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News: Paizo is partnering with Tor for Pathfinder Tales Novels!

PTBC - Plague of Shadows

PTBC - Reign of Stars

PTBC - Plague of Shadows

Sweet Ichor available somewhere?

Audio Book Plans

Paizo Blog: Guns of Alkenstar--Chapter Six: No Safe Haven

Store Blog: Liar! LIAR! LI-A-A-AR!

Pathfinder Tales Author Appearances

'Enhanced' fiction

Pathfinder Tales now on Kindle!

Web Fiction Errors

Ask the Pathfinder Tales Tellers all your questions here.

PTBC - City of the Fallen Sky

Ending of Lord of Runes - Spoiler spoilers spoilers...

Paizo Blog: A Farewell to Web Fiction

Pathfinder Fiction Chronology

Lord of Runes can you identify class and levels of main characters (minor spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Crisis of Faith

The new price of Pathfinder Tales.

Paizo Blog: Crisis of Faith

Lord of Runes felt very high level (almost Epic / mythic) Other novels with high level feel

Missing Pathfinder Tales short fiction on Apple iBooks

Paizo Blog: Lord of Runes Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Crisis of Faith

PTBC - Pirate's Promise

Paizo Blog: Crisis of Faith

Lord of Runes and advancing the timeline (Spoilers)

PTBC - Pirate's Honor

Paizo Blog: The Price Paid

Paizo Blog: Hidden Depths: Delving into Dwarves and the Darklands

Dave Gross Reddit AMA

Paizo Blog: The Price Paid

Which books contain more lore pertaining to the various Gods ...

Some feedback on the new trade paperbacks

Paizo Blog: The Price Paid

PTBC - Nightglass

Store Blog: But the Lord of the Lash says: "nay, nay, nay!"

PTBC - Nightblade

Paizo Blog: The Price Paid

Store Blog: Let's Forge Some New Ground!

Paizo Blog: Forge of Ashes Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: The Gem

Pathfinder Tales in Varisia

Lord of Runes Signing in Seattle

Zae, Keren and Appleslayer are getting a novel :))))

Paizo Blog: The Gem

The Plot Hole

Paizo Blog: The Gem

Radovan & the Count on HBO?

Paizo Blog: A Pirate's Life

Question about the Pathfinder novels.

Druid Stories

Paizo Blog: What Inspired Firesoul?

Store Blog: Fire it Up! Fire it Up!

Paizo Blog: Whatcha Want, Fiction Fans?

A moment of pure delight, courtesy of Reign of Stars

Zarina's Fate from Pirate's Promise (Spoiler Alert)

Rise of the Runelords Related Fiction?

Carrion Crown setting and Tales

Pathfinder Prize Pack Sweepstakes at Tor

PTBC - The Redemption Engine

Paizo Blog: The Gem

Paizo Blog: The Patch Man

Paizo Blog: Firesoul Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Diamond in the Rough

Submission Guidelines?

Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan clones

Pathfinder Tales Web Fictions

Iconic NPC Codex?

Web fiction advance?

Submission details for Wayfinder 13

Paizo Blog: Diamond in the Rough

Paizo Blog: Diamond in the Rough

How old is Count Varian Jeggare?

Writing Novella want to say it's in a Pathfinder Universe...

Paizo Blog: The Ironroot Deception--Chapter Four: The Beast

PTBC - Death's Heretic

Guessing Characters' Perfumes

Paizo Blog: Let Slip the Orcs of War!

The lasso of Wonder Woman!

Any web fiction that takes place in Kaer Maga?

Paizo Blog: The Patch Man

Paizo Blog: Illustrating Zernebeth

Paizo Blog: The Patch Man


Moral dilemma

Web Fiction on Hiatus?

Paizo Blog: The Patch Man

Paizo Blog: Pirate's Promise Sample Chapter

Need my Varian and Radovan fix.

Pathfinder Tales Book Club

Paizo Blog: Nightblade Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Bells for the Dead

Paizo Blog: Bastard, Sword

Paizo Blog: Armored

Store Blog: You Made Me Promises Promises!

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter Four: The Stone

Paizo Blog: Skinwalking

Advice : seeking Pathfinder Novel with Paladin and / or Cleric LG as main character

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