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Vampire Lord

Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,625 posts (15,113 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 83 aliases.


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I was nosy and trying to avoid work so ran some basic stats on Alikai's rolls:

Min: 1 Max: 18
Mean: 7.72
Median: 8
Mode: 1

Mode. Is one.

Some of us just don't sleep.

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I had the weirdest experience last night (actually between 6-7 this morning). I was dreaming that I was at a beach resort talking on the cell phone in the lobby. I had set my purse on the couch in front of me and went looking for it to put my phone back in. I was the only one there, but each time I picked up a purse, it was the wrong one and another appeared on the couch.

After a couple of times, I went "Oh, of course, I'm dreaming." But I didn't wake up like other lucid dreaming sessions. I went out on the beach, watched with other people as a dragon chased some poor bastards in a boat ("Wow, wonder what they did to piss it off"), had a meal, met with friends for drinks and to watch fireworks on the beach. It was like having Jedi mind powers. It was very real, but anytime I was asked for money, I'd laugh and say "I don't need to pay; this is a dream." They would shrug and accept it. Way cool.

I'm gonna try that at Starbucks today.

Oh, and I absolutely could not wake up and get out of it. Fortunately, an idiot east coast friend who forgets about time zones texted me at 6:45 to chat and the sound woke me up for real. It was kind of a relief by then.

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Sorry to hear of the loss in your group, SS. That sounds awful.

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Meditation seems to help me some, as does - surprisingly - tai chi. Tai chi hurts like the devil while I do it, but I can move and walk more freely after and with much less pain.

I agree with Wei Ji: get off everything you can. I went from 2.4 g ibuprofen daily to a target of 0. Now if I am having a terrible day, I can take 400 mg and feel relief.

When I had to take opoids after recent surgery, they gave me this along with them: Ondansetron 4mg Tablets. It's an anti-nausea drug to help tolerate the opoids. Otherwise the pills and patches have me retching all day long.

Oh, and watching things you find funny or playing video games is supposed to help a lot. You focus on those things and not on pain. I think laughter also releases some arcane substance that makes you better; hilariphins or something.

One extreme therapy recommended for people with lots of inflammation (which can cause lots of pain as well as asthma, anaphylaxis, etc.) is to eat clean and near starvation: 600 calories per day made up of organic fruits, veggies, and meat. No packaged foods, no breads, etc. It's brutal, but if it helps...

Best of luck. Chronic pain is no joke. My dentist said she had a sinus infection that pressed on one tooth root and now understands why people come to her nearly crying and beg "just take it out, I don't care anymore."

Hang in there.

Ah, I was under the impression that those brainwave generator sounds required one sound in one ear and another in the other to work. My mistake.

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How do you sleep with headphones on.

Looks like the Great Lakers are going to get some fun lake-effect snow later this week. Better stock up on milk and twinkies.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I hope you took the day off.

of course not! I have work to do.

Primarily part of my work is entertaining the people on my caseload who knew I was hung over within moments of seeing me.

When are you going to post the wedding pics to Facebook.


I hope you took the day off.

In other news, after two full weeks (at least) wrestling with the beast, I may have fixed my computer. A fresh Win 10 install didn't fix my total system freeze, nor did updating my BIOS, nor did updating drivers, nor did shutting off many startup services, nor did finding a driver utility and updating nine MORE drivers, nor did installing motherboard and case utilities to check fan function and clocking and temperature, nor did rehoming my core files from F: back to C:, nor did changing the properties of failing exes to admin or compatibility mode.

What fixed it? Going to BIOS, configuring the "ECO" settings (power savings), and disabling something called C6.

That was so obvious. Why didn't I see it sooner?

My machine ran for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT after that change. And when it used to lock up and require a power-off after 15 minutes, four hours is a beautiful thing. I also played Skyrim and Oblivion for longer than 10 minutes, formerly impossible. Maybe it's fixed. Fingers crossed.

