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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Weapon Master's Handbook (PFRPG)

Who's the Master?

Of course all the things you've come to expect from a Player Companion are here—archetypes representing weapon masters from throughout the Inner Sea, traits tied to specific fighting groups in Golarion, and new magic items appropriate to the weapon master theme. But we've also presented lots of new options, including an expansion of the stamina and combat trick rules first presented in Pathfinder Unchained (to cover the combat feats from Inner Sea Combat, Inner Sea Gods, and Inner Sea World Guide), advanced weapon training (allowing fighters more options that just gaining a reduced bonus to new weapon groups), weapon-based style feats, weapon trick feats (broken into categories for one-handed weapons, polearms, ranged weapons, two-handed weapons, two-weapon tricks, and weapon and shield tricks), magic item mastery (ways to force magic items to do new things), and much more!

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Tags: Alain Amiri Imrijka Pathfinder Player Companion Simul

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Friday Publisher Preview: Second Look at Iconic Heroes Set #3

The happiest of Halloweens to all of you out there in Previewland! We're a little under three weeks from the November 19 release of The Lost Coast, the newest 45-figure Pathfinder Battles set. We've recently simplified our Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription, so if you want to make sure you don't miss a single figure setting up a subscription in the next week or so before we start shipping them is your best bet. I brought home a case of my own this week, and I'm really happy with how the set turned out. The giant Shemhazian Demon Case Incentive figure is fantastic, and the set includes lots of other favorites like Lamashtu cultists, Lamashtu herself, and the stupidest (and I mean that in a GREAT way) Hill Giant Chieftain ever created in prepainted plastic. I think you guys are really going to enjoy this one.

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Tags: Balazar Iconics Imrijka Miniatures Pathfinder Battles

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign (OGL)

Ultimate Campaign: WAR! What is it Good For?

Sometime in the next week or so, Ultimate Campaign will be shipping out to a game store or mailbox near you. In anticipation of the release of this 256-page hardcover, we are taking a look at what you can expect to find inside. In the past three weeks, we have looked at character backgrounds, the downtime system, and rules for the GM to add to their campaign. This week, we are looking at the final chapter of the book, Kingdoms and War!

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Tags: Clerics Iconics Imrijka Inquisitors Jim Nelson Kyra Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Meet the Iconics: Imrijka

Meet the Iconics: Imrijka Thursday, October 11, 2012 ... Wails regularly echo through the eastern wing of Gravecharge, Pharasma's cathedral in the university city of Lepidstadt. Yet such aren't the breathless screams of the dead that so often ring through the corners of Ustalav, but rather the cries of life. Since its construction, Gravecharge has maintained a clean and well-supervised hospice for sick and orphaned youths. Just as the goddess Pharasma concerns herself with the transition of...
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Tags: Half-Orcs Iconics Imrijka Inquisitors Meet the Iconics Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Wayne Reynolds

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Misfit Monsters Redeemed (PFRPG)

Cats are away…it's time for little goblins to play!

Cats are away…it's time for little goblins to play! Wednesday, August 4, 2010Sara Marie: Hey Crystal! ... Crystal: Yes? ... Sara Marie: I just brought an order down to the warehouse and I realized something! ... Crystal: That cats do, in fact, float? ... Sara Marie: You are the ONLY person down there. ... Crystal: Yes, yes I am! ... Sara Marie: Know what else I saw? ... Crystal: The end, whereupon none were spared, not even the children? ... Sara Marie: The editorial pit. Unattended....
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Tags: Adherers Elves Flail Snails Iconics Imrijka Inquisitors Monsters Orcs Pathfinder Campaign Setting Prestige Classes Seltyiel Snagged From the Vault Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide (OGL)

Advanced Player's Guide Playtest, Round 3!

... Advanced Player's Guide Playtest, Round 3! Monday, December 14, 2009 ... Illustration by Wayne Reynolds ... Illustration by Wayne Reynolds ... The playtest of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide is well underway, with the release of the final two classes slated to appear in the book, due out in August. In this round, we are looking at the alchemist and the inquisitor. The alchemist is all about using potions and arcane alchemy to increase your abilities. This works a bit like...
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Tags: Alchemists Damiel Elves Iconics Imrijka Inquisitors Orcs Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Playtest Wayne Reynolds
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