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While I don't believe Paizo has any official podcasts of their own, if you're a Paizo fan and a podcast fan, two you really need to know about are the Know Direction podcast, and the Private Sanctuary podcast:
The link will take you to both shows.

These are run by a gent named Ryan Costello, and he and his crew have agreat relationship with the Paizo staff - so much so that I think there's not a month goes by that Know direction or Private Sanctuary doesn't have a Paizo guest on, and also Paizo has publically admitted Ryan and cohost Jefferson Thacker (Perram) are extremely important to them, in the form of an MVP award they won last year at PaizoCon.

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So far, I'm leaning with an Oracle who is an apothecary by trade, but who is secretly a "community organizer" who helps plant caches of weapons and supplies to bolster the rebellion.

Feom reading the Player's guide I can already see at least three slots I could fill in the rebellion!

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Ventnor wrote:

By chance, did anyone get a look at the Elongated Cranium feat?

Apparently people with conical heads are very likable.

Mmmmmmmov course they are!

FRANCE! They come from France.

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Demiurge 1138 wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:

Is the "caller in darkness" a lovecraftian creature?

The caller in darkness is from the 3.0 Psionics Handbook, which makes it OGL. It's a gestalt undead made of dozens of wailing souls.

Lovecraft may not have created it, but the description of the critter is right up his alley -- and from bios I've read, Lovecraft was not a purist where his "Yog-Sothothery" was concerned. He would have been the first person to tell you to slot that baby into a Mythos tale post-haste. :)

My thinking is, if you wanted to purify Ustalav, you would need to destroy Tar-Baphon completely. Ustalav being the way it is is the price for Tar-Baphon's imprisonment. That, the militaries in place, and the fact that there are very few natural resources there desired by others, make it not worth the time for any of its hostile neighbors.

Phil Greeley/Rochandil Calenlad wrote:
I highly recommend this article (its a link to a PDF) titled, "The Sling: Forgotten Firepower of Antiquity".

Thank you for the reference! Most enlightening.

EntrerisShadow wrote:

Stylistically (the art, race and class descriptions, etc.), do you prefer the 5th Ed. style or the Pathfinder style?

Mechanically, what did it do better than Pathfinder?

Mechanically, what did it do worse than Pathfinder?

Among those things it did better, can or should any of them be translated to the PF system?

Among those things it did worse, was the PF mechanic the clearly superior option, or could they be fixed with small tweaks?

Getting back to the original question...

For me, they seem to scratch different itches. Stylistically, i'm liking 5e's presentation better, because it is very similar to 2nd edition or late 1st edition AD&D in style, compared to PF's very Wotc-3e style.

Mechanically, it's quicker in combat resolution, quicker to get a PC up and running from scratch, BUT i'm still not happy with the way skills are handled, preferring the PF ability to range from hard specialization to mere dabbling. I do like the emphasis on the mystery of magic again in 5e, and the much scaled down gold-piece rat race and christmas tree effects of needing magic items to keep up with the Joneses. (Keeping up with the Baggins'?) and BY GOD the monster template tables in the DMG are still great to have, glad they kept that concept from 4e.

That said, i do like the sheer number of custom options in PF that 5e will probably never have due to different design goals, but it's down to deciding if i want to scratch the "hundreds of dials and knobs" itch, or the "just drop some dice and play" itch.

Nicos wrote:

I'm inclining more for norgober, Zon-kuthon evil ways seems more visible.

minoritarian wrote:
I'd go with Norgorber. The anaphexia are a good sub for Dark Moon monks too.


" They specifically venerate his aspect as the Reaper of Reputation and master of all secrets; the assassins are sworn to keep for all eternity the secrets that they know"

Almost Exactly What I'm looking for.

Thank you everyone.

Yeah, great, if you don't mind your tongue getting cut out every mission and regrown - JEEZ! :)

Those guys are nasty pieces of work...

evadragon wrote:

What are your ability scores using a standard d20 ability score

Also, What class do you see as fitting your adventurer self?

As I get older, I think I fall under that subsection from the old 1e and 2e books, "Hopeless characters." :)

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bookrat wrote:

4E is such a different system that I can't do that with either 2E, 3E, or PF modules. I can't convert the stats for a monster or a character on the fly to 4E.

