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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Darth Game Master wrote:
If Tar-Baphon conquered Avistan, what's to say he wouldn't keep going and invade the rest of the world?
He's a laughable non-threat to a properly developed country and wouldn't be in a position to invade anyone other than his backward neighbors. Who can fall before him and good riddance.

tsk tsk tsk.

Avistan's southern neighbor is not that developed or unified enough to deal with him.
Neither is Avistan's Eastern Neighbor

But then again Garund and CAsmaron might have their own monster lords locked away within its own shores, in which case as you said....
No main villain would stop after conquering a part of a planet, they would go for an empire. Stand together or fall apart....
( This does not include the Pit of God of destruction)

ikarinokami wrote:

I've played the clerics 3 times now and it's super fun. the spell list is perfect and properly reflects a cleric in my opinion. I always thought the 3.5 cleric was a terrible and egregious error. if you don't want to heal don't play a cleric. there are a lot of other options a lot of other support classes. tturning the class into codzilla was terrible error. Right now I think the class is perfect. very much the AD&D 2nd edition cleric. a very strong healer and restorer, the spell list is good, very situational, but the situation they rectify have major affects. you don't need one, however having one, makes things a lot easier.

rogues, monks, fighters and clerics are literally perfect in this edition.

kinda insulting there..... well atleast to me it is and that is my opinion and any who agrees with it being so.

many ways of playing a cleric.

not just a heal bot which might be the problem. I dont even like being stuck as a healer and int he game neverwinter I was playing my cleric and one of the other party members remarked why do we have to use our potions when we have a cleric.

my cleric at the time was set for artillery support not heal your but support. mind you the game is set for 4e and uses a modified version of it.....

but the point stands. my clerics tend to put healing on the back burner for aoe if possible. and no the other caster classes do not fit the design of the character...
each their own and all


someone lock this.

yes it sucks to keep it as LG.

when all the examples of law that is claimed as to why is the origin of its name. which was a government worker of some sorts. Which is not a good reason at all as anyone can tell you is that government can be chaotic as they come.

other examples that get used as to why are the knights of the round table and Charlemagne's paladins.
both of which are a drinking straw made from cotton.

Charlemagne's were not much more than thugs.

Not all of Arthur's knights would be considered PAladin like so....

and the most popular used involves the late Gygax and his reasons as to why hte paladin should remain LG. In any event if he was still even alive he would tell you that beyond his own table, it is not his game anymore.

the reasons why it should be opened up to any good:
its description of its abilities can come from any of the Celestial planes. also if the paladin will chose Good over than Law most of the time then why keep it LG only.

and some in the community are willing to die on this hill to keep it LG too.

the bottom line:
they could still make it any good after the playtest and they could have a champion paladin like class( with some of the paladin powers{ smite evil, divine grace, and a modified wings feat]) that is opened to all alignments.

my final remark:
PF 2.0 will more than likely keep and lose fans and regardless on how the paladin or anyone's favorite class ends up. The rules are all questionable at this point. but thats what the playtest is for

Now for the Glory of the 3 Celestial Planes, someone please lock this thread.... or just stop necromancy on it

yeah.... ok..

something to consider
you can fool some of the people some of the time
you can fool most of the people most of the time
you can NOT fool all the people all the time

you can please some the people some of the time
you can please most of the people most of the time
you can not please all the people all the time

you however can insult some people some of the time
you can insult most of the people most of the time
you CAN insult all the people all the time.

all that said
compromise this:
leave alignment in or take it out with optional side ruler stating the other( ie: if its left in, side bar states it can be removed for such whatever reason)

have pfs alignment become optional to the whim of whoever his venture captain and or whoever is running the table

the for above compromise is not inteded to please or insult anyone

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oh and I wonder how much time we waist in this thread....

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can sign it half way?

so have I!!!!!

how was trip to the glue factory????

we doesnt either.....

skooma trade has come to golarion

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Oh by the bloody nine sheet stained pants of the lord of the nine hells, another one of these???

I could go on with this, but the Taldan's are not white skinned they are bronze skinned.

furthermore there are no white,black what not in golarion.....

there is only the avistanians and the Garundians and the tian.

are you sure you'd want to know that, she might have to kill you if she told you that??? that is of course unless you wanted to bow before her as a prospective student


that might also be why I took the change to giant raven feat....


