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Way of the Wicked - a Tale of the Fall of Talingarde (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Dangit Voiceless! At least there seems to be a similar concept put forth via Havlor.

I remember you from the Eberron game. Hopefully we can both get into this one.

Count Buggula wrote:

Is it just me or are we completely lacking in spellcasting entries? We have two divine spellcasters and no arcane casters at all in the mix.

Bring on the witches!

I presented a witch, but DM VoV wants the newer players, so your 5 anti paladins will have to duel it out and the loser will be subjugated to serving as the party [w]itch [or sorcerer].

Should be complete as far as what was needed for submission. If I missed anything , let me know and I'll adjust it asap

Tirion Jörðhár wrote:
your 5 anti paladins

Is to be expected.

You don't get that many chances to play antipaladin.

For clarity I said Recruitment is still open, and will be so for at least another 24 hours; but if there isn't any new interest I might call it closed tomorrow (my time GMT +8) and move to selection.

Since I made that post there has been some new interest, so I'm happy to push things back a little to allow people to not be so rushed.

Recruitment will stay open until Friday evening my time (22:00 GMT +8 on Friday 16th) - which is roughly 36 hours from the time this post goes up. If you want to reshuffle your characters, then that's the deadline to get it finished.

However - I won't necessarily be selecting the four cardinal positions (beatstick, skillstick, spellstick, healstick) to go along with Tark's Summoner. I'll be picking on personality, cohesion, potential and numerology... Please don't change unless it is what you feel is right for the character you want to play.

Other questions and reviews to follow on the new subs that have come in since last post.

It took a little longer than I thought it would for my concept to come together, but here's my imp!


Imp - ultimate goal is to reach the rank of bdellavritras (Belier Devil, bestiary 2) . He admires their subtlety and cunning and dreams of one day commanding such power.
LE Tiny outsider (devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful, native)

DEX 18
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 18

Feats: Weapon Finesse
Traits: Contract master (faiths of corruption), blasphemy I figure blasphemy fits since his very existence is blasphemous. If you'd rather I went with Larceny just let me know.

Bluff 1+3+4 = + 8
Diplomacy 1+3+4 = + 8
Disable Device 1+3+2 = + 6
Linguistics 1+3+2+1 = + 8
Knowledge (planes) 1+3+2 = + 6
Knowledge (religion) 1+3+2+2 = + 9
Perception 1+3+1 = + 5
Sense Motive 1+3+1 = + 5
Sleigh of Hand 1+3+4 = + 8
Stealth 1+0+4+8 = +13

Lucre was one of the great horde of imps that counted, sorted, and (occasionally) disbursed Mammon's neigh-immeasurable wealth. Every clipped copper was in its place and accounted for- until it wasn't. Lucre came across a small irregularity and was paralyzed with indecision over what to do about it. On the one side it had to be reported immediately on peril of annihilation... on the other hand it was probably the result of some scheme by a fiend so far above his station that to report it would get him tortured for eternity. He decided to report it and was 'rewarded' with an assignment to leave hell and go amongst the mortals where he would be a distant target for vengeance. His job was to spread avarice and establish cults to mammon, glorifying wealth and greed above all else. Lucre spread himself too thin and one of 'his' cultists was eventually discovered. The whole thing unraveled quickly under the inquisitor's tongs and knives, and soon enough the imp was caught, his wings mutilated, and he was pronounced anathema and sentenced to burn.

He is fascinated by mortals, and he loves heroics. The very concepts of heroism and nobility are foreign to his existence and like a cat he loves watching those of stern moral character struggle and flail around a bit before they ultimately succumb. He is downright seductive when it comes to offering someone what they want but generally downplays his own role in making it happen, simply saying that he has many friends and can make the proper arrangements. Like most imps, he often takes a subservient role and lets others believe that they are running things and calling the shots.

My favorite villain is Angus Thermopyle from Stephen Donaldson's Gap Cycle, a science fiction retelling of Wagner's Ring cycle. He goes from the most utterly unpleasant character I had ever met in fiction to someone you could feel a bit of sympathy for, to an actual hero (of sorts). The author deliberately played with the traditional melodrama roles of villain/victim/hero to explore all sorts of ideas and reading it was certainly a memorable experience.

As a general statement I've been reading over background updates and changes as they've arrived but have no specific questions that well up at present. All of the characters posted under Complete Entries below I'm confident I've got enough information to get a good feel for the characters.

Updated List of Applicants:
Guaranteed Spot: Tark - Summoner

Complete Entries: - that is, you have put down sufficient for me to review.
Black Jack / Merck - Human Antipaladin
jlord - Human Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
Count Buggula - Human Fighter (Two-Handed)
Mr Swagger - Half-Elf Oracle (Battle)
Lucendar - Tiefling Rogue (Knifemaster)
Peanuts - Gaav (goal of Cornugon)
Set - Human Cleric of Asmodeus
Tsorvak - Dwarf Monk (Hungry Ghost / Sacred Mountain)
GM Kyle - Human Antipaladin
Nostrus / Albrecht d'Famion - Human Cavalier (Cockatrice)
Henric Carmel - Human Antipaladin (Knight of the Sepulcher)
Clinch / Stiehl9s - Tetori Monk
Mr C - Human Sorcerer (Rakshasa)
Halvor - Tiefling Sorcerer (Infernal)
I know Magic! / Sir Kodan, the Unredeemed - Human Antipaladin
loimprevisto - Imp (leading to Belier)

Interest Shown: - that is, post showing interest put up, but detail insufficient.
Josh Shrader - Red Mantis Assassin ?
waiph - Alchemist / Undead Lord ?
Sigz - ?

