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PaizoCon 2015

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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2015 and will be live blogging all weekend.
Join us on the Paizo blog for updates during the show!

We will be back in the office on Tuesday, May 26.

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Pathfinder Tales: Death's Heretic

Pathfinder Author Chat Next Monday!

Pathfinder Author Chat Next Monday! Thursday, September 21st, 2011 Hey there, fiction fans! This coming Monday, September 26th, Pathfinder Tales author Dave Gross has set up an awesome Pathfinder Tales round table discussion in the Paizo chat room. Starting at 6:00pm PST, this is your chance to catch all of the current Pathfinder Tales novelists in one place, to offer your opinions and ask your burning questions (such as the all-important “Who would win, Elyana or Ellasif?”). The floor will...
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Tags: Dave Gross Death’s Heretic Elaine Cunningham Howard Andrew Jones James L. Sutter Master of Devils Pathfinder Tales Plague of Shadows Prince of Wolves Robin D. Laws Winter Witch The Worldwound Gambit

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Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

Bark at the Moon!

... Illustration by Dan Scott. Wallpaper design by Crystal Frasier. Widescreen version here. ... Bark at the Moon! Friday, March 4, 2011Last week we showcased the cover art from Howard Andrew Jones' Pathfinder Tales novel Plague of Shadows. This week we go back to the beginning and give you a wallpaper based on Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross, the novel that launched the entire line. If you haven't read it yet you really should. It's got fighting, murder, mystery, true love, werewolves,...
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Tags: Crystal Frasier Dan Scott Dave Gross Elves Howard Andrew Jones Monsters Paizo Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves Rogues Tieflings Wallpapers Wizards

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Yetisburg: Titanic Battles in History, Volume 1

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

... Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Thursday, December 9, 2010The past year has been a great one for Paizo and Pathfinder and we've been happy to help spread the Pathfinder message far and wide. Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with the fine folks from the Atomic Array podcast. It's their 50th episode and they wanted to make it a Pathfinder show, so we had James Jacobs take the time to talk to them about the upcoming Inner Sea World Guide hardcover (due in February). They also...
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Tags: Falling Goblins Hyrum Savage Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves Yetisburg

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Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

The Future Is Here!

... Illustration by Dan Scott ... The Future Is Here! Wednesday, October 6, 2010Perhaps you've been saying to yourself, Gosh, I think I'd really love Pathfinder Tales novels, but I just can't bring myself to buy a paper novel when my e-reader is so much more convenient! Maybe you're desperately curious about the further adventures of Radovan and Jeggare following the Pathfinder's Journal in Council of Thieves, but your eco-friendly ideology can't justify buying the story when it's printed on...
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Tags: Dave Gross Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves Web Fiction

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Digital Dice and Downloaded Dragons

... Digital Dice and Downloaded Dragons Wednesday, September 8, 2010Because convention season should never end, Erik, Sarah, and I spent a good part of our long weekend checking out the Penny Arcade Expo here in Seattle, previewing lots of incredible-looking games and hanging out with thousands of gamers gripping both joysticks and rolling dice. I also made another delightful discovery downtown. Here are some of the highlights! ... Wes Schneider ... Managing Editor ...
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Tags: Beholders Conventions Dinosaurs Erik Mona F. Wesley Schneider Monsters PAX Prince of Wolves Sarah Robinson

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Cruel Fate

... Cruel Fate Tuesday, July 6, 2010Look what advance copies happened to arrive in the office today, just when our indolent Fiction Editor, James Sutter, decided to fly the coop and go on vacation! ... Christopher Paul Carey ... Editor ...
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Tags: Before They Were Giants Dave Gross Pathfinder Tales Planet Stories Prince of Wolves

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Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves

Prince of Wolves Sample Chapter!

Prince of Wolves Sample Chapter! Tuesday, June 8, 2010 ... Illustration by Dan Scott ... Free Pathfinder fiction is everywhere! In the interest of showing off the premiere novel in the new Pathfinder Tales book line, we've decided to post up a free, downloadable sample chapter from Dave Gross's Prince of Wolves! If you haven't already been following the excitement, Prince of Wolves follows Dave's mystery-solving duo of half-elven Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his tiefling bodyguard Radovan as...
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Tags: Dan Scott Dave Gross Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves

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Pathfinder Tales Are Here!

Pathfinder Tales Are Here! Thursday, June 3, 2010As you may have noticed, along with a host of other changes to the website that rolled out yesterday, the front page of now has a new addition—Pathfinder Tales web fiction! ... Here's the deal: Every Wednesday, we're going to bring you new serialized, illustrated short stories set in the Pathfinder campaign setting, written by some of the best authors around. These stories will also be archived in perpetuity, allowing you to...
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Tags: Dave Gross Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves

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Over the Mountain

Over the Mountain Tuesday, May 11, 2010Working at Paizo is awesome—there can be no question about that. Most days—those days when I'm in my happy-hippie, all-is-right-with-the-world mood—I show up to work and think, Wow, we're all so lucky to be editing RPGs all day! How did we ever get so lucky? That's most days. ... And some days, we *&#@ing earn it. ... Last Saturday was one of those days. Every year around this time, we start to reach the mission critical phase on our...
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Tags: Before They Were Giants Conventions Dave Gross Gen Con Paizo Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pathfinder Tales Planet Stories Prince of Wolves

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Winter 2010 Releases: An Early Look!

... Winter 2010 Releases: An Early Look! Thursday, February 18, 2010This week Paizo posted new product descriptions for dozens of products to be released in the third trimester of 2010, including new hardcover books, a revision of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, and a brand new line of Pathfinder novels! ... We've been hard at work on these items for months, and even though you'll have to wait until at least September before they hit your game table, we're thrilled to finally be able to...
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Tags: Cards Dave Gross Elaine Cunningham Game Mastering GameMastery Halflings Irrisen Kaer Maga Maps Monsters Pathfinder Adventure Path Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Modules Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves River Kingdoms Serpent's Skull Winter Witch

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Fact and Fiction

Fact and Fiction Wednesday, February 17, 2010Those of you who recognize a striking similarity between the title of this blog post and Pathfinder Adventure Path #29's editorial have no doubt already inferred what I'm about to say, but I've been waiting almost a year to say it, so here goes: ... Pathfinder Fiction is here. ... Not here in the warehouse, of course—you'll have to wait until Gen Con Indy to get your hands on the first book in the line. But for the first time ever, you can...
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Tags: Dave Gross Elaine Cunningham Pathfinder Tales Prince of Wolves Winter Witch

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