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The Jester

Squeakmaan's page

469 posts. 4 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.


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Killer_GM wrote:
thejeff wrote:

Yeah, it looks like "public utility" was sloppy usage on the part of the Times. "common carrier" just doesn't mean anything to most people was probably the thinking.

Great news though.

Freaking out the Libertarians is only a bonus. :)

300+ pages of new government regulations over the internet is great news? Anything you don't want government regulating?

It's only about 7 pages of rules, the rest is background information, definitions, footnotes, and about 80 or so pages of dissenting opinion that amounts to nothing more than "We don't like government."

If ever there was a time to bust out my Arcane Duelist with a Falcata, A Taldan AP would be it.

Anything you imagine the villains in an Indiana Jones movie to do, could work for the Aspis Consortium. Either that, or think of basically any really scummy company (fictional or otherwise) and you;ll have some good ideas.

I think it all comes down to, are you going to tell them they can't? Because frankly I don't want to be there when you try.

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Well, sadly for him, he's not a PC, so he doesn't get to just gain a level, though I suspect he's desperately trying to do just that.

I also suspect he's deliberately chosen not to go the lich route, with it's well known drawbacks. Though were he to show up in an AP, that might change, becoming so desperate that he is willing to take the drawbacks.

As for the Sun Orchid Elixir, not only is it expensive, but if people found out, it might give away the secret. Though it's entirely possible he's tried and failed to get a dose, the competition is fierce after all.

I've had more than one fighter who did take Master Craftsman. The most recent was a Duelist in Kingmaker. It was awesome, I had a room just for my swords.

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Part of the problem is the noticeable spike of people accidentally injuring themselves or their loved one emulating the absolutely awful idea of BDSM in that book. -surged-after-fifty-shades-of-grey-was-published/

Thank you.


Fergurg wrote:
Hudax wrote:
Fergurg wrote:
Why would I need an excuse?
You need an excuse because there is no valid argument against the proposal.

I gave 2.

1) The argument that the more common a degree is, the lower its value.

2) I should not have to pay for somebody else's children to go to college. If you want to be generous, do so with your money, not mine.

I have to disagree that those arguments are valid.

The first point, is of course, completely wrong. The value of a college degree is not in its rarity, that has no bearing whatsoever on the value it provides. It's quite the opposite in fact, the greater number of people with degrees the greater value they bring to both the economy and society at large.

Your second point is slightly more reasonable, in that while it benefits both the economy and society in innumerable ways to have more college educated people, and that you personally will benefit by making sure more people, including those of lower economic ability have access to higher education, there's no law requiring you to be happy about improving both your life and the life others.

Is there anywhere I can learn more about the Chapel of Rent Flesh?

Nice. Looking forward to this one

Dominion of the Black/Iron Gods related question:

Do all intellect devourers serve the Dominion, or is it more on a case by case basis?

On Golarion, Darkwood isn't really stated as having a specific climate it is unique to, however the largest concentration of it that's been published seems to be in Andoran. Darkwood Vale is a region who's economy seems to be primarily dependent on harvesting Darkwood, so it's not terribly rare in that region.

Legacy of Fire, Wrath of the Righteous, and Kingmaker, in that order. Iron Gods will probably make the list soon, but I'm waiting for the final chapter.

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Zhayne wrote:
LazarX wrote:
It's not surprising that there are folks less than happy. There are those who won't be happy with anything other than a regurgitation of the 3.5 psi system tweaked to Pathfinder status.
Yeah, I'm certain it has nothing to do with DSP's psionics being better in every possible way.

To you. I much prefer Paizo's take on it.

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Cast-iron skillets. Gonna cook so much s%$!

I do. One of my favorite companies.

The campaign is possibly salvageable, but it will require significant rewriting. You could start over, or maybe play that whole scenario as a "what might have happened" or if you really want to keep going, immediately go on to Book 2, and have more soldiers, more guards, more everything to really hammer home how badly they blew the plan.


Mars, cuz why not.

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Andrew Turner wrote:

My experience with police forces in the US follows.

My opinion:

When you're polite to an officer, they're polite to you. 1% of the time this isn't true.

When you're belligerent with an officer, they're belligerent with you. 99% of the time this is true.

What some Americans (and internationals) are calling fear of the police, I call respect for authority (which I have).

Simple rules, from my point of view:

If an officer engages you, be polite and respectful.

If an officer issues a directive, follow it.

When an officer says, "Hands up!" don't start walking toward them! Put you hands up and be quiet.

When an officer asks for ID, don't invoke the Constitution or Patrick Henry, just show them your ID.

When you've broken the law, no matter how trivial or what circumstances you believe mitigate your offense, be contrite and respectful--that doesn't mean you have to admit you did or didn't do anything, but don't be deliberately stupid.

When an officer tells you to calm down, or stop cursing at them, calm down and shut up: the officer's demand was explicit and black-and-white; there is absolutely zero chance that they actually meant for you to teach them all the profanities you know, and in as loud a voice as possible.

Oh Sure, my experience with cops has always been super polite and above board. But then, I'm middle-class white in an area that's majority white, with an entirely white police force. That doesn't mean that my very limited interactions with the police are somehow universal. So when black people say they have a completely different relationship with police, the very least I can do is listen.

Police are not always polite, they are not always reasonable. They also do not always have the legal authority to issue demands to you, that you are completely within your legal right to ignore or disobey. You just might get beat or shot for it, and then they will be able to say how frightened they were and be totally justified, and everyone else will say how you should have been more polite.