I just noticed a minor error in my submission that I figured I'd clear up:

Stealth 1+0+4+8 = +13

I'm listing it because stealth will be a class skill, but I'm not buying any ranks to begin with. This should read "Stealth 0+0+4+8 = +12".

addendum to my character since I have the more time now:

Ka'sar is not out to rule the world or a nation, not that he won't take it if the chance opens up, but he wants a decent position with nice perks. His goal before his friend's death was to get to a decent position in the 2nd caste* or maybe even a low position in the high caste*.Now these are still his goals, but they are now on the backburner.

In his eyes this corrupt nation and its leaders have taken everything he has worked for out of jealousy, and spite, and then punished him for it. He is a man on a mission. He is not so filled with rage that he will make bad decisions. He knows his opponents are wily. After all they have made him into a scapegoat for crimes that are not even his fault.

Caste 1: This can be anyone in a position to make the rules. This commonly includes governors and leaders of nations. You get to make the rules, and you don't normally have to get your hands dirty to make sure they get enforced. You normally get the best of everything with little physical danger to yourself. Even if the people decide to rally against you the chances of you being wealthy are high so you can just leave. You may even be able to setup somewhere else if you actually feel like trying to again.

Caste 2: These are normally the enforcers of the rules. It is best to be in a leadership in this caste because you don't really get blamed too much when unpopular laws are passed. You get to wield your power when needed, and if you can get setup well you live a luxurious life. Yeah you might be in danger at times when ordered to fight, but anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Caste 3: These are the common folk, and unless you have connections or have a power base such as being a lawyer or owning a type of business which makes you influential to anyone in the first 2 caste you are pretty much at their mercy. More than likely you are left to your own devices, but why take the chance, and why accept such a station if you can do better.


edit:What does numerology mean?

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:

If you want to reshuffle your characters, then that's the deadline to get it finished.

However - I won't necessarily be selecting the four cardinal positions (beatstick, skillstick, spellstick, healstick) to go along with Tark's Summoner. I'll be picking on personality, cohesion, potential and numerology... Please don't change unless it is what you feel is right for the character you want to play.

Other questions and reviews to follow on the new subs that have come in since last post.

Fair enough, I shall stick to my guns then. I dont think i could come up with an evil concept that i would like to play more than an antipaladin. Wish you all bad luck.

Mr. Swagger wrote:
What does numerology mean?

It means a DM's poor attempt at humour :P

Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a count or measurement and life. I added it as a facetious addenda to the three more significant reasons for character selection before it.
In other words - it means nothing

I'm sticking to my guns myself. I think the only thing I would do is put more into the background, having been thinking about potential BBGGs (Big Bad Good Guys) in the campaign and looking at rivals and the like.

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
Mr. Swagger wrote:
What does numerology mean?

It means a DM's poor attempt at humour :P

Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a count or measurement and life. I added it as a facetious addenda to the three more significant reasons for character selection before it.
In other words - it means nothing

Ok. I thought it was joke, but I wanted to be sure. :)

I had originally envisioned Albrecht as a Magus, using arcane power to 'top up' his considerable martial prowess. However, I chose Cavalier instead as it wasn't as divided as Magus. In light of the fact we have no arcane casters and also because I want to, I'm going to re-work Albrecht as a Magus with the Bladebound archetype. The reason for this is that the possibility of Asmodeus gifting a loyal servant with a weapon which attempt to exert its own will on the carrier seems like a lot of fun in this adventure path.

Albrecht the Magus:
Full name: Albrecht d’Famion
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Magus (Bladebound) 1
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 27
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Asmodeus
Languages: Common, Infernal, Draconic
Description: Albrecht is a good looking man, with remarkably few scars despite his martial past. Now, his finger tips are ink-stained from poring over magical tomes and scrolls in a bid to learn as much about the arcane arts as possible. His incarceration has resulted in a beard growth which is unkempt but hides most of his face. Due to his imprisonment and inquisitorial torture, he walks with a stiffness and slight limp although neither of these are lasting, merely a by-product of being kept in a small cell.

When not incarcerated, Albrecht likes the finer things in life, as befits his noble heritage. A fan of opera, he also likes fine clothing and is an expert on local wines. Although he has a taste for fine food, his martial background often means he eats more like a soldier to keep his energy up.

Personality: Albrecht is a man used to power, and commands people as though he still has it. He’s not a man of great subtlety, preferring for people to be aware of who he is and that attitude has not dulled in Branderscar. However, this is not to be confused with stupidity; Albrecht is an intelligent man and an expert tactician having studied tactics extensively in his military career, despite the lack of active threats in the region.

It is this intelligence that allowed him to pick up the arcane arts quickly, which further adds to his arrogance. He treats those of a lesser intelligence with disdain and uses them to further his own goals before dropping them like a spoiled tissue when they have outlived their usefulness. He tries to surround himself with people of a similar level of intelligence in order to stimulate interesting conversation.

Background: Jealousy. Pride. Ambition. These three words framed much of Albrecht d'Famon's life. Born into a prominent family, he should not have wanted for anything. However, his family's fame and fortune could only take him so far, and he lusted after power like most men lusted after a beautiful woman.

This seed of darkness was sown early in the young noble's life; when he witnessed his father receive a dressing down from someone higher up in the social hierarchy. Determined that no-one would ever address him in such a manner, Albrecht excelled at the military school to which he was sent. He bent the knee to Iomedae, but was never a true supplicant, believing that power belonged in the hand of those who could wield it best.

