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We Who Are About To Die... (Inactive)

Game Master Doomed Hero

Gladiators Wanted! Come one, come all, risk your life for wealth, glory and the entertainment of the masses. Newcomers always welcome!

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Sorry, I would actually prefer to take a bit to continue reading up on everything. I think my post will be much more informative and connected if I do so. And to be honest, I would like a fair shot at that bonus.

RL interfered, perhaps next round

Here is my third alt for the game, what i might do is every few matches change which one i play as. A few non-pressing questions. One is how much of a stickler to alignment requirements are you? I ask because I find it hard to see a drunken master as strictly lawful. Also how much gold would it be to have metal one of these I want to be able to hit people with it without it breaking and still drink from it :P. One i have these answered I will make up his equipment and physical description, i think i have all the numbers right.

Looks fine to me. You can introduce him after the match.

Dark Archive

Will create an interesting gladiator for ya doomed hero, a classic one at that ^^

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