And yet I have done this very thing converting Keep on the Borderlands, the first Slave Lords Module, and White Plume Mountain to 4e, pretty effectively. Weirdly enough, more effectively than my 3e conversions, because 4e like 1e cuts out a lot of the game breaking stuff like teleportation, clairvoyance, arcane eyes, and fly spells until fairly high level.

Nicos wrote:

Thanks. I'm interested in the dark moon monks asociated with Shar

Then to me, a Lawful cult of monks who perform assassinations and stick to the shadows would easily fit as bunch of Norgorber worshippers, since Lawful Evil is within Norg's wheelhouse easily. I would think that if you chose Zon-Kuthon, torture and mutilation wouldn't be themes that mesh with Shar too well.

BTW, though no one mentioned it, if you're a player and you have a DM who is more strict about canon, you might also want to take a look at the Red Mantis Assassins, followers of Achakek - they dont have the "darkness and loss" themes going on, but they are part of the setting, and already have a good bit of material.

mplindustries was the first to address the proverbial 800 lb camel in the room that made the original "caucasian" oni NSFW, but beyond work-safe i'll state that every one of them looks ridiculous to me, he-mans and she-mans and Conans included, because only idiots go to fight with that little defensive attire. Hell, even monks are probably wearing some magical jewelry that aids defense and the "barbarians" depicted aren't even wearing that much. The least silly was at least the original poster's blue oni, so Umbral Reaver to answer your question I think you're good to go. :-)

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Actually i would think that's more Taldor - they are an empire in decline who have had multiple "Reconquistas" and crusades to attempt to return to their glory days. Plus all the Lion imagery, and Stavian III is a Habsburg if I had ever seen one.

However, thats about the closest you'll get to "hispanic" themes in pathfinder for now, until Arcadia opens up.

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"Sir, the possibility of successfully attacking through that Ioun Stone field is approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one!"

"Never tell me the odds!"

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Remember how World of Warcraft had nationwide TV spots just a few years ago?

Now... Not so much. It's so expensive that Blizzard, only at the HEIGHT of WoW market penetration, could afford them, and now that they've dropped like 4 or 5 million users...

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sowhereaminow wrote:
Kaiju versus Spawn of Rovagug. Why is this not a card game/board game put out by Paizo? Just wondering...

"King of Kasai?" ;)

Where Mogaru, the Tarrasque, and Unity in a Colossal Annihilator Robot all battle for the center circle on a game board!

I think Iello Games might look a little perturbed... ;)

HectorVivis, are you the DM? If so, that should be all the info you need :)

If not, then i would just posit bobbobbob's quote and let him or her make up their mind.

If it's PFS play, chances are the PFS DM is going to go with shadowdancer level, due to that quote.

I thought the Ninja class said that ninjas could take rogues talents, but not vice versa. Perhaps i misread that.

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Something else to note: Lisa and Vic in past practice has shown that they are very cautious about expansion, and has tried to avoid expanding the company past a certain point (i think she originally said 50 employees?) so that it didn't become so big she and Vic couldn't manage it themselves. Paizo has also shown they're very careful in not assuming future growth trends will continue - both TSR and Wizards made similar mistakes, TSR in assuming tabletop gaming would continue to expand in the late 80s and 90s the way it had in the early 80s, and Wizards in assuming that "Pokemon-cash" would continue in the 2000s. Heck, TSR had fleets of company cars, investments in all sorts of small companies that didnt pan out, etc.

With Goblinworks, they started a small company, but have been careful not to invest it with Paizo money (they've said), and they've been pretty conservative with the Adventure card game so far. If Paizo declines or falls, I dont think it will be because they overestimated the market or had frivolous capital investments.

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Drejk wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

Our Community Guidelines did recently change, but they do say this:

Illegal Activity
Do not advocate or disclose intent to commit illegal activities on This includes (but is not limited to) posts that encourage fraud, piracy, or violence.

Wait, what?
How will we advocate goblin kobold orc genocide without encouraging violence?!