Determined to take what power and influence he could, Albrecht manoeuvred himself so that he was assigned to one of the lance companies, normally the preserve of the upper echelons of nobility. At first, he was treated with suspicion but it soon became obvious that Albrecht was one of them and he integrated himself easily into his new home.

However, this new found power and influence was not enough. Albrecht had been given a taste and now he hungered for it. This spark of ambition drove him to greater and greater extremes of bravado, but also destined him to be on a collision course with the Lord of Ambition himself.

After a couple of years in the lance company, Albrecht was approached by a small figure which revealed it to be an imp. It spoke to him of volumes of power if only he align himself with the Lord of Ambition. Salivating at the prospect of garnering even more fame and influence, Albrecht leapt at the opportunity. One of Asmodeus’ own now sat in the centre of Iomedan power. It was the imp that set Albrecht on the path of the arcane arts, whispering that this would give him access to untold power with which he could manoeuvre himself through the nobility of Talingarde to even greater effect.

For three years, Albrecht carefully managed to carve himself a niche rising through the ranks of the lancers. However, with success came arrogance and Albrecht’s carefully maintained facade slowly began to crack. When those under him cost him, he would grow angry at them. This continued for several months until eventually, while pursuing another follower of Asmodeus, one of his underlings lost their charge. Albrecht was so furious that he drew his sword and slew the young noble. He tried to cover up what had happened but as always, the truth will out.

Albrecht was summarily stripped of his lands, his titles, his wealth and his power. He was broken in an attempt to see whether he had acted with accomplices. Finally, once the inquisitors were done with him, he was unceremoniously dumped into a armoured coach which dragged him halfway across the nation. After almost a week of travelling, he caught sight of a fortress he knew only too well.


Strength: 17
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 13

HP: 9 of 9

Speed: 30 feet

Favored Class: Magus
- Level 1: +1 skill point

Initiative: +2

Base Attack Bonus: +0

Combat Maneuver Bonus: +3

Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3+3 / x2), provokes AoO

Armor Class: 12
Touch AC: 12
Flat-footed AC: 10

Combat Maneuver Defense: 15

Fortitude Save: +4
Reflex Save: +1
Will Save: +1

Human bonus: Power Attack
1st level: Iron Will

Bully: +1 to Intimidate, Intimidate is always a class skill
Murder: +1 to damage when flanking

SKILLS (7 per level)
Climb: +3
Fly: +2
Intimidate: +6
Knowledge (arcana): +7
Knowledge (dungeoneering): +7
Knowledge (planes): +7
Profession (Soldier): +3
Ride: +3
Spellcraft: +7
Swim: +3
Use Magic Device: +5

0-level: prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic
1-level: burning hands


As mentioned above, I've re-tooled Albrecht into a Magus. I'm not a min-maxer so I'm not going to go down the "Shocking Grasp" Magus route and rather concentrate on building a flavourful character who will probably focus on Knowledge and fire-based attacks to reflect his dealings with Asmodeus.

Full crunch is available in the profile, it appears the forum doesn't like nested tags. I'm aware that as a Magus I'll be double-damned at the beginning (no weapon, no spellbook) but I'm willing to play with those handicaps. After all, the Warden has a tasty spellbook and a longsword will do until level 3 and the black blade from the Bladebound archetype.

One question: I have one language left to select, but Talingarde is meant to be 'blocked off' from the rest of Golarion to an extent. Which languages would make sense for a young noble to know? I've selected Infernal as my first, for obvious reasons, and Draconic because I like to think of it as the language of magic. Any suggestions?

Hello DM Voiceless, I have lurked throughout this recruitment until I felt I had a decent idea for a character. Hope you like it.

1. Stats

Str 18, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 9

2. Class/Race

Jerrid is a human monk (elemental fist archetype). Originally I wanted to build a version of the Greyhawk Scarlet Brotherhood (very LE) but so far it has morphed into a more Asmodean firefighter. Well at least in my mind.

3.Skills, Feats and traits

Skills will be Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Perception, Stealth and Swim. Feats Dodge, Improved Grapple* and Power Attack. Traits Slave taking and Angel Hunter (a version of the religious trait Demon Hunter).

Unfortunately it is Midnight here in the UK and so I'll finish the rest in the morning. Night all.

Jerrid - welcome, look forward to seeing the last bits and pieces of the build and you've roughly 12 hours to get them up.

I'll be going back over the thread and characters today and looking forward to picking the four inmates that will be joining Tark tonight :)

Hey, crazy couple days, so i didn't have time to do anything much, but here's my guy!

Morgan Arathian:
I like the infernal duke Ruzel for the Undead Lord, so:

Born to a rather typical family, Morgan was always the odd one out, suppressing his darker proclivities and hiding his strange birthmark. Despite his family's best efforts, he developed a twisted and perverse sense of humor, taking great pleasure in tormenting the clergy in his town with relentless pranks and blasphemous Graffiti, managing to avoid serious repercussions because he was still just a boy.

After an incident involving the defiling of the central icon of the local temple. He was run out of town, barely escaping. It was during those years of travel that he met his lover Terelen, a cleric of Urgathoa, who would teach him the powers of undeath. It was with her that he discovered the mark upon his shoulder was in fact the sign of the Infernal Duke Ruzel. Thanks to Terelen's influence he tapped into that dark power. During their travels together, Terelen attracted the attention of a Paladin, Morgan managed to escape him, but Terelen was not so lucky.

