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Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,392 posts (10,851 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 55 aliases.


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DSXMachina wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I only wrote 1800 words today - the same 1800 words, over and over and over. Curse you, revisions!

That's still 1750 more than I, whilst those I did write were not creative or of interest.

Anyway, Thursday - so work, meal out and Star Wars roleplaying.

I didn't say they were creative or interesting, but they were 1.5 cents per word. For all the time I spent on research and rewrites, I netted about $3/hour. :(

I only wrote 1800 words today - the same 1800 words, over and over and over. Curse you, revisions!

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Yuh! We werd gud!

Snorter wrote:
I confess I am surprised to see him use the term 'scads'; I've always thought that was Yorkshire slang.

Not at all. But then, my grandparents were from Scotland. Maybe it's a regional thingy.

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I had my clothes on, honest!

aeglos wrote:

me and my colleges today made a outlook appointment for christmas market in Frankfurt including meeting place and hour - for december the 5th !!

is that strange or just very very German ?

It's very very worth it! I went to Christmas market in Munich and it was wonderful.

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Freehold: Pretend you are somebody else and write it about you third person.

Though I guess with a red wine, it would be a purple rain.

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A novice once won a wine tasting contest by describing the taste of one white wine as 'opening a yellow umbrella in a warm summer rain'.

Wine is not the first thing that image brings to my mind, but then I'm a nasty person.

Only if you want a column in Wine Lovers' Digest.

Of course, it's cool in the shade and UV-heavy in the sunlight, so a layer of sunscreen might be good. :P

There's something to be said for Denver, too.

I unexpectedly love the high plains and front range. It's so dry here that mold isn't a problem. Insects are few and far between. It's always cool at night. There aren't any hideous storms like there were in southwest Illinois (they were much worse there than across the river in St. Louis).

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Minnesota really is beautiful, though. I love all the little lakes.

A giant has passed. If you have never read any of his work, stop by the library, pick up one of his works, then just try to shelve it and walk away. His strange, lovely, horrible, beautiful stories will haunt you.

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Ooh la la.

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I have a job. Well, another job. This one pays by the hour. Soon, my life will be this patchwork of odd jobs.

Oh, it was also Microsoft Patch Tuesday, plus our network connection failed in the midst of patching. Something got royally screwed up somewhere, because I'd never had a problem with the AV (Comodo) and ESO before.

Female Humanish Very little class but on the level



But you guys are doing so well...

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Well, Christina Stiles let the cat out of the bag on her Kickstarter "Guide for Gamer Girls" update. I'm working with her to help organize her projects and learn the indy ropes as well. She recently left her job to go full-time, so a lot of new things will come through the Medusa Pipeline very soon. (Note: Not everything is for the Pathfinder system)

If you'd like to keep abreast of developments, sign up for her newsletter and don't miss a thing.

Hey, at least it's not some random Kickstarter. :P

I did learn something yesterday that's not on any ESO self-help thing or forum.

I couldn't log in yesterday (got an entire complex of error messages). My loader patched, then I consistently received Error 209 - PatchManifestError_VersionFail. I tried all their recommended fixes (which are quite detailed and rather helpful) but would NOT shut off my AV service as recommended.

The reinstall (8 hours), repatch, REPAIR, reboot, etc. all failed to fix the problem.

So I added the loader process and the loader and runtime executables to my AV's 'permitted' list for the firewall. The loader patched once more, then everything ran fine.


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David M Mallon wrote:
I've discovered something startling-- I can make fried venison sausage taste EXACTLY like Jack Link's teriyaki beef jerky. World's most useless superpower, I guess.

I can make paper-wad wastebasket shots from anywhere in the room without looking. At least yours is edible.

Just for fun? You obviously fail to grasp the Importance of Gaming.

As I've tried to explain to ESO support, the 'Travel to Player' option takes me offline. Not literally, since I am around and questing. But my group health bar disappears and the word 'Offline' appears. Everyone else in the group appears offline to me. Logging off and on doesn't fix it. I can quest just fine, but can't group.

It's crazy nutso, though other group members have been able to 'Travel to Me' without being affected the same way. I'm speshul.

Fortunately, whatever maintenance they did last night seems to have fixed a lot of login and loading problems. It might take a minute or so to load a new area, but that's not at all bad.

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I woke up to see a bit of snow on the ground. Then I checked the weather: 6-10 inches expected today! Holy moly!

Yeah, it's been bad. They are shutting down the NA megaserver now for maintenance - at 10 p.m. Saturday night!

OK, I enjoy the game (pve and pvp), but the bugs and glitches are becoming unbearable.

* We can't get logged in half the time, for no apparent reason.
* Once we're logged in, loading into the world takes forever (after character selection).
* Puffin and I try to group, but we are frequently invisible to one another and often cannot help one another.
* Going to pvp area is nearly impossible. The loading screen is essentially my wallpaper now.
* In the rare cases when Cyrodiil (pvp) loads, grouping causes disconnection AND client crashes. CLIENT CRASHES! Zomg.
* I have had emails go to the wrong characters. So my 7th level templar who has never been in pvp received an 18th level pvp award intended for my 18th level dragonknight.
* When Puffin and I were invisible to each other today, so we separated and I tried the 'travel to player' option. My character did the spell and it said 'TRANSIT FAILED'. Now my status is offline, even though I am live and questing. Puffin and I are not in the same instance at all, though each of us has live players nearby.
* When I log off and back on, I am still offline.
* Puffin occasionally cannot use lockpicks, then he can again.

