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Did Xin realize that he bit off more than he could chew.....

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you could switch to a different planet or have an ocean of stars conflict have the organization of
Alpha ding dong of planet omnicrom persia 8

having a major conflict with the organization of J Edgar Hoover of Golarion.

Ocean of water or ocean of stars

They could still make a Goliath Species for PF2. What it can be and what it can't be is all that one would have to worry about.

For instance, the pf2 hypo one could not use the description of the one that wotc owns.

that said, an Oread born from a Half giant could work as well

maybe he gets it from sacrificed female elven virgins...

because the inner sea 2e(lowg) read like a travel brochure. IT didnt really show alot in my opinion either. two books for each content past the lowg could show more than it did.( one for eastern and one for western avistan)

also I said 3 for each of the other planets, not a single book for 3 different planets.( well for the inhabitable ones anyway unless Paizo hasnt put alot of thought into them)

yeah ok, I could buy into 3 books for Garund as well as Casmaron ( cant spell it from memory) . Tian Xia should get 3 books as well.

Still its Paizo IP, and if they have enough stuff for 2 or 3 books per continent and chose to do it, they will do it.

edit: and since we're on the topic, how many books for the darklands would take?
one for each level??

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Steelfiredragon wrote:
keftiu wrote:
I'd be over the moon for a full Garund book!!

not me. I'd want two. One for northern Garund and one for southern Garund.

Just like I want one for eastern and western Avistan.

Two books each area and a little more lore for each area....

Going by land area, Garund ought to have something like three books to every one about Avistan. Going by worthwhileness, Garund ought to have about a hundred to every one about Avistan.

I disagree. Two setting books as a whole for GArund, Two for Avistan, to for Tian xia, two for casmarond. Setting books, not adventure paths.

and there is more than just the humanoid settlements that you can put into them....

and 3 for each of the other planets

keftiu wrote:
I'd be over the moon for a full Garund book!!

not me. I'd want two. One for northern Garund and one for southern Garund.

Just like I want one for eastern and western Avistan.

Two books each area and a little more lore for each area....

I never purchased Kingmaker and never will anytime soon and let me explain why, I do not see any character of mine ever wanting to be in charge of any large area of land that becomes a country or an empire. Not even my paladins.

That said, I do want to play wrath though... unless I dont have the money then it might take a while...

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I know who killed him. IT was Seoni in the hallway with a Fireball spell

I wish they would tell us what happened to Aroden, but to do so in a completely unreliable method.
did it happen like this?
or did happen because the Iconics had a pizza party and didnt invite ARoden.....

Chelish are Taldane however they can also be Varisian too. It's just the bulk of modern day Chelish are Taldane.

James Jacobs wrote:
Steelfiredragon wrote:

are you aware that Star Wars ep9 has Wayfinders in it?

and ...... theirs sounds a bit like yours
Nope, but it's hardly an original idea to call a compass a wayfinder...

I deleted my question alittle to late I see....

I had thought better of it while I was in the shower.... so ....just pretend I never asked that....

looking for a spell to banish him or lock him into that demi plane that was Golarion during Earth fall is far and in between of being completed....

and so was the original campaign setting book..... then came pf1... then pf1 setting book....
but I did mean the 3.5 one

wasnt the first absalom book done first after the campaign book in 1e????

not me. it would be the 3rd. campaign book, 2e's book of elves, hoj book .

or books if there ends up being more than 1 for each area outside of any adventure path.

ok it is at least the 3rd book......
though I'd prefer more on the Sodden LAnds.... and mostly because of what may be in that area in africa... but that is the rw and neither here nor there

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we also could use a Cthulu touched ancestry....... no not really

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Kitsune, tengu, kobolds, Dhamphir , aasimar, that elemental touched, and that outsided down in the souther garund that was mortal man that was exposed to the chaotic energies of the Maelstrom....

do carnivorousness plants count????

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eastern casmaron, tian xia, southern avistani, kyonin

hip hip

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Got Deekin???

he could have been passing a joke... but who knows and you do have a very sharp point

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but what if we don't want 1 new book for Tian???
What if we really want 2 books. And here they are:
1: Northern Tian Xia
2: Southern Tian Xia

oooooo yeah and here is book 3 just incase

3: Darklands of Tian Xia

anything else like tian creatures can go into a beastiary..... unless its a player option which it can go in either book.

and look at this way
a book on northern and a book on souther tian xia gets us more info on Tian xia as it could add a few more npcs and or go into a little more detail.

and more art too.....

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hehehehe I read Goka as Goku there....

well yes I agree with that. but that was more toward DGM's Foreign Hero if that is what we are calling it line.