His lover and mentor dead, he had a moment infernal inspiration. What fate is more fitting for a thrall of the Pallid Princess than to be re-animated. It was this action that condemned him. The paladin that slew Terelen once did so again, destroying what was left of her body, and smiling as the Holy Knight once again raised his blade, Morgan dropped to his knees surrendering, laughing as the Paladin who so desperately wanted to smite the evil cleric was forced to spare him.

Morgan is an irreverent cad, scoffing at others convictions and beliefs. Even while they were together, he made no efforts to hide his indifference toward his lover's patron, tickled by the fact that he only got away with it because she appreciated his power and potential. He has a sick and profane sense of humor, scoffs at other's convictions.

He despises Orcus, and that it is this Demon, not his master Ruzel that is the Prince of Undeath, and seeks to change that. This does fall in line with the Goal to bring the land to its knees before Asmodeus, as Ruzel is one of his dukes.

Str:9 = -1
Dex:14 = 5
Con:12 = 2
Int:12 = 2
Wis: 16 = 10
Cha: 17 = 7

Human Undead Lord of Ruzel
Undead Sub-domain:
Powers: Death's Kiss 6/day
-Cause fear domain spell,
-Corpse Companion,
-Command Undead bonus feat
-Channel Negative Energy 6/day 1d6
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Selective Channel
(human) SF (conjuration)
(Undead Lord) Command Undead

Birthmark: holy symbol as a birthmark
Infernal Influence: 1 fire resist, and +1 to fort saves v poison

Skills: 2(cleric)+1(int)+1(skilled)+1(favClass)=5
Diplomacy+7, K(religion)+5, K(planes)+5, Sense Motive+7, Spellcraft+5 (I'd change spellcraft depending on the rest, possibly)

The crime was one of creation of undead, and being an accomplice to a murderer, as Terelen did not create her servants out of old bodies, but rather fresh ones. He was being tracked by the Paladin that killed Terelen. The paladin was suspicious of him, but lacked the evidence to kill Morgan until the re-animation of Terelen's body.

I think i got everything i need, lemme know if there's issues?

waiph - that's good enough for me to add on to the pile :)

Okay DM Voiceless I will try to finish this by Midday - however my daughter will sleep from then until 2pm (the last deadline). Leave it with me.

4. Background

Raised in Thrune, Jerrid's pure blood and strong family physique saw him indoctrinated into the Cleansing Manse to be trained in the arts of stealthy murder, sabotage and blackmail. The Manse is an organisation founded by an Erinyes coven to act at the will of their masters. Jerrid was captured by on the west coast of Hermea, pillaging the village of Shoreswell. He was a new recruit to the Chelaxian slave ship [i]Manacle[/] and as such had a lesser role of lookout. However when the alarm went up Jerrid was already asleep thanks to a mage's spell. Unfortunately he was brought back to the local jail without a mark on him and those few others that survived saw this and naturally thought him a turncoat. Then followed a four week journey to the prison. The overseers moved Jerrid onto his own after the second attempt on his life but chuckled as the crew swore vengeance on the traitor. Nothing Jerrid could say made them change their mind. Within the prison there may be one or two of these enemies.


Jerrid believes in the superiority of Cheliax and discipline. He is an ordered and organised individual compared to most, brave when facing his objective and used to working in a team. He is not really evil, its just that someone has to control and lead the rest - the lesser races and cultures. Generally humourless, he takes pleasure in fire of battle and victory although the emotion soon passes. Jerrid is a growing character however and he is unused to acting without orders, if he escapes from this prison he hasn't really thought much about what next.


He joined the slave ship with the mission of finding a traitor in the ranks. Three ships had already been captured in the last year and someone was responsible. The irony of his subsequent capture and internment is not lost on Jerrid. He burns with a desire to complete his mission but also is developing a deep hatred for wizards and their magic.

6. Villain

Hakeswill sits proudly on my eye level book shelf but you have mentioned him so I don't need to go about that vile creature. The Scarlet Brotherhood were a favourite enemy of the UK Living Greyhawk adventures in Onnwal but they always seemed a bit inept and lost. Currently I would say Ashar the Syrian in the TV series Spartacus. The fact that he survives all his machinations being defeated and still rises t o commit more jaw-dropping acts sets him apart. Can I add Servalan of Blakes Seven, a much older TV series but she was hot!

There, that is 20 minutes work - I can do better given a bit more time. I would spend a while detailing the Cleansing House and its work for Asmodeus but that requires research.


anyone else hitting the refresh continuously in eager anticipation to see if they made the cut?

Don't wear out the F5 too far ahead of time - still four hours or so till the deadline is up for recruitment :P

Ok, judgement time is nigh and Asmodeus calls for a decision to be made upon his chosen few. As with every single recruitment call, there are more applicants than there are positions to be filled. Decisions made are difficult and always end up being subjective.

If anyone wants feedback on the reason for not being chosen, please get in touch with me either here in thread or via PM and I'd be more than happy to chat about it.

That being said, without further ado - would:
Tark - Summoner
Black Jack / Merck - Human Antipaladin
Peanuts - Gaav (goal of Cornugon)
Set - Human Cleric of Asmodeus
Nostrus / Albrecht d'Famion - Human Magus

Please report to the Discussion thread and we'll get started on the nitty gritty of getting you fitted for shackles at Branderscar.

If for any reason there is need for replacements I'll be coming back here first, but other than that thank you all for the interest and applications.

Congrats to those who made it - you got a great DM and what appears to be a fun, if evil, campaign.

