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Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

Every week, Paizo's talented authors present Pathfinder Tales web fiction, short multi-part adventures featuring the exploits of daring denizens of the Pathfinder world. These completely free adventures give a taste of the thrills to come in Pathfinder Tales novels, and often feature some of the very same characters from the same cast of superstar authors and game creators!



by Stephanie Lorée

Hell or High Water

by Ari Marmell

The Perfumer's Apprentice

by Kevin Andrew Murphy

Bastard, Sword

by Tim Pratt

Hunter's Folly

by Josh Vogt

Plow and Sword

by Robert E. Vardeman

Bells for the Dead

by Howard Andrew Jones

The Illusionist

by Elaine Cunningham

The Price Paid

by Josh Vogt

Best Served Cold

by Ari Marmell

In Red Rune Canyon

by Richard Lee Byers

Proper Villains

by Erik Scott de Bie

Blood and Money

by Steven Savile

In the Event of My Untimely Demise

by Robin D. Laws

Queen Sacrifice

by Steven Savile

Blood Crimes

by J. C. Hay


by Gabrielle Harbowy

The Secret of the Rose and Glove

by Kevin Andrew Murphy

Boar and Rabbit

by James L. Sutter

The Ironroot Deception

by Robin D. Laws

The Seventh Execution

by Amber E. Scott

The Box

by Bill Ward

The Irregulars

by Neal F. Litherland

Shattered Steel

by F. Wesley Schneider


by Liane Merciel

Killing Time

by Dave Gross


by Chris A. Jackson

The Cloak of Belonging

by Chris Willrich

A Knightly Mission

by Dylan Birtolo

The Swamp Warden

by Amber E. Scott

Crisis of Faith

by Michael J. Martinez

Krunzle the Quick

by Hugh Matthews

Thieves Vinegar

by Kevin Andrew Murphy

Diamond in the Rough

by Evey Brett

A Lesson in Taxonomy

by Dave Gross

The Tides of Blood!

by Lucien Soulban

Dune Runner

by Christopher Paul Carey

Lord of Penance

by Richard Lee Byers

A Tomb of Winter's Plunder

by Tim Pratt

Faithful Servants

by James L. Sutter

The Lost Pathfinder

by Dave Gross

The Twelve-Hour Statue

by Michael Kortes

The Fate of Falling Stars

by Andrew Penn Romine

A Matter of Knives

by Ed Greenwood

Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver

by Erik Mona

The Fencing Master

by Dave Gross

Misery's Mirror

by Liane Merciel

The Walkers from the Crypt

by Howard Andrew Jones

Fingers of Death—No, Doom!

by Lucien Soulban

Mother Bears

by Wendy N. Wagner

The Weeping Blade

by Josh Vogt

The Gem

by Gary Kloster

Noble Sacrifice

by Richard Ford

Winter's Wolves

by Wendy N. Wagner

The Ghosts of Broken Blades

by Monte Cook

A Passage to Absalom

by Dave Gross

Guns of Alkenstar

by Ed Greenwood

The Patch Man

by Adam Heine

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