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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The past year has been a great one for Paizo and Pathfinder and we've been happy to help spread the Pathfinder message far and wide. Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with the fine folks from the Atomic Array podcast. It's their 50th episode and they wanted to make it a Pathfinder show, so we had James Jacobs take the time to talk to them about the upcoming Inner Sea World Guide hardcover (due in February). They also had Greg Vaughan on to talk about his just released module, The Witchwar Legacy. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

With the holiday season already here, we couldn't be happier to have been featured on Wired.com's Geek Dad Holiday Buying Guide. Every year the Geek Dad site puts together a list of the coolest products available that year. This year we had 5 products mentioned, a Paizo first!

Guide #2: Yetisburg


Guide #3: Falling

Falling: The Goblin Edition

Guide #4: Pathfinder RPG Corebook and Advanced Player's Guide

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook  Advanced Player's Guide

Guide #5: Prince of Wolves

Prince of Wolves

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gamer, you could do worse than checking out Geek Dad's recommendations.

Until next time True Believers!

Hyrum Savage
Marketing and Organized Play Manager

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Dark Archive

Wow 5 products on Wired's list !


a. Paizo has kept flooding the market with outstanding products.

b. Hyrum has been greasing some palms over there at Wired.

c. Hyrum just sent over the iconic Half Orc Assassin over to the Wired offices to 'study' and 'observe' some of their staff.

d. All of the above.

Congratulations folks !

p.s. I have 4 of the five : )

Time to get me a copy of Falling.

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