I say that I shall not stand for this, sirs! My grandpappy was a murder-hobo in the Pomarj, my pappy was a murder-hobo in Neverwinter Wood, and i'll be a murder-hobo wand'ring the Varisian backlands 'till the day I'm an owlbear's dinner!

The Andoran Salute to you, sir!

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Speaking as a moderator of a fairly popular forum for about 7 years, moderators DO have lives outside of their forums, and people really should cut them some slack. A better way to phrase a concern is not a blanket, "oh, do the rules not apply to violators any more???" but more a kind note directly to those concerned saying something like, "Hi, insert-name-here, I know things are busy, just wanted to make sure this didn't escape your notice, <link inserted here>; you're doing a great job, carry on."

Because moderators appreciate kind words, when the plurality of comments they usually get from the general populace is "you suck at your job" every half hour.

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Don't forget, this is the "advanced" class guide. They put mechanics in here that would be a little more convoluted or unwieldy than what you would find otherwise, it's the nature of the book. Wizards that can switch spells at the last minute, non-spellcasters that get to add magical effects to other feats, the various "amateur" feats, etc. Therefore, complaints about unwieldy rules and non-streamlined abilities don't surprise me.

LessPopMoreFizz wrote:

Master Chymist is covered in all of the Alchemist guides; since Alchemists are the only class that can qualify, there's no real reason for it to have a guide of it's own.

It's fairly popular, and (at least as a 3 level dip, if not a full 10 levels), very strong.

i played 1 master chymist back in 2011, and had a grand time, but as noted its advice is under alchemist guides, and its only useful if you intend to become a front line combatant, really. (A little use with "mad bomber" builds but mainly for "mr. Hydes".)

My alchemist eventually died to the Crimson Throne AP, but the roleplaying aspects of someone who can't control the results of their dangerous experimentation with alchemy is fantastic. ;)

Thanks to everyone here for several great ideas that I hadn't thought about before! (Particularly the crane style and shot on the run ideas!) I may well go the toughness route, but crane style won't be far behind - especially since it didn't occur to me that crane style and total defense would net me a stunning +7 to AC in desperate times..

CKorfmann wrote:

The only prerequisites for this are Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and BAB of +6. Where do you see that it can't be taken until level 9?

Namely, the BAB of +6, because a zen archer only has a +5 at level 7. Same reason I would have to wait for level 7 for martial flexibility. Believe me, clustered shots is already planned for level 9. :)

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I'm sure you've heard the story but...

A young boy in China left his poor village in the country to apply to become a monk at the famed Shaolin Temple.
He was interviewed and tested by the senior monk and was finally accepted as a junior monk. His first night at the temple the boy could hardly contain his excitement. He dreamed of learning fabulous sword forms and acrobatics...he couldn’t wait for his first lesson the next day.
When the next day finally arrived, he was ordered by the chief instructor to carry a large wooden pail down the mountainside to a stream, fill it with water, and bring it back up to the temple. The boy did as instructed. “Good,” said the instructor. “Now stand beside the bucket and with your palm slap the surface of the water. Repeat that until there is no water left.”
The boy again did as instructed. He felt perhaps he was being punished, or tested to see if he had the perseverance and discipline to train as a Shaolin monk. After just a few minutes his palm was red and burning from slapping the water but he continued until all the water was gone.
“Good,” said the instructor. “Now go get another bucket of water and do it again.”
This went on all day, and to the boy’s horror the next day, too. Then the next day, and the next... and soon weeks and months were going by and all the boy did was carry the big bucket of water and slap all the water out of it.
After a year the Buddhist holidays arrived and the head monk called the young boy into his office. “Young man, you’ve been here for a year. Now I want you to take a break and visit your family for the holidays. I’ve notified them that you’re coming, and I’ll expect you back here in two weeks to resume your training.”
When the villagers got word that the young Shaolin monk was returning they were overjoyed and decided to hold a big celebration in his honor. When the boy arrived at his village he discovered a huge banner over the main road welcoming him home, and he found that the villagers had roped off an area in the village square for a celebration in his honor. His pride at returning as a Shaolin monk quickly faded as he realized they wanted him to demonstrate his martial arts skills in the roped off area.
He told the excited villagers that he preferred not to but they insisted and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The humiliation grew in the young boy: Indeed he had been made a fool of by the head instructor. In a whole year he hadn’t learned any martial arts at all. Now he was about to lose face in front of his entire village.
The villagers dragged him to the head table and yelled and shouted and urged him to show them some real Shaolin kungfu. He stood motionless with tears welling in his eyes and his face reddening, ashamed to tell the villagers that he had learned nothing. Finally the frustration grew to be too much.
“Leave me be,” screamed the boy as he slammed his hand down on the table.
Everyone stood silent and wide-eyed for several moments... and then they all broke out into a loud applause. When he slammed his hand down he had broken the thick stone table right in half!
Copied from