The "global cooling" had pretty much no scientific support and almost entirely based on media hype. This is not the case for Global warming, the catastrophic effects of which WILL happen unless steps are taken to ameliorate the worst effects, like: sea level rise wiping out a number of low lying island nations (many of whom are not meaningfully contributing to it nor have the economic ability to protect themselves), ocean warming and acidification are already have dramatic effects on aquatic animal populations, and altering the patterns of migratory animals which has large ripple effects throughout the entire ecology, and let's not forget the droughts of course.

These aren't the cries of hyper-ventilating panic junkies, these are the warnings of esteemed climatologists. Some of these are already happening, but people still label them as hyperbolic panic attacks.

That is a rockin cover

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I think part of what makes me so angry at this, is that I really did believe (likely without cause) that while there were surely just a few bed eggs, that gross injustice would be dealt with within the system. The disillusionment was... painful.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Ah yes, the old, my unsupported opinions aren't convincing people therefore they're all irrational gambit. Truly it has a long and storied history.

Frankly, if a cop tells you to do something they don't have the right to do, you don't have to obey. Cops aren't dealing with the scum of the earth all day long. In fact they're dealing with the scum of the earth almost never. Most of the time, they're dealing with traffic violators. Many cops are not corrupt, but until they stop protecting the ones who are, there's no way to tell the difference.

10 people marked this as a favorite.

But should I expect to get hurt for not complying fast enough? Or for just being the wrong color? should i get hurt for not obeying a directive the officer has no legal authority to give?

Well, to be honest, when a wizard gets grabbed by a monk who specializes in grappling, he's gonna have a bad day. That's working as intended though, the wizard has a wide variety of defensive spells to help prevent that, but if the monk gets through it, he's supposed to win that grapple. But if you're worried about coming up with things to avoid that, keep in mind, an individual cannot initiate a grapple with something more than 2 size categories larger than him. Throw some huge things at the monk.

I received my shipping email, and was able to download my PDF of Valley of the Brain Eaters, but the package itself never arrived. Is this within the normal shipping time, or should I be concerned?

I read a sci-fi story recently that had an interesting take on AI. Rather than having separate AI everybody had their own AI assistant, basically a better Siri who provided them with information and such. An interesting, and optimistic, take on it.

Council of Thieves and Carrion Crown are both interesting, but I think Council might be easier to run for a first timer.

And really the roll-playing vs role-playing dynamic is entirely up to the group.

I think it's because Magic and Science, in Pathfinder, don't necessarily operate by the same rules. Magic operates in a wide variety of different ways in Golarion, Wizards who prepare spells (but note different wizards prepare spells in slightly different ways, but reach the same outcome), alchemists, witches, sorcerers, etc, these offer a wide variety of very different magical theories. The rules of the game offer an abstraction, but magic might not follow the same kind of predictable results in every situation aside from those spells that have been discovered and disseminated, like Fireball.

As for the person who mentioned why nobody is pushing the boundaries of magic I would say that they are, just about every Adventure Path at least mentions someone who has found some kind of magical doodad or ritual or what have you that nobody else has.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm not sure I'd agree, but I generally care nothing for cries of states' rights, as it's almost always done in an attempt to do infringe on the rights of some group of people. So it's possible my i'm just not seeing the loss of power you're talking about.

Or i could talk to several of my veteran friends, who are die-hard liberals. They have quite a bit to say about republicans cutting benefits for the wounded or traumatized.

Mythic. It is far, far superior to gestalt.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't believe in bloat, i really don't. We have more options, that's it. If you don't like one or more options, don't use them, that's why they're called options. And more options is one of the things gamers are always clamoring for, i know I am.

Those changes are generally not something on the order of affecting every single monster ever printed.

Those are all good points.

It's unlikely, as in setting a couple gods are hinted to be as old as creation, Asmodeus (if he's not lying) and Pharasma (probably not lying). But they are definitely older than mortal life, which the demons are not, so many of the gods are older than the Qlippoth Runestones.

IF America had a secret plan to use disease to wipe out Africa all it would need to do is stop funding malaria treatment research, it's a far more effective killer.

I too like manifest. It feels more occultish, and while feel is terribly subjective, it is important when trying to evoke the proper atmosphere.

While the new cover is undoubtedly awesome, is it giving anybody else Pinocchio flashbacks? "I got no strings, to hold me back"

I really like the new classes. Am looking forward to playtesting them soon. I may need to work a little harder at working in the occultish flavor of the kineticist than the other classes though, really play up the mysterious and possibly eldritch nature of the powers, it comes very naturally to the others though.

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For the people talking about the friendliness of the south. I've lived in the South my entire life, we're not friendlier. We just have slightly different social expectations in some very few situations, and even here a polite nod to someone passing on the street is still the most common and widely accepted and appropriate mannerism.

Here's a tip for guys, and I'm singling out guys because if there's a rash of women catcalling men we can redress the issue then, women on the street don't want to talk to you. Know that your need to say hello to women, and in the south yes it's still primarily women, is not showing friendliness, no matter how badly you want to show her how friendly you are by chatting her up based entirely on how physically attractive you think she is.

Sweet! Thanks for the heads-up

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Well seeing as none of that conversation on 3rd party quality is in any way related to the playtest, I fail to see why you're wasting everybody's time with it. While I absolutely disagree with you on every single thing you said, i think you should make a separate post if it's something you really want to discuss. And limit this board for actual constructive playtest feedback.

I hope we get to see the Carcass-Man of Belkzen

My hope is the when Occult Adventures is fully released that it will contain some info on the Dreamlands.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not worried at all. Bloat is just a bad word for options. Options, are by their very definition, optional.

How do cultists of Rovagug feel about kaiju?

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