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This has been posted elsewhere in the forum (and on other sets), but I truly wish there was a list of all the humanoid types in these face cards (and others). Honestly do not know what each humanoid is (most, but not all). Would not be hard to have a list including with the set(s).

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This has been posted elsewhere in the forum, but I truly wish there was a list of all the creatures in these face cards (and others). Honestly do not know what each creature is (most, but not all). Would not be hard to have a list including with the set(s).

Got my cards a few days ago. Great stuff, but one complaint from me - the backs of the card 100% match the original Plot Twist cards. Would have been nice if they were a little different, so I could keep them separate from the original deck ore easily, without have to look at the tiny text on the bottom front of the cards.

Sad day?

I think not!

Huzzah for Paizo!

Just found out about this now myself...

Sad news indeed! But, as many have mentioned, his legacy will live one. Greyhawk Lives!!!

Long live 1st Edition! (and all those that followed in its tracks)

And, as I saw elsewhere here, I hope they put in a dedication into the 4E core books - or at least one of them!

Based on what I've seen of 4.0, in the previews and such on WotC's website, I will not be converting to 4.0. At best, I may convert a few rules back for use in 3.5, so in that respect, I only plan on buying the PH and DMG from 4.0, and not much of anything else.

Unless Paizo products can be used or converted back to 3.5, I will no longer buy them.

If Paizo stays with 3.5, I will continue to buy products as I have been doing for years.

I've talked it over with my group months ago, and all of us have agreed that we will be sticking with 3.5 for at least a few years. I don't see switching to 4E anytime soon. To much invested in 3.5, and no real need to upgrade. I don't hate 3.5 at all, simple as that.

In all honesty, I think I'll wait till 4.5 in the long term (and that is no joke).

I can wait it out. I have enough 3.5 material to last me about 20+ years (literally)!

Well, I was a Computer Operator about 1/2 year ago.

Currently, a bum (not by choice).

Trying to get back into another Operator job (hard in the SE WI area), or Tech Support.

Boy, am I late in this topic..

Anyway, I really like Paizo products, they are good - for the most part - of course. (I still, really, really, really miss the old Dungeon/Dragon - but that is old news.)

I would be totally happy with continued 3.5 support, or the talked about 3.75 update. Either way, I was planning on sticking with 3.5 for a while anyway (especially GameMastery products), and would continue to buy/support Paizo in this way.

Thomas Beckett wrote:

Is Wizards of the Coast insane? Publishing a Compendium of its rules system less than a year before they implement an entirely new rules system.

It's bad enough that they had to publish non-sense complicating rules system in 3.5. Now they are admitting that they screwed up the works AND CHARGING YOU FOR IT.

Oh stop being such a Troll.

As I see above, plenty of people are going to buy this book. Myself, I plan to buy it as well, as I will be playing 3.5 until at least two more years (my current campaign is just over half over, and it took just over two years to get there!)

Non-sense complicating rule system? Man, if you don't like rules, why do you play RPG games?

As for Nimrods, have you checked a mirror lately?


Xuttah wrote:
Ozyr wrote:
..trying to make some kind of real meaning out of is jut too funny.
The meaning, AFAIK, is Brownies are Nice! And I agree. :)

Yeah, sorry, but spell check ran out of electricity.... :P

I don't see what all the fuss is about. It is just an article. If you don't care for it, just pass it by. Reading through all the people here trying to make some kind of real meaning out of is jut too funny.

Besides, this article is more along the lines of a diary entry that is similar to ones in the Confessions from a part-time Sorceress book. Nothing to do with 4E and such, simple as that. (and yes, I've read the Sorceress book - and wish I had the book last year when I tried to get my niece into gaming...)


Shroomy wrote:
Guys, they've updated the article and made that a Spoiler that you have to click on now. There are some advantages to the electronic format, including the ability to update it once it has been released and bibliographical hyperlinks.

I would agree with that, but I'm looking for an online Magazine, not individual articles. I would hope this is a preview, as they really can't call it Dragon Magazine - or shouldn't - because as it stands now, it is NOT a magazine!

Sebastian wrote:
I think I'm getting out of the arguing for 4e's merits game as well. At this point, I really can't blame anyone for not buying what WotC is (very poorly) selling. They really couldn't be handling this release any better, unless they dug up the old TSR management and asked them how to sue their customers.

I've been on this board more often since the 4e announcement, and I have to admit, I find it slightly humorous how Sebastian has gone from '4th Edition is the greatest thing since sliced bread', to a more down to Earth realization that is may not be totally good.

