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The Jester

Squeakmaan's page

336 posts. 3 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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You could get all the amino acids in blood from a steak. there's only 22 of the things.

You could easily have non-evil mindless undead, in your own game, just change the flavor of undead.

Since this is referencing Golarion specifically though, mindless undead have since the beginning always been evil. Because, in Golarion, they are full of mindless hate and rage and hunger towards the living on a level similar to instinct. They don't kill for survival as a wolf does, nor are they automatons likes constructs which do nothing unless ordered to do so. When not ordered otherwise, mindless undead seek to kill the living, without pity, without mercy, without needing to.

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"bookworms" that are actually rot grubs.
Mimic wasn't a bad idea.
Paper Golem.

At this point I'd be down for a job with skill checks, I'm just a commoner.

Parker is absolutely not a Slayer, not gonna get in an argument of which class is better because I disagree, but Parker not only never kills anyone, she only rarely engages in combat of any kind and when she does she uses a taser. She is a Rogue. Any further discussion should probably be moved to a separate thread.

Sophie is a Bard, Hardison and Parker are both Rogues with their skill points put in different places.

with the brawler class for Elliot, I now have everything I need to run my Leverage: Golarion edition.

I now need to make a Warpriest of Rovagug with some kind of natural weapon, doesn't really matter what.

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Gorbacz wrote:

Epic didn't work.

Mythic works if you accept the fact that it generates turbo rocket rag superhero gameplay. I'm not sure if that's what people are expecting from 20+ games.

Face it tiger, the ruleset based on iterative attacks, reality-warping magic available on mid levels and three digit numbers just can't handle itself at higher levels.

That's not universally true. Never had a problem running or playing in games that run into high levels.

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You can actually find a great deal of cultural and societal difference even between countries within the EU.

And as for the Worldwound, we have plenty of evidence of large powerful and influential countries ignoring horrible violence just outside their doorstep, as long as their not directly impacted right now, it's somebody else's problem.

Show them this link Warning: violence and epic guitar.

One of the Islands of the Shackles is Raptor Island. It's known for its packs of vicious raptors. Do with that what you will.

If a class is too powerful I avoid it. If it shows up in the optimizing threads, i generally avoid it.

Two of those aren't humans, Arazni and Tar-Baphon are undead.

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Savage Tides for 3.5

I have a lot of love for ray casters, so i'll provide what help i may. I would recommend going sorcerer, because you want to be able to launch as many rays as you can being able to prepare different spells isn't important for you. You don't need flexibility, any problem that can't be solved with lasers is somebody else's problem.

You want a decent Dex, because those rays are all ranged touch attacks. Not to mention the AC, REF save, and Initiative bonuses.

I would recommend a bloodline that either adds damage to the dice (like Red, Brass, or Gold Draconic bloodline) or something that lets you change what element the damage is (like Elemental bloodline).

Some spells that may be good choices for you: Ray of Frost, Acid Splash, Ray of Enfeeblement, Scorching Ray, Acid Arrow,

As far as prestige classes, the only one that I would think works at all is Arcane trickster, because you get some sneak attack, which rays are capable of delivering, and those rogue levels can get you Evasion. Eldritch Knight could work as well, that's really a judgment call depending on the theme you want. Personally I would not recommend multi-classing, least not til you already have sixth level spells (Disintegrate!!!), after that there aren't too terribly many rays that are much fun.

Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot are going to be really good feats for you to have. I can't remember if taking Weapon Focus and/or Weapon Specialization Ray is allowed in Pathfinder, but if you're multi-classing Fighter to become an Eldritch Knight, those are the feats you want to get. Meta-magic Feats like Empower and things that let you add special effects or switch out what kind of element a spell is are good choices and can use those to use up those spell slots for levels that don't have good ray choices.

And don't get too hung up on whether something is technically a Ray unless you want to really focus on that, just about anything that requires a Ranged Touch Attack could probably fit the theme.

And make sure the other players know you are not a buffer, not a controller, you are a surgeon. You pick an enemy and you make them eat hot/cold/acid laser death.

A mohrg's reach should exceed his grasp, else what are mythic powers for?

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I'm really excited for this AP, so that's my disclaimer. But as far as I can see, the more rules you have the more stories you can tell. It's very easy to just not tell a story that involves the technology rules. It's much more difficult to run a story involving technology without the rules existing.

I'm not saying they're awesome, but the guy who got sued did a lot more than just have some pollen blow into his crops. He deliberately selected for the the pesticide resistance and began planting crops that carried that gene and sold them.

Edit: Again, this is pretty far off of the original topic, so maybe if we want to discuss it further it could get it's own thread.

