It takes too long to lie

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Fun situation came up in the playtest earlier this week. Party was kinda split up, and the enemy was coordinating by shouting at eachother, didn't always have line of sight to each other. I was a bard, and wanted to try and interfere with this communication, so I think about yelling "The cleric's going upstairs" and rolling deception to trick the enemies into going on a goose chase. Thought I'd go to impersonate (mimicing the enemy's voice) and found out it takes 10 minutes to impersonate someone. Doesn't seem to make a distinction for purely verbal impersonations. Checked lie, but that takes a full round. To say something it wouldn't take me a full 2 seconds say. I'd be fine with an action, but a full round seems excessive.

Sounds like the writer for the rules was thinking impersonate in the sense of "pretending to be someone" in the sense of actually interacting with people as the person, rather than a one-off bluff to confuse.

Instead, sounds like what you wanted would have fallen more under creative usage of the one-action "create a diversion" skill use, where "being sensed instead of unseen" meaning on success that your group got a DC 11 flat check chance for the enemy to fail to realize which way you'd gone -- but that's more creative DM ruling than hard-boiled rules as written. In any event, it could warrant a little more expansion on "create diversion" to include something like what you're describing - and as a single action, would be consistent with your "wouldn't take 2 full seconds to say." :)

True, and although they could be connected, credibly passing off purely vocal content is slightly different than using entire auditory/visual/gestural composite for persuasive impersonation... Especially when they are aware enemies are in area and have ability to talk/yell. This could very well also be "voice throwing" ability/Skill Feat. Good example to bring up though.

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