I don't mean any insult here, its just that I myself have been reading most of the development notes on Wotc's site, and as they move further and further along, I'm becoming less and less impressed at what 4th Edition will be. I'm trying to keep an open mind towards the upcoming changes, but they just don't look that great.

Not saying I won't try it, but for now I still plan on sticking with 3.5 for now. At best, which I'm sure I posted here before, it will just be the new core books. To hell with rebuying suppliments.

If anything, I truly expect a 4.5, and will wait for that! (seriously too - I don't see why it won't happen).

As for the demons and devils thing, I never really gave a darn if it was not totally perfect. I don't picture a system that ever could be, and what they have shown now really is not that impressive. Sorry guys, but you are not impressing this long time D&D player/DM at all.

because 8-sided dice are evil..

Heathansson wrote:
Ozyr wrote:

Don't burn those 3.5 books! I'll take them off your hands instead, since you don't want them anymore. I call it recycling!

But fire's cool!

Yeah, I forgot about that. Silly me!

Fire good...

On the side - I wish WotC would fix their site! I want to see the official stuff, darn it!
Guess I'll play some Diablo II for a bit (see, old stuff is cool!)

Don't burn those 3.5 books! I'll take them off your hands instead, since you don't want them anymore. I call it recycling!

Interesting reading here, all 11+ pages of it (half of which is Sebastian - sorry to poke fun of you, but... Thanks for the info from ENworld though - as I can't get in there either!)

Myself, I with join the few others here will be sticking with 3.5 for a while. I have enough invested in it to last the rest of my life (literally).

Sure, 4th Edition may be great, but that doesn't mean I have to buy it. I'm not going to say I never will, but I look forward to not having to buy any new books for a while. Keeping up with 3.5 releases what tough enough (I'm still behind due to a loss in employment).

just my 2 bits!

Damn WotC! This has really pissed me off. I don't blame Paizo of course, not at all.

As for WotC, I'll still buy products, but when they eventually switch to 4th Edition, they can kiss my a$$. I'm sticking with 3.5, period!

In my campaign(s), all of the players have been using the D&D Plastic Minis (most are mine, but a few other players have the minis as well).

I used to use metal - and do on occasion - but I don't have the time to paint much anymore. Thus, the plastic ones work well enough for me!

Currently in use:

Warmage - for a Human Sorcerer
Renegade Worlock - for a Human Worlock :)
Talente Halfling - for a Halfling cleric
Kerwyn, Human Rogue - for a Human Rogue
Man-at-Arms - for a Human Fighter
Warforged Hero - for a Barbarian Warforged

Myself, I use the Half-Orc Assassin for my 1/2 Orc Barbarian in Living Kalamar

Fist try at DMing was with 'B1 In Search of the Unknown.' Didn't do too well, as the rules were confusing at the time (I had no one who had played already, thus was ruffing it). Finally got it in about a year (played only a few games during that time).

As a Player, first modules was Temple of Elemental Evil. I still remember how my character died only part way into that - and is part that was supposed to be easy...

I'm gone for a bit, and this starts up?

To be honest, each campaign system has it good and bad points. Deal with it.
I like them all, with no personal favorite.

People that don't like specific campaigns - Don't really care about them!
(this is just sarcasm - so no troll replies please)

What's there to vote on. Each to there own..

I vote '1' for each, as I like like a bit of every one. I do not hate a single campaign system.

The idea of items cards is not new to me. I've been making my own cards for my various campaigns for years now, and most of my Players just love the things. I've never had anyone loose a card, and it sure helps in keeping track of the items (no 'I gave that to another player' junk). I actually stopped using the cards for the start of my Age of Worms games, and a few of my Players have been griping about me not having them. I've announced that I'm going to start using them again, and they have made it clear that they are happy about my decision.

As for these Paizo cards though, I'm not sure if I'll buy them. They cards I make myself are laminated, thus they are written on with grease pencil or wet-erase markers. I really don't like the idea of paper cards that are written on and will eventually wear away in time.

That said though, for the price, I may just buy a few to see if they would work in my game. Being 'generic' really helps - and being non-collectable (no rare cards) is a boost too!

Thank for the update James - I hope they get their RPGA material updated soon. I'm been running AoW and now cannot include them in my RPGA DM points!!! :(

I wasn't online over the weekend - but just checked now (6am Monday), and found the 129 supplement!!! :)

Thank you very much Paizo (and whomever worked on the PDF supplement). You have no idea how useful these things are to the AoW game I'm running...

(Well, you may have some idea, but it involves slightly manipulating the PDF files so that I can use the pictures and maps with my computer and an attached large TV that I have hanging from chains in my basement!)