A greatsword can't break a stone table in half, even in most legends, but the legendary features of most shaolin monks get quasi-mystical with their abilties, just as legendary ninjas do, with the invisibility, water walking, water breathing, etc.

From a mechanics standpoint, it just attempts to keep their damage tallys on par with other martials - whether it succeeds or needs redesign is a WHOLE other topic.

LazarX wrote:

You're a Zen Archer.

You're not getting pity from ANYONE. :)

True, to be born an elf is to be blessed by the gods, and one should strive not to take dim view of others not so beloved by the universe... I certainly understand. ;)

gnoams wrote:

First off you took rich parents so you aren't a poor Zen archer.
Kidding aside, I would never have started with a 10 con in the first place, but since you have already I'd take the toughness. Also are you rolling for hit points? Because if not it looks like you should have 3 more (9 first level, 6 for each additional. 9+6x3= 27). If you do lots of damage, and as a Zen archer you usually do, then you will frequently find yourself a high priority target to the villains. If you're also squishy, then you'll find yourself dead very quickly.

True, to be born an elf is to be blessed, etc. etc... I took rich parents to start with a kickass masterwork mighty composite bow, which upped my survival for the first three levels tremendously.

As for the hit points, it's our table rule, half hit die round down instead of up.

I'm not really doing tons of damage, the dice have been very unkind the past few sessions, but i also have twice been within an inch of death, which is what's got me thinking toughness instead of more attack or damage bonuses.

...and please help me select my next feat. :)

I've been very happy with the way my Elven Zen Archer 4 has been working out lately in a Carrion Crown-inspired horror game i'm playing in. I'm not playing him as a monk, per se, My theme is essentially Legolas, a very "elfy" elf, disdainful of all cultures but elven ones, etc. as a zen archer, my feat path is very laid out for me, but at this point i have some leeway with my level 5 and 7 feats, and thought to ask for some advice. The build is below:

Male Elf Monk (Zen Archer) 4; LN Medium humanoid (elf); Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +12
AC 18, touch 17, flat-footed 15 (+1 armor, +2 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 untyped)
hp 24 (4d8+4)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +8; +2 vs. enchantments
Immune sleep
Speed 40 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +5 (1d8+2)
Ranged +1 adaptive composite longbow +8 (1d8+3/×3)
Special Attacks flurry of blows, ki flurry, ki speed, ki strike, magic, zen archery
Spell-Like Abilities (from envoy trait) (CL 4th; concentration +3)
1/day—comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, read magic
Str 14, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 8
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 22
Feats Deadly Aim, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Perfect Strike[APG], Point Blank Master[APG], Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (longbow)
Traits ease of faith, rich parents
Skills Acrobatics +9, Climb +6, Craft (bows) +5, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist +6, Perception +12, Sense Motive +9, Stealth +9; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan
SQ weapon familiarity, fast movement, hero points, ki archery, ki defense, ki pool, slow fall, unarmed strike

So far, hit points are low due to low con, so i thought about toughness, but it seems rather suboptimal. I also thought of arcane strike, but due to most of my ki powers taking a swift also to activate, i might have a conflict there. I wish i had one more BAB so i could take Martial Flexibility at 5th, but it's good enough to wait for 7th. :) i have all the essential feats listed in the various class guides, so i was at a loss what i'm missing feat-wise.

So, i entreat the advice mavens of the forums, what are my best choices for 5th and 7th? Thank you in advance!