Hey, congrats to everyone who took the time to write up a character. I enjoyed reading them if nothing else.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

DM Voiceless - I would like some feedback if you do not mind. I'm always curious to hear what others think. It helps me for the future

Sovereign Court

Fire Mountain Games wrote:

Hey, congrats to everyone who took the time to write up a character. I enjoyed reading them if nothing else.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

I'd just like to say its great to see an AP publisher take an interest in PbP games. I do believe they are great advertising for products- I was only made aware of this AP through the PbP recruitment forum but i'll probably buy the .pdf's myself now in order to run it once I get some more room in my schedule.

Alexander Kilcoyne,

I completely agree. Not only are they great advertising -- they are great FREE advertising -- the best kind!

So, yeah, if you run a PbP of "Way of the Wicked" and send me a link, I'll read it. And I might even occassionally drop by the discussion forum and say hi.

And thanks for supporting "Way of the Wicked". If you do buy it, I always appreciate reviews or even stopping by the discussion thread to tell me what you think.

Anyways, got to run! I've got to get ready for the game I'm hosting at my place tonight. Tonight, we fight an army of demon-corrupted elves.

Death to Five Wolves!

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

That is one thing that I like about the PbP - you actually get to interact, if infrequently, with the actual publishers and writers. This AP looks very interesting and I hope get into the next one that I see. Glances at DMAK.

I absolutely second AKs sentiments :)

I saw the list earlier. Congrats to everyone that made it.

indeed, indeed. congrats to those who made the cut. you have a topnotch DM and what looks like a really cool game.

Recruitment Re-Opened:

Greetings to all once more as akin to Lazarus or a Phoenix this thread has arisen from the grave and flared back into life. Due to circumstances involving a bit of DM fatigue, a bit of player fatigue, some increased work schedules and four gnomes wielding a claw hammer... I am in need of between one and three blackhearted bastards to join my motley crew upon the Way of the Wicked.

As you can see from this thread I've been running the AP for a year now, and technically we've just finished the first book of the AP. However we've also dipped a little in players and I'd like to remedy that with a fresh infusion of blood.

At present we have a likely party make-up of:
A Gaav - with a penchant for heart consumption and roguish tendencies.
An Aspirational Bloatmage - who enjoys sweetbreads and writing scrolls in harvested humanoid derived parchment.
A Cleric of Asmodean Extraction - with superior air and a belief in purging by fire.
A Master Summoner - with partially founded delusions of grandeur. Though he may not be staying on with the campaign.

Character creation would be as per the first post in this thread, with the following variation:
1. You are not required to be a convict of Brandescar. You will start off as a servant of Adrastus Thorn.
2. 5th Level starting point, with average WBL of 10,500gp.
3. Mortal characters only please, I've got one devil already and I think that will be enough for the group.
4. I will be recruiting back up to a group of 5 or 6, which means that there are anywhere from one to three spots available.

Questions and comments are most welcome.

Debating if I wish to join a partial way campaign, I am lost of the point your at and easing thru 1000+ posts is just too much. A quick synopsis might help me get a grip on the current situation :) thank for any and all feedback.

The quick synopsis is that you don't need to know what happened in Part I to enjoy what is going to happen in Part II.

Slightly Longer Synopsis Spoilers for Part I of AP:
After escaping from Brandescar prison with the assistance of a fortuitous female visitor (Tiadora) they met with Cardinal Thorn, who recruited them into an Asmodean cult as his 'Ninth Knot'.

First the group was tested, put through a dungeon ostensibly to prove their worthiness before being entrusted with more dangerous and important tasks.

Tasked with sailing North to deliver weapons to a bugbear uprising in the North via ship, they did so and then turned upon their captain - slaying him so that no secrets could be told. Come then to the town of Aldencross at the foot of the tower Balentyne - lynch pin in the Watch Wall that holds back the savage North.

Note: various reasons the assault on Balentyne will be told in media res, and isn't on the gameplay page.

Victorious the tower was brought down and the bugbear horde was unleashed in order to ravage the Southern lands. The group awaits Cardinal Thorn or Tiadora making contact to give them their next commands...

Could a human fighter, sword and board, with a background like the one below be an option?

I realise that the background might need some changing and I am thinking about involving the cardinal in it.

Further more he has the High Treason trait but somehow it doesn't sit well with me and the background.


The mumbling rose as people gathered in the great hall of Ghastenhall. On the front row two old men sat side-by-side, they had arrived early to secure good seats. “Have you heard?” one asked the other. “Heard what?” he replied, raising his voice to be heard. “The butcher’s Mary says, that it is magistrate Mòr’s son,” the first one answered. “Who?” was the response. “You see the those two over there. The woman crying and the man besides her?” The first one pointed at a small crying woman and her shocked husband both well dressed.

Suddenly the mumblings died and everyone rose as Ghastenhall’s magistrate ascended his bench. “Bailiff, present the accused,” he bellowed shutting up the last of the mob. The bailiff walked in with a man in manacles. “My Lord, I bring before you Harold Mòr accused of high treason,” the bailiff proclaimed. “Very well bailiff, begin the proceedings,” the magistrate ordered.

“I call the first witness Sir Percival Barca to the stand,” the bailiff’s loud voice announced. A young noble made his way through the crowd. “Your Honour, I am Sir Percival Barca, officer in the Talingarde army,” the blond half-elf said and continued: “It came to my attention that officer Mòr was planning to assassinate of our beloved king, when he approached me and asked for my participation in the nefarious plot.” A murmur passed through the crowd as they realized what had been said. “Elaborate,” was the magistrate’s only response. “Approximately a fortnight ago, after fencing practice officer Mòr pulled me aside and asked me to join him later. Over dinner in his quarters he asked me aid him in an assassination attempt during his Majesties next visit. I do not understand why he betrayed the king or asked me to participate.” The looked directly at the prisoner as he finished his statement.

