What was your kingdom named?


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We had chosen The Sylvan Dales as the name of our nation and Boarsholm for our capital. We encountered many boars during the first part of the AP.

Kingdom of Fey Hill. Even though its only Baroney sized.

Ruled by the gnome fey sorceress 5, Sniffles Catdancer, calling herself the Fey Queen, first of her name, of the House Catdancer. Motto is "Landing on Our Feet". Sigil is 2 silver cats standing upright and facing each other on a field of green. She has enlisted Kesten Garess and Akiros Ismort into her Queen's Guard. Akiros also serves as the Kingdom's General in times of war.

Kingdom of Fey Hill currently has a standing army of 1 paultry militia.

Capital city of Caerverde (meaning Castle Green in a combination of Welsh and Latin)on the site of the Stag Lord's Fort.

Second city is the annexed Sootscale Caverns.

The founding of the village of Tatzlwyrm minor event is closely approaching. I pushed it back a little because the timing didn't feel right. Definately will occur during our next RP session.

They have heard of the Candlemere ruins and the Elven ruins from the Narthropple Expedition. They are looking to create new cities there and use the existing structures to house other Lords (PCs). Jubilost Narthropple has been hired as the Royal Cartographer. He frequently flirts with the Fey Queen.

Other party members include:

Emelian von Karstein, Dhampir rogue 4/monk 1, of the Ustalavian House of Karstein, motto is "Valour Beyond Death", sigil is a silver moon over black mountains. Played as an aristocrat with the class abilities/skills/feats used to augment the whole half-vampire thing. He is also the Kingdom's Spymaster.

Emmitt "Mother" Lovell, human Cleric of Milani 5. Half tank and half healer. Decked out in metal armour and carrying an oversized morning star. He is the kingdom's High Priest. Motto and sigil in development.

Batheragorre Longstrider, gnome Alchemist 4, who is looking forward to developing Longstrider Breweries and also has a facination with the Narthropple Expeditions wagon mounted double hackbut. Motto is "Putting the Stride Back in Your Step". Sigil is a reinforced ironbanded wooden door with an alchemical symboled knocker. He is the Kingdom's Magister.

Jeffrey Hawksmoor, human Cad Fighter 3. Took Kressle Van der Meer under his wing using promises of power and sexual seduction. Is a "repentant" bandit. Motto and sigil in development. Serves as the Kingdom's Warden. Kressle as the Kingdom's Marshal. They are frequently found together.

Linny, Elven Treesinger Druid 4. Has a sapling treant as a companion. Frequent party "face" when dealing with fey creatures. She has taken a recent interest in leatherworking. Motto and sigil in development. Serves as the Kingdom's Counciller.

My players named their kingdom, Kameland.

It is ruled by Lord Tsuto, a samurai (sword saint) 1 / magus (bladebound) 5. He has a nasty habit of almost dying.

Kingdom growth has been slow over 24 months of game time, possibly due to the Lord wanting roads built in every hex the kingdom claims.

They called both the capital and the realm Riverhaven due to the Stag Lord's fort's location and theme.

We went with Rovin. We took the first letter from the names of our charaters who started the kingdom.

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My players went with Tir Na Nog. The queen is a fey touched person so she wanted some kind of fey inspired kingdom.

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My party named it the kingdom of reclaimed

We initially agreed to call the kingdom Great Kenoin (an anagram for 'Greek nation' since we all had pretty Greek myth-inspired characters) but just settled on Kenoin starting out - we'd eventually stomp enough ass to add the 'Great' part after liberating Restov.

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Our Kingdom was called "The Free Lands of Lockewood," so named for the LE tiefling witch and LG human cleric Lockewood half-brothers who helped to establish the kingdom.

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Ours was called Akiria, to remember the brave sacrifice of Akiros (who was given to a joining player), as he lasted a whole session before falling to his former master.

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Orthos wrote:

My group is only one session into book three and is already talking about taking over Varnhold. (They were NOT happy with the ways they were dealing with the tribe - see the VV thread.) I imagine the entire region will be renamed as well as the city, to take away the Varns (Maegar and daughter Miriam) getting any credit.

That's a ways away though.

Duskgrove is their newest town, founded around the Dancing Lady's Keep.

So they ended up not renaming Varnhold, or any of the towns in it (Harse and Nivakta's Crossing).

Fort Drelev was renamed Merfyn, after the Magister's old mentor.

They're talking about building another town between Merfyn and Gildgate (Oleg's) north of the Slough, but haven't gotten to names yet.

Our group went with the Kingdom of Riverdale, with the capitol being Riverview, built on the Stag Lords fort location.

Oleg's trading post was renamed Olegrad and is the second largest city in our Kingdom.

All other names of cities are unchanged... Tatzylford, Varnhold, Fort Drelev, Candlemere, etc...