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Oh, WOW! It feels like Firefly got renewed! :)

Glad to see a new episode from you guys!

Tels wrote:
ENHenry wrote:
As for Kess... Now THAT'S my kind of woman! Kind of reminds me of my wife's approach. :)
Did your Wife clobber you over your head, and drag you to the bedroom while declaring herself 'married and ceremony be damned'? Because that's the kind of thing I picture Kess doing.

I dunno -- memory of the honeymoon's a little hazy...

As for Kess... Now THAT'S my kind of woman! Kind of reminds me of my wife's approach. :)

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
She just happens to have a psychological need to fight and possibly kill, no biggie! At least she has positive channels for her needs in Golarian.

Congratulations, you've just described every murder hobo... Err, "adventurer" in every D&D game I've ever heard of. ;)

Those of you who've played a whole campaign with your party avoiding all fights wherever possible, and who've never killed anyone in an adventure path, please raise your hands?

That way I'll know to avoid those players and games so I don't fall asleep at their table.

I am thinking of pursuing the Evangelist PRC for a follower of the deity Alseta, and should my DM allow it, I'm pretty sure we can come up with the mechanical boons needed by comparison mix/match, but I'm having trouble visualizing an obedience ritual of complexity appropriate to the other rituals given. Does anyone have some suggestions for such a deific obedience ritual?

For that matter, I think it would be a good exercise of fan generated content to come up with ritual flavor for all of the "demi-deities" from Inner Sea Gods, so as to spread ideas for more than just the 20 deities that get the most TLC in golarion. :)

Sister Sunshine wrote:

Does anyone have any tales of glory for the Dawnflower? Or any ideas how to twist known to add a Healing Light twist to something existing?

I have an idea about the scorpion and the frog fable (saying that we should emulate the frog, trust in the goodness of others to our dying breath) but it makes me feel like she is saying: "Hey, be completely naive even if it kills you!"

Any ideas?


First, I'm not sure what this has to do with "The Book of Dirty Tricks"?

Second, have you read the following articles?

Meet Kyra, Iconic Cleric

Sarenrae Article on Pathfinder Wiki:
(at the time I posted the above link, I could not get to the original page, but could get to the cached page of it on

Hopefully, these might inspire some more insight.

Past this, you could twist the story as Kyra would; namely, give the evil a chance to redeem ONCE, then slaughter them as irredeemable.

Congrats, Paizo Staff -- Iron Gods and related products will finally coax me out of my subscription torpor, and it didn't even take a Diablerie to do it. :)

Absalom isn't New York, or Jerusalem, or Byzantium - it's Hong Kong! From the government structures, to the ties to an old fractured empire and current multinational ties, to the governor and ruling councils, even the orientation of the harbor ( pretty close to mirror inverse of Hong Kong aerial photos). About the only thing missing is a flotsam perimeter defense on the harbor :) and just like Absalom, everyone wants a piece of Hong Kong..

Nothing would be a perfect match of course, but there's a lot to recommend more than just a passing influence on the City at the Center of the World.

Pnakotus Detsujin wrote:
There are too many evil outsiders around golarion, and there is almost no reason such creature havent totally consumed the planet except for plot convinience.

Ignoring the "plot convenience" and "it's a literary construct so that player groups will have lots of choice of prefab evil to fight" arguments for a moment...

All the source material neglects a glaring balancing factor of the disparity you mention -- namely, the number of adventurers in the world.

Assuming we have 250,000 Pathfinder Players in our universe, that equates to give or take Sixty Thousand 4- to 5- member adventuring groups, of widely varying power levels in Golarion, most of them unaware of one anothers' presence. Now, even accounting for not all of those groups active in the same parallel world-versions of Golarion, or travelling to and from other planes and planets, that's more than enough to make up for the Celestial Disparity you note. All those Pathfinder Society games? same world. And surely of every game group out there, there are a few on the same world, and just not aware of one another as noted above.

In summary, there's plenty of reasons why the disparity really doesn't exist -- if you don't want it to.

