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for reference:

Maybe this was intentionally left mysterious but... aren't Dahak and Rovagug essentially the same, except one is more draconic than the other?

Like I understand if Dahak was just some generic evil dragon god then sure maybe, but that simply is not the case.

Dahak, like Rovagug are gods of destruction. They are both similarly described by something to the effect of: while the other gods were creating, <dahak/rovagug> was destroying.

I seriously don't understand this, can someone help me?

by racial bonus language you means like the human language like varisian or something or what? also, with Androffan as a bonus language, do u mean that you start with it, or that its a bonus language that you can add to your list of additional languages you can pick from based on intelligence modifier?

Also what are the typical light conditions?... like day/night deep underwater is very different from on the surface

Hey I'm interested, but I'm sort of new to play by post, so whats a good template for the character sheet?

also I would be interested in collaborating story wise with someone

would this be using pathfinder or...? (etc?)

Sorry to necro but my thread got bumped off the list

If a swashbuckler were two use a double weapon, for example a chain spear, would he be able to use the spear end as a one handed piercing weapon?

The reason I ask is I've trying to make a good build for the swashbuckler daring infiltrator archetype, and choosing a weapo. Has been fairly difficult (any other suggestions?)

Ya it's a little dumb

Yes I believe I meant the create

Im sorry what are "the council", the "hearts", and the "stones"?

edit: like is "the council" a criminal organization, or like a council of elders/nobelmen that are ruling a kingdom while searching for this lost heir?

and are the hearts and stones some king of magic item/artifact?

Nevan Oaks wrote:
The spell targets an oak club, but you can't buy an oak club, just a club. So the only thing this spell can work on is the quarter staff.

I'm inclined to agree...

heres my attempt at the logic taken to the illogical extreme ;)
I think the game logic implies you can cast the spell on an oak club, but not an oakclub. Therefore you can cast the spell on a great club, but not a greatclub.

the funny thing is, the difference between greatclub and great club. or oakclub and oak club is actually only from removing the space, and shortening things. so really its slang, so really a greatclub isn't and actual weapon (same with longswords and greatswords), and is instead simply vulgar slang of the word great club. And again as we all know, great is simply an adjective applied to club, just like oak is an adjective added to club.


If you notice on the chart for arcanist, at 11th level is says you get greater exploits, and you get an archaist exploit at 11th level and every level thereafter. Note that It doesn't say "greater exploits"

What I understand this to mean is that the greater exploit thing simply expands what you are allowed to take as exploits.

So yes, in my opinion you can take the feat to get the greater.

I did a search and It didn't seem like the question had been asked:

How do the Hit Dice calculations for Animate Dead end up when Commanding Infusion and Desecrating Infusion are all taken into account?

Cruomancer archetype is right here

Lets look at a 10th level wizard Cruomancer (and lets say through his favored class Bonus from being damper make it a 12th caster level).

also, this situation hasn't come up in a game, its just me building characters...

Animate dead says you make a number of hit dice of undead equal to twice your caster level. Thats 24 HD.

Commanding infusion says you can control a number of hit dice of undead equal to three times your caster level instead of twice. Thats 36 HD.

Desecrating infusion says he effectively can cast desecrate on himself once per day and lasting 1 minut per level (thats 10 minutes)

Desecrate (the spell) says you can "double the normal amount of undead (that is 4 HD per caster level rather than 2 HD per caster level)"

My Understanding/Lack there of:
NORMALLY: During this Cruromancer's day, he can either animate 3HD per caster level (36 HD).

OCCASIONALLY: For a total of 10 minutes, he can cast animate dead that either animate 4HD per level (48 HD), or 6 HD per level (72 HD).

reasons for 4 HD per level: the desecrate spell specifies in parenthesis "that it is 4 HD per caster level rather than 2 HD per caster level"

reasons for 6 HD per level: If we were to consider the 3 HD per caster level from commanding infusion as "normal," and the desecrate spell says "double the NORMAL amount," then the number of Hit dice per caster level would be 3x2 which is 6.