Arcania, because they aren't very imaginative when it comes to names, cause its not based off of anything, doesn't commemorate anything, or have any true meaning beyond, "Hey, that sounds good."

That's right, I said it.

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I'm just starting in a campaign but when we get to that point I'm going to push for "Hypothetica."

Since we focused our early kingdom building on economy, we went for Helvetia.
Cities include Malt (our capital, named so because of the brewery), Olegoton (take a guess), The Vatican (built on the Old Temple of Erastil), Machete (A logging city built in the ruins of the Fey-infested keep), and Puerto Banús (also known as Stockyard City, a city which consist of a stockyard and not much else, completely surrounded by farms).

Erastia, as the ruler is a halfling paladin of Erastil. The capital named Port Perlavash (Staglords fort). Other cities include Tatzlford, Gargadilly (after the quickling), Erastus, Templeton, Leveton (at Oleg Leveton's store).

Tonight mine party started the Kingdom of Arendelle, the not so original name is because of Frozen.
The capital (Staglord's fort) was named "Tusk's Landing" (a mix from Tuskwater and King's Landing from Game of Thrones), and their second city is called Blackfeather (Temple of the Elk) because of the Prophecy of their Mythic Ascension.

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Thaoneplis (Pronouced 'that one place' very quickly)

My guys finally settled near tusk watter, callign their capital Fangberry. There was achism and a long debate over the name. Some of them originaly wanted to call the city Kickapoo. Yes.

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My players call their realm The Sword Marches. Its capital is built around the Stag Lord's fort and is called Stagfell. They have a second city around Oleg's called Leveton.

The Ruler is Sir Faisul, a paladin/oracle of lore who is secretly a half-orc and is receiving mysterious visions about a dangerous fey queen.

We're just beginning Rivers Run Red.

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Silvermarch for the silver we get from the kobolds we befriended

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My players finally got to kingdom building and after literally hours of debating settled on Recettear. When I asked them if they were going to name their castle, however, that took no time at all. They of course built around the Stag Lord's fort, so they immediately agreed on the name "Stag End".

Stag End on Stagshot Row.

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Snowcats wrote:

My players finally got to kingdom building and after literally hours of debating settled on Recettear. When I asked them if they were going to name their castle, however, that took no time at all. They of course built around the Stag Lord's fort, so they immediately agreed on the name "Stag End".

Stag End on Stagshot Row.

Oh dear, oh deary, deary me.

That could be intersting in an alernate history sort of thing. Two seperate paths the explorers could have taken depending on who was in charge.

I've never played this AP mainly beause I don't have the time. I'd love the kingdom building part of it but sadly I would have to deal with other party members who'd probably also want positions of royalty rather than serving in my empire. However asssuming I ever got to found a empire I'd call it Tellaria.

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My players decided on the following names:

Oleg's Trading Post became Boar's End (named after the displayed head of Tuskgutter).

The Temple in the forest became Elkhart.

The Stag Lord's Keep became Tuskany.

The nation (currently a barony) became Tuskeroes.

I am sure you can figure out the primary theme my players selected for the naming of settlements: boars. After the near TPK with Tuskgutter and a fair number of random encounters with boars, they decided it would be fitting to name most settlements with a boar theme.

Now that they have more apiaries and farms than anything else, they settled on a slogan for the nation: "Welcome to Tuskeroes, the land of three B's: boars, beer, and bees." The nation is also gaining fame for its mushrooms exports, thanks to its Magister who pushed for a lot of reforms in the health/traditional medicine industry.

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My players haven't named the kingdom yet, but our capital city built around the Stag Lord's fort is called Wood Haven. It's not in the woods, but, y'know... ;)

In the one that I am DMing, the characters named their kingdom Ursonia. We skipped over combat with many of the encounters from 1-4 (by player request) so it was all RP. They happened to run into a ridiculous number of bears (lots of the same on the Random encounter table). Between that and the twisted bear thing encounter at the Temple of Erastil, they were quick to agree to the name after it was suggested by our Bard (I think). Correspondingly, they named their capital (former Stag Lord's hold) Mizar. Their second city, Alcor, was built on the Temple of Erastil. Both Mizar and Alcor are stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

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My players went with 'Roma' - the first letter of each character's first name: Raj, Osric, Mere, Althais

Mine went along the same line as Kharis2000's group. Created Archpora, based on the initials of their first and last names.

My group (we are at the tail end of Blood for Blood and about to start War) named the kingdom Three Rivers and their capitol is Magnifico (at the site of the Stag Lord's fort, of course). Oleg's trading post grew into Olegton (though most of the PC's call it Svetlanagrad). Tatzleford and Varnhold have retained their names. Fort Drelev was renamed Stiggard (after the PC general)
The nation's population has swelled with escaped Chelish hafling slaves. It has gained a reputation of "Three Rivers for second chances" because of the number of NPC's prominent in the story who came from previously disgraced backgrounds.
So far they have no taxes and only one law plus the 6 River Freedoms to guide them.