However, as popular tradition goes, we all enjoy stories where someone displays courage in the face of overwhelming odds and still wins, even at great cost.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also, didn't see this point above except in passing, but Paizo has a history of taking figures from Myth, Legend, and History, and making them into major figures of the setting. To me, it's more inspiring to have "Asmodeus", or "Baba Yaga", or "The Jersey Devil," or "Jack the Ripper" as a main villain than "Kibba-Bibbi the Fierce," or "Jubilex the Faceless." There's no copyright, they strike a known legendary chord with the player base, and there are THOUSANDS of years' worth in human culture to draw from.

Dammit, first, Paizo goes fully Incorporated, and now has Baba Yaga as a Developer! What's next - The Headless Horseman in PR, and Spring-Heeled Jack in Typesetting?

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New supplement for Paizo, Inc:

Lisa "Scheherazade" Stevens,


A Thousand and One Paizoninan Nights

Oh, yes - what I don't get:

Trying to "change and improve" significant others - it makes Sisyphus look like a Man with a Plan

The appeal of "Reality TV" - I understand that Schadenfreude is the main component, but its like Pro Wrestling without at least the wink and acknowledgement that its all fake...

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EntrerisShadow wrote:

Things I do not get:

-How anybody could enjoy the program 'Dads' enough that it survived past the pilot

-How we first discovered that pineapples are edible. That is a fruit that seems to shout in big bold spines, "DO NOT TOUCH ME"

-The intelligent people I know who are also religious fundamentalists

Dads - it's more of the same crude humor of Family Guy. Seth macfarlane is, dare i say it, an acquired taste. :D

Pineapple - my theory is that, if it exists, a human has tried to eat it, shoot it, or have sex with it - or sometimes all three. Just like we figured out pineapples, coconuts, and psychedelic mushrooms, we also figured out from the Darwin Awards that eating nightshade is deadly, live crocodiles don't make good sex toys, and flinging yourself from a trebuchet is a bad idea.

Religious fundamentalism - contrary to conventional opinion, devout belief and scientific curiosity aren't mutually exclusive - otherwise, we wouldn't have Newtonian physics, genetic theory or certain key theories of electromagnetism (or we'd have had them much later than we did). It takes all kinds, and most importantly people understanding that ignorance and stubbornness is not the exclusive province of any group - idiots abound from Sea to Shining Sea. :)

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Ambitious, i'll say that for you. :) why not crib from the best - Star Wars?

First AP - puts them on the run and introduced to one another when they fall into possession of an artifact that Taldor desperately wants, that could spell the end of something incredibly powerful for the empire - say, awakening a powerful beast asleep under the capital city like the tarrasque? They are chased by increasingly powerful foes in service to the god-king, until they actually find the means at say 6th level or so to enter the city and use it, unleashing Holy Hell on Taldor by damaging the seat of its power and causing the god king to be out of commission while he fights to put the genie back on the bottle (or destroy it).

Second and third AP - the god king send some of his best agents after the PCs at their home base while he regenerates from expending all that energy. Its a series of totally lopsided combats that teach the PCs the value of escape plans as they need to find and rebuild a new base. Eventually, they discover that he god king is not who he says he is - but they find an ancient tome/ Azlanti knowledge sphere / aboleth memory crystal that shows that he is an Aboleth plot to reclaim mankind as ultimate servitor. They also uncover a device (or Mythic power if you want to get crazy) that can challenge the god king or smack him down to their level to have a hope of beating him.

Final AP - they put their plan in motion only to find out that god king or the Aboleth have put their plan in motion to wipe out home base and all vestiges of resistance at the same time. Final showdown involving Angels, cthulhoid star spawn, gugs, tindalos hounds and other Lovecraftian horrors roaming the streets, while the heroes take on the god king who is about CR+4 to make the outcome a 50/50 shot win or lose.

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vyshan wrote:
I wonder if Razamir himself honestly thinks he is a god or if he knows he is not a god.

It's been quoted in the inner sea world guide that Razmir is searching for a sun orchid elixir for himself, because he's getting old by now (it says he took power 47 years ago, so i'm guessing he's in his 70s or 80s now) so if he has at one time believed his own BS by now, he's had a hard wake up call in the form of arthritis, sagging skin, and a prostate the size of a grapefruit. ;)

Howie23 wrote:

There are places in the rules where the use of paragraph breaks aren't the best. Some of these are inherited from 3.5.