To go against what some have said - I don't put in NPC's for competition. I only use NPC's if the party needs one or if there is a gap in the group where skills may be needed (not everyone has a 'full' table of players). As for stealing RP time, I dont see it that way. My player's like the interaction!

As for making it easier for the PCs - not in my campaign! In fact, I usually make it harder - and I never (to the best of my ability) lead them with an NPC. Where they go is up to them!

As for NPC's being a DM's chance to play - that is just silly. I play by just being the DM! I only put in NPC's with the party when/if needed, period! And I never put in so-called 'power' NPC's. I role up NPC's just like I would a PC - will good and bad points.

As for cohorts and hirelings being different - how so. They are NPC's aren't they. So NPC's are bad but a cohort isn't. They are the same to me!!!

Jester wrote:

My own private list generated from multiple sites looks like:

WOTC - Player's Guide to Eberron (01/20/06) $29.95
WOTC - Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords (08/06) $29.95

beet me too it! :)

I only have the following to add:
War Drums Pack (Miniatures Booster Pack) - March

Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin (D&D Accessory) - April
Voyage of the Golden Dragon (Eberron Supplement) - April

D&D Icons: Gargantuan Black Dragon (D&D Miniatures Product) - June

D&D Icons: Colossal Red Dragon (D&D Miniatures Product) - August

If you are going by Wizards web site, they do not list a lot of stuff for 2006 yet! There is much more coming out this year than they have listed...

Been running an Eberron game for months now with the action points. At least for my game, it has made a definite difference. It has saved characters from dying, and helped in many, many other ways. It's not abused that much, and the players love it as it adds that extra 'adventure' flavor to the game. I personally will use it in all my games from now on.

I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this, but were exactly is Diamond Lake on the Eberron map?

I know in Overload, it is described as when the trail from Moonwatch reaches the Dagger River. At first, I put it too far to the north (next to the 'D' in Dagger River on the Map on page 143 of the Eberron campaign book), but now realize it should be just above the word 'First' on the same page 143 map - at least it fits there.

If this is right, fine (and if anyone else agrees with this, great!).

However, if this 'is' were it is, then how can Blackwall Keep be on the other side of the river next to the King's Forest. Is there a bridge over the river, or will my group have to take a boat over. Or is the keep on the West side of the river and the lizards are on the other side of the river?

This is my confusion - Diamond Lake on the West side of the Dagger RIver and Blackwall Keep on the East side of the River. Is this true, or am I reading the locations wrong.

Any help from Keith or anyone else would be appreciated - as my group is really close to the Keep adventure...

Sounds to me like some folks are not being truly honest.

If it was me...

I'd drop this thing right away. Since they broke somewhat lied from the start, I personally would not want to deal with them. Players like that are not my kind of players...

or continue to make major modifications to the module, and if they don't like it, too damn bad. Half the fun of playing is 'not' knowing what is going to happen.

just my 2 bits...

I've never really had a problem with this in my game. The players are smart enough to know that I bend the rules a lot, and not everything that would normally be evil is, and the same goes the other way to. Not all orcs in my game are evil, while many humans are! Heck, I even have a Green Dragon that is good and a regular NPC in my game.

Just bend the rules and go with it. No one has to do exactly what the rules say...

Joseph Jolly wrote:
I hate to already be asking this, but WILL the 127 supplement be imminent, or will there be a several week lag. I only ask, because my group finished Blackwall Keep last week, is going to be starting Harsh Reflections this week. We play FR, and I just wanted a heads up for any major changes I may need to make.

Um... I would think it is going to be at least several weeks. Only makes sense. So just sit back and wait, as there isn't much more that can be done. It'll come out when it comes out. If your campaign is running that far into it, take a break from it and play something else - that's what I'd do (If my group was 'that' far along, which they are not.

Just my opinion...

P.S. SHould someone start a '127 ETA' thread and let this one die!?

Thanks Erik for getting the 126 supplement online. (I was lurking here, waiting for it, but knowing full well what it's like to work under deadlines - thus no complaints from me).

Thank you!!!!!!!

Been running AoW in Eberron with 7 characters now... (I've had to bump up most of the encounters now to compensate for the extra fire power the group has).

Cleric- Halfling
Rogue - Changling
Warlock - Human
Fighter - Elf
Artificer - Gnome
Sorcerer - Gnome
Barbarian - Warforged

They've been doing pretty good so far - with an almost fatal exception with the first encounter with the 'swarm'.

Been waiting to run an Eberron campaign, so AoW was the perfect choice!
So far it's working out just great!

Thank Erik, for getting Overload out to the hungry masses. I've been lurking here for what seems like ages, but I am 'so glad' that it is finally out. Great job!!!

(Now on to the Eberron conversion and NPC lists)