Ruled by a Queen who was a "good witch".

The Viscounty of Greensward.

Originally founded as the Barony of Greensward - a diarchy with a dwarf Paladin and a Human Cavalier as the Barons. When the dwarf was slain buying time for the party to flee from a band of five trolls and the Cavalier was recalled to Restov, the Oracle of Sarenrae ascended the High Seat and the nation was re-founded as a Viscounty.

Greensward was chosen to encourage settlers to come - sort of like how Greenland was named, although in our case it's not a blatant lie.

Nothing original


First Game as GM: Kestrel Point. (My mother's character's choice won.)

Second Game as GM: Haimsburg. (after a fallen PC dwarf ranger that perished in book 2.)

First Game as Player: Kestrel Point. (I liked the idea so much from GMing, that I voiced it as my option. It won.)

Third Game as GM: Mourningwood. (The players were a bunch of jokers)

Sylvestria. The only thing the players could agree on was that the area was pretty forestry and they liked that. One of the players is a history guru and thought of 'sylvestris', which is latin for 'of the forest'. They spiced it up a bit and Sylvestria was born.

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The Freelands.
Capitol of Radiance.

They called the kingdom Midroy. (Because it's in the middle, between Varnhold and Fort Drelev.)

The capital is Olegopolis.

They built their second city on the Thorn River, where the rickety bridge used to be, so they called it Thornton.

My buddy ran a Kingmaker campaign in his living homebrew world, although it was Kingmaker in the general concept of PC's building a kingdom only, the actual campaign was an original he wrote himself, it went to 20th level and culminated with the PCs defeating an archduke of hell who was trying to break into the material plane.

The kingdoms name is Hydorin.

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My players founded a kingdom called Kardia.

Its ruler is a bard known as Kar-arda who loves to leave half-elves bastards everywhere.

EccentricOwl wrote:

You guys understand the question, I assume. ;)

Ours was "Olberria," since they found an Owlbear and made it a mascot. yeah. You know the one.

My players named it after the party leader Bryar: Brylandia and the Stag Lord's fort and resulting town/city became Bryartown and later Bryarton. As the annexed other locations they became named after the other players.

Man all these names are so cool...

Our Kingdom is called Walgreens.
"At the corner of Happy and Healthy".

It was originally going to be Walmart, but we decided it wasn't naturey enough.

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We named our Kingdom Etruria, in honor of the ancient Etruscan civilization (c. 700 BC) who inhabited the lands where we live now, south of Tuscany, Italy.
All our cities are named after one of the cities of the so called Dodecapolis and our capital is called Vetluna

Name: Kievoy
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Capital: Stag's Rest
Notable Settlements: Leveton, Varnhold, Fort Numesti
Ruler: Queen Chora Bryhtfyre
Government: Martial aristocracy
Languages: Common, Draconic, Hallit
Major Races: Fey, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans
Major Religions: Abadar, Erastil, Gorum, Pharasma, The Eldest

"There's this really powerful member of the Board of Directors. He bought the nation of Chad.. Named it for his son, Chad."

"They're still burning effigies of him to this day."

Anyone recognise where this came from?

My players have chosen to name their barony Demaria, and their capital (located at the late Stag Lord's fort, since cleansed of its curse of undeath) Corther.

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My Players named their country Patria, with the capital Narlsdeep at the location of the former Stag Lords keep.

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The king was called Maxen Pounder so they decided to call their kingdom Poundland

Our kingdom is named Pohjola which comes from Finnish mythology, and the capital city is Raven's Bluff, built on the site of the former Stag Lord's keep. Only just started book 2, so will see where they go from here.

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The Barony of Isthania was named after its ruler Zaron Isthanion, a half elf warlock of considerable talent. Baron Isthanion owes everything to his elven mother Vellara who, despite the scandal that rocked their family after her husband Karn Zuddiger (of "Zuddiger's Picnic" fame) went on a murderous rampage, managed to secure a place in the Exploration Charter signed by the Regent. Not only that, Vellara Isthanion managed to lobby the other charter bearers by offering her considerable personal fortune and political connections (in the form of BP) to get her son elevated to the position of ruler.

Scandal continues to dog the Isthanion family as hushed whispers claim that Vellara is a murderous leanansidhe who actually instigated her famous husband's descent into madness. The same rumors also hold that Vellara's salon for Restov's intellectual and artistic elite is nothing more than a glorified feeding ground for the predatory fey. The whisperers will claim that almost all of the members of Vellara's salon end up dying young after a blaze of inspired productivity. The truth however, is somewhere in between.

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