“Thank you Sir Percival. Bailiff the next witness,” the magistrate ordered. “Very well your Honour. Sir Balin of Karfeld please step forward,” the bailiff responded. The famous witch hunter made his way to the open space in front of the magistrate. “Sir Balin, it is an honour having you here. How are you involved in a charge of high treason?” The magistrate asked clearly a little surprised. The seasoned hero of Talingarde cleared his throat and replied: “Your Honour upon arrest it was discovered, that the accused worshiped The Enemy and I was called in. I found the vile equivalent to Mitra’s holy text in his quarters; this and interrogations has led me to believe that he is in fact a priest of The Enemy.” There was total silence as the witch hunter’s words settled in the minds of the spectators, reflexively they moved away from the man in chains.

“Thanks you Sir Balin. May Mitra protect you as you protect Talingarde,” the magistrate said. As soon as Sir Balin stepped away from the bench magistrate Mòr made his way from the front rows. He pleaded: “Your Honour, I implore you, be merciful. I know what my son did is unforgivable. He served well in the army, he always wanted to served, even as a child when he had his first fencing lesson. It was an unhealthy fascination with his ancestry, which sparked this. He believes we descend from an ancient line of kings and as such should have power. I do not know, why he turned away from the true faith, but it happened during this insane quest…” The old man’s words just fade out. The presiding magistrate looked at his colleague with sadness and sincerity, he answered in a varm voice: “You know as well as I do, that I can not show your son mercy old friend.” Sir Balin stepped up to magistrate Mòr, put his hand around his shoulder and led him away while saying: “Come with me, there is nothing you can do now.” He added low enough so only magistrate Mòr could hear: “You did the right thing calling me in, Mitra might forgive your son.”

As the magistrate pronounced the sentence, Harold Mòr looked up for the first time during the proceedings, hate burning in his eyes. In a loud coarse voice he cursed the people of Ghastenhall: “Fools, you believe yourself safe but by the powers of my lord Asmodeus, I promise you that Talingarde will fall.”


Age: 21 (Adult)
Size: Medium, 5'9", 196 lbs
Type: Humanoid (Human)

This heavyset young man is dressed in rags. He is about the average height of a Talingarde citizen with unruly dark hair and stubs from not shaving in weeks. Heavy brows crowns his grey/green eyes, separated by a large nose. The nose looks as if it is broken. In the holes of the rags wounds of different date appears and a runic F is branded on his left forearm.

Big OM - background is ok, but I don't really get a sense of who the character is or how he'd play from it.

Ok, would you like a new background or a paragraph on his personality?

Big OM - roughly as follows...

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:
1. Stat breakdown
2. Class and Race – including any Archetypes and Alternate Features.
3. Skills, Feats and traits summary
4. Basic backstory / personality
5. Favorite Villain from real life or fiction; and why?

Interested. Do you have a recruitment window?

Not any real defined window, depends how many people step forward. Probably until mid week ish.

I will give at least 24 hrs notice from closing the window to final selection.

How evil is the group on the evil-o-meter?

Everyone's evil-o-meter seems to be calibrated differently, so I'll just reference to a few posts (spoilers for 1st AP volume):

Mi'Dre salutes the fallen then gets peckish and has another snack

Cruxcarr shops for scroll parchment

Albina prepares for visitors

I've a pretty strong tolerance for blood and guts, but none for rape or the like.

What does the party (and you) feel about experiments (like the vivisectionist's Torturous Transformation set of abilities)?

I'm working on an Inquisitor (infiltrator) with the background as a knight and fourth son of a noble. Recruited by Cardinal Thorn as an agent. Game mechanics are getting done. Need to write background and name him.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Just curious, am I still barred from this recruitment/game?

Having read your reference posts I am going to withdraw, my character wouldn't fit in the way I envision him. Thanks for your time.

The Exchange

Hi Mark!

I'm in a group with Black Dow and I currently run my own Way of the Wicked Hearts of Darkness I have read the books for my own campaign and I am interested.

This is the character concept I came up with a while ago, I would love to hear what you have to think about it. I know you require full crunch, but to me the importance of a good character story trumps mechanics, so right now I just want to know what you think about my concept. Here's what I came up with:

Mortanius, Prince of Ravens: A Devil-Spawn Tiefling Ranger (Falconer) 5.

Here's the basic concept. One of the tiefling alternate ability from the d100 table is the ability to speak with birds. That got my thinking. Mythically, Ravens are heralds of death. What if as a boy Mortanius first manifestation of his tiefling heritage was the ability to hear ravens. How would that affect him? In Talingarde he couldn't tell anyone for fear of being burned at the stake for his taint. As the whispers grew louder and how would he respond? How would his parents treat him? I think he would be looked on with fear. His parents might look the other way, or try to see past it, but I think they would eventually tell the local clergy, in hopes of a solution. I see him being from a rural farming community and probably running away as a child, possibly being hunted by an inquisidor. He eventually turned to living in the wilds, his only friends being ravens. He would blame Mitra and their clergy for being forces out of his home. I see him growing into a wilderness hermit, who keeps scores of ravens as pets. He would gain an animal companion would he could speak with, and sense its feelings (thanks to the archetype). I think that eventually he would return to the town that cast him out and go hitchcock on him, sending all of his pet ravens that he had spent years raising to attack the townsfolk. When the inquisitor would eventually find him, he would be all alone in a town, surrounded by the birds, cawing and ruffling feathers as they slowly pecked at the body's of the dead villagers.

