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Well, this has been interesting.

I bought the current Humble Bundle that includes many Pathfinder Comics as PDFs and ePub (formats I like). This made me happy.

I looked into what was the chronological order of the stories, and saw that there were missing story arcs/issues. This made me sad.

So, I decided to buy what I was missing. This made me happy.

But digital versions of the Pathfinder comics aren't for sale at This made me sad.

But, digital copies are sold, through Comixology. This made me happy.

But Comixology makes you use their app instead of offering it up in formats I like. This made me sad.

But it turns out that there are "DRM-free" back-ups you can download, including PDF. This made me happy.

But then I read that only participating companies allow these DRM-free downloads, and Paizo is not one of them. This made me sad.

Then after writing all this, and before posting, I realised that while Paizo is not on the list, Dynamite is, and that's the company I should in fact be looking for. This made me happy.

Then I decided to post this anyway. Just because. Thanks for reading.

TL;DR Don't bother reading ;)

But does spell resistence come into play when you've actually targeted an image and not the Mirror-Image-caster? The wording on Mirror Image basically says you're declaring a target, but in actually may actually be targeting an image.

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Me: Scorching Ray
Target: Mirror Images and SR

Do you roll against SR before determining if it targets an image, or after (in which case, only if it targets the caster, otherwise poofing images).

Lord Gadigan wrote:
As far as I know, no, there hasn't. The campaign setting is called The Lost Lands and covers the majority of the Necromancer/FGG products; I'm pretty sure there's a couple lines that are in different settings (The Maze of Zayne being one, and the modules that specifically talk about the mooonspawn (? something like that, I can't recall what they were exactly) being another), but the majority are together in The Lost Lands. 'The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley' is currently the closest to a setting book that they have, and it's more of a local-area book with adventures compiled in it along with some area-info. I think there's probably going to be a Lost Lands campaign setting book at some point, but I'm reasonably sure that none is out yet.

Thanks for the info!

My Googling is failing today. Has there ever been a campaign setting book for the place Rappan Athuk and other adventures are supposed to have taken place in?

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
This is something I really am passionate about

Which charity?

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There's one thing I find unclear about the spell Fungal Infestation...

Can't a mod just close this and win?

Shane LeRose wrote:

You can finesse unarmed strike

Touch attacks can be delivered via unarmed strike

When you melee spell touch someone it's with you unarmed limb.

No, this is not explicitly spelled out. It doesn't have to be.

Unarmed attacks provoke AoOs without Improved Unarmed Strike and you have to make a regualar melee attack roll.

However a spellcaster delivering a touch attack spell is specifically pointed out as being considered armed.

I thought it used to work with being considered a natural weapon and thusly a light weapon, but unarmed strikes do not count as natural weapons.

Zhayne wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Weapon Finesse?
Weapon Finesse works.

Does it? I used to think so, but I'm having a hard time finding RAW references for this.

Is this ready to try processing again? Or is there something on my account I'm supposed to do? The credit card used should be good to go now.

While wrestling with the website and shopping cart and checkout, I tried to combine order 3295050 and 3306578, but it looks like it didn't go through that way.

Please combine them, send it all to the address for 3295050, and refund me the shipping difference.

Thank you!

Kingmaker with a parallel kingdom building game/mechanic would be cool at some point.

Got the game for Christmas. Played it once, and love it but am a little put off on how many cards need errata (as well as how unclear I found rules in the rulebook - and a lot I still find unclear at this point even with the FAQ). Making card replacements available makes me way more likely to continue with the game, and I'm the sort that usually buys one of every expansion and promo of a game if I continue playing it!

Doesn't a huge bird picking opponents up and dropping them from the sky interest anybody? ;)

I just was looking into this a bit more. When you grapple someone, you get the grappled condition as well. And the grappled condition makes it so you can't move. Except grab lets you grapple without also getting the grappled condition... but at -20 to the CMB check. :(

What are some classes (up to 4 levels worth), feats, traits, magic items, or anything else that can boost my CMB for grappling?

I've only really thought of Improved Grapple and eventually Greater Grapple. :(

The GM is worried about me taking up too many actions in a round. I may even go the domain route instead of having a companion. But I'm liking that "Crazy Bird Man" build, for that kind of thing.

Since I'm wanting to focus on being wild shaped in combat, I came across Planar Wild Shape since originally posting, and it's looking pretty good to me.

So, I've purposefully made some sub-optimal choices for a character I want to play, but I'd like some advice on how to optimally build within these confines.