Insain Dragoon wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:

The problem can't be solved by a third party. Paizo has acknowledged that Rogue and Monk needed to be fixed in Pathfinder Unchained, so one must ask why the Fighter, who is in just as severe need of a fix, isn't in the book.

Last I checked we hit 60:9 in favor of the Fighter being Unchained.

They acknowledged that some people wanted a different take. That's not exactly the same thing.
Agreed, it is only a coincidence that people have titled Rogue and Monk as the "worst classes in the game" and have been asking for their rewrite for ages. Same with Fighter, but they don't have a confirmed rewrite.

Not coincidental, just not necessarily representative, personally i think the druid is the worst class in the game, but I'm not going to go onto someone's druid thread and start knocking them or start an argument. I like the rogue and monk as they are, and I even like the fighter, but ya'll are having fun in your thread and I don't feel any need to come in and start stomping on your fun just because i disagree.

Insain Dragoon wrote:

The problem can't be solved by a third party. Paizo has acknowledged that Rogue and Monk needed to be fixed in Pathfinder Unchained, so one must ask why the Fighter, who is in just as severe need of a fix, isn't in the book.

Last I checked we hit 60:9 in favor of the Fighter being Unchained.

They acknowledged that some people wanted a different take. That's not exactly the same thing.

Is it known who first discovered/invented being a Magus? Would there be schools or forms named for that person if it's known?

It's in the Core Rulebook, page 169

Awesome story.

Monsanto owns seed rights, they didn't invent that you know, not saving seeds has been a very common thing since hybridized crops have been around. I know quite a few local farmers who plant GM crops, they do so because it increases their profits, no other reason, if they didn't they would just go to another supplier.

Edited: This is somewhat far afield of the original topic, but i would not mind discussing it further in a separate thread.

Um, I'd like to see some statistics on that, because I have seen no evidence of such a thing.

Unfortunately gut feeling is one of the absolute worst ways to accurately judge things on such a large scale, our perceptions are notoriously unreliable. According to the link provided by Gentle Giant it's about 99% legit, unless you have some specific evidence to counter their analysis, you may not want to rely on gut feeling. It's for this reason anecdotes are not considered data.

What are you talking about, farmers are an incredibly powerful portion of the american economy. Are you substituting truthiness for reality again?

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No, seriously many jobs do. VoIP calls from my home were a required part of my lab tech job, my boss lived in Japan, I worked in Virginia. In any kind of STEM job it's essentially a non-stated job requirement.

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A possible explanation is that maybe they're too powerful, their mere presence on the material plane would damage reality. Without even meaning to they would cause floods and earthquakes and fire raining from the skies. So the only way they can influence events without destroying the world is through their followers, which gives a good reason for them to bother with followers in the first place.

Well, the first amendment protects the rights of people to practice their religion, they still don't get to enforce their religious choices on others, though that's long been fought against by religious types.The whole point of incorporating is to create a separate legal entity through which to do business, hence why a company gets sued, not the owners, now that corporate veil is in question.

Even if you truly believe something that's wrong, the law should abide by the medical facts. I believe cancer is a mark of the devil, therefore my company will no longer contribute to cancer treatment. You can't prove I don't sincerely believe it, yet it's wrong, no difference from believing that an IUD is murder. And planned parenthood has been steadily defunded making it difficult to go to one even if you wanted to and were able, which is not even close to a guarantee.

I don't want my boss in my sex life, nor do i want him to pay for it, but he should have no control whatsoever over how an employee uses their rightfully earned compensation, that's between me and my doctor. And with the way insurance works, I'm also contributing to his erectile dysfunction medicine, so maybe he should chill a little.

I only just found out about this, so sorry I wasn't able to contribute, but I wanted to say I am stoked for this book. The art previews looks almost unspeakably cool. You've got at least one guaranteed sale when it's out.

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Adam B. 135 wrote:
ikarinokami wrote:
the one thing I don't want to see, is paladins of different alignments
We will agree to disagree. I want to see faith-charged warriors of every alignment. Maybe not smiting, but they do need to be divinely charged.

I think the Warpriest was conceived with this very notion in mind.

I'm not sure how many non-adventurers you could get to live in a place with several mind-bogglingly big creatures dedicated to destruction, but I'd sign up for that game.

But hide armor has a movement rate of 20 ft, so wouldn't Fast Movement only bring her back up to 30 ft? If not, I've been doing it wrong this whole time

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there is, just don't remember their name or what book it was in, but pretty sure i remember seeing that.

I disagree that mythic and demigod are interchangeable, that distinction wasn't made prior to the advent of Mythic, but once Mythic was released much of that changed.. Arazni would be more of a quasi-deity, if that, I don't remember if she can actually grant spells.

