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The Jester

Squeakmaan's page

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Well, the cost of living went right on up without the minimum wage, so your first theory is total bunk. Your second theory, is disqualified just on grounds of being in all caps, not to mention quite how dumb it is to blame people for having kids when every single instinct in the human brain is designed just to have a chance at reproduction. And then there's the large swaths of the country which do everything possible to avoid all the things that prevent people getting pregnant (lack of comprehensive sex education, restricting access to birth control, restricting access to abortions). That's not even counting the people who had good jobs, and then lost them in the recession, like the 4,425,000 or so that lost their jobs just in 2008. Frankly i find your hypothesis flawed.

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I think it's just because people like to argue over the internet. Almost every single argument i've encountered on these boards is one that I've never seen come up in game, nor has anybody I've met.

Congrats on the job and welcome to the community. I look forward to playing your results.

Dear James,

Does fruit that has been the recipient of the Plant Growth spell taste different than normal fruit? If so, would it be positive or negative change?

Would Shelyn allow a non-worshiper into her divine realm so they could stay with their loved one in the afterlife?

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In answer to the OP, No. The End.


Why was Mythic power more common in the ancient times?

Does a campaign about mythic powers returning in its former abundance sounds interesting?

I haven't gotten to the last module, but everything I've read so far is freaking awesome.

Probably where some of those Sorcerer bloodlines come from.

Dear Tyrant Lizard King,

Now that I have Bestiary 4, what monster should I use from it first against my level 7 party?

I doubt it's much talked about, chances are anyone who mentions it disappears soon after.

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Of course, Asmodeus is the king of the Xanatos Gambit, whether or not it's actually true is much less important.

Well, you could set the game in one of the pieces of the Abyss that look somewhat normal. They seem to exist so that demons can have fun murdering folks. The players could then try to gain power and maybe even take control of a layer of the Abyss.

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The Valashmai Jungle. Nothing would bring me greater joy than an entire AP centered around kaiju. Think of it, a dangerous expedition to the heart of the Valashmai Jungle to study the recent increased kaiju activity. A mysterious temple surrounded by deadly flora and fauna and teeming with traps, and ancient artifacts left behind my some mysterious people in the distant past, and then unleashing a ton of nasty kaiju you have to put down until you have to fight the King of Monsters his/her-self.

I suppose the only downside is that the faster your movement speed, the larger area free of obstacles you need to Run for a full minute. A character with a 30 ft movement speed will need 1200 feet to run before making the jump, with a 130 ft movement speed will need 5200, nearly a full mile.

From what I've read, it's by no means required, but you will rarely get bigger bang for your smiting buck.

Do the Empyreal Lords serve the good deities? Or are they closer to partners?

I think that halfling is described as exactly the person who could give the PC's that information.

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You mean exclusively only one thing? Or the one most important thing? Scientific study would be mine, NASA having less than 1% of our budget is a disgrace.

Think of it like this, she's a stern teacher rapping them on the knuckles with her ruler. Because at that level, that is pretty much all those sound blasts are doing, a minor sting.

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Plus, blue flame that turns into icy hot snowflakes just looks cool.

People I've played with almost never go straight +5 armor, and then shield, and then ring or protection. It's weapons first and foremost, things like amulets of adaptation, helms of underwater action, cloaks of flying, rings of elemental resistance.

I've played many games with characters in the15-20 level range, very very few had AC's in the 40's. You are far and away a massive outlier on that regard, so she is hardly "pathetically unable" to land her attacks on people she's expected to face.

Outsiders do breathe, they just don't need to eat or sleep.

I too would like that, I even started a thread to gather interest.

Even Lamashtu eventually called off that war

You could giver her a Mythic Ability giving her access to more spells like Baba Yaga had, or just the Binding spells specifically.

With mythic, not quite as late game as usual.

So I wanted to create an interest thread for a book detailing the Demon Lords, Empyreal Lords, Elemental Lords, and more of the multiverse. I figured using Inner Sea might be too constraining for such powerful beings. Who else would be interested in seeing such a thing, and what other beings should be included?

Been wondering about the end of Legacy of Fire

If Jhavul had won, would his plan to woo Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno have worked?

Me personally I would either go into the Dimensional Dervish feat chain, giving the demon's a taste of their own medicine by teleporting around the battlefield punching everyone. Mythic wise, I would go champion and take all the abilities that let you grapple people and throw them around, through walls, grab them out of the air and slam them into the ground, and use them as shields. You may not be doing the most damage, but you will be doing some awesome stuff.

1) Are you familiar with the song Lola Montez by Volbeat? Link if you're not. Does it make you think of Nocticula like it does me, specifically the imagery of her molten-iron oozing hooves.

