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.... yeah the real pain is here, that is not me, clearly thinks that this is a tactic in order not to give us the blog today about whatever playtest stuff that we wanted to argue about.

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Demon Lord of Paladins! wrote:
graystone wrote:
If you have to ask, you've already fallen! :P
I can help with that!

true true

here's your whiskey, sorry im late with it

yeah, got get with my Brother Jessie,and go hit those Union dogs up where it counts and go find a few trains to rob. going to a bar on the way back, anyone want something?

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a god? I think not. he is just someone else for me a Jesse to rob and do guerilla raids against all in the name of the black monarch of his northern neighbor.

don't know if your dm will let you get away with using it.... but in wotc 4e phb 3 there is a feat that gives you a +2 to your ac....

yeah its not paizo's pathfinder.... but using it would be no different than using 3rd party material..

it was unarmored agility or something...

in other words ugly

thats not what they said in TAldor...


in fact they wanted to hang me for saying it there and blowing my nose at the princess's coach

speaking of the Taldan princess what does she look like?? and class level and stats??

do they exist somewhere

I would allow NG paladins.. and maybe CG ones too if you can tell me a really good reason.

however I mioght also tell you to make alt paladin abilties to switch out from the LG paladin.....

that said, paladins are LG in pathfinder, and thems the rules


stript torture target of evertyhing

bind their hands on a beam and let them hang over a pool of water in an enclosed room.
boil the waters.

hang then over the watter just enough for them to feel the heat.

keep putting logs on the fire.....

or on this note it might not be all that good

they also said that UC and UM were not canon.... and the AP which I think I saw James Jacobs saying that it was fast becoming canon or something...
I forget and it was not important at the time.

but what the above said is true, find prcs in the setting lines.

on the otherhand.... the advanced races might have some new prcs in it.... but hey time will tell.... we might get archetype instead.
( just dont tell anybody, I hate some of the racial prcs....)

I kind of wonder from time to time if such a weapon could be created as a longsword....

such a book, the goblinacon would not work unless it had all the goblinoids in it and how they treat elves....

and maybe then would I buy such a book

it was a mercenary paid to kill them, he was evil....
butseriously, they goofed.
they should of animated his armor to do that too...

Id have them walk into a custom trap that will negate this idea.

have them throw body into the trap and have the trap cast resurrection on teh corpse..

you know, for an interesting twis you could combine a miror of opposing alignment and that one that imprisions.
create an evil clone of pc and imprison the real one...

there is also Deviant ARt......

ITs made of the entrails of Retconn and NDA two lesser known demon princes..... who are both exiled and are teh scourges of the infernal seas....

KaeYoss wrote:
Damiel! I... I never loved you!



Damiel! why lie, I like you better dead!

Sekret_One wrote:
Are wrote:

A Paladin ignores DR/- on all of his attacks if he's smiting.

(I personally think that's a bit silly, but that's an issue for another time)

But he can only smite something that is evil. So, no smiting the neutral bad ass fighter.

looks at this.

you want to know the best thing about Pathfidner?

its that it is Backwards compatible with 3.x.
you know what 3.x dnd had??

it had a elder evil and examplars of evil.
one of the two had a smite feat that makes your whole comment pointless.
True Smite(or it was Full Smite) and it let you use one use of smite per use to smite an opponent regardless of alignment.

up to a DM to allow it though...

it would allow to smite a fighter n bad boy.....I I remember reading it right....

yep fraid so....

you sound like a cold GM.....

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
I'd like to see a ninja point and laugh at me. I'd teach her a thing or two! (Especially since those stats you see of me printed in those silly books are all part of my master plan to throw you all off balance... in real life, I'm MUCH more powerful. In that I have at least four more daggers than those stats say I do! STAB!!!!)

oh no.... She had heard you, your all doomed I tell you doomed.

all must bow to the brilliance of the Lady MERisiel Sllvari as if you don't she might stabb you.....

I hate guns in rpgs.....

however I just thought of something that might be fun.

Nudist Ninjas versus Nuditst pirate game

ask them why they did not buy the alchemist fire and fire bombs.... they could of been tossing them in the cloud burning the whatever into the col's recipe instead of griping about waiting

well done, you dragged me in here.