I'd like to clarify that I'm not confused about the necromancer's ability to channel energy or command undead, and I understand that the HD counts for this ability is completely separate from the animate dead ability.

Please feel free to ask clarifying questions if you don't think you completely understand my question.

Resurrection x2 lol

The archetype is the swashbuckler infiltrator archetype. basically when you make a trip or grapple maneuver, your target is muted for a full round.

I think Profession Soldier has been a knowledge (tactics) skill since the CRB

I'm haven't done that module, but
Well obviously there is the politics and stuff with nirmathas and molthune that you could include. You could also look nearby like lastwall, belkzen, etc

I believe the guy that pulled the castle out of the deck of many things to create castle everstand was called a sargeant. I also remember in cities of golarion there was a "parade of nations" that among other things honored a recently promoted brigadier general. I personally disagree with these choices, but that's what is there.

LuniasM wrote:

The new Slums spirit has a lot of CC spells on its spirit list, but the hexes aren't fantastic. You could always just grab ones from the universal list though. I'd suggest Slums and Wandering Water for the fluid magic hex. This allows you to prepare spirit spells in any slot, allowing you to use them multiple times. This build also doesn't require INT or CHA to function, allowing you to focus your point buy in waaaay less stats. Remember that some FCBs allow you to steal spells from the Cleric list, giving you access to even more spells.

Something interesting to note - Slums gives you an Extraordinary teleport, meaning it can still be used while under the effects of an antimagic field. All you need is a door-like opening, which can easily be created with certain spells. This isn't too important early on but may be incredibly useful later.

Slums intrigues me know that I see it, but lets say I wanted to back up the city/slum theme with actual skills, how would you recommend I get basic class skills like bluff, know local, etc. Or should I do something weird like play it like some weird anti-social city-rat?

I mean I can do a little buffing and such. I was thinking you know spells like stinking cloud, black tentacles, various versions of entangle, etc

Probably starts at 5th, and I don't expect it to go super far along (maybe level 8, possibly higher)

Edit: and the reason I don't want to focus on summoning is I think we'll be strong on melee, plus I'm already playing a Druid in kingmaker, so I want some variety

Entire party vs one were-wolf you say? Give the were-wolf a few were-wolf buddies and some normal wolves (remember were-wolves get bonuses hanging out with wolves i think)

do same thing for other encounters, add more minions. Just by the laws of probability and how many a wizard can target, he won't hit every minion

again Always add extra minions, its all about action economy, much less about CR of a single monster vs the whole group

How would you build this. By this, I mostly mean I would be casting. We'll probably have a bard and lots of melee, so don't focus me on buffing, summoning or reach. Basically I would probably be using my spirit abilities and hexes and such for more utility and better casting, rather than as a debuffer or melee.

Again, I want to focus on spells

I'm confused do u fight on horseback or get frequently ambushed? Generally unless you are built around horses, when entering a dungeon and/or trying to stealth, going on foot is better. If you get ambushed, your scout isn't doing his job

Make alliance with awakened horse, or take leadership. Otherwise, no. But there are feats and such tha will allow you allows your 4 or so level dip in cavalier (quite significant) to stack with levels in other classes I think. Possibly also exists with ranger

Ustalav too. It has university of lepidstadt, Quartefaux archives, sincomakti school of sciences. The first two fit best within ustalav, with U of lepidstadt being founded near archeological sites to study them, and the archives is part academy, part royal archives.

So the ability says you use the attack role of an attack of opportunity for your weapon. So, other than the fencer trait, how else can I get bonuses on attack roles for attacks of opportunity (and therefore parries(y's?))?

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So basically, Iomedae is first mentioned (chronologically first), after Arazni is slain and Iomedae rallies the troops at Fort Lorrin before striking back in the battle of Vaishalli Pass and the Battle of three sorrows, where she plays major roles.

After this point, she seems to disappear, and is not mentioned in the final battle vs the whispering tyrant (only Arnisant and Narthoc are mentioned)

So, was she at a different part of the battle, unconscious, participating in some other battle, attempting to recruit more crusaders, etc?

thejeff wrote:

It's not true, but ...

