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Steelfiredragon's page

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1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

the one that says you can take but from a different linage and all that.

Well My question is, say a Tiefling sorcerer who has the magic heritage takes the feat granting the strength of the planes and then takes it again and gets the subtype bloodline to get the wings that would replace it normally if the abyssal one was took.

would said character be able to take the feat twice in such a manor????? and would it work?????

on hte web page dont work?

them execution things.

per say one used one and beheaded a demon/lord or a devil/ archduke.

would the creature's being be trapped in the blade or would it just re imerge in hte lower planes???? -bearer-has-died/

also known as Paul Bearer
Rest In Peace, thank for the memories

what ahppens to your character if they get locked in cold iron chains???

this is the thread tio ask Reiko of the White Wave questions.
Maybe she'll stop in from the shadows and answer our questions without ninja striking us.

Did we have an article on meet the iconics of the nionja yet or did ?I miss it?

whats your favorate weapon

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

does the ninja qualify for the etra rogue talent feat?

James Sutter said to ask you both about Hermea in another thread.... so I'm asking, what are your opposing views on Hermea???

that shows more on Kyonin and on the elves in Tian and other noted parts of golarion and the drow???

would a tiefling that is bread from a troll have its trollish regenerative power???

was it noted that can consume ash, sand, blah blah blah four nourishment is listed twice in the alt power???

Should a tiefling that has horns and a tailm decide to cut them off or grind them down , would they gain more acceptance for looking more human???? and would they grow back??

what would the offspring be if a tiefling and an aasimar be?? straight human??? would the opposing blood lines cancel the other out??

which spells would I need to need to have to make a weapon that severs the link between an outsider and its home plane making it a native outsider??

or what kindo f oddball happenings would it require...

namely the giant template, to increase the creatures size mutiple times??

make a weasel large enough to be used as a mount for a medium sized humanoid??

the feat demonhunter. why is there not one for devils too??

does it need to be erratted?? since the release of blood of fiends was released and with the variant tieflings. well the bottom line I always considered the half fiend to be the direct offshoot between a humanoid and a fiend and then human with chance of tiefling later on.

but the half fiend grants you wings. the rakshasa doesnt have wings so does the hafl fiend need to be errated???

so I've forgotten its name or I went crazy

but I could swear that I saw a feat that would allow a character to use a longsowrd/some other weapon as a holy symbol something

mainly how wide and deep are they and what is the biggest ship that can travel them??

when is 11 buisiness days from october 6?

as I palced an order then and now some 13 month days later it still says pending.

a pup needs an abortion to get out of the pound.

rackateering blackmail
animal cruelty

dogs like people can have alleric reactions to anethetics.

whey does the agile halfplate weighs 5 pounds more than the half plate

when the agile breast plate weighs less than the regular breastplate

and why is there no agile full plate?

or if you can point me to the right person.

the world breaker siege engine that was mentioned in the lost cites of golarion.

I dont remember if it said or not, but what type of siege engine was it??

is a character who takes it, able to take the wildblood bloodlines???

Assuming SKR or someone in the office ahs time,

the divine bound for the emperyal knight.

does it just make the change to the mount or does it force the arctype to take the mount??

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Voices of the Spheres

At 2nd level, an empyreal knight learns to speak and read Celestial, if she could not already.

This ability replaces divine grace.

my question is, since it says IF, if said character is able to read and speak celestial, do they keep divine grace?

is it possible to have one enchanted to carry unlimted bolts( similiar tothe quiver that has an unlimited supply of arrows??

has anyone converted this prc for pathfinder?

a book that describes in more detail of numeria stuff, the firearms of the dead magic place down in gurun...

the various types of ships too??

thought I'd ask since there was about a book for almost everything else.

a Holy sites of Golarion and for that matter unholy sites tooo?

how would one convert the Buckaneer out of the CAstlemourn setting into PAthfinder's rules

is it possible to use more than one archtype from A class aslong as they dont counteract each other??

or are we limited to 1 RAW??

has anybody tried a wizard/magus/ek build??

how many templates can a creature legally have

the most torturous prison of all Golarion??

the holy light one in the APG or the core PAladin in the core rules book??

I was kind of curious at this as what the titel says.
Is it possible to combine the holy avenger with sunblade

and how effective would it be as a longsword.

What do you suppose Molthune would do if Nirmathas sold its borders to LAstwall??

oh good grief.

Harry Potter, Harry Pooter, Harvey Birdman, Harvey Putter....

I hate these worthless movies taht poke fun at stuff, they just plain suck.

ps: Potter blows chunks.

Do you think we will ever see a"Crime and Punishment in Golarion"?

did we meet the witch yet, or did I miss it???

what type of spells would you suppose be used again him to banish him into that demi plane where the starfall incident keeps repeating itself??

But are you guys using Tavern and Inn as both, because I have noticed there are not really any Inns listed in any of the sources mostly restaurants, brothers and taverns.

No one from Paizo wishes to comment?? or anyone for that matter

quake in fear of the smurfed link and smurfing boycot it today

you won't smurf yourself latter ... oh its all just smurfed up man, I'm telling you it really is smurfed, the world its going blue in 3d .....

A ghast with the civilized feat
or an advanced zombie lord( which would be a zombie lord with the advanced creature template)

will we ever see golarion setting novels by Ed Greenwood?? I'd like to see some myself.

IIRc that did not pertain to the Forlorn elves right>>
and did that mean physically or mentally mature, as even we humans are not considered mature until 21....

oh and smurf

since most of the people around, have issues with the paladin' code of conduct; could you write up a list of things that would constitute acts of chaotic, evil, good, and lawful acts? I'm asking because some people take the paladin's code of conduct as lawful stupid.
clarification of the paladin's code would be most helpful

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