation of Stagfell.

But it's really just Stagfell with a capital of the same name built on the Stag Lord's fort.

Varnhold will keep its name as my PC (who is the leader because he has 22 CHA (even though I'm also GM)), is going to marry Maegar Varn's daughter, Lyriina, to merge Varnhold in with Stagfell.

Maeger's dying words was to pledge his 2 daughters to the 2 human PC's in our group.

Ours is Carrum. Supposedly either greek or latin for wagon, because we have used the wagon the bandits had at Oleg's post all game.

My players went with "Phoenixa" for the name of the new nation (their adventuring company was called Phoenix Rising) and their capital is called "Ryvendale", for the hin barbarian party member who fell (literally) at the battle for the Stag Lord's fort.

They've also named a settlement "Stockton" because it was founded as a place for their stinky stockyards. A blood feud between ranchers and uppity "townsfolk" has erupted a few times there; one of our paladins keeps threatening to roll through with the armies if they don't keep it together. Lawful Good, my hiney ;)

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Our group started with the simple barony of "New Brevoy."
Then when we got up to duchy status (and civil strife started rising to the north) we changed our name to "Rostland" in open opposition to the Brevic and Issian oppressors.
Brevoy and the Surotova's certainly took it as a big "middle finger" (which it was) but it was a big hit in Restov and the southern areas.

We chose to have a party of all dwarves for Kingmaker. So we started out with a contract and named our adventuring company "Narvartor" for "Brave and Loyal Souls" from a dwarven language codex.

Our kingdom took on the same name and our capitol is Stag's End.

Dark Archive

"Zhukovia", our party are the nobles of House Zhukov (a fictional minor house of Brevoy) so there comes the name. The first city was founded at the Stag's Lord fort and is called "Stagfall". To continue with the tradition, Varnhold was renamed "Vordafall" (to our GM's dismay).

Magna mare.....cos it was built next to big stretch of water

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Ours is the Kingdom of Moreland, ruled by Queen Moragan of the House of More, who sits upon the Antlered Throne.

The Stag Lord's Fort grew into Castle Staghart, as did the city around it where the Shike River flows into the Tuskwater.

Oleg's Trading Post became Olegtown, a walled trading center in the north of Moreland at the top of the Moreland Road.

Nettle's Crossing was settled by a group of run-away halfling slaves and became Freedomtown, where an angry spirit has been known to destroy the bridge several times through the years.

The Temple of the Elk grew into the secluded town of Elkheart, where Erastil's paladins are trained, and the Great Druid of Moreland maintains the Great Cattery.

The failed colony of Varnhold kept its name, in honor of all the souls it lost. Now, it's a thriving walled community of dwarves who trade freely with the Nomen Centaurs to the east.

Talon Peak became home to a small community of elven eagle riders and the Great Aerie is known as Eaglesnest.

Along the north bank of the Gudrin River where it flows out from beautiful Lake Silverstep was founded Silverstep Town, a sleepy town of fishermen.

Between Tuskwater Lake and Lake Candlemere, for a long time that part of the Shrike River was known as the Hydra's Run and given a wide berth. Now, Candlelight Towne sits atop the Hydra's Spit, a port for each lake, a route past the rapids of the Hydra's Run, and a safe vantage to view the still mysterious and haunting Isle of Candlemere.

Tatzlford, founded by a group of devout Erastilites, having been saved from the dangers of the Fellnight Realm and the Barony of Drelev has wisely sought the safety and protection of joining Moreland.

Philip Knowsley wrote:

My players got REALLY creative & because it was in the Greenbelt & was

actually pretty green when they were there...
You guessed it - Greenland...sigh...

My players picked the same name, but ran it through a Tolkien Elvish translator. It came out "Calenhad." (None of them have played Dragon Age AFAIK.)

The capital city? Aelost, the result of running "Laketown" through the same translator. :)


My Kingdom was the Grand Duchy of Anatoray (because Kingdoms are boring).

It's capital was build of course on the Stag's Fort, and was named Sancere.

There was also Aeldur's Hold (located in the abandoned elven keep); Varandal (located on the bank of lake Silverstep); Nettle's Crossing - a Kobold city (located obv. at Nettle's Crossing); and Feytown (located at the top of the Shrike river falls) in addition to the other standard towns.

We also renamed Ft. Drelev to Harkenwold.

There were a number of Border Forts too. Scaleback (at the lizardman camp), Beaky (at the ownbear lair), Vordaki (using Vordaki's tomb), Wyvernstone (at the bridge of the same name), Armagg (his tomb), Hooktongue (western edge of the swamp), Oleg's Trading Post, and Varnhold Pass.

My players, after much debate, finally settled on Caerelia for the name of the kingdom. I think they took "green belt" and ran it through a Latin translator, and then modified it a bit.

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