There is something hidden in there. What you say is absolutely true. It's easy to come up with a roleplay justification for whatever mechanically sound build you've come up with. Many who talk roleplay and optimization being compatible stop there, with the Stormwind Fallacy. There is no conflict. If you start with optimized mechanics.

What that overlooks is that if you start building your character from the other end, there is a conflict. Not all interesting character concepts are mechanically sound. The farther you ramp up the power level/challenge for the game, the more you'll run into this.

This is much better said that my messy wall of text. Agreed 100%

Oh, I see how that makes sense.

They are a little expensive though.

Yes, I forgot about that, I agree with Imbicatus. If you are going to stick with crossbows, I recommend you use bolt ace gunslinger. It would also probably be a good idea of making use of your repeating crossbow profciciency and pick up two light ones as I discussed earlier

by the way, I recommend that the player use the bow option (and just pretend its the hand crossbow), assuming you will allow this sort of (quite honestly harmless) re-skinning.

I personally don't know much about this area, and I think you will get better responses on the advice board. I'm just trying to help.

I haven't really thought much about races like nagaji, and classes like mesmerist, or anything related to Tien Xia (i assume its Tien Xia right?). My recommendation is you go to the advice board, where questions like this are asked somewhat commonly and will get answers from people more well-versed in these particular areas than me.

If you aren't built for wild shape, don't do invest to much in it.

I'm playing a druid in Kingmaker (made it to12th level) and I mostly focus on summoning and control. I only wild shape to fly, and any other reason is for very unusual circumstances. Some examples include ferrying my party members across a river (which was a problem at lower levels), or chasing a mysterious raven that turned out to be a bad guy's familiar.

If you are focused on control, I'd recommend making a very large kit of scrolls of all the niche spells that are awesome control spells under the right circumstances.

Also, if you cast spells that require saving throws (basically everything except buffs and summons) definitely grab a headband for your wisdom score if you don't already have one.

Also, wands of cure light wounds and a big cure potion (greater than moderate) are useful for incase you are unconscious and your ally can't use your wand, but can give you the potion

Generally using crossbows is considered quite suboptimal. Generally I think they are there mostly for npc's and 1st level wizards who are out of spells.

mechanical issues:
The main issue with using hand and light crossbows, is although they can be shot one-handed, they have to be reloaded two handed (which makes TWF difficult). So either you carry a bunch of pre loaded crossbows and quickdraw them, or you pick up repeating light crossbow proficiency, which makes it somewhat better.

Adding extra damage/other to your crossbows.
The only way to really make good use of crossbows (and these are still suboptimal and would be better done with just a bow and arrow include: using an alchemist archetype and/or discovery that might be named "grenadier" which allows you to attach bombs and other alchemical weapons to your arrow/bolt. Another one is using poisons. There are a few good threads out there on how to best do a poisoner, but I think its generally melee or bow that works best, but still not awesome because poisons are so expensive.

Also I believe there are some crossbow related archetypes, like fighter's crossbowman and the fighter cavern sniper(specific to Drow, in advanced race guide)

If you don't like any of these options, what might be a good idea, is use the mechanics for a bow and arrow, build up a proper archer, and then pretend that your character is using hand crossbows for flavor purposes.

First, you might want to ask this question in the advice section, because it gets more traffic and does sort of fit with advice.

Second, what class is your character? I get the sense its somewhere along the lines of oracle, shaman, sorcerer, psychic or mesmerist, but I'm not sure.

I think it largerly depends on who the Orc is, based on the background, I'm inferring that the Orc is rather unusual and as a neutral or good alignment. Given the unusual nature of the Orc, it might be useful to write up the personalities, views, and other characteristics of this Orc, before evaluating how a person raised by the Orc would act.

I'd like to briefly interrupt this flamewar.

While I can sort of understand why people are bringing in other social issues to this discussion to attempt to compare or contrast, or make a point, i think it's sort of destroyed this well-intentioned thread. I also occasionally make this mistake and understand how this happened, but I think it has lead posters to become rather emotional and become insulted by real or perceived accusations of anti-homosexual bigotry. Reading most of these posts I believe the posters in this thread are all supportive of the homosexual community, and have been misinterpreted.

