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Strength 12
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Intelligence 15
Wisdom 20
Charisma 12

About Mr. Swagger

I am the non-argumentative persona of Wraithstike.

As Ajit grew older he began to think more and more about those whose lives were not full, and those who wished to travel, but could not do so safely. He thought about his father's devotion to Shelyn, and believed that while bringing happiness to people the way his father did had its place, that sometimes a more forceful role had to be taken. At the same time he also wish to continue his travels. Ajit's research into what to do led him to Desna, and the priests he met opened his min, and taught him what it meant to follow Desna. As a part of his training he spent many years traveling and bring many people to the side of Desna. He also had to fight at times. He never enjoyed it, but he did what was necessary to protect others...........

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I don't know how my character came to find out about the charter or even if he does know about it. I guess we can figure that out if I get selected

In the game—My goal is to protect the party by using buffs and debuffs. Battlefield control will also be used at times as well as martial combat. Hopefully that means I won't have to channel or cure as much.

Personality-My character basically just likes to travel when possible. His other goal which is even more important than traveling is to protect people from the dangers of the world. When not out fighting he is encouraging people to live a full and happy life, and finding ways to make “problem” areas safer.