I know this is a *very* rough sketch but I would like to know what you think about it.

Sir Gareth d’Orionus is a big knight towering 6 feet 4 inches wearing impressive full plate armor without decoration. He carries a greatsword, morningstar, and a heavy steel shield. While he has a commanding presence, a savage scar on the right side of his face makes him quite ugly. When adventuring, he shoulders a full backpack, composite longbow, and two quivers.

Lawful Evil Male Human

Alternate Racial Trait:
Focused Study (All humans are skillful, but some, rather than being generalists, tend to specialize in a handful of skills. At 1st, 8th, and 16th level, such humans gain Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a bonus feat. This racial trait replaces the bonus feat trait.)

Class Fighter (dragoon) 1 / Inquisitor (infiltrator) 4
Favored Class Inquisitor
Age 25 Height 6-ft, 4-in Weight 200 lb.
Hair Black Eyes gray

Initiative +4 (Cunning Initiative); Senses Perception +11

AC 21, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (+10 armor +1 dex)
HP 40 (1d10 +4d8 +2 Con)
Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +8
Armor +1 Full Plate Armor
Defensive Abilities Shake It Off (+1 save per adjacent ally), +4 Will (Necessary Lies)
Special Defenses Cloak of Resistance +1

Speed 20 ft/x3 (Heavy armor)
Melee Power-attacking +1 Greatsword +9 (2d6+13) 19-20/x2
Melee Cold Iron Morningstar +8 (1d8+4) 20/x2
Melee Spike Gauntlets +8 (1d4+4) 20/x2
Ranged +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow (1d8+4) 20/x3 Range 110-ft.
Special Attacks Power Attack with Furious Focus, Justice Judgment +1 attack

Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 7
BAB +4, CMB +8, CMD 19

Feats Power Attack, Furious Focus, Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Skill Focus (Ride, Diplomacy), Shake It Off, Armor Proficiencies (Light, Medium, Heavy), Shield Proficiencies (excluding tower shields), Weapon Proficiencies (Simple and Martial)

Traits Birthmark, Keeper of the Secret Scrolls

Skills 4+8+8+8+8 = 36 ranks (+1 Int +1 Human)
(5) Bluff +14 (Guileful Lore & Charm of Wisdom)
(1) Climb* +8/+3
(5) Diplomacy +17 (Skill Focus, Guileful Lore & Charm of Wisdom)
(1) Heal +7
(0) Knowledge (history) +2 (Keeper of the Secret Scrolls)
(1) Knowledge (nobility) +6 (Keeper of the Secret Scrolls)
(1) Intimidate = +13 (Skill Focus, Guileful Lore & Charm of Wisdom)
(5) Perception +11
(1) Profession (knight) +7
(5) Ride* = +12/+7 (Skill Focus)
(5) Sense Motive +11
(5) Spellcraft +9
(1) Swim* +8/+3
* = Armor Check Penalty –5 (+1 Full Plate Armor, Heavy)

Languages Common, Infernal


Conversion Inquisition Charm of Wisdom (Ex) (You use your Wisdom modifier instead of your Charisma modifier when making Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks)

Misdirection Always set to Neutral. At 1st level, each day when the infiltrator prepares spells, she may choose an alignment. She detects as that alignment as if she had used misdirection on a creature with that alignment (this does not change any divination results about her other than her alignment).

Guileful Lore At 1st level, the infiltrator’s will is bent toward subterfuge and deception. She adds her Wisdom modifier on Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks in addition to the normal ability score modifiers.

Forbidden Lore While other inquisitors learned to track unbelievers, an infiltrator learns how to cast their spells. An infiltrator can cast spells of an alignment opposed to her or her deity (ignoring the restriction in the Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells class ability).

Necessary Lies An infiltrator adds her class level on saving throws against abilities that detect lies or reveal or force the truth, such as detect lies and zone of truth.

Judgment 2 per day, an inquisitor can pronounce judgment upon her foes as a swift action. Starting when the judgment is made, the inquisitor receives a bonus or special ability based on the type of judgment made.
- Healing: The inquisitor is surrounded by a healing light, gaining fast healing 2.
- Justice: This judgment spurs the inquisitor to seek justice, granting a +1 sacred bonus on all attack rolls.
- Resistance: The inquisitor is shielded by a flickering aura, gaining 4 points of energy resistance against one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) chosen when the judgment is declared.

Cunning Initiative At 2nd level, an inquisitor adds her Wisdom modifier on initiative checks, in addition to her Dexterity modifier.

Detect Alignment At will, an inquisitor can use detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, or detect law. He can only use one of these at any given time.

Solo Tactics At 3rd level, all of the inquisitor’s allies are treated as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as the inquisitor for the purpose of determining whether the inquisitor receives a bonus from her teamwork feats. Her allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat for the inquisitor to receive the listed bonus.

Teamwork Feat As a standard action, the inquisitor can choose to learn a new bonus teamwork feat in place of the most recent bonus teamwork feat she has already learned. In effect, the inquisitor loses the bonus feat in exchange for the new one. She can only change the most recent teamwork feat gained. Whenever she gains a new teamwork feat, the previous teamwork feat becomes set and cannot be changed again. An inquisitor can change her most recent teamwork feat a number of times per day equal to her Wisdom modifier.