I respectfully recommend that, while discussing an issue you may disagree on (how mental illness is portrayed in games), you don't make contentious an issue you already agree upon (supporting sexual orientation/gender/identity rights).

Yes, spell combat allows you to cast a spell and then take all of your iterative attacks at a -2 penalty as a full round action

Yes, I believe you are allowed to hold a charge in that way.

As Gisher recommended earlier, I recommend you read Grick's Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat (see the link in Gisher's post)

Sure mechanically... But roleplaying wise? Paladins of the holy awesome and powerful gm god will look for every excuse to kill you.

You would have to play a creepy reclusive character rather than the rambunctious adventurer

Well the reason I have problems with simply using alter self or disguise self is that they have quite limited durations. You basically have to pick up a magic item (which I don't like) or do like. Permanent polymorph and then dispel it on yourself of when you want to be a dragon again(which feels unnecessarily roundabout).

It might be that I'm missing spells that give you 1hour/level or greater durations for appropriate disguise /transmutation spells

I believe the only dragons that get changeshape for any humanoid are gold, silver, and bronze. I find this somewhat weird, given that the ability probably makes the most sense for blue and brass dragons, and green dragons, who are either the most social (brass), most hidden while still in populated areas (blue as opposed to the anti social black and whites), and the ones that try to be the least confrontational of the chromatics.

Would I be wrong to give some or all the dragons this ability?

And by the way I'm not asking for people to give the "it's your game" comment. It might be that changeshape doesn't make sense thematically with the other dragons and I just haven't been exposed to the reasoning. If I don't understand these thematic subtleties, please explain them.

Thanks in advance!!!

He's wrong on the wild shape. Show him the rule book.

Huh? Where are those stats from?

I know my question has a lot to do with personal preference, but do you guys ever extend the old wise guy archetype who isn't absurdly powerful to races other than human. What I mean by this is typically a very old or ancient age category hermit like character, with fitting classes and such, like a few levels in wizard, alchemist, druid, or even more martial classes, especially if the character is just there for roleplaying reasons.

Like would you ever image an 800+ year old Elf that isn't an awesome Galadriel-level cleric or wizard and is instead like a 5th level? or would that just seem weird to you story telling-wise?

Personally the guidelines for settlements are a little high magic for my preferences, but I agree with Dilvias: think about the role and demographics of the city, and look at the settlement guidelines, and then adjust as you think is most reasonable.

For example a large human mining town probably doesn't have appropriate levels of magic in the weapons/armor area, but might have a lot if earth/utitu related magic. Meanwhile, a fortress ( smaller than above town), might have a large amount of magical weapons given it's militaristic role, and less utility magic.

What's the 1gp /day based on?

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For the class page of the advanced class guide prd ( http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advancedClassGuide/classes/index.html ), the link to the slayer vanilla class goes to the slayer options and archetypes page instead ( http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advancedClassGuide/classOptions/slayer.h tml ).

I think the links to the other classes act normally.

Just curious what you guys think of how the best way to use this archetype. Should you make use of the net proficiency and use those feats (maybe even go mounted build and do some crazy drag stuff with mount), or just focus on dirty tricks (or somehow some sort of combination?). I'm leaving this intentionally vague

Ya the feather fall caused the person to land behind the mast because, even though zero wind, the ship wasn't specified to be in a vacuum, so the aerodynamic forces should affect it to move both relative to the sea floor and the ship instead if just one). So both are half right/wrong

Thank you. Actually an earlier idea of mine was to take one level in staff magus and go rest slayer, and treat the magic as an extra goody when not in the mana wastes. So I guess it could sort of work if the build doesn't rely on taking 4 levels ( does it?)

Changed my mind from the staff magus/slayer because standard damage melee was already covered, which is why I'm looking at the cool controll abilities of the flowing monk.

Edit: what I'm mainly asking is whether antagonize and flowingonk would work together in practice, or if it's just a silly idea

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