I understand the -2 AC to apply once the charge action is initiated.

Just looking at RAW, it would seem to indicate that the AC penalty is after the attack; however from a "gleaning rules as intended" standpoint (and the way i play it) is that it and the bonus apply at the same time, just like fighting defensively.

Looking at it another way, you're effectively running at the target (covering half the distance of a run in your turn) so your defenses while charging are going to be lower, similar to the way your defenses are lower during a run action.

Selgard wrote:

As an aside- Pixies are small size and have little issue chugging potions.

However I do love the mental image of some poor little fae, battered and bleeding, trying to lift up a potion bottle nearly as tall as they are and wondering how on earth they are gonna consume all that liquid.

Maybe just pour it into a thimble and take a bath in the CLW :)


By definition, potion bottles are only about 2 cubic inches, so unless the faerie's only 6 inches tall, it would be like slugging a Big Gulp cup to them :)

I have a question that I've never thought about, but just realized I might have been doing this wrong for years.

Regarding the various wall spells ( wall of fire, ice, force, iron, etc.) - how should those be placed on a grid? Should they be placed on the grid lines between squares, or should they be placed IN the squares (in other words, taking up space?) The Magic chapter doesn't give clear "wall" area of effect guidance that I can find, and the individual spells dont specify thickness in most cases, only length. (giggity.) Further, googling conversations about wall spells didnt get me much either -- only discussions about how overpowered or underpowered they were.

In particular, wall of fire is the one I'm focused on, as it might come up in a future game, but I was hoping i'd just missed some clear rulings somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: ok, cant believe i missed the part in wall of fire that mentions "casting it where a person is standing" :o but still wish there was a mention of wall placements explicitly in the magic chapter.

I don't know if it made it into pathfinder, but there was a rule in original 3E that offered a Re-roll if the attribute bonus was below a certain total. I think it was either + 4 or +6.

Either way those stats could make a perfectly playable character as shown above, but it sounds like you want something out of the game experience that the DM is unwilling to give. Only you can say if it was worth it to play with the group regardless or not.

Good luck with the revamp! My suggestions:

1) paladin for the ardent sounds like a good choice; the healing power's not the same, but keeping in mind things like wands and potions are more common by default, it shouldn't be too bad.

2) for the tiefling, going with tie fling sorcerer with the infernal pact will give you the blasting power, combined with the right flavor. He won't be as good as the warlock class is ( in pathfinder, there really isn't a pure blaster Mage class) but he will be able to do a lot of destruction with an infernal flair. Also, adamant entertainment released a pretty faithful port of the warlock to pathfinder; lock

Since you are the dm, you could see if this would work and tweak according and offer to the player.

*Looks at the new spell that just moved in next door*

Aw, crap. Well, there goes the neighborhood. ;)

James Jacobs wrote:

...the appearance of this spell should NOT be taken, necessarily, as a hint of things to come or of Paizo's goal to replicate the infamous orb spells or to further destroy the school of evocation.

That all said... thanks a ton for the feedback! It's super helpful! :-)

James, thanks for the clarification! I'm not one for spells that let Conjuration take Evocation's lunch money, especially where things like spell resistance are concerned, but I understand it's worth testing the waters. Just put this one gamer's vote as 100% against the trend.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

3) I guess you don't want a developer to be involved in this discussion. Okay.

Sean, come back! We need you, oh great O.B.M.! :)

More seriously, I do like experiments with new mechanics now and again -- it makes for more spice to the game. Not necessarily "every month", but "every year" is pretty cool -- something Paizo seems to have learned already through slowing down on new rule systems with every Adventure Path.

Do we need them? No. But then, we don't NEED more than "Fighter, Spellcaster, and Skill-person," either. But we have Monks, Clerics, Paladins, Sorcerers, etc. and they apparently aren't in question in this thread. In my opinion, it wasn't until the Advanced Player's Guide that Paizo proved that Pathfinder was more than just "tweaked D&D" -- they made it distinct enough to be their own thing at that point.

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