I am never going to build off an MSI mobo/AMD CPU combo again.

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A honeymoon, too? Then it'll be Christmas, I suppose. When does it end? When does it end, CH? When do you get back to what's important in life: pbps?

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I used to follow Z-Day and Appalachee Jihad simply for my own reading pleasure. :)

Maybe? I was pretty intimidated by the level of gameplay and narration in Z-Day.

Left my garbage soup on overnight and topped it with Parmesan this morning. Breakfast of champions!

Heck, my game crashes every 5-15 minutes now anyway, so butterflies are safe.

I started cleaning out the cupboard in preparation for the new year (I like to have things clean and mended and new to greet the year). There's now soup on the stove made from ingredients from 2013-2014. I did chuck the chicken that was best by April 2012, but I put the beer with the 2012 date into the soup. The yeast bread mix from 2013 actually worked. I was as surprised as heck when the yeast bloomed, but it's fairly good. Tastes old, but not dangerous.

My roomie doesn't cook much. Good thing I got here. :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
And poor Brother Francis of Utah!

One of the most hapless characters in all of literature.

I loved the shopping list, too. And Saint Liebowitz! Oy! Wonder how he'd have felt about being canonized by Catholics. :D

Well, he did found a monastic order after becoming a Catholic priest, so I think his Judiaism was pretty much in the rear view mirror by the time the simpleton mob roasted him alive while hanging him.

I had it in my mind that he saw the church as a sort of refuge and community after Emma died, not necessarily as a religious thing. I could be entirely off-base; it's been a looong time since I re-read it.

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Hope tomorrow is a beautiful day, and congratulations in advance! So excited for you. :)

So is this how Jimmy got his results? Shame! Shame!

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I had one client move and another go out of business, but start with a new one Monday and a possible soon. Fingers crossed.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
And poor Brother Francis of Utah!

One of the most hapless characters in all of literature.

I loved the shopping list, too. And Saint Liebowitz! Oy! Wonder how he'd have felt about being canonized by Catholics. :D

Patrick Curtin wrote:
I got a cheap audiobook of A Canticle for Liebowitz during one of Audible's many sales. That's my next one. I've read it half-a-dozen times and it still is a great story.

One of my abso-favorite books ever. I still remember the chill the first time I read "Come forth", because up to that point I had not gotten the Hermit at all. And coloring in the copy of the blueprint because there wasn't an understanding of why blueprints look the way they do struck me as emblematic of many of life's futilities. How much effort do we waste because we don't comprehend our circumstances? And... and.. and...

I could gush about Canticle for hours.

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I'm in, too, and appreciate your badgerosity! And your badgerocity, too.

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The game sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I could handle the evil. I feel guilty about pulling the wings off butterflies in Skyrim.


OK, will vamp on intro posts until you are stable. I mean your connection. Naturally.

Meowselsworth, do you have good access from Mexico, or should I wait until you return home before starting the player posting?

Also, we will have a guest monster-maker, Taig, building baddies for us.

Aeglos, that sounds awesome! Showers are generally thrown by friends or family of the parents-to-be or spouses-to-be. There can be multiple showers depending on how many groups of friends a person has or where they live. For example, my friends gave me a bridal shower, then one of my mother's old friends gave another for all my "aunties" who didn't know any of my friends but who I grew up with. So there are often multiple parties.

In small towns, people sometimes have "shivarees" or "chari-varis", where the folks in the neighborhood welcome the newlyweds to their home by making a terrible racket outside the house until the bride throws coins or sweets. They can degenerate into music and dancing. I don't think they are common anymore.

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Freehold, my roommate created Snowy Day nails for me to celebrate all things snow-related.

Never take me seriously; I am always joking.

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Storyteller Shadow wrote:
I can't stand any generalization that is applied to millions of people living across a land mass as large and diverse as the US by partitioning decades in what seems to me to be an arbitrary manner. I know people my age who are well adjusted functioning human beings as well as those who are complete dirtbags. I don't attribute their behavior or attitudes (or mine) solely to being born in 1976.