Honestly, we're paying for what feels like alpha release right now. I don't know how many error reports I have open. It's sad.

Freehold DM wrote:
You mean Mind's Eye Theatre or Tabletop?

I had to look up 'Mind's Eye Theater'. Yes, I'd like to LARP the game. :)

I'd love to play a real-life Werewolf game. PBP was fun, but I bet live would be a total blast.

Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:

Coffee is on. No sleep while flocks of B-52s drone overhead. WTF is this, the Denver Blitzkreig?

OK, it's only one plane, but it is noisy and it is early and all the windows are open.

Woke up at 5 with a migraine. Napped on the couch until 6. Watched the NIN concert on Austin City Limits until 7. Then dogs and coffee. Now computer. Yawn.


We just heard this yesterday! How did you know? o_O You must have ESPN.

Coffee is on. No sleep while flocks of B-52s drone overhead. WTF is this, the Denver Blitzkreig?

OK, it's only one plane, but it is noisy and it is early and all the windows are open.

Woke up at 5 with a migraine. Napped on the couch until 6. Watched the NIN concert on Austin City Limits until 7. Then dogs and coffee. Now computer. Yawn.

Thanks guys. I'm not really doing anything besides organizational stuff.

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I tried 'The Banner Saga' soundtrack for writing, but still prefer Halo's.

For some reason, I suddenly developed a rather nasty allergy to watermelon a few years ago. Still love 'em, though. Enjoy, you lucky people.


I grew up with the Oz movie, but by the time I found more Oz books, I was far too old and mature to read baby stories - 9, I think. So I missed out and didn't realize their significance in fantasy literature. Playing catchup isn't bad but it's odd from an adult perspective.

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Homemade biscuits, gravy and eggs for breakfast.

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Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

Hooray! Welcome back, Rev.

I never expected to trigger this much discussion with Oz!

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Aaron Bitman wrote:

... And where's the racism? My best guess is "The Patchwork Girl of Oz", with its quote of that song "Ah wants mah Lulu, mah coal-black Lulu", and with the "Tottenhots" apparently referring to the Hottentots. I didn't think that was so bad.

Or am I missing something? What sexism and racism did you mean?

It's from "The Woggle-Bug Book", wherein the Woggle Bug comes to Earth and encounters (mostly) women from all different ethnicities and one 'Oriental' man. Between the dialect and the stereotyped ethnic portrayals, it's embarrassing. I'm on Ozma of Oz right now, fourth of the series. I thought the lackadaisical attitude toward gender changing in "The Marvelous Land of Oz" was pretty interesting. General Jinjer's troops were silly, but Glinda's weren't. Plus the men were portrayed as having difficulty with 'women's work'. I didn't have a lot of issues with that one.

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*Points at the thread title.*

So, uh.... books. Yeah.

I've been reading L Frank Baum's 'Wizard of Oz' series. They are short and easy to read and OH MY GOD. I don't know if that much sexism and racism was standard back in the day, or if Baum was some sort of freak, but yeesh. I'm embarrassed to read some of it.


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Good morning, Freehold.

I'm going to take a nap now.

I have to give SSRIs credit for opening the door to recovery, but I did start them as a mature adult of 30. I also found that after a year or two, when I had been going along feeling pretty darned good for months, I suddenly plunged into a very, very serious funk. Self-assessment uncovered no real reason for it, so I suspected brain chemistry going awry. My only medication was a low-dose SSRI, so I dropped it cold turkey. Et voila! The gloom lifted within a week.

So: yes, they can help. Yes, they can hurt. Be aware.

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I knew it. All those references to Antigone and The Frogs.

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I'm glad you posted that, Sissyl, because my worst bout of depression was not sadness, it was a complete lack of emotion for months and months. It was actually pretty subtle because it didn't involve sadness, crying, etc. I finally said something to my GP because I was utterly apathetic as to whether I ever woke up again, and my reason told me that this was not normal.

After a few apathetic weeks on an SSRI, I woke up one morning and thought 'what a pretty morning'. But that day, I felt it, too. I was glad to see the morning. And that was the beginning of the climb out of the hole. There was no dramatic breakthrough. In fact, I hate the 'hug and cry' movies wherein a sudden change fixes everything. That doesn't happen. It may be part of the climb, but it doesn't get you out of that deep hole. Trying every day is what gets you out. Using all the tools at your disposal is what gets you out. It's a long, hard slog and that shadow is always there, waiting, even when you feel better.

We need clerical prestige classes! I love clerics too, but none of the PCs interest me.

Celibacy may be one of the disciplines of the followers of Irori, given that some Earth analog religions believe retention of sexual energy translates into more power in other areas of life (creativity, fighting, etc.). But to me, that would be a matter of personal choice for the monk, not a dictate by a deity.

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DSXMachina wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Rawr! wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I submitted something for Wayfinder and immediately regretted it.


Did you find out I was editing it? :P

First thing ever submitted for publication under my own name. Please edit it. Maybe you can get it from 1500 to 750.
Well done at least you submitted something, I know my own writing isn't upto that standard.

It's not your fault. I blame the British education system. :P

I already turned it in, sadly. Another set of eyes would have been helpful.

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