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This isn't really about the rules - just about how to read them. Has anyone else found the new layout of spells to be confusing and cumbersome? In PF1, a spell would list at the top which class could cast it. I see no such thing in this new format. There are simply lists of spells in alphabetical order, with no indication as to who can cast them.

As it stands now, to select spells for say, a druid, you have to first see that druids cast primal spells. Ok, easy enough. Then you have to go and look at just the *list* of primal spells with no descriptions, select some that sound kind of cool, and then go cross reference the descriptions with the list to see if you actually want it.

If you wanted to streamline this process by going straight to the description - too bad. There is nothing in the spell descriptions which indicate their tradition (arcane, primal, divine, etc...) and therefore no indication as to who can and can not use them.

I can see this becoming less of a problem once people have established digital databases like D20PFSRD.com, but in the book format it is a disaster. This alone as pushed me away from spell casters, which until now were my favorite classes. It's just too much of a hasle.

I understand that due to the redundancy of some spells crossing multiple traditions it wouldn't make sense to have a seperate list for each spell next to each class (though that would be ideal). But at the very least, put an indicator in the description as to which class may cast it, or what tradition it is from.


Yes, this is one of the more frustrating parts of the rule book. I know someone made pdfs of the spells by spell list - I think it was on the Pathfinder Reddit.

PS - I love your user name, and I wish I'd thought of it first :)

Definitely this is top on my list.
If they are going to stick with consistent Arcane/Divine/Primal/Occult lists then it should be simpler than previously.
That honestly seems the sort of thing they would use "Glyphs" for if they are into that sort of thing.
But it's so hideously painful for normal usage, that I can see no justification, even if they spell them all out.

Also, I don't see the point of mixing in Powers with A/D/P/O regular spells.
In some cases like Monk they have list of Feats, which then just refer to Power.
Those should just list the Power in-line with everything else.
Other Classes can have dedicated Power section.

Feats should also be separated, Skill Feats in Skill Chapter, etc.

I agree -- presentation of the spells could be easier - even if it takes more room, I really would have liked a simple representation for each spell who can last it -- the glyphs on page 42 would do nicely. The spell level won't change, so just a quick reference for access is super helpful.

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