Caster level check to overcome spell resistance +4
Concentration check +7
Spell DC = 3 + spell level

Spells Known
0th – level: (at will) Create Water, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Light, Read Magic, Sift, Stabilize (+3 known Favored Class)
1st – level: (4/day) Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Keep Watch, Litany of Sloth, Shield of Faith (+1 known Favored Class)
2nd – level: (2/day) Lesser Restoration, Resist Energy


Heavy Horse named Hunter
Neutral Male Large Animal
Initiative +4; Senses Perception +8, Low-light vision

AC 18, touch 16, flat-footed 11 (+3 armor +2 natural armor +4 dex -1 size)
HP 19 (2d8+10)
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +3
Armor Masterwork Parade Barding
Special Defenses Mounted Combat

Speed 50 ft./x4
Melee Bite +5 (1d4+5) 20/x2
Melee (2) Hooves +5 (1d6+5) 20/x2

Str 20, Dex 18, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 17, Cha 11
BAB +0, CMB +7, CMD 21 (25 vs. trip)
Feats Endurance, Run
Skills Perception +8

An animal trained to bear a rider into combat knows the tricks attack, come, defend, down, guard, and heel:
Attack (DC 20) The animal attacks apparent enemies. You may point to a particular creature that you wish the animal to attack, and it will comply if able. Normally, an animal will attack only humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals.
Come (DC 15) The animal comes to you, even if it normally would not do so.
Defend (DC 20) The animal defends you (or is ready to defend you if no threat is present), even without any command being given. Alternatively, you can command the animal to defend a specific other character.
Down (DC 15) The animal breaks off from combat or otherwise backs down. An animal that doesn’t know this trick continues to fight until it must flee (due to injury, a fear effect, or the like) or its opponent is defeated.
Guard (DC 20) The animal stays in place and prevents others from approaching.
Heel (DC 15) The animal follows you closely, even to places where it normally wouldn’t go.

(250 gp) Masterwork Parade Barding – 40 lb.
(16 gp) Riding kit – 54 lb.
This kit includes a bit and bridle, a saddle, a saddle blanket, saddlebags, and 2 days' worth of feed for a mount. The weight can be lightened 10 pounds by discarding the feed.

200 lb. – Gareth
119 lb. – Personal equipment
20 lb. – Saddlebags
94 lb. – Horse equipment
433 lb. = Current Load

Carrying Capacity 468 – 932 lb. Medium Load

(100 gp) signet ring
(2,650 gp) +1 Full Plate Armor – 50 lb.
(170 gp) Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield – 15 lb.
(2,350 gp) +1 Greatsword – 8 lb.
(3,400 gp) +1 Adaptable Composite Longbow – 3 lb.
(1,000 gp) +1 Cloak of Resistance – 1lb.
(5 gp) Spiked Gauntlets – 1 lb.
(16 gp) Cold iron morningstar – 6 lb.
(2 gp) (20) flight arrows – 3 lb.
(2 gp) (20) blunt arrows – 3 lb.
(5 gp) silver weapon blanche used on 10 arrows
(61 gp) durable adamantine arrow

(9 gp) Fighter’s kit – 29 lb.
This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

Currency 88 gp

Load 119 lb., Medium load

Saddlebags – 20 lb.
(1 gp) Grooming kit – 2 lb.
(75 gp) Noble’s outfit – 10 lb.
Explorer’s outfit – 8 lb.

(300 gp) Horse, heavy (combat-trained)
(250 gp) Masterwork Parade Barding
(16 gp) Riding kit


Sir Gareth d’Orionus was born the fourth son of the noble house of Orionus. With two healthy older brothers to survive becoming knights before him, he was truly a spare heir. His childhood was of privilege but ignored by his family. He properly squired and trained to be a noble knight as was expected. The only tutor to have much of an impact on his life taught him of the noble history of his family, which inspired him to make something of himself. When he was knighted at 18 years old, his parents properly equipped him and bid him farewell to seek his fortune. He traveled.

By definition, he became a mercenary but was called a knight errant. After two years, fate introduced him to Cardinal Thorn who noticed the pentacle-shaped birthmark that his family had always hidden. The cardinal discovered a young man of weak moral character who had blind faith in order. The cardinal saw the opportunity and sponsored Victor’s additional and secret indoctrination into the Church of Asmodeus.

After five years of seclusion, Gareth d’Orionus returned to society a changed man. No longer a wall flower, this ugly man could speak with conviction and eloquence. He began traveling throughout the realm working with different nobles and always leaving on good terms. In actuality, he had become one of the cardinal’s agents hiding in plain sight going where ever the access of his birth and position of noble knight would take him.


Sir Gareth d’Orionus is an obvious noble knight and hidden zealot of Asmodeus and Cardinal Thorn. On the surface, he is confident, eloquent, and the epitome of a noble knight. Under the surface, he is a bit paranoid, cowardly, and dastardly. In his view, there are only two important people in Talingarde: Cardinal Thorn and himself. Everyone else lives to be used.


I could write a very long essay on my favorite villains, because I don’t believe that you can truly measure heroism without understanding great villainy. If I review my favorite stories, most of the great villains died. However, my key criteria for favorite villain would be they must live to retire, which greatly narrows my top five list, which in no particular order is: Cardinal Richelieu from Three Musketeers, Loki from Norse mythology, Johnny Marcone and Queen Mab from the Dresden Files, and Magneto from X-men. I would want this character to aspire to this level of villainy but only achieve it after many, many levels of advancement. I hope Cardinal Thorn would be played at that high level of villainy.

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