2) If I were to start a thread to gauge messageboard interest in a book dedicated to the great powers of the multiverse, elemental lord and such, where should I put it?

Should you ever do another Mythic AP, could it please, please, pretty-please be about kaiju and the Valashmai Jungle? I'll send you a light-up Godzilla action figure.

I would definitely be up for it, a Hardcover gets even more enthusiastic support.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
You seem to be taking as accepted fact that the balance will turn out wrong without offering evidence that it is the inevitable conclusion.
I think that's a fairly inarguable fact. Can you think of any government policy that has ever struck a perfect balance on anything?

The eradication of smallpox

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You seem to be taking as accepted fact that the balance will turn out wrong without offering evidence that it is the inevitable conclusion.

MrSin wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
Undead aren't just evil because they have the Evil subtype, they're evil because they desire the death of the living. Mindless, but not without desire.

The Tarrasque is picked on because he has a desire to eat everything and remains N. The fast zombie assassin vine just breaks the universes laws.

Another thing is that your crafting excuses to explain what someone already placed in the universe.

Squeakmaan wrote:
when an undead, even a mindless one, has no orders it kills anything nearby.
Erm... If its under someone else's control it doesn't.

That's exactly the point though, without that control it's a mindless murder-machine that attempts to kill anything it sees. That's what makes it evil.

I've been reading your whole guide on the Diabolist, fantastic work. Thanks for posting these.

I think many of those examples of creatures remaining for so long would be examples of the use of the Binding spell on something you've summoned using Planar Binding, the Hedged Prison version has no duration and by giving an escape clause like the one in Witchwar Legacy would only reduce the save DC by 1.

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Undead aren't just evil because they have the Evil subtype, they're evil because they desire the death of the living. Mindless, but not without desire. They aren't morally neutral automatons like golems, when a golem has no orders, it does nothing, when an undead, even a mindless one, has no orders it kills anything nearby. This has been shown numerous times in the published adventures, and other sources. Sure you can change that via houserule if you like, but to me that kinda ruins the flavor of undead, they're no different from animated brooms at that point.

Hey thanks for the info Irontruth, It was interesting reading. While i don't have anything to add that wouldn't be redundant, other than my support for an increase in the minimum wage, I would like to say I find the repetition of "learn to think for yourself" and similar refrains to be the fallback position of those for whom the evidence does not support.

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I gotta say, people are taking this a bit too seriously. If you don't like the change, keep it the old way, I think it's great, so I will use the new version. But maybe everybody should take a minute to chill and check your attitude.

2) Is CR 25 or lower. This one means that for most PCs, who at 20th level and tier 10 are essentially CR 24, getting into demigod level requires something more than simply maxing out your level and tiers.

How does someone go beyond maxing out their level and tiers?

I'd be down if it were a theme that suits a slow and measured pace, maybe long term exploration or organization building. Maybe something like tutors to a noble child trying to raise them to be a good ruler.

Spoilers abound below, be warned.

Serpent's Skull has a some rather disturbing undead and cannibalism themes in the first module you would want to remove. The rest of the AP is heavy on exploration and discovery which is good, and only has scattered elements you would probably want to remove. A succubus enslaving a couple of native oracles could be toned down to just keeping them prisoner and I would remove the meeting with the Gorilla King entirely.

Skull and Shackles could do with some alterations in the first one to make it more like Pirates of the Caribbean, get rid of the rum ration make the first mate more clownishly bullying than the long term psychological warfare he commits as written. Later in that module i would remove all the ghouls from the island encounters, and make the two kidnapped sailors easier to save. Later in the AP, lose the skinmap elements, and play up the high-seas adventure aspects, maybe have plenty of bad folks for the players to pirate instead of honest merchants.

Wrath of the righteous has some graphic depictions of violence and what happens to people captured by demons you would want to really tone down, but theme wise it's very big on the good guys fighting against evil and redemption, as written above you may want to remove the drug addiction parts from the second module. But i haven't read any farther than the 4th module.

I really want to, but i even more don't want to go to the effort of altering my Legacy of Fire campaign to include Mythic. Laziness be a cruel mistress.

Wrath: 5 - Definitely. Demons, Mythic, Abyss hopping, nothing I don't love.

Mummy's Mask: 3.5 - Looks interesting, would enjoy playing a Taldan treasure hunter with muttonchops that make men weep with envy.

Iron Gods: 6 - Been waiting for this AP since the very moment I learned about Numeria. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on it, be it playing or running.

Do Azers have a deity? I can't see a LN society worshiping CE Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno.

Depending on how much you want to work with things like bluff and diplomacy, there's a series of feats in Ultimate Combat I think that allow you to do extra damage after altering someone's attitude using diplomacy.

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