That is not to say that your interpretation is not equally valid.

Jhuvaal of Legacy of Fire. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a love story.

Another thought occurred to me today when I was supposed to be working. It doesn't necessarily follow that beings who can threaten and even kill demigods can also threaten and kill gods, it's possible that there is some inherent quality to being a demigod (like a demon lord, archedevil, or similar) that makes them able to affect gods in a way that mortals, no matter how powerful, simply cannot. Maybe their atoms vibrate on the proper frequency or something equally unknowable.

I'd like to see some. My dream is to see a kaiju AP, which just seems to cry out for Mythic. If the ease of mythic actually does turn out to be legit, it might not be too crazy to adjust the Cr's a bit, give things additional HP and such.

If you're looking for the get-in get flanking sneak attack and get-out method, then I would recommend working towards Spring Attack before going for the higher two-weapon feats. And I'd also like to add that outside the boards, the idea that rogues aren't worth playing is much less common, in the years i've been playing Pathfiner, I've never ran with a group that didn't include at least one rogue.

Wow, strong work. Very much appreciated.

Frankly, I'm not really certain why we should care whether or not the founders liked or disliked a democracy. We have a representative democracy, at least in theory, and democracy seems to be a pretty common system of government these days. Maybe we messed up when we gave the vote to non-land owners but how many people can say they truly want to go back to a system that restricts the ability to vote to an incredibly small portion of the population. Aren't people already complaining that the government seems to be controlled by a tiny minority of wealthy interests?

I've always enjoyed the current version of the Monk and Rogue, so I'm pretty ambivalent on that front, but that item generator is exactly what I needed to hear to get excited about this product.

If that's not the case for most of your group, can I trade? I don't think i've ever played in or ran a game that didn't include at least one person who seemed to have the mental and emotional capacities of a 12-year old.

And there's the component of every game's player base who see stats as a challenge to make something even stronger.

I'm unsure, many spells would have obvious visual effects, but more subtle spells might not. I will say that spells with a Verbal component have to be spoken aloud in a normal speaking voice I think it says, I would say it's likely Somatic would be similarly obvious. And the art in the books all have spells with pretty obvious visual affects going, runes, and glyphs and whatnot.

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Fake Healer wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:

Those seem like some fairly arbitrary lines to draw. Any hormone-based birth control regimen works (either in whole or in part) by thinning the inner-uterine wall to prevent viable implantation of fertilized eggs.

If they are going to split the hair that some of those regimen (regimii?) work to prevent ovulation then some medical company should just create an IUD called "the goalie," which purports to "prevent pregnancy by guarding the net!" ... Also causing inner-uterine irritation which may prevent implantation.

Who cares about what lines they've drawn? They cover most birth control. For free. Wear a condom on each of you with sponges and spermicide and diaphragms while on the pill with implants and a patch. If you have free access to all that and still get an unwanted pregnancy why should they be forced to cover that for you? They gave you 16 Free ways to avoid a pregnancy. There are 4 they don't like and don't want to cover. How is this a major issue?

Several reasons this is a major issue. For one, preventing pregnancy is not the only purpose for several of these devices/drugs. Two, their complaints are based on the erroneous belief that they are cause abortions. Three, a for-profit corporation shouldn't have religious rights at all. Four, it's not a good idea to give a corporation final say over the medical needs of their employees, how long before cancer treatments aren't covered because cancer is a mark of the devil? Five, this ruling targets women specifically, Viagra and other Erectile Dysfunction treatments are still covered, along with prostate exams.

Cimbria Arctus wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:

Well, one use of the IUD that is now no longer covered and is quite expensive, is to prevent hysterectomy. something other forms of birth control that are still covered, do not do. So this is a life-saving medical device for some people.

You sure you know what a "hysterectomy" is? Cause it sounds like you don't.

An IUD prevents a medical procedure? Only until it is removed....

I'm aware of what a hysterectomy is, and IUD's are an alternative to hysterectomy for treatment of some conditions IUD's that are not abortifacents, but are now no longer covered because the company erroneously believes them to be. And they aren't cheap either.

Nah, reform was always the goal, a single-payer system would have been nice, but it wasn't even seriously proposed this time around. That they decided to go with the old Bob dole plan, might have been a ploy to show just how unsalvagable private health insurance really is. But i doubt it, i worry we might in fact be too incompetent to have decent health care.

Well, let's look at it this way: Unless you think the US government is uniquely incompetent, it would be a better system than we have now. Every first-world nation, and many many more besides, have some form of nationalized healthcare, and all of them are more highly ranked than ours. We're 34th in the world, with our ever so effective private healthcare, that we pay more than any other country on earth for.

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