GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks

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Bring the past into the present with Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks. This vividly illustrated deck opens up a new experience of shared storytelling, providing players with ways to suggest events during any adventure. Each card presents a different theme that the GM and players work together to weave into the game’s narrative, as well as related rules effects. Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks works alone or as an expansion to the original Plot Twist Cards deck. With Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks, everyone can help tell the story and enjoy being surprised by the occasional blast from the past.

GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks provide a minor story-altering idea along with a few options players can either use as presented or take inspiration from to craft suggestions affecting in-game events. Every Plot Twist Card can be interpreted in countless ways, allowing players to customize and reveal secrets of their characters’ past in ways that encourage character building and help shape the game. The Game Master doesn’t need to be the only one telling stories, and now Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks give players the tools to give their characters depth and detail like never before!

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-383-5

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

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GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks

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****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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A Great Addition

****( )

We purchased the original Plot Twist Cards for use in our game and loved them, so it made sense to expand our collection to include this set.
Like other reviewers I find some of the descriptions/uses a stretch from the basic description on the card, but they can still be inspirational. The cards in this second set are more of a stretch than the first set and some of them made us say "huh?".
In our game they are used as player reward for keeping a campaign journal. Provide an interesting and detailed recap of the previous session: earn a plot twist card. You can then cash in the card to help the story along. It puts a little more power in the player's hands, which can be fun and take some pressure off the GM. Cards have been used to reveal a secret child of a powerful empress, have an NPC get kicked out their rented home (and forced to come to us for aid) and avoid disintegration (though sadly the legendary shield was lost in the PC's place).
We have mixed both sets of cards together and since the picture on the back of the cards is almost the same (one has darker lines in the image), it is difficult,thought not impossible, to tell the difference between the sets.
If you liked the first set of Plot Twist Cards, this one bulks up your deck nicely and provides some additional options, but if you are deciding which deck to get, go for the original.

Cards with a Twist

****( )

Each of the 51, standard-sized cards is illustrated in colour. In the style of most CCGs, the top half of each card is a piece of artwork, with text on the lower half. Along with a title, the centre of every card has one or two lines of writing. This central text provides a direct mechanical effect for the card.

However, it is the bullet points below this rules text which offer the most potential for adding a twist to your game. Here are four possible ways to have the theme of the card impact the plot at your table. As to be expected from Paizo, these suggestions have a loose fantasy feel, but are generic enough to be applied to almost any setting. This is not always true of the art, where a few modern images appear.

From a storytelling perspective, it is these plot suggestions that hold the most potential. When a Player uses one of these cards, they have the opportunity to add a twist of their own to the current plot. This serves to empower the Players in your game, and thereby increase their engagement.

Furthermore, this plot twist will be equally surprising to the GM. This is a perfect way to keep the game interesting for the GM, when you can never be certain where the Players are going to take your game.

Plot Twist Rules
Four cards with rules and OGL text are included in the pack. According to these rules, the Plot Twist cards should be handed out during character creation, and whenever a Hero gains a level. A Player may play a Plot Twist card at any time, choosing either the mechanical benefit, or the alteration to the story based around one of the prompts on the cards.

There is also advice to the GM here about how to implement the cards. Essentially, the GM is left in charge of their game, and may interpret any alterations to the plot according to the broader needs of their game.

Happy Storytelling

For a longer review, see my blog Tales of a GM:
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Just Twisted

***( )( )

This set of plot twists is similar to the others. I like the ideas of the cards and the design on the back of the card is cool. I am a bit left for words on the follow-up text on each card. Some are a real stretch to make them work with the main plot twist. They could have used only two examples on each card and expanded on them a bit. With limited space comes limited description. Over all, for a new DM they would be a good tool.

Amazing Idea, Decent Set

****( )

I loved the original Plot Twist set. This one is a nice supplement. It adds considerable breadth, if not depth. I was hoping for a different feel for this set, with a strong focus on memory and manipulating the past, (maybe introducing a new mechanic, etc.). There are a few cards that do this, but most of the set is similar in flavor to the previous one. A good set. I recommend it.