Adventure in Tian Xia that starts and finishes there should star pcs from Tian Xia.( even if it starts in Tian Xia and ends in the Shackles.... it should still star PCs from Tian Xia)

I also think they should start adding incentives to do so too.( of course I'd have no idea as to waht that would be)

Garundi character in Tian would look out of place. an elf in most places anywhere that have never seen an elf would stick out... A Tiefling would look out of place in Tian/ Khelishite empire( and would likely feel uncomfortable too) let alone anywhere in Garund... an avistanian would look out of place in Vudra and so on.

so yes call it foreign savior . or foreign mercenary...

foreign savior has 2 other parts that can ( not always) dictate.
does the adventure path start in say Varisian and end in Tian? or the Khelish empire's eastern side?
and/ or is the threat a planet wide issue that could warrant it?

if it starts and ends in southern Garund and stays in Southern GArund then yeah you could get away with not playing a foreigner( well you still could for RP reasons. How can you tell where my Beastbrood tiefling comes from?) And by that reasoning yeah Southern Garund can deal with it. A trade hub/port City if its the starting point still could find a few foreigners there though

why does real life politics suck? Is it becuase we haven't got Treerazer to kill all politicians yet

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Treerazer wrote:
HTD wrote:
Do you think that you might show up soon(-ish) in Starfinder?

is that because you took over your daddy's position?

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How do you think Communists and Socialists taste?????
better with or without booze

well how popular was it?
I don't ever recall alot of people on the forum talking about it not that I haunted teh forum here ever

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Didn't bother me much. I just ignored them. There was better things to look at in Osirion.

I would like to take the time to take this moment and go off topic.
anything bad ( like slavery) can make for some really good fiction.

now returning to that previous discussion...
move on, nothing more to see here.

if that is a typo how did it get passed QA?

they must have been cooking eggs in some form..... right?

Oppara and magnimar equally

I don't overly care for Absolam myself. Trade hub and a decent starting point to adventures within the inner sea area. and not much else.

cause they used bacon grease to pop it

Hey James... question for you.
someone said that The Cheliaxians were jsut ethnic Taldane.( and they said you said it) But the old lore stated though when the Azlanti colonized what became Cheliax it was witheither the varisian or Ulfen. Wouldnt having them ne ethnic Ulfen or Varisian make more sense?

hate to tell you this. outside one's comfort zone any other country is an exotic place the first time you visit there. that said I have no further use of discussing this further. All you seem to do is argue that you're right and everyone else is wrong for the way they play and all that.

political views have no real place anywhere.... especially in politics

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Oh and I should play as a Garundi just because the game at the table is being placed there? But what if I wanted to play an obnoxious dwarf that hails from Avistan. and who says that Avistanis are backwards and savage.

And who said that the Garundis were any more or any less savage or educated.
and how many players actually even call their characters " White Saviors"
you fall into a troupe by placing characters and their players into such categories.

and I hate to tell you BUT at the time they were going at it with each other the countries of Nex and Geb were not being civilized but were busy committing acts of arcane based atrocities on each other. doesnt sound civilized to me...
now if you meant rich in history that would be one thing...
say what you want though. Paizo can do whatever they want with PAthfinder and Starfinder, they are both their IPs.

and it is however my money.. and I can spend it on whatever I want to do so with it... just as long as its legal.

edit: was planning on getting the innersea guide and jumping ship. maybe the one on Tian if they do one.... arcadia not so much.

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Forcing people to do what they don't want to do will send players away to another rule set Keftiu. Regardless of intent. Besides there is nothing wrong with wanting to play a chelish human who homeland is Andoran vacationing down in Nex that ends up being drawn into an adventure from unforeseen circumstances.

Nothing wrong with playing Locals either.

what is wrong is being forced to do so.

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speak for yourself. I'm not dying to see any of it outside the Innersea region.
In FAct I'm not dying to see anything on the Inner Sea region either. Cause if I'm dying, I wont be able to look through any of it....

and if the setting book is not out yet, I don't care.

Happy for you all though

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which is true. and when both can't see eye to eye enough to compromise it's time to find another table.( you do not even have to be a paladin player for this to be an issue though)
which may or may not be as easy as it seems...
which is one of those many many things why the it needs to be removed in its entirely, remove one of the two alignment axis, etc threads that came up during the pretest stuff.

its getting a side bar in pf2 and that is what it is, unless it fails to make the cut between now and release.

as far as Geb was concerned it was either that or
total badarsery
and this one truly is too good for them

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alignment always a slippery slope with no real answer between players and dm/gms.....

never did like it myself... or atleast the two alignment axis. law and chaos can go away and it would settle some issues.....
and cause some more......

Edit: only staying for the campaign setting book myself....

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Davido1000 wrote:
0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:
Yes, this. My PF1 Paladin is exactly this. Medium armour for speed. No shield, don't need it. Two-handing a longsword (for Iomedae). Fist into battle, he defended the party by discouraging others from the front line - in a party of four with him, the others would typically be a Wiz, a Rogue and a Divine of sorts, why should they risk their necks or have redundancy in more than one frontliner? PF2 appears to need more than one melee fighter in a party to make the Champion worthwhile.

I dont understand why people are constantly complaining that they cant play classes the way they want to play it when you can quite easily with the multiclassing system. You wanna run head on into battle with a longsword instead of having the paladin reaction?

Take fighter with sudden charge, then take paladin multiclass at level 2, that way you can pick and choose what you want.

because some of us, do not like multiclassing

and its a RP thing too....

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you see , you see you see?
there is honor among thieves ....

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