The character will be a level 7 Elf Eagle Shaman, or 6 levels of Eagle Shaman and splash a level of something (probably monk). The character's main shtick would be wildshape into a Young Roc (see errata for Eagle Shaman), grappling and then dropping enemies from the sky. The majority of encounters will be outdoors (Kingmaker campaign), but in tight spots would rely on summoning one of the Eagle options (again, see errata).


I think I'm being lured away from the initial character concept to Master of Many Styles.

I am not looking to be optimal, at all. But if I can make some optimal choices along the way to the character concept, all the better.

Thank you!

I haven't really played a monk before, so I was wondering if there were any good guides out there. Specifically:

1) Basics of how they work (up-to-date, so it includes the major clarification that happened a while ago)

2) Optimization

3) Multi-classing (things to keep in mind/specific classes and archetypes that go well with them)

Or short of that, feel free to give your own advice here. Specifically, the character I'm looking at would be a Weapon Adept (Quarterstaff). No point in suggesting other archetypes (unless they also would work in addition to Weapon Adept) or pointing out how sub-optimal the archetype and weapon choice is.


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I'd say don't treat women any different than men treat men, and for men not to treat each other like crap.

Treat everyone equally... and humanely. No need to single out players by sex or sexual preference or religious beliefs or race or anything. Just don't be a dick to the person sitting next to you, period.

I'm not sure if this is the best old thread to post this in, but I'm trying to figure out my alignment. I'm definitely good (just go with it) but I'm not sure about the other axis. I follow laws the majority of the time, even waiting for the light to change to cross the street with no cars in sight. However, I think I'm just not morally opposed to most of the laws where I live (Canada). I definitely am the sort to fight for what I believe in, even if the law wasn't on my side. Ultimately, I think I'm either Chaotic Good because of that, or Neutral Good because I try and respect the law whenever possible.

TL;DR: Does breaking the law when you feel it's morally justified, but following it whenever otherwise possible make you Neutral or Chaotic?

Meteo 9999 wrote:

Anybody remember Journeyman on NBC?

It was a variant on Quantum Leap that included Moon Bloodgood. It started to pick up steam and get interesting towards the end of the season, and then the stupid writers' guild strike put the kibosh on it.

I do, I really liked it.

It wasn't done in seasons, and wasn't cancelled (they actually wanted more episodes), but...

The Prisoner

(not the 2009 one)

Calvin's Tuna

Thanks guys! I'll look into it. But I'd rather have them here at Paizo in pdf format, like the rest of my Pathfinder. :)

I don't really buy actual comic books anymore. But I do buy pdfs... :)

277. Even the smartest people in the town can't count to one hundred.

I have my screen resolution set to "everything ridiculously tiny", and I was like "how/why is Amazing Spider-Man #50 the most popular item for sale right now?"


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I've got my Shieldmate! Good luck to all those still looking!

Goblin Squad Member

I was hoping to entice some friends into pledging, but that hasn't happened.

I am getting all daily deals, so would be happy to have someone who needs them as a Shieldmate.

I haven't played this version. i'm sure it's a quality product, coming from FFG.

Speaking of quality products, I really enjoyed the d20 version and had a blast with multiple home campaigns and with The Living Force organized play.

Thanks Lisa and anyone else responsible for that game who could be reading this!


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"Wizards made their announcement in January, and released the fire playtest materials in May."

I didn't know that so many people threw it in the fire! ;)

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1) Get a quick overview
2) Play, trusting it's all on the up and up
3) Audit/dissect later if time allows.

That would be what I would do back in the LG days.

Funky Badger wrote:

42 AC for an 11th level character is on the straightforward side, isn't it?

Full Plate +3 (12)
Heavy Shield +3 (5)
Dex Bonus +4 (fighter)
RoP +3
Amulet of NA +3
DR Ioun Stone +1
Shield Focus +1
Improved Shield Focus +1
Combat Expertese +3
Fighting Defensively +2
Dodge +1

That's AC 46...

I would say straightforward would be including all they types of bonuses to show that it all stacks up, and not having any abbreviations.

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To answer the OP, who I'm sure is still looking for posts seven years later, I love SW d20! I don't know why it has such a bad rap.

This thread almost makes me want to go from being a RAW guy to a RAI guy.

It should help. It's "broken", but if the DM, the player, and other players have no problem with it, go for it.

On a tangent, how can a disclaimer override reality?

For example, when someone clearly provides legal advice, how does including "this is not legal advice" make it not legal advice?

5-10-5 adds nothing to the game, only takes away.

Neat idea!

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So... where do these show, and where do they not show?

Flavor and fun first!

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Goblin Squad Member

Is the email from Paizo or Goblinworks? Either way, I'm not seeing it... what date was it sent?

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I love all the dips for Monks, when apparently Monks suck.

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