Heine Stick wrote:
Reviews say "yes." ;)

is that actual reviews, or magic 8 balls??

NotMousse wrote:
Bomanz wrote:
While its certainly understandable, honestly I miss the "Bigby's" line.
You could always take his cantrip, Bigby's Offensive Digit, though it has a somantic component so you still suffer ASF chance.


but not nearly as fun as Ssas Tamm's Double offensive digits...... though its also a cantrip and suffers the same asf...

Talking animal companion( shrek)
req: Druid or ranger animal companion

benefit: Animal companion is able to speak in one language the pc knows

your animal companion is able to speak to the pc and the world aroun allowing for the world to make a double take..

yeah Donkey, ya suck

Goku style for Ki ranged attacks with stunning fist??

and the lego style of
knights of the round table came to mind at seeing this.

We're the pathfinders.....

I cant believe I read through all this......

You can play an effective wizard, kudos to you, I cant( and the factthat I like to put every spell I come across in the book proves the fact that I cant).
It does sound like to me that you may have sub consciously created the wizzie to be confritational, it might not be.

Just the same, I'll echo everybody else that said talk with your gm outside thesession.

If all else fails, talk with the other players and elect a new dm or leave the group again.

before I forget, Anima beyond fantasy also has an attractive spot and rules to set it and the mutants and mastermind stuff also has rules for it.

if Paizo has it in with CHA than its fine

LazarX wrote:
Frank James wrote:
there was a beuty stat in a 3.x ogl book too....umm that one with the chain mail bikinni I think it was.....oh well go figure
It was the Book of Erotic Fantasy, the first 3.x supplement that had to be sold in the "Adult" section.

No it wasn;t the one I meant, this one you got at Enworld and wasn't done by whitewolf publishing

but that you mention it, that book had one in it too.

there was a beuty stat in a 3.x ogl book too....umm that one with the chain mail bikinni I think it was.....oh well go figure

there is also that goddess of forbidden love.....

and this is where the west was won???

tsk tsk.

an EK with a few APG feats will out shine a good deal of all the magus builds.....
altseast imo......

Do you think we will ever see a"Crime and Punishment in Golarion"?

take the birthmark trait to any character for a holy warrior......

the paladin is just a holier than thou warrior

gate and maybe wish to keep bind him there????

what type of spells would you suppose be used again him to banish him into that demi plane where the starfall incident keeps repeating itself??

Goblin King Grog wrote:
Chosen of Iomedae wrote:

tsk tsk

the cavalier still screams mounted combat, and I disdain mounted combat.

I do my mounted warfare by flying carpet.

I would of been happier if the cavalier and the anti paladin were cut

You can get all of those mounted combat bonuses on your carpet, just have your horse stand on the carpet and ride the horse.

I took the warhorse and ate it.

fine eating, very fine

oh smurf it already.

you want ot play it that way, its your game, play it as such.

argue with the dm/gm at the table.

but for now turn out the lights, the party's over.

so thank you and good night.

oh and what james said is law.

nice day to you all.

Iomedae's blessings to you

oh smurf it with the smurf already

stupid smurf smurfers

you dont have anything better to do rather than smurfing smurf smurfette?

Haven't we smurfed this smurf before we smurfed it??

papa smurf always says.....

oh smurf up

Mikaze wrote:
Frank James wrote:

I hate all the new iconics so far.

the only female one that looks good is the witch.....

Alahandra's presence says you so craaaaaazy. Inquisitor is fine too....

I hate her the most.

furthermore I put a price on her head....

I hate all the new iconics so far.

the only female one that looks good is the witch.....
but then I doubt she will stand against
Staby the knifeeared elf, kyra( I think it was) the cleric, and the goddess Seoni who will kick your arse, ask you if a kiss will make it feel better, and then fry you afterward


and then he would get beeched slapped ...... if he was lucky, castrated if he wasnt....

oh smurfing smurf it

they are whatever the DM wants them to be


I use dragon eggs for Ultima brand Humble Pie.......

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