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I don't know if this has already been answered, but on Page 263 for the entry of Telekinetic Projectile, it lists the damage as d10, for the Heightened (3rd) the damage changes to d8 + spellcasting mod, and for the Heightened (5th) the damage changes to 2d10 + spellcasting mod.
However, other cantrip spells of a similar nature tend to be dice, dice + mod, 2 dice + mod, 3 dice + mod, etc. With the dice used not changing between the levels of heightening. This one breaks the model.

Does anyone know if this is an error or indented?

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I would say that this is a typo and should be d10 + mod and not d8 + mod.

Of more interest is that according to the rules these are improvised weapons and improvised weapons impart a -4 penalty to your attack rolls unless you are trained with improvised weapons.

It is not a good spell to take IMHO.

However, you're not attacking with an improvised weapon, you're attacking with a spell, so that wouldn't apply -- and if not clear, it should be clarified. After all, it's not you throwing the item(s), the spell is. Same as the 4th level weapon strike spell or the hand of the apprentice power.

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