Fur and Feathers would work

if it contained the Tengu, Strix, ratfolk and the catfolk.

beyond that we still need
Blood of the Elementts:(squak) that contains the sylph, Ifrit, urdine, oreads( iirc)

Leaves me to wonder just where the fetchlings and that shadow golbin wretch whos name I cant be bother with to even remember, would fit in...

races that I cant off hand place in a book:
Gillmen, fetchlings, the oforementions shadow what not goblin/gnome/whatever....

oh well that would be where the fine folk of Paizo get paid.... hahahaha

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Patrick Harris & Kuro Poe wrote:
Feathery Wiles

You guys are working on me here...

So say we did this. But also say there's a Faustian part: If we do it, two other races need to be included. Three races total, or no deal.

If that were the case, what would those races be?

Book of the crow:


yes the harpy {Squawk), and only becuase ther is no other winged creature that would work.


blood of the crow should also contain more on the strix too.... you know why? the strix are cool

I am Tengu, you may siply call me Pain in the Backside.
We are raven or crow humanoids not some worthless chicken

goblin not care, goblin say we be goblin you be food......

the moment the goblin hits the floor snoring the asssaciate will understand that its parter in whateverness is asleep and will take appropriate measures for i, which may simply be running away.

he said on the cheap, not on the cheapy

convice his character that he's a failure and needs to commit seppukku....

Vuvu wrote:

Anyone else amazed that this is still going on?

300+ posts. Someone lock the thread, I can't help but read this train wreck!


I've read it from the beginning and its more annoying.

and I Hate Sunblades.
against undead, undead bane and disruption are better than the sunblade as weapons....... though maybe not so much in the case of vampires.

I feel that this has turned into either a setting war or an edition war.

thank you and good night.

and to think I got online to see when the wierd al concert comes on

how about give them mana points that allows them to cast and just dispose of the sorcerer all together

Assuming SKR or someone in the office ahs time,

the divine bound for the emperyal knight.

does it just make the change to the mount or does it force the arctype to take the mount??

the DWS had the range increase per lvl of dws iirc.
was one nasty prc
poison use....
mix it with the sniper archtype of the rogue and you have a nasty combo..

was monday's or tuesdays?

if it was tuesdays, would you guys pleaze check yer dates

I want to see that web page removed from the web, then thats what I'd call real utimate power to the people

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becuasea feat has to be taken for a feat.

for me, I dont like power attack, but I like cleave and I dont like having to take power attack to get it.

and some feats require 4 feats to get.

on a fighter bonus feat list its mostly stomachable, but not always

Great Caesar's Ghost wrote:

agreed brother

the AT... is sub par at best, even at its original creation point in 3.0 it was sub par.

the unseen seer was a better mage rogue deal than the AT could ever be.

as a stealth mage though....borderline.

dragons revisted maybe?

the innersea world guide??

fighter 2/wizzie 5/ EK 10 also counts as a fighter 12 as far as feats are concerned....

FiddlersGreen wrote:
Pain in the Backside wrote:
Eos wrote:

The Arcane Discovery "Immortality". I'm not sure if it's the wizards version of Timeless Body or you actually become immortal (if anyone knows please tell me) but just the feeling of taking a feet with that name is enough.

"I am Tim the immortal enchanter" *manic laughter

oh and the Arcane Discovery that lets you get spells from an opposite schools for one spell slot

before anyone answers you, you must answer 3 questions?

what is your name?

What is your favorite color?

what is your quest?

How about "What is the capital of Assyria?"?

which do you mean?

modern day or ancient?

Eos wrote:

The Arcane Discovery "Immortality". I'm not sure if it's the wizards version of Timeless Body or you actually become immortal (if anyone knows please tell me) but just the feeling of taking a feet with that name is enough.

"I am Tim the immortal enchanter" *manic laughter

oh and the Arcane Discovery that lets you get spells from an opposite schools for one spell slot

before anyone answers you, you must answer 3 questions?

what is your name?

What is your favorite color?

what is your quest?

I'm boyocotting this book as there is nothing I want in it....

that and I cant afford it

so you have foul evil(le and ne)
reeking of evil(some ne and all CE)

and now you have trully evil.....

how nice.

Benicio Del Espada wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
In before the Godwin.

In before the year2525

you want to make a bloat char off of a luaghing buddha??