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Name my Hippogriff

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

So my Half-(drow)elf (no he does not use scimitars he's a switch hitter) has survived long enough to get mount as part of the Sable Co. Marines. So unless complications from his contracted were-rat lycanthropy really screw with things he should be raining arrows down on his enemies soon. So this leaves me to naming my Hippogriff.

First it should be said that my ranger was adopted and raised by gnomes, so he balances trying to make up for being an outcast with gnomish sensibility. The name his adopted family, the Gnackles, gave him was Thumpithicus which was almost immediately shortened to Thumps. I won't bore you with the tale of how he got name but it also why he uses a huge hammer (Earth Breaker).

I figured I would let you know a little about the ranger before I let you through out Animal Companion names.


on a side note: Beaky

Name him Spooky.

Reskin him as a flying elephant and we'll talk.

Black_Lantern wrote:
Reskin him as a flying elephant and we'll talk.

Lol . . . If it was open for reskinning I would ride a griffon they are far cooler. But the campaign offers membership in the Korvosa Sable Co. Not the Dumbo Drop League.

You know something is cool when it has the special ability trample and can fly.

New flying elephant feats.

Stinky Bombadier, followed by, Sicking Drops, followed by Imobilizing Stool.

Fly by Trample

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Buckbeak of course.

Dark Archive

While he didn't name his weapon 'earth breaker,' he could take inspiration from that and name his hippogriff something with a similar aesthetic like 'Sky Cleaver' or 'Cloud Parter.' Similar to how he shortened his own name, he might refer to his mount informally as 'Sky' or 'Cloud.'

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Brian, that is called Brian.

Hungriff-Hungriff Hippogriff(lame Hasbro/Milton Bradley toy joke)

William Morris (if you can train him to track; he'd be a taloned scout)



(literally any callsign from 'topgun')


Beaky - similar to Stampy, from Simpsons, so you can guess what's happening, everything is a target for biting

I always been partial to Fluffy for pets myself although it is better for animals like snakes and turtles. For a gryphon Polly would work. Hmm, a hippogryph - Seattle Slew might work, but if he is Canadian you should just name him Bob.


Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Name him "Wego". Like the beer commercial. "Here Wego !"

Sir Doctor Jasper Hobleknob

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber


Bird Brain Brian. Also, please paizo make more elephant feats.

Dark Archive

Griffohipp the Hippogriff.

Grand Lodge

Sir Squallen

Stewie Griffin II

Dark Archive










(or Caballo del rio Volante)

perhaps: Poosfromonhigh

Honeyflake...for those who like Robot Chicken.

A gold dwarven Skyrider in my FR campaign setting suffered that name for his 'griff until he finally came up with a name on his own.



Any of a variety of plane names form WWII

I think we need to know more of the hippogriff's backstory.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Orlando, Furioso, Ludovico, or Ariosto would all be clever references to the first reference to a hippogriff in literature.

How's about George? OR maybe Bob?


Withholding two cents worth because of muh silliness,


Beaudactylis. (points for anyone who gets the reference)

I'm mainly signing in to express my relief at a lack of any MLP references.

Liberty's Edge

BlueEyedDevil wrote:
I'm mainly signing in to express my relief at a lack of any MLP references.

You have doomed us all!

Shadow Lodge


lady gaga

Liberty's Edge

Lady GrifGrif

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