You were born in 1976? That explains why you hate massive generalizations. That's a strong characteristic of your cohort.

Dang, I thought he was already dead.

Guess that was Book. :/

Oh, no, I didn't think YOU were bashing, Patrick - not at all!

I put it in another post because it's something I nearly fell into while reminiscing. Didn't mean to imply I thought you were down on anyone. The world was different then, and reminiscing about the past does not belittle anyone. Sorry if my post came off that way.

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I have a bad sense of who's dead and who is alive. For example, when Frank Sinatra died, I was shocked. I thought he'd been dead for a decade.

I think those were the shower pics.

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Gotta say, though, that the cultural difference doesn't give anybody moral superiority. I almost fell into that the other day, with one of those "cartoons of the nineties" quizzes. I didn't know any of the characters besides Granny from Tweety bird. I snorted and thought smugly "Bugs Bunny and company weren't cartoons of the nineties, they were cartoons of the sixties - our cartoons, not theirs." Then I realized how stupid that is. ANY kid who grew up on Bugs Bunny has that common experience with me, no matter when they watched it, and that's pretty cool in some ways. I wish our cultural continuity wasn't on Nickelodeon, but hey - better than nothing.

I just don't get Millennial bashing. I adore the Milennials I know, and the generation who are teens today. Pretty much all generation bashing is insulting and should stop, but it won't. It's been around for centuries. "You see those kids making little chips on the edges of their hand axes? Honestly, you'd think they could get along fine with the rocks we grew up on. Kids today, amirite?"

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Yup, and the new viewing season started in the fall, and everybody ran home to watch new episodes. With no DVR or VCR or cable channels showing perpetual reruns, you had to be there to watch new shows. It gave a common experience that's hard for today's young people to fathom, except when there's a hit show like Lost or Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, when everyone gets a bit of that experience.

Plus, there was only one TV, so if Dad's baseball game ran late and the new episode of Hogan's Heroes was on, tough toenails. You missed it and got to hear the other kids talking about it next time you went [outside] to play.

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Fidel Castro is gone.

Though it won't make much practical difference, if any, it's the end of an era.

Just made myself a leftover sandwich: bread, mashed sweet potato, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, spinach, turkey, salt, pepper, butter, bread.

Having that and a glass of milk for early dinner, having already eaten pumpkin pie (because life is uncertain).

It don't get no better'n this.

Gah, I can't fudge rolls while GMing pbps!

More proof that med school is useless if you can't roll a d20 well... ;)

Still haven't seen it, which is why I didn't recognize the name. I remember hearing the premise when it first came out and thinking it was a brilliant idea, but just never watched.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Getting my Heisenberg on tonight

Werner? A little casual modern physics reading?

I had a Land Cruiser once. It was great in snow, but far worse on ice than any car I've driven.

Of course, no normal vehicle does well on ice.

Suggestion for CH's Christmas gift.

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He means snow in NYC.

If people can't drive in snow or their car's not properly equipped, everyone is better off if they stay home and don't even try. Snow day >> crash day.

Here in Denver, they kind of count on snow melting in the afternoon. That's fairly normal - roads and sunny areas are snow-free by evening, while shadowy places are white, sometimes a couple of feet deep in white. When it's overcast and the snow doesn't melt, it's a problem. The powers that be seem to assume everyone has AWD and snow tires and/or treads. :(

Drivers ignoring chain laws on I-70 has been a huge problem lately as more people drive through CO than before. All it takes is one spin-out or jackknifed truck to block the entire interstate for hours. The state troopers are really cracking down, particularly on trucks.

I don't drive in the mountains in the winter. My poor little car has enough trouble in the foothills.

I'll let you know how the Auto Socks work.

Or cinders or mine tailings?

That reminds me, I need to check my tire size and order some traction devices so I don't involuntarily go off-road again this year.

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