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Not to thread steal from Daronil or anything, but my gaming group also started this AP a couple weeks ago. Figured i'd just post in here rather then start another "Just kicked off Mummy's Mask" thread.

The Seekers are:
Hasani - human medium
Nuru - human rogue
Ahmed - human monk/psychic
Khalid - human cavalier
Baelor - dwarven cleric

Thus far they have handled the Tomb of Akentepi, and are just getting ready to go into the House of Pentheru.

This fight was a nasty one, and the players didn't enjoy it very much. I am running this campaign for three of my players; Catfolk monk (martial artist), aasimar sorcerer (celestial bloodline), and an aasimar oracle (seer). The oracle rolled very well to know most of the abilities of the quasit, including its vulnerability to cold iron. However, they were lacking funds, and weren't sure when they might come across Erylium, so they didn't go out and buy any cold iron weapons. None of them really favor using a weapon anyway, which helped them make the decision to not go shopping before hand.
When they met Erylium in the temple, she summoned a sinspawn and some other critters (all of which didn't last long to the monk and the sorcerer), but the characters didn't have a good means of hurting her. The sorcerer was able to do some damage, all of which was holy from her bloodline power, so Erylium couldn't regen that. Still, it wasn't nearly enough to kill the quasit, and things didn't look good.
I knew going in that they'd unlikely be able to kill the demon, and decided that if they mucked around with the pool in anyway, that they'd get a Sense Motive check to notice the quasit's reaction. The catfolk monk rolled a 20 on that check, and knew right away that this could be a key to killing the demon. He then proceeded to do all kinds of things to the pool, which continued to enrage the demon. Eventually, someone activated the pool with some blood, which created another spawn, and sent Erylium into a killing rage.
By the end of the fight (which went on for all told about 2+ hours), the sorcerer and the oracle had both dipped their hands in the pool, and both had failed their save and were filled with wrath. Erylium had got close to death, and ended up fumbling and attack that ended up stabbing herself in the chest (to be finished off by the monk). One of the players actually joked that the quasit had stabbed itself in the heart just to end the fight.
Everything else in this adventure so far has gone very well, and i knew going in that the quasit would be bad. If i was to run this encounter again, i'd probably change a few things just to make the fight more fun, though not necessarily any easier.

That's great to hear! Being a long term GM for the Realms (my group unanimously agreed to chuck the Spellplague crap) I think i'll look into tracking this down at a local store. My only issue is that its WOTC that's gonna be getting my money, not Paizo who in my opinion deserve it so much more.

Make that +6!

Spellplague (and whomever came up with it) can take a long walk off a short pier.

My group of three players for RotR...

Cloud the catfolk monk (martial artist)
Cassandra the aasimar oracle (seer)
and Alexis the aasimar sorceress (celestial bloodline).

They've just finished up to the Caves of Wrath. The fight with Erylium was nasty, but they've dealt with everything else thus far in pretty good fashion. Only trouble besides the quasit has been my incredibly high rolls against them.

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Maybe we'll see a set of new stats for the bear. Something bigger then a koala bear.

Honeyflake...for those who like Robot Chicken.

A gold dwarven Skyrider in my FR campaign setting suffered that name for his 'griff until he finally came up with a name on his own.


Hey all. I've got a question about how the restoration spell works, and thought i'd pose it towards the fine people here on the 'boards.

First, the important part of the spell...

"This spell functions like lesser restoration, except that it also dispels temporary negative levels or one permanent negative level."

How many temporary negative levels would you think it dispels per casting?

Yeah, i wanted to but i was at work when i thought to ask the question (as i am now) and didn't have access to the text at the time. Thanks for posting the text for me!

So the Animal Shaman archetypes (Druid) allow for a variety of powers under Totem Transformation and a question has come up in my gaming group. Does a druid using this archetype have to choose one of those abilities listed under the Totem Transformation or can they switch each time the use the ability?

Thanks for any help.